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Tuesday, April 24th


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The morning and we'll. Come here. I. Write its top story today and they can all city metro area. Any jet plane tickets and I have must go today things. So be listening. Puppies. Stolen from blues brings breeder who fears. They may be in danger of becoming bait. I don't know that means. Kind of that means either becoming beats. Beats Kirby geeks. Bates BE I eighteen not okay what kind of rates. Are now. But looking back on Thursday Carroll's staff that says she believed someone was chasing her house. She advertises her newborn puppies online and she says whoever took them. Did so it not to find them loving homes. My parts on. I mean. I just died. This is like what what are they you know that is a moment Carroll's staff has learned to seven. Of her newborn Pomeranian puppies and two adult dogs were stolen from her home ice that had to come out here are my hero. To get these problems staff has kept two letters a three week old puppies in her bedroom. When murderers in here and one murderous thing here one putt B they have named baby. Was left behind hiding underneath the blanket in the dark bedroom they barely walk. We're just now starting to walk baby's mother Angel a black and white Pomeranian was one of the adult dogs stolen she's look at stats is his other female breeder Angel has been looking for her pups since they were stolen Thursday. This and they earn. Tries to find him. Staff is has put out an alert on social media and the blue springs police are working to find these puppies before something happens to them which is what's staff as believes will be their fate. If they are not found soon. They used little dogs. That's. Squeaky toys for their fighting dogs and what if any. As squeaky toy is that they basically use them for Peyton and train the dogs to kill. So. Now I don't know my dogs or it. Well Imus say that's trying to be fair here Matthau on their living it and they're they're good to be fair to you know I feel like they probably have monetary value if there they're purebred Pomeranian. I don't now right I don't I adopted I'd have to do a mile in my you know where I like the poppies that have no homes spray. Personally. I got a great puppy from Gabe see pet project he's in the studio right now if you listen close you can you chewing on his ball. But you know maybe you may Stalin itself. Right now apparently we don't know a lot of my darkest area and find this Tex signs saying we need is for dog fighting. Dog fighting they sadden. People yet it they'd be that we don't know that the dog fighting date. Now we don't know that now we just didn't know evade dollars worth bidding is just donors will be dollars that's what you think DS does is he thinks race. I mean I think it's did you find somebody on Logan's Pomeranian puppies I wanna ask your question to break as the where they came from. Bobby gets stolen frequently I don't think I do I think I would doom poppies getting stolen stories like some days I made new I didn't talk about the breaking it. I'm feeling that someone she knew him dating talk about the break in you know. And they know where the puppies or how did they know was he says he posts about a mile line guests. I think to sell them that's pretty balls the facility come in. And take your cup is dating tyra broken windows and entitlement not feel like they would be. Like puppies like squealing like they're being stoned to ranked yet and I mean if nobody's dominating talk about how they got into the house. Ray. I hope somebody finds those puppets. And the one that was up behind poor baby. And hit hiding under a blanket around. That's over because superhero origin story. That is right area who's taken that little puppy who's got baby amateur from Iranians. I don't know. A lot yeah. I've LA than to the doctor rescue with a lot. Our and she's not I. A thoroughbred and prices can be as low as 500 as high as 4000. Really. While they knew and I wouldn't use that for dog may. That's an expensive doctor dog bay Brett and sand you can get up poppy on his side of the road for not that. You could find a box of puppies and nobody's gonna miss. Still bright I mean it's a horrible truth statement but. The government says it's very common it is for puppies puppies gets on on time yellow puppy did brutal hills poppy. Is it people taking a poppy out of boxes something. Yeah there's little sign that says Furrey they're fuel breaking into your houses to steal your poppies and blue springs solid time. There is a hobby Steve bringing. You guys stand for that there you must do things different. TV they're making a cart so at that at at at that that's excellent that's good simpsons' that the a guy called by an obvious that she is a work that's who they broke and usually venues like to show you the break in part. All the designer and a tame though they you know. A broken window. For our tape over a window and all that remains as a reminder of the break or. 4000 dollars for upon ski out those Pomeranian Huskies those