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Friday, July 14th


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All right. Donny yeah. It's going and Laura and I thought this thing yesterday. This story. Can't. And. IE you know any time somebody dies it's horrible obviously. And I'm not even and it depends well yeah I mean I'm on opening up right. I'm on opening up even like a conspiracy they're back or Syria there no way anybody to think that that's what I'm doing OK I just was struck. By the tone. Of a suicide note that was found and I know what you think it. What the hell. Right you never opened with that's what he's done. Act well we tracked. Yeah restaurant right on Obama's suicide right I mean it's just an interesting story. It's been developing since about may. OK okay. There was a dude his name. Was Peter W Smith. He was is he related to Michael W. Smith no. Maybe I don't know actually I don't I don't have an answer to that a guy I've done that much. Reserves reserves share share what's. If there and you know OK so listen is the media contact. Does he was a Republican operative David and you've heard about him recently. Because he gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal back around me for OK okay. And his thing with basically he's the guy who kinda linked us. With the whole. It was a Republican operative he gave an interview about how Michael Flynn knew what he was doing. When this guy Peter Smith had reached out to Russian hackers to trying to find the emails. Okay. So this guy is the guy basically gave us that link the actual link. Between the campaign and his search for emails now he claims. That Michael Flynn former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Knew what he was up to okay alright now here's very gets enters the cares aircraft and ten days later boom it committed suicide on May fourteenth house now I was reported a couple weeks of baggage helium on the net. Baghdad helium and he was examined the baggage helium and it there are blob bag with a take you hear him running up there today. So. I this may fourteenth. Now it was reported this story didn't get published after he died that okay. While that would make sense well I mean you aren't taught us learn and dinosaur dance Ryan talk about an industry hadn't committees who is so they that we found out it was suicide yesterday. And here's the article from the Chicago Tribune tell me if anything stands out TOR grad. All right. However Chicago Tribune obtained a Minnesota state death records filed in Olmsted county saying Smith committed suicide in a hotel near the Mayo Clinic at 117 on Sunday may fourteenth. In a note recovered by police. Smith apologized to authorities and this is in all caps. And said that quote no foul play whatsoever what Bob is down. He wrote that he is taking his own life because about recent bad turn and help since January toys seventy and timing related to. Life insurance of five million dollars expiry so you know at least suspicious suicide notable time. You economists say you didn't want people that think. That there was anything else involved. The last thing I would write would be no clue what her. May be the foul play and pray they don't. You'll get insurance if you commit suicide done a lot of research on this because it was I made a joke about yesterday. The joke. I'd never added we do that and and I started doing actual research because there really was mighty big story. It we have a life insurance policy a lot of them have limitations. Like give you they say you know you've you can't commit suicide within the first two years of signing it. But I haven't asked for your okay yeah according to let's see. The American council of life insurers. 99%. Of all life insurance claims are paid in full contrary to popular belief insurance constantly look for reasons to tonight ha. Which blows my mind. I know that I thought if you commit suicide you're out you don't get there than I feel like. I'm gonna go get a life insurance policy ideas guy gives up two years stuff that's all right there's any errors I just don't know if you say I'm killing myself because I want life insurance money. If that doesn't teach you about I'm not familiar with his particular policy right I said I don't wanna engage in any needless speculation the authorities can do they want I just thought that was the most unusual suicide note. Right I've ever heard of. Absolutely no thought whatsoever right. In what way was. Easy when they gave the link he's the one that link them up bright and Big Ten days later. He committed suicide in a hospital room at the Mayo Clinic are enough hotel. We have an I or associated with patients frequently stay on that floor. At all you know it's a sad thing I just I can't imagine. Now interestingly enough the day before he committed suicide on non. On this peep posted to blog posts on May thirteenth. So interview with the Wall Street Journal on Mike may fourth at or around may fourth. Suicide may fourteenth may thirteenth he posed to blog post saying there's nothing to trump Russia. LA. The weird thing to do right before your. I now is that I'm a complete two more as they go posts. These units is kind of yes I Seth. I don't know if I'm sure police can figure out there and then they're going to obviously you're right although you might point to that one finance a year in Britain. Who also you know. Died and had a life insurance policy. And Britain is like now wasn't anything right don't look at done investigators now think during now the guy replacing to be dying around. This. And one kind of I don't know if he was thrown from a balcony yeah jammed from about data guy in New York yap yap. Well here's an interesting thing in