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Wednesday, April 25th


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All right I do have tickets to lure here on for tonight a few pair along with owed debt that tickets for tonight. Probe shows are tonight we will get rid of those before 10 o'clock. I suspect there's a good amount of tickets left for a doesn't. Not that many left to lord here and like announced. I really want them to stop the Midland. And I was caught how they act saw the Truman and out time and have to learn the truth is there's a few hundred take a flat so maybe that does happen especially with the weather. And being what it's like anyway we will give those to Italy before 10 o'clock in the meantime get a gap. What's going out in the world I think we mentioned this before but I always. You know it can stay is. Installed since. That was a main dude and stone did to us. I don't. Well where to start with the bath. Not that that's what I was thinking wind of the word you let's say. Half. They consider. Are they what's faked concern I think we have it secondary account. On NC Graham. It's like Andrea I get fake Twitter again and take a page where I guess on incidents offends them. Do you have a big concern now I I don't have think anything I can't figure out how to do figgins ran away and I don't have that much that regulars. That's true I always start this up you know do another account and I'm just. They all act like all this will be thought it'd be fine in this site and kept them never followed through and a wild border people using the fake Kansas farmer came highest. Students. At the University of Kansas may be in a little bit a trouble for their fences are kind while at the final seems like a non issue. Still kind of on the continent start. Investigation on McCain campus tonight involving some athletes they could be a warning for parents staff 41 action news reporter Sarah plague is live at Lawrence to explain what's going on Sarah. Get chances are your high schooler knows about this new social media that it's called at faked instinct gray and it's. Instead it's definitely popular here with college students but it raises the concern of how Friday. Are your private posts. New university daily Kansan indicate you can't this newspaper reported student athletes were suspended for using fake social media accounts. Which is a violation of the key in this athletics jayhawk honor code as. Why. At stupid. Green tech. Associate athletics director Jim marshy when he said the report is not accurate and that he could not comment on ongoing university student investigations. The would not provide further context they can't. A quick on that how come this is a new thing like it's really bad now. Now whenever anybody reports anything the person there reporting and about or of the entity of the reporting and about immediately says it's not true. I now they got that wrong right and across the board doesn't matter if it's this dude it doesn't matter if it's the right of that that. It doesn't forbids it doesn't matter who it is nobody could digest feline it'd turn coyotes some inconsistencies. But maybe the story remains somewhat the same I don't know I story that's that they think overall. Did they get a right or wrong and if they got it wrong that you should explain. While you learn why they got it wrong to say there's an ongoing investigation that seems like they're trying to avoid the subject. Right. Someday must happen and it's regarding athletes now I mean it's just and I think it's just that they Adam and I got suspended according to the report from. The daily Kansan. Over there. Are they fate demeaning. See I feel like if I were an athlete and then you'd wanna face the could have. Have a real twin have a real answer Graham and because you can't because you couldn't being as an athlete you can't be a real person brand be an athlete I would have a secondary line. Many prime and it and do what it is that I wanted to deal with out. People being judgment this goes back out toward talking about sightings like. KU athletics in this isn't policy or K if this is the policy with regard to fake social media accounts where like they the reason they do that is because. They give everybody wants everybody to lie all the time they don't want to be honest they don't want athletes. To be human beings with their own feelings that I could struck because look. People looking give you headaches if they represent you. Right. I get it but. For it's why they re. While here's my thing there you don't pay these athletes are not down ban anything. And then they make up top ally out of them. Which is lunacy and yeah and some. When he athletes may or may not try to make a little lending again cracked down they cracked down super. You know I got to wait may be to go pro in the meantime the raking the university. A ton of money oodles. Just I can't imagine what they are bring NN a couple of new money you know I Nike basketball yet. And then these guys came in and because of the money and then they're not getting. You're getting you're dictating meager air social media you're worried they're gonna cost you money. The money you're planning on RA and that's like that you don't give them to pay a variety of you're absolutely per share. This typically mentioned you know think that's a war fleet Indian dilemma counties. Despite what may play out the athletics department since is a word most students on campus now that fake instant ramp. Or people have wine and then they're sensitive post things they don't want