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Monday, June 11th


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Our eyes out at 830 ish. They have. And T get me out. Before we get June. What's gonna in the world yeah. Marjorie and admires a little kids think it's originate. Yes we have both. Got a deal on their role playing tonight yeah and middle kids is doing gigs innings tomorrow voodoo allowance. When he went up the giant us. Free breakfast in very rare in men. Free entertainment and yeah out I had an outcast and Perry Danny now. When it's of that coming out when you wanna laurel shout out to Kansas governor candidate Crisco buck. In the news again why he does go that he's always good for some kind of and it's just heard Connor is father. Because the machine guy and then painted Jeep is still do and I'm by the way but who cares. Moving on to the next fiscal like thing because people are gonna remember a deepening of the gun things qwest. Maybe this one MB maybe this little wet your whistle. We can. Only hope. So I only hope that it lets the whistle I guess back in it and. When he sixteen. Po box had a meeting. About like immigration. And during that meeting stuff happen and they went to court judge found him in contempt to court charged in a thousand dollars a pack dad whom you are in contempt. I'd charge you 1000. Dollars. So Chris cove are used a state issue credit card to pay a thousand dollar fine for misleading the court about documents related to that eating. It was positive that is taxpayer money is saved on a credit card in up. But not this is the most interesting part of the story. The pain it was made last year during a state issued credit card using history state issued credit card belonging to Craig McCullough. Who was serving as a deputy assistant secretary of state under Khobar McCullough who is now seeking the Republican nomination for secretary of state. Told the capital journal he was not aware discarded be used to make the payment he was deployed in Ukraine with the Oklahoma army National Guard at the time of the payment. They use and is currently the country. Ice on the gas card because different whose dad has earned. In Canada rumor now we had a great trip just her third. Credit card his card I'm up to ten and I'm better than using carbon is an intent and purpose is to obviously I'm not. Yeah I think it's a little different that's what I'm saying it. My aunts you know different to fill your tank out and your company's gas card yeah which it is aghast parity in which somebody gave me in. To fill out the Bosnian yes but I saw like the guy was deployed limited the cards. Very lower in the Ukraine. Where they Oklahoma National Guard. Doing his thing Izod as a Moses and I'd like hey who's not here or do I got a grand Lara how gonna papers. You how did you pay with the outline we know you mean like did this why Purdue they and yeah I am now dead Crisco watch. Did he pay you write a check. I don't know see how did he pay that payment he had. Wasn't aware that other guys kind of heard it actually walking Israel's critics so you're in contempt dot gov. I'm sure that's the payments can use PayPal. I'm shore. They can I pop a pay you using banned mountain. And then million I've been my list in out now. And David as a vocal bock eons to our I saw this story. And it's it's like horrible. It involves animals. So if you are upset by stories about animals. In and out and Elizabeth Maine now analysts it's been nice about this one just it is up front okay I think that's fair today. On the trigger warning. Zones and OK but carry out Garrity sure there is a crocodile. And it just ate a dog. OK okay. So immediately going off horrible. Not Gaza not awesome yet. Terrell the dog had been tormenting the crocodile for a decade. A guy how to leaned out and allow the do you now that a dog's been tormenting and Carter now very deck and it because there's a guy. Any lives on a place called goat island how can. Where's goat island Australia I can't it is I've got island. He's been like covered both for just him and his dog in his crocodile could he lives out in the middle know where I get into it. His car got out net take rocket was in his dot news dot. His track his dog down. Our let's hear. Well here is originally in the story that put him on the map for everybody okay. This is I answered this is about his home and go or go Ireland go I. I am Alan fisted waterway. And you'll find a place like no ABBA. We traveling down the Adelaide Riva in the northern tier tree. Just a small island Kai Hansen cool time. Welcome to Ghana and Nadia on and is milking him dance he's thinking I'm looking car and it all the British government commercial shipments. Good dog should troops and the crooks let's take a look around let's do nothing talent and FF FF. This is come from all lines of what kinds own brand of hospitality. Even if I'm not yeah and I tell me and it's no reins even if not here and add to. Out and got thanks to the surprises and again come on god I wanna show you my craw Kato we. Studies goes