Russia right now though. In non related yet. Interesting. Coincidence story. Four Russian generals have recently committed suicide in less than a year and here's some of the excerpts from their notes. There is one Russian general and the league crew DS yep yep. They've found his body and they heat left a note saying he had suffered excruciating pain. And he did not blame anyone for his death okay there's another one in June of 68 year old retired Russian series Secret Service agent. He was reported do suffered a serious illness quote and quote. Several months prior in Moscow that highly decorated major general Boris apple and committed suicide. Leaving a short suicide note was he complained of a quote immense headache. Much like you get listening to me talk. Isn't funny inches in places all these guys like I know I didn't rise I might help is big tier rating. Break but apple watch that my body for a Russian generals and here now. Yeah a lot of sense times lot of news breaking about drum riser and all that stuff today Ali is so deep in such a dive that Ollie did to you if you're interested to go find that you can't miss it today it is. Al everywhere right there is some banned everywhere big breaking news today that date. This from the side. I yeah with a well okay really quick I'll just give you what we know so far as Maury it was confirmed by NBC news early this morning at about 6 AM our time. That the other person in the room with that attorney when they went for that meeting that they had boom. It was. Soviet. Intelligence. A guy like known Russian. Intelligence do connect. And then after that as the greatest or right now is happening is that there was a third person in the room that did not top. So we were really kind of this story is really. It's the Big Bang happened to now were rapidly expanding through the universe and how will will find out stuff for a lot recently soon but let's go local let's talk about you. Let's talk about me. Let's talk about what he would do if this happens via an act because this could happen either one of us. There's usually go to ATMs. But it never been to an ATM that would lock you inside of it. I that was that's very logo by its Corpus Christi are kind of sit down how you get immunized him. Asking for me. Well I think Kia and see how you how you get inside and ATM Iowa legend I think it was one of those boxes yet which Inco didn't get him. I've never been about me there I didn't know there is existing and if enter your pin code to get into a box him. Will do the people pulling up to be here at the Bank of America on this he realized that there somebody stuck inside the room where the machine it. Those really happened to be around him. Sports. Police say the bank building is closed to reporters of the guy trapped in the media room was there to fix the dorm. And he locked in so housing gonna get out. We start slipping notes to the customers to the machine. The by far and lose cold apple should the truth to. I'm phenomenon. Well with customers must figure this is a joke right but eventually some body called the cops sure we. But for this season beauty tells us the guy was talking there about two hours before his boss sure open southern free don't ever. Stated that in your life. That somebody stuck that ATM machine it was a great. Not so fast he doesn't they'll make them proclamation it was or impairment and yeah okay I realized he went in the back of the machine that's less fun. He had this story isn't our guys are locked in a door. Rain there's little door I mean I think when you walk up some of them bug it's like a hot it's like a cash you know it's like ATM hot. Hi it's attached to the billing. I think it probably an access room late in there as you walked in around the corner there. I only uses hang out no bank. No I'm sure he went and kicked sand or Palin or whatever you do and I like it to him. There's one in Lawrence sketchy. Yes there have to put us shield around you to use the ATM it's sketchy. About the ATM it tells you or the gas pump it's like guard your pin code as you type that in they start. They've been doing that in most ATMs land claim that they comprehend. And putting your kind of gaps. And that is right. Like enter my code here it's not some mind behind here I think a lot of these people have gloves gamers. It Skinner is Cameron as they just whatever and you know. I don't know why you know that I think because he had this is cash peace or certainly not about cameras it's humor is staff. We have we have. App that I mean go to an ATM is a good time. Usually yeah listen it's just my I was as aids is your anger loud it used to be a sure thing. But now I mean what we go to an ATM usually having a good time. Eerie looking for our goods meaning cat he cash cash equals good time then what do you purchase with cash you're either gambling or drugs acts. All right Jeremy yes that's the Q and both of them as I love mean their. What other use do you have for cash and then I sometimes NCA. Okay okay you know for parking bright things don't take car is that still true. I think mr. pike Lancaster my god but usually for me in 95% of the time yeah. As you know drugs drugs. I mean that's fine print although I don't do any drugs no. Blue Moreno you're. I worry you shouldn't knowing people shouldn't the bad for you. I don't think certain ones are best served or all evil. I disagree that he's up for alcohol that one's not evil ones fine. That's fine pay yet final update. From a story we've been watching here at a buffalo Bob very close. Is scream no and and I street have gotten not nice and quick creature member of their target about expanding quick trip or thereby Westport. The land forties or yeah where are they gonna