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Monday, March 12th


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China's Bryant. People end what was via word in the hour. We were for the hour we're making people listen that aides to NN and every hour on the hour. The I like to achieve a little bit it was trip. Well that. No OOK. Let's in the hours for your chance to win this thousand dollars higher I don't hear about it I'm glad I played them because obviously. That word was not updated ones dreamed. I understand how that happens look. Why not just tank that end. Lean on. Good luck to 78 they want carried out a lot yeah for the thousand dollars names phantom game easier Marcus yeah. My name. I am Monday Manila and then. Not a man Monday and now. And then Monday on. Yeah yeah that's going around the world. Did you I mean I did and I caught the highlights to view happening here or seen any of the secretary of education and that's he did do its eye on us a few minutes has denied. So is she says she's misunderstood. I suspect you that misunderstanding. Of Betsy devotes. The miseducation. Are meant that in. That is spotty. That's goods. While their main infamous educational I had the education have benefited it's he also is she is scared of bears the bears got Aaron are there bears. Any mean but it's here's C really funny for. Mean I. I'm glad Leisle. Lesley Stahl. Was very very Kirk animated in her facial expressions towards a visit those that you can hear secretary of us struggling. To answer fairly basic questions on school performance you're ready now I am I think this is moderate. This gives hope to all of us who should and who can who can who never thought we'd be able to reach beyond our abilities. You two could end up secretary of education. Why can't and I'm planning your gambling that school that's not working. To bring them out to a level where they are with that school is working well. We should be funding and investing in students not in school school buildings not in. Institutions not in systems. And Kindle still rush against who are back at the school it's not working would've thought it was skids well in places where there are banned where there is a lot of choice that's been introduced. Florida for example. The study show that when there's and large number of students that opts to go to a different school or different schools. The traditional public schools actually when the results get better as well now has that happened to Michigan now where in Michigan this your home state. Michigan yes while there's lots of great now I. And then choices for students are a public schools in Michigan we've gotten better now. I don't know overall I I can't say overall that they have all gotten better the whole state is not doing well yeah certainly last night. I get where this is that now there's not are doing and how your argument that if you take those funds away. That the schools would get better is not working in Michigan where you had a huge impact. And influence over the direction the school system here I hesitate to talk about. All schools in general because. Schools are made up of individual students attending now the public schools here. That they are doing worse than they did. Michigan schools need to do better there is no doubt about it have you seen a really bad schools maybe try to figure out what. What they're doing I have not I have not had not intentionally visited schools that are under performing. Maybe you should nice. Got a black guy. You're very nervous in Michigan just because any other a lot. What they have certain counties allowing in certain down meaning charter schools mean ruining communities that are. Just a ruining. Communities. What they're doing I have not I have not had not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming. Maybe you should I yeah. Back up. At navy issue. I am very to avoid the courts schools will be out there are no on this is what happens. We'll know in the RC who live in a poor or very young but you can go. To a nicer areas that school share which sounds great it. Except for now nobody's going. To the other school breaks and also nobody's moving. To that area. And then they're really good schools. They only give him any. There LA we don't do church schools. Maybe showed. I have now I mean I don't that Clinton because that would pollen may be nice that's hilarious site allegedly saw nailed it doing they had maybe as soon Mimi has sent me beyond. There is no doubt about try to figure out what. What they're doing I have not I have not I had not intentionally visited schools that are under performing. Maybe you should I maybe I non-GAAP. But I just love it may I love it. Makes me happier and stuff like that happens. You know and you sound like my parents. Maybe you shouldn't maybe should've aviation at Paris NBA. Pay me all right guys I am an intentionally. President bad score right. Wire charter schools during communities. Knowing is a living and that many more in no one attending school there. Ozzie to and or a population as well it really does socket in that area. And must send their kids here are very specific school break. And it's really not done well. As from Mike is it and that's my personal opinion meaning you know and obviously Lesley Stahl knows that the schools are ordered the end misery out. As maybe it's not just my opinion. The turtles charter schools were really horrendous idea yeah. And I am. I am now a congratulations to Kansas chloride taking home the big twelve crown. That's cool. I yet GM I saw a lot of people excited it's always nice when local teams do well and people enjoy the victories kept. It was I'm pretty busy downtown this weekend yeah. And Kansas is playing into Wichita this weekend rain yeah they're playing. Ten university out of the Ivy League are okay them they defeated Harvard yesterday in the conference turning me I really paying. You know my question is Steele mark heard there was some selection. Controversy. All a little bit a little bit anything involving anybody local. Now and I'm care. Did