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Friday, January 12th


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Yeah. Let's go on laurels today. Now those people would do on the people still upset about Pia. ZQ office article I run up and agree US. I like young people say can you imagine we'll evolved enough that acting won't be able to parity anything humor will be so stale. Now Osce. It's not you may find yourself I collect are out. Yeah they office. Lanka observe a cover Kmart we have Derrick coming from is that Casey does content it is. DC restaurant we pray you'll start today starting today. So I'm on about now everything you need to know about TC RW. It's been awhile since dirt than on fancy them and it shows. If the RO JC are down here. It sounds like a raceway from the university galleries and does sound like to have a radio station that's arriving here. Easier necessarily starts today and everything you know these are now coming out all right Danny yeah. What is going on in the world. Oh man. Follow player group writings that what's going out here very greens during street address l.s name is bond dagger. What's gone Bulgarian. According to. Talking points memo TP I'm. That there was also a slap in ball flat. It was so in the airport last night it. Now I didn't. Tire out via now keep in mind this is coming from. The ex husband. This is not coming from. The white wife down and it took the one threat who he admittedly had an affair that yet. That part. Already admitted. Are any asking god for forgiveness and his constituents. That the other part. Lead tying up. Die and then it's any blackmail more importantly I was throughout the black. The alleged blackmail for sure correct and it is it is. It is very yucky story and aired right there will say. And thanks to Donald Trump's comment yesterday was we'll get into and is second only because. You gotta cover that one okay. That he he's very lucky to Donald Trump did what he did yesterday that did take a lot of the focus. Off of him but just a quick update on what we're doing here with the Missouri governor and the alleged. Black male slash revenge born that happens I had. People are quick to try and make a buck you re right. Store unexpectedly. Cashed in on the scandal surrounding Missouri's governor today. Ray gun in the crossroads had planned its official release of a shirt with the words quote Eric crichton's is a jerk on it just so happens today. When this when the sales started this morning most people at the store and even heard the latest. We had governor Greg's just yet but suddenly the store had hundreds of online orders and say they're busy printing more to keep up with the demand the store which started. We've mostly just jokes about the midwest has expanded with T shirt prince focused on political humor. It's expected. They actually give a lot of content were quest so past. I've heard I had no idea I love her. Marry me it may very mile and that's funny she was she over many straight day it's good she's not wrong now. Mean yeah it than our politicians definitely give us. We'll have to work river ice and I don't care how do you feel about anything in line politically Allentown bucks a true statement I'm employer Yang to that lever. We've whole lot lower right there. Prince focused on political humor. It's expected they actually get a lot of content or question found. It is it's. Low hanging fruit sometimes but now people want to have somebody pick we make it. Love hanging for capitalism everybody had advanced yeah right there may well isn't and now. Yeah idea hey did you do flu shot. I'm now okay music hi I'm okay posted but I didn't care is insurance and cover it I need my kids all got only MRI. As I mean. As many at the Tyson feels they are at that shot my right side Mario all of our heels there. I'm out of LaGuardia. You make him laugh about it though her insurance covered. And had the forty cent Phil Zimmerman break what's a forty cents Gilles they really get that at the any amount herb per gallon and off every on me so forty cents of every gallon loom. I'm I'm gonna be a fuel saver. How many currency beaver yes usually. And I was comrade and under and the bigger car close to forty bucks. You with your bills error. It depends. How much you yeah we don't get the fuel savor every time we knew there. Depends on more buying ketchup I specific mood for the feel safe. I used to be relevant case it was a very by pressure operated chopper chopper regal acuity. Yeah yeah. But I can never remember the physical cards so I've probably wasted. At least like a 1002000. Dollars in extra gas cost like and I was too easy to carry my your current cart path and carried them got to carry it. Guy care I gotta hire me now and set a mammoth operation and is out of W shots and in the flu shot. Is something that we all should do right I am totally epic are now I need to go get it even though it's a pain go away a little as if I am feeling they just said it's not too late. I think it's very NF and since January they did middle of January to may LA I. Asked that maybe they do this they can't stop sleeping I don't know what's wrong with me out of I'm sick or it's just sheer depression. I am playing good impression on they have been in the country. I'm not early sure what it is but I have been solely Cain is seen that come number morgue all day all night. You gotta go get your flu Chevrolet. Publish out date they make their best yes right that's and they did they take different strands of clues and make an educated guess right they do the best and sometimes by the way yes people do have reactions to that yeah that is on an unfortunate consequence. To. Inoculate in the hurt right Katie keep it from having you know late 1980 Swine Flu pandemic and a bank. But every once a while it is kind of I think it's important as Austria's state of the will of it's I'm not pretending it's a fun story it's not. But I thought it was a good story I think it's important to talk about could use that then there's a line union says it's so cliche but when you hear people that say. You never think it would happen to