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Tuesday, December 5th


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Oh. Told. Right. Wherever it is. Really quick I have to say it and yet. I did any part give a shout out. And Ian Johnson that do what China. Uh oh I've Tyson had played at a Glavine was pregnant. Suzanne me that meteorologist it is not reason enough right at the anger the morning shall I turned on the TV after we talked about them. And since we met back at her life to this morning television and people do I start until I Dallas I don't I almost ended up there. Imus and it up on an afternoon Charlotte PC TV (%expletive) You know where I did okay but then you know they wealthier yeah they were down they were really dominate a really stupid choice. And he decided not to that you're nine. We're not I'll just throw me and there's certain wow I think we do well on television and on an open. That's not performing on their looking for a you're not a formula they're looking for though that whole thing was is that it would be actually very controlled. It would have been kind of yet they don't do that now they're mayor and you really dumb choice I don't disagree with that oh yeah no we're gonna do fine with out. You person who consistently gets really good readings eighteen to 49. Don't didn't. Now again upping your ass if you did well I haven't I'm not differ. You Deb we dipped. That's for Glenn Baghdad it's for you Jeb. We'd get its legs literally when I dip as we EU debt. We all did. I'm onboard but that's for you are actually at the after it's not that hey you little concert in April she said. I went in the nine months pregnant and in ashes turn around and meant to us. Asking pregnant women out and Davies or is she and you shout out is now back out. Back up. Pursuing your dream. I don't believe that the future. I disagree. With that I. Let. Eight. Yeah ions yeah hey mom mom paid that com. Mama my children are not so much that now it's become that morrow student mom you my problem early on mountain mama. My mom mom I'm mom sat on my dad dies first name when you're in the all right which it has verse named Charles Bruce. I tried. Charles numbers send in a chair and are you as our legs. Share a love eggs and nowadays to other day nine was Matt Lauer controlled setting. I'm the air he was hidden. He met you need to provide and that's per cent down nobody wants bright they once they want this they want this person and I guess and but we have. Had you allowed Matt Lauer to be the free he was on the television. He was a freak on TV I am sure you've seen the Matt Lauer like real highlight reels. These days. Resume is a very anyway. That's what they want is just like the way we want politicians to lie does all the time. Leg that's why rep Kevin Yoder becomes a representative because we want people who lied to us about who they are. Is a dog her column Arnold I I understands in the majority on the pervert per student goes by for your mood your broad rub our problem is like all alive. And there are just a right there are morning people that's what they want. They've noon in Lima legal Billick I've. I am glad to anyone on television god forbid they be real Yemen they don't. Chat not they don't read it yet no other skill set and that's on top idea and I'm comfortable in May do. Anchor dancer and doubt we can play sports anchor banned terror weatherman. Our excuse me meteorologists. And anchor banter is uncomfortable. In one of my favorite things. Probably actually my favorite thing about local news team and I'm not saying our local organic you take any market. That. Any local news anchors. Crew. Always uncomfortable chatter you know I'll say this. Not not well not. Any more cookies if you (%expletive) with again they made a mistake. They move got rid of vote they moved Alexis they'll sit off completely like the morning's morning's news it took her out from behind the newsdesk which to me. Really stupid she's a friend of mine operate. But the new person yes definitely falls into the guilt category where our head Alexis tells us he's still doing this you know after news it's really get out of it because she is a conversation must. And secretly. She's kind. I don't know I never matter diesel you know plot. She's not afraid of a rate. To say I don't think she's far and no no I mean mountain dog he's real he's human beings and law. I'm like you know the new group of our judge showed us to have this on the back okay. Last that's joked no he took mornings and in the brothers' new person in. And I don't I'm not crazy about her she's kinda it's my opinion you know watching all not a lot of personality. There chair for a personality based morning news program. Right now and it's just me sure. I was annihilation just taking over per couple weeks then give us a week. We would like it would be like oh my god now they went and yes they are good that there they would have a Nader is somebody they give us a week and let's go big gamers and the viewers would be shot the first I don't know how many hours we lose them now I believe we lose can't we if we rely now hey I didn't gain and we're going to be live on a news station for a week we would carry a significant harm our audience over there to watch as burn the thing Downey and people hated us. Would you like I wanna watch them fail. It would be a huge bin. And then a bill includes being a boon. I have been returned you know I Bruton. As I got it's I got green and you come. Now what iron did you grow I don't know if it with the Jews you it is ain't gonna get Jim it's it's it's agree every now you're getting in June and aids you doubt. I eggs. Eggs eggs there they'll probably be the clocks 'cause you can never go to break and honest now. Breaker our. There's a problem eggs. