Buzz Briefs Senior Prank Update

Friday, May 25th


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Learn. Friday. You know. Prom. Proud prom. Tomorrow. And these loans Perez twenty lineup absolute free show. Headlining his variants. Flirt cash is on the bill. I'm excited to see for cash never seen them Seminole and DJ Ing and. For all of us and our pleasure is standing by and yeah that's here is doing thinking green and I believe. Meaning you can try to get in that. Stop by the total reward thinner. Than their offense he had been there done that. Hopefully a novelty checked not confirmed of them. Do you want to give away now let's check them and so much and so bad it. All right swinging that's prom and then tonight company thieves. Two of their Hiram. I'll be there to him. And emails. And then they're they're the chair and leadership area. Do yeah. About one inch yeah. Yup. Meaning it was going on in the world. Lou asked you ate here. Cunanan. Dana quick follow up we did the student prank yesterday but I tried to sell let's go like Craig's list. Yeah and it can you rock god no but the ACLU. Is urging the independent school district to reconsider its stand. I Jesus story yankees having this on Wednesday Kyle. Seat you can be skewing. She'll. Actually senior prank there whether they really do that everywhere in Thailand posited and I craziness that was determined high school for sale. The independent school district suspended him for three days in banned him from attending graduation due to what they said that was. And implied threats. I don't believe that it did did when I read it I didn't get that the ID add states. The reason it is selling this school is for lots of students. Referring to the seniors who would be graduating. Because obviously he was doing a senior. Prank correct and it's. They see an easel so many students are leaving meaning that's how they're leaving they're graduating. These helium there you said in a statement the district disproportionately harsh punishment service up punishment violates. It has free speech rights and also does a public disservice by discouraging young people from exercising their constitutional right to express themselves. Thousands of people online have expressed that the school district went too far there's gases from a 2000 supporters calling for the district to reverse its a decision one supporter he complains of protest outside the high school. Friday I neared I. You saw it and you're right so great. That at least one person is like I am gonna protest Friday today. All right. A really harsh. Punishment being I think that that's more apparent reaction which is good I love pair reaction damage here and I'm curious how the parents the now they have a tendency in areas and yet it's fine it's it's is it his parents. No I got this like independence pants yet apparently Zaza happen to be gotten. According Serb domain depth and notice is that the today how we can't even seem like a suspension and they're really similar prank US now I mean who's I agree I agree that. It's unfair he didn't actually hurt any other student he didn't hurt he was a bullion anybody he wasn't picking on anybody and that's our biggest problem is the Foley issue not some kid that posts on Craig list anti gay has a son who had to instrument. Why some of the teachers aren't aware of it either until they show them sitting class and they. Burke caught off guard by that punishment as well. Day admits she giggled at the post thought it was clever. But she says she supports the district's decision. Just goes to show you. You need to think things through has somebody from another perspective treatments out there for carlin's book. I I mean I can't imagine anybody would've. Said anything different right. And so one not fun mom. Manny should think about what you're dealing with fame and it add Dan. And I read seasons on my chance demand harrah's is just a great fun moms some time yeah. Now. You yes. I count you out. Com she's still keeping the faith that her son's clean record and the public outcry it will sway district leaders at the top. To reconsider I do not believe all of the independent school district is like that I believe there are few people. That just don't remember what it's like to be a teenager. I think there remember I just think they don't care. Yeah I didn't you know ideas and you get does that administrators. Death only go by policy because they can't think. They refuse to like think Billy don't see the policy says that that it would interpretation of my friend while they're now and again. They're letting him graduate yeah and I a marvelous class right. They punish him though for something did he do at school to remake oppose that school a punishing empress of the he did now outside of school. Yeah on the Internet. He camp is school personnel curb violent path. You know Barnes scored just this thing hard core organs Courtney. So I got an update there okay are those still he can't op this class CIA out. Meaning anything end. Independent seems. Like they maybe overreact to it yeah yeah yeah and I think the general consensus. Is as sad it's yeah. At this point it is PAK. We overreacted to we apologize. On. Let's have a mock let's have a rock glass and we misinterpreted it it and we started a series of events based on a miss interpretation fortunately it's not too late undue army interpreter that you don't have this. Think I'm bad decision to stop right. Yeah now one bit no you can just say okay. We misunderstood as panelists I thought it was threatening obviously it's not this kid doesn't have any. You don't have in this those losing is bad idea equity just as you put like three days into that idea doesn't mean your sub whether it now Uganda saying I want Iran and walk collect. It you can say it say you practice it. I was wrong I was wrong I czar was wrong I was wrong and I apologize