you but that's exactly what happened I was off on Abbott and every time I get the sniffles now I'm like I need to give clues can somebody come get me a market event or flu shot. It's too late they're gonna have him here or but I never saw the email companies. Like they're gonna have shots downstairs at some point that. I'm not happen then you make the flu shot alcoholic. I mean then. I got a lot Norman and I am I an hour and time. Paralyzed I had to elicit this carrying out at timer please shot I blame us for me is more as much as anybody I've got you know it was powerful black kid is so lovely wife. Right right. But even if you get it gets old but it was a report it sounds as clear as brutal this year. But that's exactly what happened. It happened to us it happened in my dad. It took him away from us Chris O'Neil says he and his family still has not fully process just how quickly his father 57 year old when O'Neil died from the flu. Monday when in the hospital and they said you know you got the flu don't take some water medicine and so and so forth and then Tuesday when in the hospital again Wednesday at noon. He called the ambulance for himself. And who lost consciousness before. He got to the hospital. And he never regained consciousness and he passed away Thursday and Chris says his father took care of his body and lived life in a way brought joy to everyone he encountered there aren't words for what he did he carried God's love for everybody on this planet in ways that nobody I've ever seen has but. He had not gotten flu shot a trend Johnson county department of health director Lou Jean Marsh says is troubling. It's important because it is your best protection for avoiding the flu but not currently. If you get the vaccination and then you do indeed. Contract flu. Highly likely that the your case is going to be shorter. And while there we know of being 14100. I've cases that have been reported to our department that only 21% of them have been vaccinated a number. Okay we're doing a bad job everybody. Break we got to go we got to do fluke thing. What is the likelihood is that a not an anomaly dying from the flu but do you wanna be now I'm not saying I'm Vienna not planning that is correct yes that is awful lot is a life. Lehigh let me give you the bizarre road litigated of Lazaro flip side of that OK if you could do something to increase your chances of winning the powerball. Wouldn't you do it of course so if you could do something that would decrease your chances of losing life's powerball shouldn't we do it. I am cleaning golden Brazil Canada. Okay. Lancet are always there is this off of that and into the body decides amphetamines. Yap about here for about four our buy yes dog it's a flu shot back right. We influence that we do. I feel like it is too late in the winter game. Use star dabble in in flu shots don't make me tell you the parable of the cricket and the grasshopper away no those are the same thing what is it. AS and answer a grasshopper. Not okay. Dance always working and yeah that too busy or not you visited doing the job during strike they work they may have it I don't know what they're dealing Mac may narrow is living and I only you know it is great story and I'm in my eye. I don't know that it has in Iraq experiences he would let me ask Bob Brown asked NASA and I'm waiting to grasshoppers like check out these and it's brand like look at him always work and doing with a supposed to do error. I'm McGrath how hard hop I got a time Brent Wright I'm putting when he blew it only relate longer up Brett. And guess what happened what happened he got the flu and died that's not. I've never heard of that spurred a day long winter came in here nearly froze to death bring it within the -- help them out. And so right now you're the grasshopper on the hands and trying to help you out. I in an icu nurse. So the tech sign people die from the flu off and did not. Even young people are apparently issue ads on 31 I mean. Not that uncommon to die from the flip of the I think I've really get into this obviously hammer mountain. And that's it like you even if they even if it's like say ten people die. Right. That's ten people think about how many people on all different houses its its. We got to do we can't keep ourselves from ending up in a Max full hospital because we're we don't wreck that's an announced accidents that. This past week are Kenzie hospitals are Max capacity do you tease us live at flatten. Mean it's not too late. This season goes till April's subway and right he were all just trying to be little grasshoppers make excuses why we don't need. Yoga or flu shot. Well listen to me this morning I'm Aaron are a lot today in Iraq the police are that he's. EP Arab easy enough he's. You're the easy believe I have clinical attention. I am crippling nutrition and my son has had to me he must've heard it somewhere interest from some sort of Indiana and it makes me lavish didn't make me laugh Elysee lab because I. I think it's your. Not Emmy rather I have clinical depression now like every go get your flu showtime viewers but resolute. Man I can't get out think Howard I you know I see now days probably because I have the flip. As my guest and you Ali beat you got the float out now does flu come with temperature. Now. I don't have a temperature and body. Leg read did you buy it had to read it to us. I saw him he beat that Tyler. So I'm not sure exactly does that or five I have been crippling depression at. I am clean because of Prius at home may. It. Also op finally this morning. If you have good morning jokes aren't funny and you will drive from live to see you and well I don't know that as some sort of premonition. Did she while other disease that seat it's a couple blow. Slaughter entire area are and it paid finally this morning. If you see a monkey. You probably should stay away from you and some wrong laughter and you'll have. They're very their own underwear or honor. Yeah this show's funny air if you listen. Right act as if you get a dues yeah relaxes for a while we analog column acts reference says yeah yeah out does not go to Dallas and out