you guys dirty dear never ran as things now now we don't I don't do well yeah. We have to emerge humanity in Arizona legacy regalia inadequate dumping it. Quit jumping at the men in the mania. The meaning of the man what we can't say that there. And. That's ridiculous there were owned by CBS I. 98. Is the same thing our ideas there and TV about Agassi a large man undoubtedly get an email about that I don't know now. All that's not an entirely that well it's I mean an idea why why you Hashemi of this crime that's Jimmy your saying you are strong rates Jimmy and I we embodies. Send it straight Shimmy like I never see you planted Jim wrote like Batman. Right across. As a dozen other top Sox are that people think that the NCA left out. Three of the teams that were being messy and by the FBI. Leo I don't care that was so William that who's the US team has a liar naming him as the end of rapes money no money. How much I mean they rated student straight day and while I'm AA sorry. And Steelers. That's an illegitimate. Maybe there was less sense and Baylor was one of them. Right. While did you guys hear that C announces. There's chance Furman zoo KU national championship game rent. Allow Demi Moore is a possibility I am being lazy is doing now while another read in eighth seed yeah. I mean there are very excited about the chance that can be K you're the one seed. The zoo and aides see them make you pleased to gather around but they put him on different sides. So that's not gonna happen that was not and I don't know I care I don't care he states in ninth seed. Don Zagat. Gonzaga. Where's there's I ASEAN. Where is it. There I know exactly where it is their out west I think where. Gimme the state don't look at apple to get me a lot but you know where they applying now whereas from. Eastern Washington yet airfare is rising I don't know that. There right now I shouldn't question are. It was I that didn't now or certain schools nor. Like. For years Gonzaga Ellie you may hit it where is Gonzaga. What's one of those other schools it like where is this is slower sounds like got a cheese. That is the gag organs all airline an era though I'm not excited she's a Mombasa now. Inside out there where is batting. Orders and any other schools have no idea I'm Xavier yeah when after the name here track where. There one thing here and Israeli air. Nowhere are they were tailgating and I want to say Pennsylvania and a 1% for sure yet because that digs a mere there's a handful of school I now mark was weighing. Well Pennsylvania's I gingerly learn why it's better it's up I maybe it's not super car. Ocalan man Abel Xavier coach and experience. That I. Pittsburgh. And Pittsburgh the Pittsburgh you gonna say Cincinnati. To Pittsburg how long a drive is that. Eight hours. As my guest. An insane absent in two and two and four hours and claimants are through because I told you it was. Don't make out like marks yet Villanova where is Villanova in villain nova bill Villanova is I think Philly. I'm slug it out CA Campbell's school all night and no idea or they are Villanova the only worries like you know their pension. Yeah where's Villanova is Villanova is Pennsylvania Villanova Pennsylvania. Jam ball where is similar university that I went thank you tags line. There's a handful of those inner city they went after today temples New Yorkers need yours I think you Pennsylvania. How many arrows. And how many yeah. NA admits he only time you hear these schools. Is jarring. The madness or large mass which I cannot I cannot answer any goddamn thing there's a lot of good schools up there in the northeast. A lot of good school up there in the north is that they are seem to be in Pennsylvania for some reason. Syracuse is New York. All that right now Drexel layers Drexel that's a good question let's find those. That make a company that make the I have been animated as. Also in Philadelphia what the hell they're college in Philadelphia. Now I'm in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania may have. Now Gonzaga I only learned that it was in Washington that live there. And it was the eastern side of the sting apparently there's desert in Washington and had no idea a lot of apple trees it. Debt in line. But that's like jazz. Gonzaga is. Our. Oats bought eventually came in spelled Bonaventure saint Bonaventure is Saturday in the tournament I think they're one of playing games that let's say seeing. But this is the only time you don't hear about them and football. Or any other sport I don't think I've come march I hear about exit navy air all that's aim it gets tied. They don't have football teams and events I don't hear about them ranked. There's several teams that just a basketball I mean they have like other sports you never hear them but come march and you know march time. Can I got. Yes. Villanova. Defense. Temple. Yes gone rock chalk mark had that's Wisconsin. Marquette Michigan Wisconsin. Their summer camp edgy and mark because of tiny oil. My guess is Michigan. Wisconsin. Milwaukee yeah. While close Ohio goes to Michigan you know Kansas who is one of only two states. To get all their. DNA tournament the M Wichita State Keating case today. All that he won first and it's happening for years I saw that statistic unfettered path. Latter was Virginian intimidating they Leanne Marshall and for the first time. Marshall where are mar finally made it was for you. It is are you shared items like that that we are Marshall movie that the room West Virginia yeah I was up there and from Texas no the Matthew McConnell added acting giant mess up on. Philly has five day lions pan yeah they're gay you plays temple Villanova. Then they close down and faint shadows saint Joe's you know things here attacks I didn't. Newton Villanova. Great schools soundings in Saigon Millen now matter they are good names and Pena they had great native. Birds are Arkin is a little bit slow. Where's George Mason's. Wait for a strike that Illinois. You know I don't know why that is did after the injury which can reasonably you don't nobody you know. I thought he.