right out of our mantra apologize. Mark apologizes. Or Raleigh all apologize. Being Enron. If you that is. Great it's really easy. Also were selling relationship soon. Yeah that's a deadline if you've been in a battle in for a long time. He's relationship equity isn't really there now so bank you gotta pay from just mail the keys and walked away right. RI now the key is and walk away yeah that's let's update one arm parents follow up number tale. I I I often rag on the city Kansas City and its leadership for good cost. But there is somebody I feel like every time somebody you kind of get a story out there that seems a little out there like up maybe this is a bad idea. I didn't think there is one person. Who kind of actually does go this is a bad idea over the keys in my ass Jolie's justice. Joseph Lee justice yet moved and name that is justice. Jolie just this may be future mayor I don't know again right OK I don't know what is Jolie Justus she does things like this. Bright future I guess starting got a great future she's argued immigrant Jackson County legislators think. And now kids in DC councilman anyway so there was some problems right with feed your dogs on a patio. People were like you can't bring your dogs on the patio gas and that was the story and the city was like yeah there's no dogs and drag you out there is now. Dons a lot it's against health code violation amusing that. Like straight up blanket thing this is last week I think when yeah Italy's Barbara causes says this signing is not a popular one. We've had a lot of customers upset because we were dog friendly and they brought their dogs here and we never had any issues with dogs on the patio a. The past few weeks complaints caused the health department of followup which made some restaurants ask dogs to stay. And home to we're going to fix that. So that we leave it up to restaurants City Council person Jolie Justus didn't realize the ordinance barring dog did this state she wants to make it so businesses can make the decision for themselves. Frankly most Kansas City agrees that that you should be able to. With regulations and and and rules take your dog to the patio in Kansas City. She Muster pre draft work and taking it to this city council on the state level. There already is a law that allows for this and there's no bearing here at the state level rather than I am just eliminating all dogs on patty knows what I'm excited about is addressing any problems that there might be. But then leaving it up to the private sector decide how they want to do things in. Is something Camellia thinks is a positive. And people. That are dog friendly they can decide what place to go do they know there's some places. Not gonna have dogs and we'll go to that place and so I think and is up everybody and I think that makes everybody happy and people know your dog friendly area. For folks who love having their leg up. Draft and ordinance makes sense right Cooley. June. That's what I thought I have to tell our C Indo especially Jolie just yeah just really he's done easily if you can't. But I aren't very good usage you should do it. He should do it quickly or else it won't make any set out as soon as she can do ago. OC wells again here today what else on tackle housing in no sense in this campaign Durham yeah no drugs on the paddy. Lovable maybe there could be dogs patty in 2006 and champagne and make a dog stayed at home hi dog puns I mean. That's not my guy and I and aero. And as tells say she darts. She's a garner Jesus dire than you gotta go getter and mean I'm exhausted. Aren't you dart and dash. Yes our rates in out here's one I thought we should talk about not necessarily as fun as a follow about the school. Or dogs on patios OK but we you and I talk about this up there last week. I thought this and I wanted to tell you about it bring its everybody's attention coming out of Jefferson City, Missouri. Tennessee. Jeff Jeff city Missouri attorney general Josh holly says a review by his office found that there are close to 4900. Untested. Rape kits in the state. Yet there's nothing Paramount that now about 4900. Nude told me I want this document anyway. It's all our. Conversations are you know me and my doctor Renner a right. Am I thought maybe might have seen it because. Marisa. Targets and Hari tank was a part of that. It was her idea actually hanging yeah. And they targeted a few cities. Detroit was in line Los Angeles is another in all of these cities. There is. Are these arrange a hand there just never read over it I am evidence I am and that to the evidence is there. In these rape against their inner room. Never bend and not even mad at valley enough that you got raped and you get rain by the cops and they get raped again so to speak by did you so judicial system president rage I cannot believe. That. Everybody's call the cops are ready there's a stigma on whether you know on a call a top ranked and then when you do. Some of the police officers that war. I just can't believe some of things they would say these were laden or duration act they would write down in their report. Didn't act like she was raped. Maria I don't really know but that's life. Right acts like that and I mean in the at any police report and a police officer as saying. She is magically shears are named its. Maybe she began allegedly she wanted and it so the have to go through that. As far as it's not and then these things are never tested. Even that right I mean I have to like it has not quite frequently all the times made Encino care so that's 9900. Hamas'. In the Missouri Missouri I don't know about Kansas I don't know even if they would do an audit over there who have. Or whatnot. Why I think ended trader upwards of ten or 111000 rape kits and has sent an open and I'm Justin Hanover and that's nuts and gloom terrible terrible terrible terrible way it operates when it comes