Buzz Briefs Peanut Butteer

Tuesday, September 12th


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All right. 830 ish the out here on the bonds. Things ventured Danny's here. Mark is here. My dogs here yeah yours is not doubt she's mine just staring at the door and think what's going look at her leg hump. Well it is is there so is missing. Sometimes it doesn't come thinking it's a pain they okay through. NGOs squads. He had it all she just put her hands down oh well suited. Him just. She put inner. Sheila it's really sad there's a refined. He needs our philosophy if you. Were Nikko. She's coping. The she's gonna jar of peanut butter and just like her mom just like your mom. How we can hope. Ajar appeared. Out of holes are about outrageous she lives better how much damage you do to its European brother. I can't do that depends. They ever taken and like just been like Arlo live anymore. It is his gravest Kunis just. Sean and that's what I'm saying any show in amount and and you like don't have any milk. I don't drink milk. Well how do you leave here about her. Drink a glass of water you know line that's this gusty God's image so no you're not an adult I am and that's our biggest during the peanut butter and my daughter ring no matter in water I eat peanut butter. But he has been canceled I know you wash jeans circumstance as a butter and a water glass of water because I mean god damn adults. Nobody likes water in peanut butter. I do oh yeah it's delicious that's with a two combos for me that's why I didn't eat more peanut butter you can't eat Martina about her because you're just. What milk you guzzling amount. I didn't know it was a Gina better eating contests. I didn't realize that well yeah I'm I'll veto letter your guns you. I mean peanut butter or did you try did you are revealed that about not drinking hell yeah I'll turn make you feel better Roger you water that is why would she mainly because water heater buttered Joseph mix that's. They do have felt that hey Zain. Only Ferris clincher from peanut butter. As water they'll just makes you thirsty ear. No it doesn't yes no it dies okay that's the most ridiculous misnomer ever it's not a mess like they are so public university well I. And he. And just I'm sorry you have if you didn't adapt you didn't did so this with the European. Lactose tolerance. Of later life I do and I'm lactose tolerant patient easy use that. The achieved solid cut her cheeses okay milk business. I'm on a big cheese Kennedy's terrorist EG one shot at southern brown science when she. Other teams who is chief from Bragg who loves it there was seized her game is delicious. Yeah. Yeah and mark brought me on that may have some think may answer is she's not a cop out. I DM delicious. PM voter warily washed his university newest Alan nice glass of water what is it lukewarm. Shouldn't be drinking milk Galicia baby cow. There are speaking about. Milk. Injuring I can I drink milk I think it's disgusting always count yeah it is so thick. Yeah so is leg during being lukewarm. Tap water with your peanut butter sandwich. Matt I'm sorry. I can you acknowledged there it is not the creamy. Partying. There's a glass of milk. I don't drink amount is you know and I drink milk at a cinnamon and Mary Jack diagnoses it's like you like I'm an adult I don't three million try to put everybody else down because you're weird quirk that's rude. You're the one that started and that's the other whether he's an article I got a dollar and first of all you ever. Applicable now and we are much -- back homage to you do XY style visual I hi how safe are your house that errors you are still talking. You were shaming me and the amount of peanut butter right hates how I ate peanut butter. How I drink water now at what I guess you work I don't pretend like I'm just coming back hero police carry out resent is plagued. Just felt like he's gaining. But today we showed Dini. Yeah does make you sir see it no it doesn't it gas on about water okay drinks out oh my god she's okay here right now you need to stop because you're not making any sense. Because there's say he liquidated will make you first year milk milk is Mo how water. All beverages are mostly water. There's water. Water based. Life forms. Listen some of us prefer water and a semi must earn our neck injury incurred pastor IG's yeah I'll. In out here in and out you. Moved on past that melts away you to that I share your Bahamas puberty you packed away isn't even true speak out and strike turn my head and eleven and has like a laughing because I said. If he's a dagger back awaited dream about it but it. It is that I saw Mike how much the butter and now then album water bomber props being bartered Eugene here again Jimmy is a being a bully and then when. You stand up to the bully they get outraged. I'm on our a's are out what was that. Where he just canceled. Like our plaza bracelet they cannot have it like aim to learn that somebody getting Paul is like things that drinking water makes them a superior adults. And make any sense I'm not as superior adults. There. Behind you make me. Stand up straight hair its weekly hour. What to do that. Look just as you felt weird about Andrea and