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Monday, November 13th


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Are we on stars and it. Didn't realize there's stuff and it's examined it and thought I had a minute that's aren't. Prepared. Me not really that. I am. The I'm not. Ernie or you talk about okay this is this guy I know I mean I just I saw an ad last night okay war. Medicine on TV. Because you know how we do things here in America we let companies directly advertised people break and then his assassin doctor is pose as a doctor I've always lend them our Dallas function and ask your doctor Pratt high blood pressure as the doctor herpes as did doctor whenever it is slow normally I'd have. We'll go bloop hoop hoop hoop hoop hoop group group group who over these ads it now. Did you ever see one it just kind of maybe like Hadi Al boot Google from group whoop whoop whoop okay. And you ever see Garrett CNN they elect boo me maybe maybe I should ask my doctor Barron as my doctor. I don't await for treatment you know I want to treat myself immediately. OK I don't need your medicine and I just and a dip idle land that I have seen a medicine that. Okay that's like I should ask an hour okay. I mean. Maybe. Now I mean and that Luka Erica. Look at a and so a lot of things we put this up there at the receiving financial there is commercials like. Do you spend a lot of time in the toilet. Basically OK and I might. Yes Beers and I'm not trying to be weird I'm not a thing I'm getting older I've always kind of had trouble brain I always attributed it to the Accutane it's open as a team is they say can lead to Michael sort of politeness later on life frank. I spend such an hour day in the bathroom. Probably total are like 45 times I got to go run a guy you know. A lot of times it's a surprise. The duo of your go to. Paragraph I know that there was and there is zero yeah yeah I guess you could I've done that well I was a kid. Her arm that's but I as a first grade a turnaround proved they're all I know nobody told me about. The different styles of bathroom is he's the one that is going like oh and I'll be I'll be damned if if sitting on the journalism comfortable it is. Is that it's just it's just sit brain and now my guess is he's my thighs they were engaged. Strata they came over the loudspeaker like please stop deprecating candidate. Journals. Who did teachers have to clean. Here and there got here's here's the bad is that. Let's say you have moderate to severe all sort of colitis or crohn's. After symptoms have left you with the same view. If there's a bunch of pictures the doors left you the same here differing bathroom during lunch today outdoor outdoor concert singer now. Part of my. Treatments haven't worked well enough ask your doctor about into the the only biologic developed and improved just for you see in grounds are so that was it was like the doors make me go yeah I see a lot of doors I missed a lot of things to them located door. And not even in the Paul Rudd this is 40 am playing scrabble on my phone doors. I'm stop in my feet not have a great time doors right. So I don't wanna take his med. I wanna ask my doctor via AA. Aria that doctor a lot of craft. You know unless that they are therefore I. Got heartless deeper Christ's day ends so I'm look at that fit weighs you could may be treated on line. Okay and this is my question this is what I find the rights to US get the drag on to try to get asking your doctor I wanna try and figure me out. Re a guy as can I ask you a question here before his self diagnose over there and a India had hand. They call that I had a signal weighed in which is the one where they only go up into your they are halfway up now all way up to the dollar landing a happily looking elect. And how did you golly that rank the you're kidding about. I'm thing hissing noise and not a lap for stop me. Not in in DOS because that's this way. What's this way that's what I'm asking you your allowance debate colonoscopy that it had Allen Oscar mean I had a six point seven at least gen. Have a call must leave your area. Baghdad it is far that. In. Now are on the parts. Yeah and they tell me I have thought the staff BI and I might laughs yeah. So I'm Goodling around wrecked and I come across this web site. Bed wetting accidents dot com okay and normally I'm gonna realize I'm looking at the website what am I doing here it. But this did this doctor. He's talking about the modified old Reagan protocol. When that which is known as the mop. Okay this is weird that we're talking about bathrooms. And basically it's this you give yourself and and Emma a day. For a month. If you think you have a client ends well. There's this guys are about kids specifically the lot of kids have bed wetting problem spring OK as they get older especially a lot of can be traced to constipation apparently. So what if instead alike colitis. Or idea that went on to solve jammed up in there from years of abuse and as you move. Selves I know seeing. Instead of going to that she's asking for medicine you're gonna give his up and am I dead I went to my doctor once that I talked about this question. And she suggested. That I do a clean out. Around him to clear out is like me airline you know a graduate like guy heavy dose of male blacks have a weekend break Laphen. I guess that's. Funny when I haven't. Okay but what if like glee kids duel and once if you were gonna do if you don't that was the problems or go to my doctor eventually but what if I did a thirty day. Finds the delegates super size me but it reverse. Carnahan. Eating its OK. Now I don't think it's okay to do it every day fantastic thing that does this guy says it is I don't things out yeah. But it's out. Do you think your having me these are. How. And I think Brad May stay out okay and what's your excuse then. My I don't I don't spend a lot of time in the bath her. He's you know spell out time look at the doors now I really doubt I'm pretty quick yeah. I April are you and I got I found N now I might go I might be in their multiple times mean yeah on bank. Yeah this guy says on this website he says how long is it okay to maintain daily and Brett. He says this is is usually not an issue. As decorating and exits typically resolve that he's starting a bad way you know element talent zone and and and and I forgot Pete intro as sales and on the day. However updated Intel as I mean Ari getting pretty personal as it now I feel like I do feel like I will translate that. I do feel like the reason I do Eli is maybe because and so there's no room for my Blatter ago. Oh. Mean there's