Buzz Briefs Family Separation

Thursday, June 21st


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All. You hear on. Gonna. Bring in other high point for a fun man. Yet valid confusion and lack of years. I was doing and I think there's I. Now Byron IA I thousand knives yeah claimants sometimes your leg. I gotta do it I'm gonna do this squares mean. Overrated and underrated desserts. This overrated underrated dessert course as will reveal your personalities tagged. But why do they do. I know it's not true. Just wasted two minutes not three million. I'm. An architect by the way and the architect. The architect. Here and imaginative and strategic thinker. Not Bronx. Scary quiet confidence with you one thing you love to help others in need is right. So far. You might struggle is thinking one idea out of the bunch of focus on absolutely. But just remember that you can tackle the mosque. With time and as you know why. According to a buzz because. I'm the architect of eggs or RA and the leg. I'm the art the art Mandalay yards or look at me and the players you are they are hungrier to take mare what's going on being. Aren't also before you get started out. Frank turner tonight. At the tournament. I mean reads sound effects and tickets and these are happening they must go to that everything must go. DNA that San what's going on yes. All right update on now the immigration things going on. Saw yesterday. There was a big hullabaloo of and Donald Trump signed an executive order that reversed his administration's. Practice. Of separating children from their parents. Announced public outcry hum. Am not quite now I am not quite. So that is the danger there are a lot of media stories New York Times when only the biggest offenders that was like. It's over. Bread but it's not it's reverse we're done. But unfortunately like I feel like this administration in particular every administration but does one in particular were really likes. To not have been deet tails because they don't know it feels like they make it up with the Dow right. So I'll come on they now according to. And BC and do isn't. Derrek Lee 300 children separated for pimps are trust is acute of order did not. And there are no plans and they don't even know how to do that of reuniting those when he 300. And her family with their families. In addition. Trust's executive order instructed Jeff Sessions. You go to court to try to overturn our tree trying get to favorable ruling. To allow them to hold families together can definitely. Our guys allow they will lead to get her. There's they're gonna the end say they are together and how didn't it held it has got to ask anybody down and I child concentration film great youth familial family concentration camps. And keep last night and he rides I wanna be completely or leave gotta gotta icons and raising camp. Tell you wanna be with your own I had doubts. Yeah I am. I just think there's always an outsider it's here's the other thing though and I do wanna be I I absolutely wanna make sure that I cover this correctly but these these plans. These these keeping families in indefinite detention. Is or in detention together goes back to Obama in week fourteen there's a huge influx into a fourteen. Of people coming across the border a crack dad's the Obama ministries and decided to hold children families. In prolonged detention in prison like facility. Facilities without any real hopes to even if they didn't represent any risk or danger. But a judge was like you can't do that. For the Obama administration. Okay so. So the drug administration's gonna its triangle back and get that. Yet the ability to hold people indefinitely prolonged periods of time keep in mind these misdemeanor cases. Can be in the courts for years. So there are quite 300 children there is a Max capacity right now. Obama. For families. I did a lot of Reading last night and he'd. That the families are expected to be worth a premium Max capacity. Shortly because now we're stopping everybody. When I do and where soccer people and actually illegally turning away were Seeking Asylum. And we're charging people with illegal border crossings and it's everybody that comes across that's what we're doing ask for you guys. We're gonna run out of space real quick there's going to be a lot of camps filled up with families very very fast this order. Not the greatest. I just don't understand stat. As make any sense mean him. Jas. I'm sure they're smarter people out there on the scene Matt. It's the antithesis of what we should be doing and so now your theory out nuts. Is tip that's us I'm sorry I love it. While you're figuring out what to do with a everybody even now these people probably have maholm. On I mean they don't that's when I left I mean a lot of these people think you from. El Salvador have they are my drastic outing I skating well what about the Americans that they're taking from. I mean this is a migrant crisis that is an enterprise services across of these people coming to America to escape persecution Brett violence. Rape death to think about it knowing you're going to America even though you're going to get separated from your kids is still not a big enough deterrence. Because it's so bad where they're coming from and people who work who are caught and sent back a lot of those people end up dying to break. Murdered. The so it's not really it's a good development were no longer separating parents and kids but keep in mind as well. We still don't know where the girls and the toddlers are. Break two days ago health and human services