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Wednesday, July 11th


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I heard cash and the buzz. You make that claim as good morning innings pension Danny's here emerges here I don't even know what the hell's going on. So in the world now in the stations I need to be cop out right now why tickets do we have dads and what's coming up. I'm clueless. Vacation in the sickness vacation and sick. And then the seeking his account names. After that it isn't. Anyway. After the vacation it's this eagerness to see the early them damn line with the other balance very. Got you down what to say this vacation. Think that's gotta get down that sickness to hearing what I. Excellent anyway I'll get caught up with a mark are fair and that way you know. I'm working hard for I'm here I go in the new joint hit his kids sit. You're seeing now and I just that I home. Working brio Paramount. I didn't miss it CDC area down past. Later I can't say that he can't say you know I go and then I have everybody goes like go up that's not fans that greeted him if anyway. That's coming up. You know why no why go. When you say that that is will Smith's I didn't say that you said you know I go I didn't. Margaret is it your pain since and he wasn't listening to put anyone does Doug good. I've got to meet our hardest thing to do in the world Sunday as I was those NFL's holds up until I have read says you know I ago. And and I was after the races. All right honey I was like he's a Miami. I did it I'm back the most nibbling stop get out. Knowing then there. It's Vegas it's a lot of people live in my nobody lives and Will Smith planned the whole book about both his box office based in Denver. I can't imagine and it is my rock out as is always my man hit its all time though. Now we're back on how I can't say that now give me last ten years most men you kid now yes I just did it Tom Cruise is to bring in money zero. You're sick you're trying to like stop it you're trying to dissect the well Smith. Wills what was the name of it she style listen. Well wells man hasn't been grown it in a long time I know or leave money was the biggest share they work Tom Cruise same amount Gibbs and same and a lot of actors and actress says they count and they go well meaning around and they slowly bleed out they like slowing ahead. Now well and that they like serious injury about Johnny Depp. Is read your article on Johnny Depp. I know which one or he's broken gas. Yeah I don't know I'll mentally me don't believe it can you are now I believe he's broke and I'm a little bit Jain depth. And Tim Burton. What. I was right Johnny Depp Tim Burton Jack White have worked together and I gosh. Are you dine on a lake. Are we an engine is sure I'd take that time you know like didn't take him now I'm good. I've I was I hear clearly are. Palate cleanser. Pretty good isn't an airplane I. Pallets of the clintons please what is it would you I mean venues sound area and those in there and take a share any race I don't I thought it was pretty ghetto who. All right. Claims of French and this game easier Merck is here and coming up tickets to upcoming shows. Danny yeah why is going on in the world. Did you hear. About the big east. Black. I I remember meteorites and you're like look at your Fave always farewells that reference that's all know Carol you start with a big and Latin. And the last word in that sentence. Is sarcophagus. You hear about the big black sarcophagus I'm not. Where these certain car. I guess is yeah as the big backs big black sarcophagus. That BBS. Where is indeed yes they've batted aids if it's an Alexandria. Which friendly is on the northern coast for use geography buffs. Now the articles does it mean now lazy we're going to say Alexandria and then northern. Because. I'm path for our idea brought you cookies she got her a bath. Egypt and the pyramids in your head it is the as well party I'll ignore their pets cars. I used to vacation there at Lakewood of this hockey. Well we all appreciate the clarification shop where Alexandria is exact I love candidate in the country need James it is northern Egypt every one. It is a every line. Including geography that's probably Iranians that there and they're like oh yeah that Alexander issue earlier and their press is not impressive off any geography about this not laden. Allan. So this big black sarcophagus Nene NA. Is big black sarcophagus. It is it's 72 which is thought of that. Hi fi. By. Maybe kind of now homeland I've. Now six to 666. A big thing and ended June. And he has six but that's excellent temporarily put on. V.s so it six feet tall ranked it 65 inches wide. It's the biggest sell almost as tall as Y yeah it's the biggest sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria okay and where was this found and or is there is our guests. They found it with a giant alabaster hat. What does that mean you know an alabaster is right. Not