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I happen at being eggs. Should come from chickens that aren't shoving cages and can't move de because I feel like that leads to a host of other problems. Not in my shirt to the actual flag even freer to that exited chicken to society the crack addicts you have to do I mean don't. They think about the job and yeah people don't think about the chicken wrecked I would say an Amazon angrily to continue to be our eyes out don't think about the chickened out. Forget the JF that chicken after chicken that Baghdad's getting it to you who met on caged chickened out. Is not going to be as good as another bag or not just I would suspect. In that chain of nature. There maybe some wrong about it. Don't go into the Iran like that thing about it like we're gonna die of horrible bacteria that we used to be able to kill because all we do is inject their livestock. And feed them into Iraq did antibiotics is out as a leader a guy act now so apparently there's rules and tell. Four yeah you know what I don't understand. How it is cheaper. To die in tag button that has been and filled to add hormones. And and a round exit in an affirm a caged sick and that it would be. You can get more eggs you get more Asian dude you're more exit Gillis spoilage. And they get more eggs because they force the qinghai really accomplish tornadoes like. China's Leslie grounds were united. And yell at me to appear to some vehicle is then will these exit too expensive because of rule from California are ridiculous expense and anything went out that's I was saying like I guess that was my point. You are how can that possibly be less expensive. It is like we don't produce enough bags to survive we've produced a lot of a liberties so many eggs that companies can become you know this large make tanks. Where does latte that probably the cost days is fuel wanna make money on eggs and you make less money on eggs. I can't believe how many times of sandbags when you pump him full or we don't pump full so there's a ruling California about how to dispose we treated it affects the cost of eggs in Missouri. So Missouri's attorney general who also happens to be running for senate. Who I don't know if he lives in Jeff city or not. But you are totally he's got he was supposed to be didn't and it was a big deal anyway he's suing because you know he's running electric. And die it's zero RO gotta slash those regulations are not sure how I feel about this but let's. And sign ordinance and it's really think about the living conditions of their hands who laid the ID. I really damn mad and it's something you should think about Doug tell me I don't think about the chickens they come from Matt Stewart when you go to the grocery store. As you're looking over the price as a bags yeah that is something you think about it is I go do a lot of pain in my lower right part cage free AA you have to think about that and the answer is. Yes and an outline I have five kids rights rights kids. Eat up dollar amounts. And then like damn tiger abreast and employ our. And I'm like it's great shape rags. And in fact the entire decade ago they began to passing laws being that only stores in California could still aches from a government a government. You ever. Okay okay. Yeah yeah. I guess you're it is the fellas are some. Blow. I may do. I had yeah. Do are all well your computer to read her the news later I guess that's finds a breakdown there isn't Arianna I guess if the eggs are OK I mean I'm a book Pixar will be it creates the. Some of those guys reporting lengthened the current and all the yes these are the hormone filled Latin this is now even NLV they do you have organic oh well hope that. It's not that organic is the same. Is caged tree because it's not it's not. The dog abusing the label's still not steered it can the government do some government zine bullies seriously do you think I made my bird profit that your old mantra as a means should be. Not injected with hormones cage free walking around. And Iran are Greek in yeah I cracked brake just get one to blame on or again you know when you say organic. And doesn't mean. It's not that means it could still be organic and cage and this batter out IRAs Dallas deal does go. And it is OK okay. Pray and iron and narrow paying rent or melancholy and is confusing and in your. Scrambled. Down there and they're not for me if you want him and that adds three more runs about it and blah. To Furman chicken walking around. Lake in a little bit is may easily easily does it signal lug around bra that move around a little long it'd synagogue or our chickens by the log. I. That isn't and I don't know more crap right I I. So is the day out. It's. California lawmakers passed the law a decade ago city California stars Italy's LA is from hands raised some bars they have enough room to stand up. Again outstanding and have yet. Lie down and walk around lied down walk go round. At most let egg laying facilities the hands of places close together in cages. There's not a room off of room for them to stretch the legs many Missouri egg farmers raising chickens as late because we're terrible and they send more than 52 million mesa California each year. But the California law banning a imports from hands sucking gauges means farmers have to build bigger chicken coops which cost money. And sued for that cause Greg Wright is the prize eggs why don't they guy and a but I had to hurry the attorney general of Missouri. Yanked it is very does that mean range range furry re down big and you is forgetting why yeah because you know lions got damn confusing to buy any deer you know I don't even know if we consider eggs dairy products. Or not that was that's honest discussion and we try that I'm now I wanna get in that. I can't believe I'm about to take a spiraling lock down egg laying here but the way did this story like shows exactly what's wrong with America. Really