officials pledged on Tuesdays loses Tuesday to release photos of detain girls and toddlers. Photos I'm detain girls in toddlers within the next two days that's the end of today we still haven't seen pictures. Of girls and toddlers. Also. Where did you know where injecting kids who were freaking out with. With us psychiatric drugs to sedate them on yup we're doing that too. Rejecting babies. We're screaming for their parents. To sedate him. That's happening on your taxpayer dollar out there are several companies making millions of dollars have been making millions of dollars doing things. Well we're injecting kids you are drugs. Hell I did not know that. And I didn't touch him like to hug him yeah I can't pick him up to column nobody thought this through. Nobody saw this is great why are they making on these weird laws. Gleaming like damn big MI can't coddle them like drizzle that's not coddling yeah. I think ripping chiller a child away from their parents. And as situationally that is not coddling me OK and you're coddling is. Today. I'm now you can't gloss is second ice cream scare him as they dropped it and trying to skimmed not crying. At coddling. Now keep on having a child in our own scream for their appearances are being separated. Is not Connelly. Now keep in mind I think some people like. With the Obama administration doing this they did do this they did lose a court case but he didn't have a policy of separating. Parents from their children they didn't that mean they really did they think it. Exhibited today they've got enough of them themselves as Afghan I'm not saying mass gas but also after the ruling that went against Obama administration right that he can't keep these people indefinitely. I children are usually allowed to stay with their parents in shelters while awaiting legal proceedings and eventually were released under close supervision such as ankle monitoring. Take batting comparison to what happened they sold when 300 children. From their parents they have no plans and no idea. How they're gonna put them back together with their parents they are effectively. Orphans because of the United States government. Why do you think that we don't see pictures of girls and toddlers I don't know act a fool her at. If I mean I feel there's a reason for it is a war going on in my head and I'll tell you what it is I think it is it vials terrible conditions vial terrible awful things are happening yes because look you got a bunch a contractor government employees. Suddenly expect take care gets vile things or are they clearly can't take your kids as. Is it lake are telling me is they're giving them drags on now yes they DN here began dig the screaming yes. Brown the separation of the children from their families so there's dating them and so they don't have to year and that people who work in government would sit there and say oh we're just taking a hard time because they cross illegally. If somebody touch your kids I don't think we've got hope they're vaccinated and that's sort of that's the fifth two you have. Have a bunch of small children. From Third World nations contained. Inside a small cages blocked up by the thousands in a small environment. One of those kids get sick. A whole bunch of them are gonna get sick you are gonna see kids are done eight. If they haven't already and go back to the that toddlers girls thing the other half is they want us to get all worked up and then be like white guys for the outlook the rank and it's one of those shoot something awful bowlers play earning I don't know. I used to Carson then as now land has we have seen no video. No thought is any females or that ten arrayed the toddlers and babies. There is or why is that. There's a place in Florida and it represented or something went to try to get into a news denied assets are senators or representatives have been denied access yeah they try to quiet that day I Q we needed two week notice before knowledge I don't think if a senator decides and wanna see. What these conditions are I think it's fair I think the fact that your hiding. Very clearly that's what you're doing. These horror and as is the only thing we can move that would lead to believe there's around his conditions that these people are living and because you won't even dated idea picture. Right you're not allowing senators and representatives that you need to used to clean up. News to each side. They did go late again it's gonna take a now on to clean up whatever is gone or that business. Even more disturbing to me. All of these people that work there and I know if you got kids you gotta put food on the table I get it. But there hasn't been exactly a mass exodus of people either in the administration in health and human services in Department of Homeland Security or people who work at these places. Quitting. Because they're just following orders they're just doing their job I saw one guy say that what quit at like my client once or I thought of a woman said she quit but you think. I wouldn't stick around. The mid the first hit comes a market over the local news days have been like what the hell's going on here. I don't know what's wrong with the right they just follow orders that many that is also very. Scary I hear it. It's just. And oh by the way do you know how much it cost. Does is BS news's the biggest load of BS I heard me. On top that completely. I don't even now balloon team that's going out loses more and more of looters say. And lot is seen here and tell me. This is the best option and then monitor early this is the best