they're normal followers to see. Where people can post whatever it's a cry and it's. Countless stories be drinking partying yes of like that you normally closed off site games friends. The Stephen doesn't have one they usually know people who deal it's fun especially in house as those lemons lake region. At one way and unseal a dog actually doing something completely different and doesn't usually set a price that and aren't just for crazy party picks. They can be used as an outlet for your problems to post silly self these are even Elliott talked trash about other people. But the thing about the Internet is that hosts stay for ever. Back in high school won its first started coming out any person could snitch on anyone in any. Anything you got poses varied game so you did did Sistani Keenan Charles Bolden. Like four hours after you close the. Not three not tuna. But they pay them are around a 150 gain education top not strain I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm all they make tens of millions of dollars. And then I'm not enough not to like free labor to make your business successfully brain doesn't actually cost them a 115 cash and Barbara government. Doesn't. A house I don't like that I thought hospital. Five grand to turn on the MRI machine right right I mean a lot. If you look you know why it. But why are they calling offense I mean everything that's been our everyday is a great guy it's funny Internet it's fine if people find it the people who couldn't really evil about every year is I am secondary count and all kinds of social media voting they're that's what's so weird about this. I mean hell back in the bulletin board days you had different accounts. I mean I've had different counts for years yeah. Not now like that I don't have the energy to be like to be a decent sound being the sweeping and he soon. Faith Gmail account right stupidly I've got a million Gmail accounts. Heard different things I got my dirty guide darted out my. Did you now yeah I got all kinds of Gmail yeah Durham now at a gas your Gmail Jack creative man out there. Idea of everybody has various accounts as it has is such a normal thing because of the various things you're not allowed to be yourself I mean it's hard right and wire. Athletes. I don't think that that's the university's cock Nadia error ready. You don't pay them. I don't feel like free educations announced. Based on the money that they make for the school yeah absolutely not pray and you're not letting him do a secondary private account that nobody's business does their private followers. Here's freighter what's gonna leak people authoritarian stand there really make gonna come back to match it's a lot like just minded like why is that dishonest lies and against are hot on athlete honor code right so what happens please. That's that's basically in the room so is there and something going on little or any athletes and our secondary I mean. It just says there's those mere fact have gotten sins of the university cancer trouble university daily Kansan T campus newspaper recently reported student athletes were suspended freezing pay social media accounts. Yeah this is under oath. It seems silly to me. Succeed so does not paying athletes thank you tons of money and that annoying. Well here isn't it day it seems like let's see here three days ago seven Kansas rowers suspended amid social media this is according to our day does anybody. Are about the Kansas rovers now. I'm sorry rowers I love the rowers I appreciate you I love you have a sport that you love to do and I hope it's paying your way through college like I really did a new girl that wrote K. Team where they bro there's a lake right there you are reverent or are Lawrence river some thing. They do have never there's a real bodies of water again air is water there are questions. Basketball. You start out you planned may read daddy of France take a gaming go you join a team right right rallying. You start like it's. Right I mean how do you get on it rowing team and how they don't you're glad you show up when daylight I'd like yeah yeah the only team. When I lived in Fiat now. I mean and this is I don't we're talking growing I understand grown I don't really all sports very cool I did actually as how they decide. Who gets to be on the road team I would go into one of the parts armor has lake Washington there another lake. Everything yours and I like anyway. This high school growing he would sell out whenever I'd be tool around allay the game there in May Hadley bleachers. It was really cool August growing up in deter I didn't see nobody was a rowing in that is very error. We didn't have any rallying the army's color barrier or will now well yeah you'd read he had a body whatever and that was back in the day there is lot in my Vernon says is that like a single rower. Like now yeah it's. I think you can do singles doubles or no but I mean you can use single regulator when your coming up like your ears old you wanna get involved in growing yet you think they're single or hours doubles and then four and then maybe even a whole team I don't mean a number something most experienced in rolling is the time I watch the skulls in like 2003. Okay now I think early Joshua Jackson. Paul Walker REP. Not Thomas Haden Church the the other guy Craig T. Nelson. OK any. I didn't know we had a rowing team that's awesome. So is there rowing team that comes as I did this O'Leary's in his daily can lead narrowing to you all are legal or why can't the rowing team have a business was the mailer women. It's the