stuff America. Yeah that's what that's what the whole better that's the problem is a lot of the times the kids and you're confident over the bladder that. Experience who can not say. I just I don't know where else I have a discussion. With a man now I mean here and I'm glad you feel you. Cumberland your URL like I've been argue there's got to be people like me out there that have been diagnosed with Sullivan just feel like something's wrong. It Yemen I don't think. Cash I don't know what that blood is bright. Every day over thirty decades you. On our men out yeah. I don't know what kind of embody is either there's two types you know guys glycerin. A gotcha sailing. I'm no idea now and what a difference between grocer and then sailing once a chemical. The lesser Andrea and one uses. But Richard. I've never done one by myself and this thing that sounds like a god damn nasty just haven't found. No it's it's pretty funny. Okay I don't even Heidi do it my experience is funny it was a lay and your bathroom floor and attic floor which is like nice because if you've ever drank too much you know that feels good Brian writes in it's soothing the land about Aaron Clark right. Rank and then now you lay with your hips rotate to your left side. And a guy and then you take out the device I mean I've done on the far buyers out and said. Dean list project attempted to person. You don't job you know what anybody helping you a bad idea actually I feel like that in the tube hers and job I'd tell you they can't you can't like unseat that on somebody. I know but that can't be I'm not saying it's your girlfriend. I'm saying it's your friends. And. He did he appear girlfriend that's a bad. Well when you go now right so for mark virtually laying there and then you have did you know you you bidders. You put that. You know lubrication on a tip and they do your business and the new holed it for five minutes. Hold up five minutes and and five minutes minimum. And say you do is Marxist thing I said. He did kind of it's like an endurance thing almost now I got out now I managed to hole and verify employees got that's the fun part it's kind of game that's the stuff blogs. I feel like Jerry know. And then win five minutes is up I would try to push it a little past five. You know just try to be like I don't think that's OK. As the minutes in five minutes is minimum you know optimism are words I'm a work. And then when he can't say any more ego and you do your thing you know wreck which is funny. It's a very funny process. Overall. Try an area that's our side analysts in June and and a I had a hat I had a patient that had to have a fetal transplant it's really I know that is a real thing. What's a fecal transplants were sometimes you lose the good bacteria in your gut right so I'm wondering if you continue to give yourself and I as soon. Or start the process of doing that would you get bad bacteria bother me if you're not careful. Like I just think I'd be careful who they say it is always it is the use them as too much cleared out his got. Like may edit edit who transplant because of too many elements break itself and sleep agrees on my ass I don't think you should do I mean what about. You know I think it's a bad idea. Boots unless you're doing something out you mean I feel like. Whenever I I I agree with it for is on the tech side it feels like when you go to a doctor and you're like why there's something. Wrong with my bow. They'll like more fiber wreck site man. Myself changes are gonna happen but. That's the problem. Let's say. Simmons said she at a restaurant action and you out concert came from the purchase I mean in her voice commanding give her an element. That. Purposely don't care. On a year and a army does in yeah. I just think that's and I feel that's a normal couple things did you knew I mean I would do I mean. I would you let your play I think there are and I if I'm wrong here correct me but I Simmons is take pro addicts I think there are. I think there's a place in town. Word you the other is pleased even going get them done fairly different kinds abbey like that you you you. Yet though it. I think they are different types of content being McCarthy I don't know I think it's fair blah though it's not like guys aside and she app except for I think they have. Special bathroom type set up I think think they look like you're proof I have no idea I've never been man. I've never had like. I feel like maybe now you're making me wanna get one it's so I'm not doing a bombing south just that's a bad idea Symantec says this. Wide bodied segment on him as a lot changing I've tried this bloody body. Which is funny to say out loud I'm already so tall that my legs usually kind of are in the correct locked and loaded position. I don't I can engage my thigh muscles that any time. So rising cost him on the real DO improvement but. Thousands and try collide hydra therapy. Some is as she is he's not during a Chia seeds. I drink I drink she is seeds are driving at colitis. You haven't had diagnose collide like I know remember I had what's McCullough their old person disease over there to average and I I I'd answer it. Admitted to a hospital for. Hussein. Cherries are natural laxative silly I don't want your I may have Clinton analog Baird taken up now. Not gonna do Cherie Simon Perez and I would unanimous to my loved ones no problem I think you've gotten. The act like it's more than just happy prop Simmons as a sister tried a lot of stuff. Should go into the doctor finally she did you cigar the upping doctor now. Yeah while origami idea and are less easily sizzling in auto immune and that that's an autoimmune things yeah so that's how I NN Ankara and something's. Right in there Tony suffer in silence I'm Anglican indoors man. I got a thirty day Alamo was like a reasonable thing. Gonna liquid diet and legal and that's that is that's a lot of analysts. I think people do and I as you now. For different things here I note yes this in the state. Emma is that we he's sampling thank you and the same as they end up anyway I just was curious that they had an idea. As to what. To do work that was a good idea or if anybody else experience is this problem it doesn't quite know what it is. So until either their boyfriend are. Brother and our members. As Roger please check and they do animus every they're day every other day every other day and it is seems excessive. Be careful I am I wouldn't do you know and out yeah. What works out on Amazon with him as and I am by a box of I think he should go to. And with the Simmons has pays for my wife. Okay and not enough how crazy is the.