water. I doubt feel weird about it just the way you did you we've got cookies or water for Santa now now Danny is I was out there and I understand as the would you like targets of cookies and water. But man I wanna know about the cookies we've dug your cookies and I usually don't. Colin can I tell effort on your coffee object. Why did you I generally good but it. I will dunk. In either Tea Party. Depends on the cookie. And Sandy's they'll continue. To look at not melt copping out man. Yeah yeah I will have milked my cereal yeah. I have no issues as always area code in the cereals are no problem I. I had a jury game. I am so hot well it's. Now and I played very little milk in my cereal by the way I get crunchy. I know I guess Artie asks personal preference there's no need for you feel like encourage you like an adult. Yeah. You know I don't have a happy and not exactly now did come back. Mil just for children's eye site adults do drink water. Actually. I mean technically not because we evolved the ability to process like two days past. Are lactose excuse me past that. Pass or child needing the money milk years and it's actually part of Cuban revolution so. Wow a good job does for children I drink milk and I adult just telling tiger that she gave me. Her hair that was for Danny speed coming out really Deanna is. And yes and that's area. Cookies in coffee is delicious they are Karo I get is I mean. You gotta give me that's pretty delicious no all right that's fine I don't like cookies and coffee. Like famous Amos basic famous Amos yes that's right I'm fine I'm a lobbyist for big water. Now we're a really argue that it actually you except for the fact it's nasty you think it's fun to watch that a university of its with a high class some water and say ha well I mean you know I love ice water. Your eyes water. Would like the bread particles float around in there went to pull it away that would be the same with milk no milk washes it down coats. Now a gap that's a problem I have a code samples. It protects yeah. Legacy goods. They delivered some of us. Are good about. Eating normal drinking normal foods and some great squad are even if I drink a letter from butter and milk an all male got injured cold milk I love all milk and cheese tries. Hold note is the rest is the only milk they're usually drink this whole middle like we gonna do save a few fat things. I said that fats are bad for you anymore you know that inning and that's not bad feelings. Some of the fat. According to science. Is just discussed and that. Some of them TE. Yeah. Milk is first gear your dolls is stronger and yeah I should learn never broken about in my life mentally and containing burglars. Never broke about and about Emanuel this article that I was on full out and angry I don't buy that. Your golf lower prices on operating a boat okay you're right I'm no matter how that thing absurd. What were your lug it go look at the drills. I'm just say and I got stronger in bounds. And Craig Baumgarten doesn't he's crapping on famous Amos cookies. Think it came at an adult conversation would these people. Is there is through this is what you have is this truce among its own I now we are supposed to do there isn't somehow. Ditty that and then you look at it like you're like guy. There's a few of butter sandwich is injury water. Which that's not what happened at that I thought they have talent out OK okay yeah okay that she came to me about eating sassy emulate Jack man like. How much you know better idea you know admitted he's got everybody in my car is regulators are simply not even jar and OK I Abraham like side. I don't know I have never eaten an entire jar of peanut butter if you and I can't pass close. Did appear to what is climates from well at the milk water. Free and that's the only DM me dim. Jimmie dale may ten. My idol week writing out Milch and while Ireland and harmony or because it is like they say that's my dilemma why is it that you are shaming water drinkers out. Some of his going to drink. A delicacy for those with. Special tastes. Can we just admit that milled does knock on June 1 number that it does make you thirsting if you're like in the desert you can drink Milken's life. I mean it would be a terrible choice. Which you could survive. Yes. That wasn't what I had asked here I didn't stay courage drink now and it does now did you sort of makes you Thursday here that means it would die. I diuretic which means that you should okay. Okay so does lack insurance so you have nothing. That's ridiculous because it's nobody's liquid I think it's liquid it's it's it's liquid that. It is mostly. Water that's what milk is sound tax on your own. Yeah battered that's no more I challenges for awhile I love Melanie her pension governor until the again. IGG that I have big all care. And then here comes this just a this is when we really had the dregs of humanity. I'm David Fincher on this one mil deplete your bones rather than build it we are not made to consume another regional I don't disagree with except for the fact that we are dealing BA because now because we develop the evolution it was evolution that we did that I hey. Lack and am blogs. Evolutionary beneficial