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Wednesday, September 20th


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You all right. Big fat morning buzz good morning. We get news. Well what's going on laurels yeah. Leno about Mexico. Mexico area after a terrible doubt now Tara terrible. Now is that all saying well that hit California. Equate that is now or didn't let me get California do I don't know. I asked are there it is this second earthquake. Program Mexico. Mexico. In two weeks and week. That's a hell of a thing. Let's put it recently. I mean it mean Islam by one Hough gone. Or how. Sucks so there's earthquake tuna you can. Now actively. Tectonic plates shift now there is nothing you did her as the earthquake learning. Sometimes you have earthquake warnings earthquake watch sometimes they do have now. Whites. I think somehow. Or you know that LB you know after waves mean that shocks and aftershocks and seasoning. But I think sometimes they can tell that they're coming. Maybe if there's like a volcano. I don't know. I don't know I'm not. What would you have to leave that. You got up there. Pay awful just. Yet okay. So nobody likes this settle like this at all I'm just gonna bring in jobs yet because all feel like I don't wanna get in. But I know I'll be calling. Jerry Moran again today. And I'll be calling Pat Roberts again today. And telling them about you know my narcolepsy and my son's terrain at singing. Why I think. Then I don't wanna have limits on pre existing conditions because apparently they're doing and other health care bill apparently. Here's the thing that I don't understand about the health care bills right the last one was so unpopular just 12% of Americans for Ford just well known so you know that's a self identifying population had trouble I think her. But the thing that bothers me about it is how come every time I blink can turn around I got a call my senator make sure they're not gonna do something and say. I know why they always trying to sneak these bad boys bias. There have been this they're having this discussion I have in this health care discussion are having this meeting. It's part of like the homeland security committee and only two people are being allowed to testify that being the two authors of the bill Lindsey Graham and bill Cassidy. If this seems so shady either talking about thirty million. People being kicked off insurance. Preexisting conditions return. As is since not a good time terribly call my guy DR economy can if you don't care doll. While. I feel like at one point or another we all have a preexisting condition yeah and isn't the points and then medicine to treat any at eight. Existing core pre existing condition rocker arms are. Come from two doctors right so let me say this from the bottom of my heart and bill Cassidy the guy who was one of the authors of the bill. He's a doctor kind. Here's the problem with doctors and loss and writing. To become a doctor. Is I know because I did not become. You gotta go to a lot of school you gotta dedicate yourself from like the very beginning of her beat her life you know I mean. But those nontraditional position students attacked don't give era. They did take a couple of like older people every like daddies you're up early Abbott's got good grades are back to school lets make your success or for the most part. You gotta be a crazy person to get it and and then once you're there. You don't get to do anything except for study. In college. And then medical school and the need to your residency he's spent. A good twenty years of your life not developing yourself. As a person. And not interacting with other people as human beings you have no idea how the world works. I get a your position you really Smart good for you mean I don't gays and all his I do I do I think it out of a certain level. You have stunted your growth to become a position you had to there's no way you can just go and explore the world and have this. Normal life. If you're gonna graduate. An eye on eye on out it's so you're at it anyway. I'm just saying overall you don't know what somebody else's life is like you've only been focusing on Europe. Double does that have to do with the because he's writing abilities like this is gonna be throwing guy yeah he's one got it right inability he's one of the two guys that's testifying. Rats do the importance of the belts yet. This guy might be so their pre existing conditions in the down every up to the states which means. Break Bob I. There's times. And I don't destroy senator you care most people are like who cares about who cute do so far right. I just wanted to bring it was you know it's happening a filly ready to do my due diligence is a broadcaster ray I think that's awesome night and fortunately I feel like when I do call my Senator Obama. They're going to vote. Not my way like it tell yes I've called Jerry grant. Paul Weiss over the last two attempts to repeal. The affordable health care act and and both times. Jerry Moran has voted now they voted against it. He also has staff I will say both in DC and Kansas has been very. Affable. They will listen they were not in Iraq if you call and you were polite and you tell them how you feel they will take you know and they will pass it on we don't have hundreds of millions of dollars were about the cockroach Coke. Cock Coke coach error. Brothers. We arm under the million dollar the lobby of a leader of tell