option and right. It's ridiculous relentless and it's now there is you tents for handling its chance for families they're just an impediment attends because that's totally okay. You know intensifying. Everybody loves to rates. Inspired you don't they have like maybe they arrow that is here they don't it's needs some of them and they're seeing is Tyrone do it is they didn't let. A letter about their lap and I was either I am I know play and they didn't do any is there is no plan there's no way that they can tracked all of these kids I am telling you. There are a good portion of these when he 300 kids who were taken no 2320. And it has taken away from their parents at the border. And that'll never see the parents the they're gonna see their parent they can't they can't find him how. You send somebody back to a different country fly him on a plane you don't intelligence maybe they go back maybe they die maybe they go back they can't get back up break. Kids three months old six months all you know his parents as. That's that's large percentage of those 2300 people there is no plant that should outrage you. That is outrageous. That they can't get these. People back together and their families their you know moms. Dad's daughter sounded stressed relay and that they thought they didn't have to think about that when they started it means they never intended to. Right there really wasn't kids guys. It doesn't appear to be I think it was pandering to begin with. I'll be honest with him of pandering to his constituents. And sheer evil. I think it's pandering like look. We're glad you. I mean I'm breaking a failings on Donald Trump it's a pander I mean he's shown himself time and time now Jose PRA has its infestation. He says their animals where I mean it's very clear right this is you raise our kids raised like sopranos right he's the fastest white supremacists and we should call it is ranked. Also all of you who care about budgetary reasons for whatever reason this one might be for you. According to an official with the Department of Health and Human Services those tents cost 775. Dollars per person per night the RX three times the price there house them in more permanent shelters with their. There's a missing these Stanley intends icons are those 800 dollars a night per person. Per person per night yeah. My I don't know what is not a camping spot. From my understanding right it's not and I've seen stands for wage Heber. Probably bigger there on Google about it they the tents are more of a living tent. It's it's a tense city. And it's a 106 degrees outside. And these people are stuck there. Al why can't they just shuttle Tammy back in many cases they're very sick family members back. And also once again. They are turning people away from the border who are Seeking Asylum and that is actually. Illegal. When kids and they took 9 pills in the morning and seven tonight. Not knowing what they are yeah. Man and are they cannot be happy they're offering tells every grounds or via pay and they're talking about keeping entire families for indefinite period of time. Yeah let's use the words concentration camp let's talk about Japanese interment. Let's talk it was an okay under the Obama administration that didn't count them like that's. It was bad when the Obama administration did the Obama administration's anti drugs to illegal immigration I'd I'd I've always criticized demonic figure was terrific. I think Obama administration deserves a lot of criticism for a lot of things are. But guess what we're doing right now get so we're dealing with play 300 kids are never gonna see their parents break that wasn't Barack Obama that was not Barack Obama this different that meanwhile as policies or crap yeah. And he actually unlike the trend ministries and as listening here records yeah I mean yeah I mean look. The Obama administration basically set the golf ball on the tee for the trump administration to do that whenever they want it and that was set up by the Bush Administration expanding the executive powers. And that was set up by the Clinton administration and is. And us congress taking away some of those as a. You know may now this is not being going on for a year now note it is it is not so people need to stop saying wow this is absolutely 100% has not been going on. Have it did not happen the same way in the Obama era people have not been taking. The US has not been taking. People's children away from them yes entering this country right that has not happened so that they don't come here it's right. Stop doing right Jenny doesn't matter right. It really doesn't. We would have heard about it. We would have been outraged about it just like we are now now the tire is known for attaching them right. Doesn't matter who's in office writes I don't understand why people like let you heard trump. Just apologize. Don't say Obama hit it don't say Clinton and it. Because they didn't. Everybody take a look if if you want to reflect on how we got here certainly that is the time to do that but right now we are dealing with the humanitarian crisis we are on the precipice. I'm entering a historical bad time what happens if those kids get sick. How many of them dying is acceptable to. Kids that would have been with their parents otherwise. Particularly all the walls. Hands images and a bill Lawson and there are wonderful person. Yeah I am I justifying separating that is my point like at this point I feel like you're pretty much self identifying as its. I don't know it scared me. I can't have I'm not being able to locate your