really it's like is as they said the you know they go white marble we look and think the Iraq. Emmett ducking you may can't or isn't him in our home our Iraq. I feel alabaster and I pray to gain sailing mineral. Animal vegetable. I feel like alabaster sending you can make it to translucent form of gypsum. Often carved and a ornaments. At and geologists define alabaster as only did have some time ago Billy geology books. Moon Ayers that is giant black sarcophagus that was big white alabaster head and nobody knows what it is. Are those inside but it's still sealed. Okay. Odd glass and odd man out idolized today again guys I love the story the big blacks are confident enough. And when the big light alabaster head yeah on top of that. Must stay open mis sur carved again says I don't I hope they don't I have a feeling that. Yeah I've I've seen various communities as well Oden. Who's who does that I. I don't wanna do that and don't know it is and the giant alabaster head is a giant alabaster head but the faces Tyler washed off. OK so what was he had lists and then they put this on nine and Lou put it in areas like this is this dudes place. That's it that's it homage to the Jews. Onto it and treason but what if you like reconstructed his face and it was like hey I'm easily opened it. May have his alabaster head open the tomb they didn't open the sarcophagus. Yet I don't they do that. I think these jokers are obvious. Opens up. OK I am team opens are propping us for around you sarcophagus or promptly as. Let's there. Originally found while clearing the site for the new building you. The tomb is now under guard rural experts Kim worked out exactly what lies inside the big blacks are up against. Those mention a number they opening at winning an open it. NY PDF is a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus like you know the legal team being. That they. They used to put pharaohs and stuff man it's like the pyramid type thing they yeah I think that is true it doesn't look like a pyramid when they're actually and there it doesn't look like it doesn't look like. It doesn't look like. You traditional sarcophagus. The amiga once you picture in your head with all that ornate bronze all over and that's counting that's how they have this is how they counted sub you know they come like that I solid the Nelson they have over there than yet as dysentery and those are rare. No I mean that it's not like change on those guys maybe for no it's of years there and get in alabaster edit your pork. Are your it. This is a 1% Egyptian again the sarcophagus is what's. It's like you know to just read it again Jose definition oh illustrates there dictionary. Sarcophagus. A stone coffin typically adorned with this culture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations Egypt. Rome and creeks. Says the little sorry never hired an outreach sarcophagus yesterday Adam. Oh well those are on display anywhere. They were mostly used for fed. Block a yes means a lot of things are fatter Brighton. And say I'm looking. It's this down costs and into the sarcophagus is sarcophagus. In the two. So that tomb is an open and but not. Sarcophagus. A confident the sound confident that. But here's and I understand yeah. While he's cracked heading over and as Susan clarity now they must have opened this Tim. I got to learn how to do me top ten if you well noon they know he's six he at all. We've had some pretty incredible finds an Angel this year. For all you archeology plus. They found a hidden network of tombs in Cairo in February. In April they found a growth grip go I have done. Deep in debt in April a rare Greco Roman temple was found. RA I'm done with the nine is OK I mean really I feel like I mean I knew it now damage are you glad I did against time to move on but it was fantastic job. While you're ahead okay. You're welcome and Deanna another story and I don't think you really need and I learned in college tight ends are out I did big black sarcophagus I think cave yeah. I got southwest judge Robert. You don't care about I don't know how I am not supposed to talk about that there was. The guy who ended up the Supreme Court. Nominee. I don't know how I don't go like you know all the reds streaming radio aren't everywhere tin foil when his name got added to the short list in November. After Kennedy added his name to the shortlist is somebody he would like to retire to have take his seat I mean it just seems kind of twist it's fine. RA. Yeah sure they I mean I have other things right act and then can somebody. Catches up on Wiener fast and it is there's an email. I think in any round so we're gonna go to attacks and find countless. And CB we have a bad idea we should ask the Manning. It's. Important. To note new. Monfils set and then marks in the Elian chosen staff. That well that on the Egyptian sarcophagus story neglect their gas well then. And average Americans. Currently use traffic bath. There can.