bones you can make your call and if enough people call. And it might make a difference I think it's insane we have to call. At all I would hope that Jerry Moran would be like you know. I'm a decent human being but he's insulated through money and years of being a congressman you are talking stunted growth. People who go to congress. Show me one well rounded congressperson. I'm sure others have you I think Bernie Sanders is a look at the lumber rescind his wife got a guy now well rounded are right that way alone. Seattle on a black college so I was like Willie's campaign funds pay these back. Night. Are all war. Power corrupts you. Page you know there's a female candidates for governor in Kansas on the democratic side. Now. Yet yeah I'm right on. As I want. Yep there's not one with all male deal last Democrat to win governor election in Kansas female. Just. The civilians have yet you could be governor and turned. Sure sure sure I can can you imagine. You can raise the dragons. Now I mean guys the awesome don't policing those things and not maybe so strong leader here in Kansas. We anyone that you know. Got dragons and drove go I wish I had Jirga and men with. Palm leaves standing on as the grapes don't deny it that would be the offense for active 2018. I said that healthcare for everybody and Alec ever everybody. And it's right. You know I heard that that they cock poke GAAP coach Brothers Brothers. On threatened to there's as the particle image as a on the guardian. That's basically like hey they said that if they don't pass Health Care Reform or tax reform that they're gonna cut off. Their purse where the mid term elections. And it's a little 3400 million dollars to spend here on these. Of these mid term elections rank. How he got three or 400 million dollars spent a lot of mid term elections no idea what you look for tax reform it seems like you're doing okay I'm Texas yeah yeah 400 million dollars. In Iraqi. David slightly are when he. 21 point oh yeah. I mean. Are about reform I think dad let's just take their campaign reform and see why haven't we should robbed a Coke Brothers here which is go to house of rob them blind for the stuff we need. They got enough. Imus power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. 100%. Yeah or some and have a great point. Tax burden. I think the power attracts the corrupt it's no none and an arm and a leg because for now I know there's something about that yeah. I thought there's got an okay governor out of the a little something her robbed about it to begin with your seeking that sort of power now I I don't disagree with that sentiment there's a I don't okay well I know anything but a little offense or get pulled over she's governor of Kansas. State trooper walks up. Look fatter. Licensing registration and she's your name on the fingers he gotten injured in eagle on. Any carry off because how. How he gets up well Kerry unveil how. And so then he lets you go and you don't sell for four yeah that's that's you being corrupted. It's you letting the power get to you you have to be perfect and you can't because we're human tumor flawed. I mean I feel like he does that matter and now. Yeah RA had got any anger or sit studio but aha. Aha he got any. Great he's governor Hamas. Now. Are you in charge of a buzz states here reflect. Top. Half of agony ticket in my biased I kind of. Hey. Speaking of being corrupted or perhaps somebody like against arrogant person and that's not true. Yeah they did ever really gotten out but got out their lion and they no doubt do you. They're not a good person off I think I think that you're not a good person you know you got a good person and I think you're wrong ice now and you know there's something not there's something mad about you that. Not a good person having been in many many bad relationships over the years until my current one which is wonderful. I can tell you the other person ever and they know now they don't eat out because they you spend a lightweight form to go to the bigger out. They they know that is coupons forward at. Eighty G and they'll give them you know I don't. Hop paid you governor. Anyway. I played a minute already serving that time Tom DeLay the. Probably do well in those positions don't take that. You take elected if you would do while most of the students. Now I guess they're losing their god people who. They're like they're not gonna do it another way I mean is it else where they're seven and I just don't things how to get elected you have to be in a certain position and to be in that position for the most part as a general rule there certainly exceptions. You've had to do. Some pretty aft up best to get where you need to be to run for office frank and then on top of that you need to deny Al the F up that's you need to pretend like you're the perfect person like all Yoder balls. I've used this idea that I'm a wonderful family man all wide right well the obvious trip and I took my clothes off in the C of the Galilee. So our guys just going back to them. People in knowing if they're good or bad people in Texas flag. I'd like to begin person that I now I've that they can I say something to this person I feel like maybe because you are aware of make your not to back from. Bingo payout yet here let me help you out just saying. You know maybe it's me and I think. If you're reasonable person if you go look at yourself and the merrier app wait till it right up tea. Nobody is