and how it's not easy to listen to stay early on time like one week in your wheels are picking them up yet you will pick him up you'll start easing you'll be the next person taxing a Manhattan news and those CarMax. Now yes stay away from monkeys though. Speaking of viruses that you know monkeys got. Clinical depression yeah. It's. But they don't but I'm not not not out of Florida monkeys or. What what they have. What a happy not wanna get from a monkey. -- Why wouldn't you wanna get there I don't get at him from them either lied about like Monday are breezes skyline. I mean I'd rather get herpes remodel yeah I don't think that happens I figured that he monkey but listen why Heidi you know. Spot and all the way from Al Khaled a Tallahassee here's just a whole bunch of righter caught on camera not investigate first expose them. Potential problems associated with the monk is silver springs and that was investigative reporter Christopher he found out today researchers say something may need to be done about this population a recess mechanics. Back. Monkeys and silver springs state park were brought in at the turn of the century to be an attraction they escaped. And have grown in numbers they're still an attraction that many people are content to just let live out their lives in the trees that bank the shore. But now there's a call to perhaps to deal with this troop and it involves around the diseases the monkeys caring act as though he's. On the shoreline of the super river. The home Olympics sponsor birds turtles. You have like hey volleying. This is needed in order a moral untouched by man it's just the Monkees look good. Where they found there. T thirty rhesus mechanics were brought to the area as an attraction. And they escaped. And now grown large sections of the silver springs area. The population at least a 150. Or possibly as many as 400 there's. I have veterans sleep on the low one hours downstream vision is still a loaf of bread. And I came Adam wood eight foot metal pole. Trying to get him off the load and they badly down. Territorial it is estimated that as many as 30% of the monkeys carry the herpes B virus. Now a new report to the CDC recommends the state make a plan to deal with the monkeys. Saying it's unclear if the monkeys poses significant public health threat plus that something needs to be done. For its part F wc has said it supports the removal of the monkey's seeing unchecked expansion could result in helpers for humans. This is still very early on and in the past attempts to study the monkeys to figure out just how much of a threat they may pose. Have been met with opposition from people who like the monkeys in the forest and do. Don't wanna see them removed even still after Busey has said it is looking at the monkey issue and considering its options. Are your Florida. Named keep your target Florida. Do you take care of the monkeys to leave monkeys alone and leave the minds is how are you gonna get herpes from the nineties. I people die from the monkeys are appease the monkey herpes and kill you how do you contract lawyer appear like that captain. B of piloting your vote the Exxon Valdez some cash and a monkey jumps on you both still love bred by accident herpes. He's sure that's how it's gonna drag I feel like he's just murdered girl monkeys. I feel like he has to have intercourse with the monkeys get therapy is now that's the you know that they they are feeling among these are and if you have intercourse and a Monty. Well yeah I going to let you should get her us tour. But I quit that was have chlamydia. Monkeys are pretty solid I don't hear you mind and Australia. Calling for their move on cause it doesn't come any they don't know what they're gonna do like swallows all might die. Because a koala chlamydia and it's told with casino advocates. And I are certain tubs and Ali yeah LA ahead over it and it's gone chlamydia ability Qaeda be hilarious. Bit sings his belly a committee of furcal Wallace. Now. Animals are doing at M Florida hasn't. A great point man a ton of animals me so how do we know about the alligator her team. Population that I mean how does what what's that what's very easy on that. What about the manatees. They have they have now that I mean am I could get jumped about propeller blades and we worry about the manatee I now there's manatees zones and then to Florida Kara. Get idled about just you know just code because it's a manatees are. Herpes B virus has been fatal to Tony one of the fifty humans known to have contracted it. How do they contract. And they from from Bangkok bites and scratches just from the nights in the Scranton hand while working with animals in -- tours. So. All of that was contracted. With that. Billboards are among gay people in laboratory in new well and I certainly reminds you look utterly agree to leverage heard. They seem to be nine out in mean general. Population. Out. If all of the night happened in the last jar people. We are compact. Eggs and those kinds of me at all and I are happening in the laboratory that wave about Jihad. That's that. You asked me if I was in charge of port candidates are your do you lead among rank and he had changed my mind didn't amount to begin trying to change him tragic kind of parents are to Florida I would really them he's been. That's another non native species too bad somebody brought them now they're natives. It's. The import immigration across species ditto. Yeah I'm always supporting immigrants don't travel ban this country was built on the backs of immigrants. Who. You and I now shop. Now anyway I ego that's about it I bug. Even though I shuffled supper. For crippling depression I am Cleveland information. Back I. Aren't 35 is slow. Just as you get past 435 on this outside Bruce. 169 but where did you expect that you both terrific. Eases Stan. Covered monkeys. Are herpes Islam really church actual. Bat. I had I do you think traffic it's funny. Like how many times do you actually change your route if somebody told you there's going to be a little bit more slow. And this guy now. You know who else did that. The monkeys. Among. I'm an alternate.