only articles for you that's. Someone doesn't always have to remember your fate glue it Louis Mendoza that kind of Monica remember that I played here well as lake union thank you journalists access. To around lake union. And down. Seven this is according to with the daily Kensing k.'s student newspaper. Seventy ends in the Kansas rowers were suspended indefinitely in early march due to violating team rules regarding social media transparency that Kansas athletics. According to information provided by the rowers to beat Kansas. I guess they pick row or is based somebody tag or decent athlete of the four weeks on no end is in sight for this investigation with senator growers unable practiced what investigation do you need to do our hair and stuff. Many have never read before the girls that I mean it is on my church along yeah. One went to K you government to Notre Dame and now she's actually on the US. Rowing team 123 rounds. Enron until she went to college I think that's kind of yeah. Anyway and this is got a little bit the interesting thing. Growing yeah I was telling honored you know where I attended the college and and you do these kids would get under their I'd vote kayak whatever it rowing back I don't know why you might call it. And they lifted off the announces it is I'm Miami and they drop in the warrant it starts in their marinades are turner says and I were just kind of watch. Yet can you answer kind of walk around the lake maybe it was Billie Jean doesn't matter. But it was a really interesting to watch you don't zeroing in on the back. Here is the year anyway because we're in the middle of the county and country here is the section 501 of the Kansas day when there is no men's rowing team decades or must either female. Oh man what am I according to the tax write down of that's true why an opening guys. Let's go back to college and start the rowing team coed. Don't make me start singing I can't pass pass. Six a Bible one of the manual states quote I will not create baker he these social media accounts Anderson and any information placed on a social media site is a reflection mean nineteen Kansas athletics and the University of Kansas. There are in the uniform. I don't think they reflect you. I don't think palace outside now what do look yeah overall in the UK basketball more people are gonna know OK and people wouldn't even know K football. Lou I I agree with apps there aren't true I heard. Kansas spoke with two of the Kansas rowers who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution by Kansas athletics. Got his. Ares and more remember. They recruit a lot of former swimmers coach Erica my roommate for some are sounding because she's tall broad shouldered so. I didn't even look in my shorts how does some guy shows up and you're out there shopping and he's like hey do you wanna give him a vote with me. Throughout large shoulders and her tall. I am fragile are there not to strong. I don't know if I also have an extra for your German things euros addicts are up to Seattle in hand how are you being that varies Seattle days innings Kansas pulled. Well the rain is very grave. Very Seattle looking today and paying. Theirs that they didn't as the water. I can't I can't do around water I don't let you unravel under water and I don't do our offices of Puget Sound it was not a man there's a lot and natural about it in a debate Warner. I love the water like rivers. Look at his a lot of label EM I love to could not get enough of that like real reversed Serena say the docs but that's not great. The locks. No locks ego from lake to ocean where you go and gas is Panama Canal yes I just slammed it as arming favorite things about. Seattle. Like I can go firm lake to rescind its. In this elevated Barry is just how much fighter and never got Ellsbury. Is going to you don't do it on your a lot of books and then park in hand. At the locks if you're ever in Seattle by Ballard really beautiful. And that's wherein are also some of the votes from. The crowning people. Crab. The when Deadliest Catch the Deadliest Catch would dock their bats and see some just my thinks so egg. And is that they're one of the if you listened to you die when. The Norwegian people. It feeds that we knew then that I remember that I loads. Deadliest Catch the alliance for awhile I did and the mountains yet anyway and I love the man to and so I love adapted to bills. A. Builders that's. So here aside yeah I don't know yet Britain highlight film his boys check out the vote. Zig that's right I remember they see that you have and why is it. Totally like I don't get why they kept it and they really relied so well. Yeah. Tell us about your dad dad. And humbled. Deadliest Catch it's a very lured here on day on a 100%. What a great show for tonight is our August is funny and a perfect sheriff for lured here and name. Yes I don't think I would have made it in Seattle also wasn't for the honor and that park. And note in just rowers in the row or is those young Rutgers for his bride's Charles there's a half. Clinton is doing today did and it's going to go out and there's one person that has been calling everybody else does so you don't have to grow if you're the one person does that. They're at the top of about how he. Conventional that would be mind that's my job. Yelling and screaming at. Growers as it was the school's. Roots go ahead and clean his legal area that wasn't on I was there and Scion of rely and the locks can. That's add on about every eight million dollars and heads and open late to ocean it'll keep me from killing Canada.