worth the mayor's right I mean. As for the Philanthropic. Into final horrible person did I fight it every day and I don't think your normal person I just figured out Odyssey itself about what you feel like society putting pressure on you to be a certain way. But just don't go around murdering people. Don't go around writing bills that take away. Protections from pre existing conditions are pretty good person. Yeah my dog is holding guns people example right I mean it does not you know I'm sorry I don't said we should see that. It's Adam don't like okay. Put him in jail just like just put in jail well if he you know we've got murders are down venture out. So we are gonna Jana a if you're. You're saying you can't give people on health care because they have a preexisting condition they need your views that used that very. Basic human right. You might as well be just walk around with guns and had Sudanese people and may as well here's what we're not giving them health care yeah you got a job hop. And I worlds. If I have eight. Half and that's an idea. I'm you're seeing. Say things they said Charles car coat coats. I don't know if one of the most humble people they've government yet to your face the fact that gap is a billionaire. Out. He is paired barely got the money from doing business with shady people in world war detail saying with the bushes. There money comes from bad places. Doesn't matter what they do it and after as the Jesus they spend a lot hoarding it to try to make everybody else's life. Oh we need liberty show up at your liberty. Yeah you're definitely. Sox are half waiting liberty is walking around sickle they would no money your pockets altar of free. Chiefs. I think we sure rob to coax I think that's what we need cup Cox out coax. Cox's coax crutches cokes I was just go down there it's our rob. You got over like a hundred million dollars we Robbie. Say it was a Robin people always wanted to rob people I will say I read about dad yeah. I god. How. At column with a felony and a ha aha written by mark out his own hot you know they got about certain anyway he is a modern day Robin. You had sealed from the red to give to the floor with style and every single Robin in the air is he's sure he's restore well I don't know that the book was written I think is loosely based on ending flat. That he was you can do it was I mean that guy exists said there what was his name but he led. You know steal from the rich give to important. Let's see this Sicilian terrible movie. Great back Terrell who have terrible Olivier terrible terrible don't watch the movie and that's what. Let's say. But anyway yeah others or something appealing to. About me and like. I'm Sandy Berger gets a look we're gonna get to a point like we gotta say parents put a lot of the pretend like we're more advanced than the civilizations that have come before us but eventually. People or it's a breaking point eventually. There is that went without either it is the only way that you see a redistribution of wealth historically. On earth. I hope is Jennifer chickens but historically there's two ways violent war or horrible sickness. Either way global tragedy. He's the only way to dot cell. What if we could. Preemptively is town's current running turabi bow to give what if we preemptively to start robbing people to take away their cake before they told us eat it. I can people keep saying nobody knows how to pronounce that. People like I think it's pronounced cook. But it does make it's it's it's spelled cock and then other people are saying. Okay. Okay like a New Coke maybe. It's not bad that knows it's zero sugar. It's is that it's. Yeah. It's. Wednesday. That's it for goodwill. It's just at volunteer work for then I I spent the whole thing up I. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. That's on via I'm looking for how the way to educate you guys and the girl as second team gear and a half. Our car I don't rob us for votes Hopkins we're gonna give those away. That's so we do and we give it away right or not like between John charged are that is cry. There's no pre existing condition for bargaining tea that's how and is now I don't know I still think Robinson's idea and scout. Okay it's definitely Coke you pronounce it like how I'm from which inside cattle William a look at Wichita as for them. Based on how it's spelled. I I don't towns creations from Wichita. Outs look at it sprouts ballot spell Wichita. Duh. Duke and WI CH IT AR. I hope both of your kidding presented the soft drink Coke. I mean I don't know that to be true. Personally. It's Coke why people get slopes that. Pretty sure it's clutch. Crotch cock the crops others dark Brothers crotch but us. Well look I'm not an expert on front as the nation. I'm a boom in working hard. And with. And Coke for God's sakes pays big and Wichita again a bagel shop. This is big news in Wichita Bennett at a bagel shop in years yeah. The. Are you French. Cop car who. Certain area. People laugh what names that I put on a Starbucks cup. Betty. And bacteria and Brad Penny he. Really excuse me if daddy. Wichita hasn't had a bagel shop since early two thousands. And con it's 6 AM on Wednesday morning Haley got through open her new date go Hollis. Had a she's thought I was. You pay. Gates and hey you know at Google I think rental I think Germany and all the opposite that. Hybrids are Arkin is probably. Better than it was fifteen minutes ago that's about traffic.