mom or dad now and I'm on ten pick her memorize Dow loss that was my daddy's version of this factory. Nancy version then at that happened engineer leaving got a magic mountain. And maybe bowling less money. And uneven episode as an enemy tractors. I believe you me and they have like I don't know employee events I don't remember. I am and this enormous factory. In Detroit I lose my parents. Because of that snacks there's games. In any like guys are excited to get. I get lost and IA. Remember Hala as I you know my brother was around eyes remember. The reason why are members three or four maybe it was so dramatic and having Angela finally I was so god damn scared. You know anybody I'm bear. In this same area let them know it's holding me. In out there trying to help me rather like hey we've found overall schnauzer named as a Wada. And you know we have a by the popcorn stand in Saudi coming get her out of food rank it pretty much down by. That's just me going to my dad's employee day at a factory losing my mom and dad. I I and that feeling like I can't they have hobbies. Families and kids are feeling. I I would like it's coming out attacks and says I guess they should stay in Mexico yeah all right let your. I don't know if you're purposefully being extra ignorant to own the Lil are being funny because I know that hers is off on the pistons can only be their diet that. Is not and money there always this way. Made the kids build the law I think is a great idea something good ended JO. To get out of you know again that is cages you might as well let him get out another long night. I like harmony things these things happening effective first of all people are not just coming from Mexico the coming from all over the world second a lot of people as you can see are trying to flee violence murder and persecution in their home countries and it's so bad they're willing. It's the most dangerous journey you can make. And they're taking their kids. That's how important it is for them to escape where they're from Brett don't forget the United States has a role in a lot. Of countries that have turned south. As well right. Big about our interventions in Latin and central and South America and the nothing ever that a vacuum where the United States. Aren't we got enough Athens space and money to take care everybody. It tends to all the money and a god damned tense who decide to be nice to stop that we go buy that theory to be like as citizens already. Curry out like this is already out your grade and I know if you're spending. 3200 dollars a night contents. Yeah. Her family yeah purple our family Emporia. Steve talking the cost of the tent is 775. Per person per night. That is 3200 dollars a night. Meaning that I am a house somewhere. If we're spending 3200. Dollars a mind our day. I day. On one family of more for it's that I feel like just what and. That's the way I am adding X receiver just glad that. Did it help carry out death just let a man. Cleveland is 883200. Dollars I'd day or one family of four. 3200. Dollars someone is making money on the tents. Somebody facilitated that deal they're getting kind of 10% fifteen whenever that as that you're trying to tell me that it sent. Four for people to announce two children costs 3200 dollars a night in a concentration camp yeah. 3200 dollars I mean how it fits and yeah Nat and now about 32 out. So if there's 3335. Beds available. And it's 77. Our facility about as a how many Mets you're gonna do that in MI NS the map there. Let's say there's 3000 met the aces 3335. Deaths of 3000. Oh about mullah math look at our god dammit we're doing math and I don't MI found I'm doing straight up math. And any just multiplied out by seven so many times 75 per night so here's your cost per night and current federal capacity. Which we will be expanding to that is two million. 584600. Its money five dollars a day. Not a day yeah. I mean I don't I am clearly there's smarter people out there there was an earth. I'm in out of there are down maybe they are. Vodka on its hands yes it's a bond comes in says I lose my mind I will go into the White House they do and citizen's arrest myself. I loved it I'd find out that that one of the trust owns this struck this tank company well absolutely. Have and bag all of the go to guy with the means to the White House and make a citizens are us. Mark Zoller from here where I well I want one now I mean I'd like to have a nice ride. We can drive these fine and not to fly. Across the yell what comes with a patents that there's 775. Per person a day I don't look at the most welcoming accommodations are you sure left. I have fear they had time amenities and her 800 dollars a night and attend. There's got to be some spot treatments included his food include the at breakfast. Like at the dairy and the at breakfast and I'm learning a continental now at continental breakfast time. Here's the good thing is really stupid. A lot of these people these camps people who work there again our contractors. And so it's not why but if they're Lisa they were federal employees. You could just. You can at least feel like you had a vote for representative. Or. But it's it's not gonna stop. These people. And are now whereas I as sort of understand. Anyway. So that's your coverage of that for today and I'll continue to do it every today. Because the very least if things do go horrible buddies say I talked about it. That man a math hurts doesn't matter banana math banana for reference. The men are math that's a lot of good and it spurs are Hawkins is not. Pan Cuba's.