are hot. If the door that's not what it was going now about it just a pom pom skis are adorable if heard I agree with that. Husky you know Vanya Gregory I could drop four random corridors I mean and then happened to be at a shelter. Call me asking. Daniel. Rose DeVille here from the crew who forgot about that. If she Lester from drama there wouldn't meaning it bureau that serve if he is walk on it. Hopefully they were taken to the results to be so yeah right yeah yeah I imagine if you come across some Pomeranian. Nods is gonna dump old. You find some ways element that's what I think is 500 bucks at least right. Time hundreds of 4000 is is that birth at times how many. 60770. Yeah how long was like behind one was seven number three weeks worked into a bill dollars for taken. Al evidence seven orders of the adult Cyrus. Forget right. It's in the end though luck probably because they know they get brave little. Could totally beautiful cover it and tags on those loans account on. You're charging thousands are probably than navy is ending his own house to see charge I don't know than say people do that for the job though it looks like it might beer jobs. People and I don't think she nor do I think I subsidies don't think about it that I think come subsidize your income to doing that no one did. I can't yeah. Am just saying like she probably give ease the money go I mean yeah that's why you're doing it nobody is nobody does Burke. Now seems Obama or or yeah. She does signal over dogs adams' there's dealer or. Policy was or can it yeah I think yeah he's ours is that it's a seven times 500 million minimum 3500 bucks you're gonna throw it to involve other bucks for me now. Now that puppies are allied. Stuff how aft after. Somebody knows where they are this has followed story written all over it. Those of either. This is not going to be a hard case to crack. Right. Who have you talked to recently about buying a puppy. Nobody do you have any enemies these are questions we get figure all you should ask her the modus operandi. Operandi. MO RF. The criminal. Huh. Good depth. And I do believe it's not his upper hand although Randolph I am but Mo MO MM I'll. It's like how yes I am I go I'm obviously a hot that's hard to if you try to try and spell assassinate. Right now until they had they asked as they asked as RI and AT and and while. Why he uses sue me all his time and I don't understand right now Larry. Is champions have asked fascinate app. I just say yeah any constantly asking just how things I know. I as you realize I was the back have snag a matter amber come counties spanning the young man who's gonna. I do is here since I was the second bats migrate in my county into an array lies is checking that I don't have Erica butter is that fair amount. As I now but I ask me espouse Larry fat boy buzz. Terry I'm Tyler you have pitch. Anyway so this season puppies Pomeranian puppies detective Danny I think you should be. Calling ads via that are sailing Pomeranian and it's a good hour now Koreans. First it needs to sit and puppies yet away in a lock. They're puppies meant like pop is every day they go by the get less valuable. I don't know how you hear you have to wait a certain amount of time Pomeranian Pablo that's our audits at the parents to actually if you think about it. To take care of of these southern I'm. Yeah SE Pomeranian puppies. Who were serial instance. Blues bring it. What it's like got underground like pet shop the freeing. When they go around in LA you know we got we're we're low we are we get a dog. Ending on a steal from predator readers that the big guns Aaron now and it didn't seem issues and a breeder now. Taylor classify its. It and I think tailback page very he would do it anymore now I can you will rent. Or Craigslist. Why are all on note is that our arranged. Basis are just not the end Dionte has on Connors anymore. Well I tell you what I will keep an eye out for puppies online Keisel copies unfazed but America probably. A mango there and saw everything and pays them. Survey loves his February they've put Mariana. On a trampoline. Tom Iranian. I'd I doubt they posted. Companies are probably looking at people looking form on course as I think not and another and oh so you know all about the inside info there about how people do things a market. You know Nittany you know there may be out there look at for people pilots in need to reach out ha. I'm with mark any entity in eighty into post they're some of copier now being got to wait for me or maybe Judy in different markets. Lawrence who that's that's pretty small bombs in Columbia gas cap. I mean say hello as I dived. That's cute jargon navy possibly more per prop a adds I don't log on I had. ABF and become the joke stayed for the lack. Then after that that's that. Very true hey finally this morning Missouri. Missouri outs. Gave a voice vote approval. To legalize medical marijuana for many patients the bill approved Monday in a voice vote. Would allow anyone over eighteen dying on the terminal disease. Access smokeless medical marijuana does crazed evil cancer alzheimer's