to serving people break. I was shocked and a I had no idea and then then they're not even prosecute it just it's a hole. I guess that you were not raped is very pessimism. You're raped by the police. And the court systems in addition and and it's horrible no way it did just speaks volumes as to how we treat women in this country. It all he says all DOS help Cawley says about this. Is that the attorney general's report says that the current pace the pace. It could take more than five years to test all the kids so are sitting on backlog right now. Not factoring in new kids submissive submitted for testing. Holly says more funding in uniform protocols are needed to address the backlog here is I I guess I'm confused like you have a backlog. You say it's gonna take five years. Well we Warner's Missouri doing. Like go here's the thing there at the outlets are ideally I'd be heartland say they browsing the same thing right. That they're out there I have never mind me there's not enough police officer terrorism and really. I don't believe that I mean they're busy doing other things yeah that they think is a priority you know. Obviously if you've got Iraq 5000 great kids he had anything cracked open it's not a priority and it's as if not only that you're not gonna prosecute. On top of that so let's be real the truth says people are getting raped. You don't get a good rat's ass has enough money and and now and I'm glad you can't sees you can't see but maybe take out all right traffic cops grant. Yeah plenty of people. I meet up when he money in the state to be needed to raise taxes a little bit but instead they just cut them yeah you've got five years there of backed untested rape kits. And you just cut taxes. Rates. Well just how it is seen that does seem that worried about he's like now in the backlog or an underdog and inventory we need more funding. And laid out. You don't need more funding you need a priority. And you need to prosecute yeah. And that in the documentary and watch and they documentary it is called where I am evidence mean. It's really good and I am evidence. And very eye opening TO I am evidence and it's on HBO I believe I mean. So. Crap Orleans and I remember I was just started tweeting about it out of nowhere. It is the yelling at Twitter. Drag him believe this I can't happen here and happens everywhere in every state every state. Everywhere and every they have a lot of important things that they feel like they need to do before they get to serving justice from somebody who was raped and or preventing it. Numerous times that it happens or do my RS times but it's really the only times may be catching rapists would be good ones yeah yeah now. Now I'm learning how many overlap do you have in those 4900. They've talked about it depending on the state yeah you know I'm there is numbers to go with that how many rates could have been prevent and had someone open array cat. How many people can and then not rates. And maybe wind maybe you've been up and went a lot and 5000 or 101000 or 121000. There are some that are try it's usually rich white women. You have the resources to push the system. Even that cooking get the attention yeah I mean like at a bad ones that will get tried if you're pour. Nobody cares you probably deserve whatever nature. I felt via via if you if you if your visa ran out you never had one to begin when now now an assistant here for poorer. Your left. I'm diet and even now after watching that Mary thank why you're in doubt. Unless you're wanna do this in my ear into a design right. Because I was saying I'm getting and I paid for yourself every step of the way even then it's just Debra is the whole way one women did do that and it can occur. Ten years or twelve years TN him prosecuted. In the meantime he then. When I underage I don't know how many other women mean. Anyway recap just argue about how. The seed Missouri has about 5000. Unopened untested rape kit untested rape kits then at the current pace will take five years to test all he's lying there I'm into a now business that's not happening. I'm not something changes such a way that's gone on to state of Missouri not care too much about prosecuting rapists. That's not a very good attorney general Josh. Police officers don't test rape kits lab tech student. Thing. I understand that yeah we do is send the money and I'm saying when a police officers face a police report trying to change that went great yeah. That you want to documentary you know yeah ten cameras I phase I and I guess that we can check out. And the Palestinian police arms is to investigate the rape after. It's there it is tested. That's where rat right you know you got to get that's what I talking about I don't see any added I think today. Yet to actually investigate. Men go. Find the birth and the rapists and Iran have it's it's a rough right that's where the police officer comes and mr. lab technician. Okay get serious then I'm Sharon then minister if I'm Tom Petty and you have a Venus. It's really easy being asked to discern that. We'll take you liaison and other drivers out of their homes labs partners and at times. GAAP were aware of that but it's also a police officer meg zeros and does the investigation and for the prosecution that. Which none of them care. And you're trying to do the prosecutors. Because I did not say if your foreign deserve to be raped and Isaiah now. And Lehman or they came from the tank signed senate. Very well there you go up current 49 that it gets. Digested. By period other room. I'm alone I mean I guess if you care you can call your presented news even though that is resolve rocked and I am evidence as a documentary India. It's a fantastic documentary really eye opening disheartening in raging. Vial. It's crazy. Irvine. They're not heard about her and a common dividend members are organs is fine that is your buzz that bird earth.