all. To be able to do so so let's say that about biology don't know let's talk about it decrypt. It's not leaving her it's hippie crap that is shaping crash. We were binge drinking minerals milk yes we were that's why we developed that ability to continue to and that sure. I find fat dissolves fat so watered that brands PBP governor off thank Milton has true. Fat dissolves fat gas and crime that's a lot of facts. If you're having peanut butter and drink and a hole little to wash it down when you as a manner and go ahead and do that would like to air you know. The great. By the way a pension never subpoena personally just Danny that was you know I had a I had a daily is 88 ABC or eating peanut butter usually it's assailants. Now I take this there infinite number as that sounds a whole different discussed in the community. That's our sorry about ID I told you I don't think I take the spill into the jar. And I let. Did you watch sometimes. What he's doing it I law booths on time I do I get I don't. I cannot wait you know it's my biggest pet peeve is that why you know that putting a journey peanut butter spread and in this case ask you about their effort yeah that op let's rock with you and your mouth that you can't collect how that up I know why the board router doesn't come off that's been so easy because watered as a result good doesn't it. That's why can't eat it if I built off. Reds right off. You leave. Journey North Carolina matters absolutely not a lot of people does it snow let it. Julie kick me. If I he's highlighting clean OK when you're making the governor's images do you think that if you're an enemy should grab paper towel and Brunswick cleanest whose Latin is cooking burgers at AT and yet. For a long time for someone that just live globs of peanut butter on stands on god and and I'm like yeah. We may disagree on our reverend we agree on the no why if so that when you go into that I am used to her knuckles than those in the bottom of the DM knife that's the point I hate that. Daily jets. Simmons defendant. BI know eyes because they say you're wrong Romo we have died about a remote though I literally. There is literally tore sell peanut butter only goes ads averages senators didn't. And an offense. Well. There's like literally up pops up popular science article right now about the evolution of man and how milk is part of that. So that's why I know about the most stuff and you can read about it or you can be in denial and secure message boards either way. Jones is an shares Ernie and schools compete better with third time one leg for you went blank for me to do. While I do love my job I I don't lever that match I'm not a dot any farewell letter is like that you did you get a little weird. Dog in this. Jazz levied a matter yeah it's peanut butter on a daily right in the column set now alive and that kind but she's yeah she's a mess right now this site at that I give her there an imminent and that she huge heaping tablespoon did you know bright orange government and there and then I. It that's been clean shirt I need for paper it's how via I got it. It is in the empire right now. It's only four or present of people have a forum like doesn't cause as much as that's true that's that's it's just I mean you're thrashing that last night yeah he's discussing any leaves a platter on Ali's pulse. That's disgusting. Not saying that's the main reason for her divorce because Tim's three outs. I just Kimberly this person like go about that it is. But. Or. It's not just in to get. Yeah I mean. I is deadly gift. Yeah. So anyway. The milk article Daniel Israel is coming from an idea here is that the best way do you know this just be crazy. Is Jesus. Is setting challenges your core believed to just say it was probably can hear us man you're injuring about how bad habits are not shaming for drinking water. With mice I'm. No it's you know liar and here acting like and I that's a guy coming out. He's well welcome appeared to lose. I was like well not everybody dreams water. The gate opener that affect your aberration. That's how it irons. And at that hour racism I'm kind of you heard Caron yeah yeah yeah. She's. It's RS it's not Sheen it's your 100% accurate. It's not change. It was not throwing Shane as as 100%. Chair match really is nice to look at your kitchen sink and not seem peanut butter knives where you thought it was using next. It is roaches and oh. Okay. I don't begrudge is milking this isn't new obsessed. Do you think I'm hit it about making this up cockroaches. And milk. Together at last. Do you know how nutritious cockroach milk is now Danny and I were drink your milk from bugs man. The milk war is over why. OK I think we've explored this. If you comfortable about I'm Jeff. And yes. It. Another good topic. For new water Peter voters think insists there. Had it since I've never seen attacks on snow lion flag and full of light wow man. And a purpose. As I have this morning somebody said his aunt and the jury into the debate OJ will split the fat molecules. As well or is using peanut butter sir now are only out about are we certainly agree is disgusting is like you visit we don't live in anarchy right now that's just not a cat and.