in is talking out stuff I have the clip now from like you know where you meet the crocodile. And you hear the dogs. Here it goes. Guys. Look at this. Just when you think you've seen usual crop is getting this that'll tell you will see things that you're you're not really impossible. Tighten our card. You go kill kill through these woods these tiny mosques gave the way amongst a crock of Connecticut yeah. And they can't Mario you as and the dog is just keep that camera out and and the dog runs across the ground and chases the crop into the pond break and this is. Is not a pit bull is not a German shepherd is is not a mountain dog now it is carried out a tiny little terrier right so for ten years. This crocodile has put up with his tiny dog in this guy going down without making the camera Rollins Brett they're croc. Had. And out. Some thing I have I been through the line I have big clip. I'm black. Dog moment a croc has had enough. Do you see that Don yeah me here additives are now no. I don't think now you don't think so. Now I don't want to hear at a deli area are you sure it's pretty good. I suspect it's pretty I mean with this set up and everything. Especially with the SATA you know they they can't. It is seems like maybe it is dark did the dog it would it deserved I don't think subs exacted at the behest of the man. What do they think was gonna have my crock. Attempted to here adds I am OK I have again. I am I now retail I just don't you'll get mad at me. That's why did the whole animal thing morning trigger warning I just feel like with a set up and this guy. Do we need the body else. That proctor valley eating the Don I. I gays or even do we need it this is this again this is meeting the dog in the crock and our guys hey if you look at. Yes and. Just when you think you've seen shall I Brooke is get this it'll tell you will see things that you're you're not really impossible. Tighten our hard. You can't kill kill through these wood these tiny mosques gave the way a monster crop cooking bacon yeah. Everybody's. Gonna go well. While clearly sending debt tomorrow and did it during that same news server know this is years later I'm mad as this is. Yeah why is your cameras are rolling was there another news report there until nobody looks like the same shop from the deck. And here's the here's the warning. From Australia broadcasting company ABC on their face but it says. After nine years Pip hi hands instead target gull island finally met her and and as rewarding they're both the all right well play it. Yeah and don't play at a bakery are bigger picture I am I mean people can make that decision yeah. I don't think we need to play it for everybody it is sounds like inevitability if I can distill inevitability. To one sound. It would be best. So I had recommended it. Is that fair are sure. That I just. A victim finally instrument does believe in ten years it's an awesome stories is that says my hand. Putt up the lane downplay it new hander these big sound of the dog getting eaten Hindus sweepers thank you. Yeah if there exists. For God's sake don't play that it's like not horrible. It can't be awesome. I'm it INS is not all of them out it's not nonsense I have to think the dimes yell thing we all know about those tiny dogs. Yeah they're loud at a bigger than they think they are added there's this motivated there are. I like dogs I love dogs. It is the way they set this up there's dogs and tormenting his Gator for ten years. I don't think that's very nines. Of the dog I mean of course right. And the Gator and now Vienna and now very and a on anti why Janet. Why in the guy get beaten would you raise his weird question yet should big I have gotten snapped would you be more comfortable here as I or the dog they got. Is it that weird. Because he was like in the dot he's on the doctor Q on Prague and now ranks what do you think's gonna happen. Eventually Enron and that is timing mosques gave the way amongst a crock of you thank you yeah. Off tighten our work hard and cut you go kill kill through teens speak he's telling the dog killed count. The Mac and yelled at everybody to keep the cameras and our people are laying. Don't want to miss this viral merriment what it went Australians. And crocodiles. I don't understand that they're crocodiles like their guns. Like these all out race they can't put them they don't know why can't they got out around Saddam. They at that time they had to remove them for some reason on the hunt them. This guy's Megan sega's baby dog around them I think he wanted to dog to go away for awhile they should Michael Vick this. Lock among. I don't think they're going to lose Australia I don't think you go to jail. It's I mean being in Australia has pretty much jail right. Penal. I mean it wise is right now times that you. Guys just aren't lovers are log in its fight. As well as opposed the story. If you wanna find a video antacid you go right ahead India. But I'm telling you it sounds like. Probably not Ostrom. Inevitability. Inevitability. Neighbors are rockets spy. On like that.