posttraumatic I think our order and a variety of other conditions would also qualify. It's a voice vote which means it has to go through other bath iron and a vote in the house lands it is say medical. Why do we have to qualify as anything now because this is how we do it C got John Boehner. Right former speaker of the house kind of showing up and be like hey. Totally into weeds now right like let's makes a labor breath and then Chuck Schumer is like what I totally well legalize pot now and so Missouri's kind of. A very very very very. Behind Missouri and kids as well. So they're kind of like cool a low will delay the medical being and then will probably do is Google. It is really stupid laws is get to the end result well they're not even doing medical rendering medical as qualifiers right. They just. Jude medical let a doctor decide whether it meringue it's kind of hard don't qualify it got to be an adapt bad Mandalay is smokes the more aid mayor ray and for the medical early if it is kind of hard because it's not really that studied. In different conditions because you can't because it's federally illegal as schedule one drug. Well about our blessed these analysts probably not. Anxiety that's a be on the list agreed. Potentially deadly condition mark might happen and opinions and in this he doesn't we have attention deficit ADV perfect day out. I BS. You see. ADV. Ammo. So we'll say it happens of that but it's you know as some people are. It tests being medical arts not via now need to cough I mean. It is that's really eerie their medical stay. Are your legal. NC and most companies use states are now medical. I'd like. I mean I'd say great I knew he had strengthen China every rumor except for in Missouri in Kansas is correct is that you can't really irritates me Wyoming we have a state line. Yeah I had gone already get and the other place right neither one have that Nia. Everybody has been priced in at least pick wind I would assume it would have been Missouri and a Missouri had this I feel like Missouri's worm. I had to. I ending and this I I think maybe a minute here is like Mary like prima improper. Right Missouri can get a little backwoods C. Downs and smokeless ask here and I'm I think kids can get lions and it is a Muslim world. Elect smoke without the ads they use that I did IRS I don't remember. At east. Like this determine our interpreter were really and I know Sarah. I mean as Susie got that Opie were a problem over there. While over everywhere. I went to go get my reserves men are my amphetamines solved yeah. And CDS allow. The night we only have forty you knows lives in my garage. Canada's come get their translators is like now that's apparently not power it's not my my wife is. If you have a high percent. And does this mean she's tired all the tight Norman how much or she gets which is funny too she married an epileptic. And we try to get her script yesterday and they didn't have. That quantities atlas said and the doctors can't. Call in give him a quantity yeah the driving get a written down by the dock Alia everything has to be written SATA go back. This. They don't tell me that night we'll text you moon when your order's ready. We need to do is special delivery air and I'm like okay for no one's tax and so I call of artisans. Just think wow we only have 42 of those. And we don't get a shipment until Tuesday and but you're really running out of amphetamines. Is that how much that are being prescribed yes everybody gets amphetamines. Apparently they're out and a pharmacy. They I would always boggled me I power you out I invited me. There are harvesting your pharmacy. How are you ever out but he is different in their. Problem I had on I did you not. A viewer in there. I would never work at a pharmacy wrecked he got a nice and he's out GM GM he's sore right right oriented dispensary. Well not a good idea that for me as short as job I ever kept mindset of yeah mine's a I don't know I feel like in both states we desperately need it as closely for money. They desperately needed I don't know I write and is being where they are now Anglia there's so elegantly wasted. I'll drink and is an act make illegal tax and I think that an Auburn yeah that's me personally well that you wanted to. Sort of Monaco for having us. Tax that taxes right now yeah. That would be my only utopia. And I wouldn't tax that a lot or how I would I would I am glad that I've made it's still under dealer prices. Under dealer and they're dealer prices I would have a floating brightly like ten bucks ten bucks lower. That's a dealer and a dealer prices. The cat head us raise its ailing cuts do we buds. It's finally can probably around because of the students. They can give your personal my as long as they can. Fill the remainder in thirty yards this disease and it's really seize on as the day before easier though this saga ending leg now. I got another pharmacy cleansed. And other forms. We don't have your insurance. Test test. So was it happens. To follow story on the puppies. Reliability. That's experts are Hawkins as. Find saying it's fine everything's fine and.