is highlighted I can't believe it's eggs so the guy who's represented a Missouri. Is suing for the farmers of course because he wants their vote is suing California. To force them. Take our acts. He's suing Californians. Yes. So and there are regulations and their state. Regulation which is none of his business which did not have his visit disease is amazingly das yeah 36 color and I. Adds I don't have it are at WOR RI. Is as big cheering him on the hormones Amanda mass. Thanks to this league that men so they let them farmer. Include an economic analysis from a ms. duke professor which like I need to know about this ms. it is nice to break out all news all -- by the way. I need to know what the Missoula professor's name is because it's not a study from the University of Missouri it's a very specific professor now you can go by economic analysis from professors all you wanna do. There's you know give you go out you can and target tiger is to say that some real sell it to share. And then it says the he says the prices of aides have risen. 225%. Over the last three years with consumer spending an extra 350 million on eggs. Why USF money to go to Missouri and he also claims that this is the mess up our he claims that state state clay he also claims cost states thousands of dollars is doesn't claims consummated this looks a moment claims. Costs thousands of dollars more to buy eggs needed to feed. Prisoners. OK so here's the thing instead of having less prisoners. We don't have to feed them so much to make less than they have legal because you know apparently colluding with a foreign government isn't illegal anymore. That's not the the go to jail for marijuana is of the yours yet so as of putting less people in jail for marijuana does having to feed them less aegs he wants to be able to feed all the prisoners at a -- the Oprah. There. And a cook exit may or may not be. Range free cage free range furry and very game mathematics for me. Holly claims this is messed up the United States who lost its mind Polly claims it's illegal. For California. The state of California to impose its own standards. On eggs produced in other states and he hopes the Supreme Court agrees. This dude is going to law commands or really knocked out like ten class and eggs on California. Wanna about stay right. I don't exist within one ports eat they're nasty. Cage I and eggs. Well at least it's kudos accounts or the average trying. To make it a regular paying for at any of our every right to have a nagged this thing now is an answer and is that says Stacy writes they want the supreme court's of his duties mr. stage right to medical records a great point let's tweak that leash right now Josh holly I think his Twitter is at Josh holly I'm a huge do each. That's probably not right and throw it at that they may weigh that guy Josh holiday let's ask him how alchemy wants to force the federal government. Let cal boy take Missouri's there sounds varies so still is very democratic sir it's. From the beginning to see you sound like good Democrats are. Have not served bureau where you want that big man day at the same time he argues against that individual mandate for health care op I don't think so. Yeah. You can have. Wide without the out ads so are. And I'm glad we talked about it and give me fired up. You know it's just ball ask guys like yea I'm not bring in my red snapper passive right now we're walking. I read a story about a town I read stats are that cannot or will blow. I believe me out it's good I believe marijuana that exactly yeah the canary in the coal mine in the red snapper. I think it Miriam Goldman and we'll get to that hey imagine I'll be really regular blogging about this and had heard that the all the is blowing up because it's a discount grocery chain rack has every raised more Rihanna go to all you know what the CEO of Dollar General said yesterday and now he said that this they're having incredible growth Dollar General if you have money I got that out there all the time. He's had specifically because people are getting or business is booming guests that score radio I'm sick. I mean it's true and these we're handing these guys he's anywhere from a department well I. Everybody I know those Ali. Because it down. What I can't Gallup and it is affordable. It is a portable. In two that they have done a really great job TO. So not only is it import goods kind of more affordable to die in the cage free eggs. Why isn't premiere ranged furrier or whatever they ask that is why can't we just agree on one thing that means it's is an answer all acted. Neither one juror to adopt our you have to have everything and it began just be it's got to be all of that. It's gotta be no harm and correct brain now whenever I. Thanks again range range again just let it right or how. And it's not natural and I'll tell you stay with aegs out like when I was a kid and I go to Greece. My mama make me aegs in my colleague zags yeah split that he's brash. I think there was that youth and regular what I dragon that is that's Floyd. Yeah. It everything tasted. Things that I thought I knew in her lie source president chains dude I'm so watermelon angry Zemin is I think you have never had. Imagine the best liar volume ever and I'm glad I only one. Hmmm I Diallo while they had Gypsies Ali in my house shots. As this is being said do you think at where does that. I'm eager my alarm. From the center of America. Throw the row alone in the bag abstracts. In its allies did it. OK so the weirdest thing of course in all of this is once again a Republican is trying to force somebody. To do something that they don't wanna do wrecked. You know non consensual a good transfers and it does the egg mask it's a must be egg Susie asked stick consents exactly. I thought I thought I thought through our market is probably not by who world is a band.