now that quick trip I mean how much money do they make a day. Chart that's what they want to expand Dick they want to expand the revenue they can make from the right door and today and well here's your update kids I know you're bated breath. The battle for a year Oprah put troops plan to expand its west fourth location what that battle ended today at City Hall. Now quick trip will be allowed to expand but the corporate giant didn't get everything was looking for. Putting action news anchor Cynthia Newsom brings this up today. This yearlong debate has been this street Mercer quick trip wanted to close this street and use it for its development. The never association didn't want that and the City Council worked with quick trip to convince them to keep Mercer street opened. And still have their development both groups say it's a compromise. It was unanimous vote at City Hall council members were told the original plan change. Mercer street will remain open. Quick trip will also get all the landscaping approved by the city and make sure delivery times and lightning doesn't disturb neighbors. I still works great for us we feel that you know it's planned that accomplishes a lot of goals of a lot of people involvement and we feel it into the Davis give me a great plan for the area and I think veterans really happy the. This has been very difficult process took a lot longer than you needed to anyways because picture for so we don't. To compromise because there was a lot of compromise in this situation we did. That giant chair of compromising. Not everyone is happy with this new developments this is the back of the proposed quick trip development and right over here. Is this apartment complex and people who live here are worried it don't like it because they say basically. Quick trips loading dock is gonna be very backyard. You live near Westport I don't know if you're worried about the loading dock today. While in the transfer in the plaza had a big a year at a high volume quick trip you're right next to it you're seeing a lot of traffic and noise anyway. It is a very busy quite sure it's a very busy quicker I'm glad they were managed to find common ground it's always nice to see even though or but he didn't get what they want. Qwikster was a little less dangerous of going like work archer you know I mean they almost sort of believe in their blue didn't smell it's one. And but fortunately. After a year. Several petitions. They're way our. Government kinda works just kind of trying to get. Loading dock though. Eagle loading dock a quick trip. I have no idea you got a loan outlets and there I just seemed bringing him in the front. That's usually. Other companies now the war to liberate an affront to bring stuff in different. I was worried when you know the world at the kitchen there I was worried about the traffic making the bathroom was clean they kept it up and glad the kept the priorities priorities that's. Hey I knew addition to bathroom period really quick what Rick and his buds trafficking to put. The younger the people working behind the register. The greater the chance the bathroom is a great. They're big unlocking took you walk in any business and as much teenagers. There's poop on the toilet break. I hear tuna. And is now allowed photo paper. Your odds. Like who elected those bathrooms or using now not even that just like him he scam that people that are American. And accusing me to come to a depth to your inventory built. If you are in there like you got to know if you're going to the government a public place. You're already kinda compromised when feel like. Man I don't wanna do this spring so shouldn't you make it as pleasant an experience is possible. They don't care. Who people. Quicker people. And I'm talking about other and I'm going clean other group a into The Home Depot yesterday. I gotta tell you something on 95. At the mic right in anchorman well I'm used to lows at. Eighteen. And 35 right row in 35 basically means that lows are lows. Very high quality bathroom right they keep that clean is right in front of a sore right. You always want the bathroom the furthest or why. 'cause the manager will walk in their more in the back of the store manager doesn't Monica's too far away for the walk. Doesn't tell kids they'll clean break. Home Depot bathroom yesterday a little bit rough. While I'm glad you managed to make can't. My hair higher around the seat sometimes and that and I know tiles are going to be inconvenienced how long do you weigh after you wipe the urine off the seat. Offers you know before Europe your content just wiping it isn't just so there's still a year and around I mean I'm I'm willing to go skin to skin after Earl clean and dry period for CP yeah I am a get well there's still a year and I'm like who I'm gonna have to cover the toilet seat. Bars GE's water. Or geez why Abbas and houses here and his wife Buffy and now I'm just telling that here in stolen item cheeks but it's not gonna on your legs penetrate my skin right. Some area. The hearing didn't go away with a wipe. I mean it's still Errol you want I mean what you want. You odds look I don't move until a good toilet worry where you did William Cooper why bother us vineyard just like how how wipe that off I thought about spitting on it there than other I don't want suspend going to quit. Or cross a line in my life. I think you're very cross ally put. And now this like Home Depot vs loves toilets and the age of the people working at these terrorists and depending on the tournaments on the line has been crossing your. Yeah in not a deadline and I'd need a Iraq and it's fine and where the you know that's me yeah it's meat laden. If there. Anyway. So that's that direct from.