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Friday, June 15th


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All right. This is coming then. They got the tag nine will be your headline Ingle guardian tonight. And his new beer comes out today BA Bhutto's. Photo. Buddha. Check nine coming up in about an hour. His new beer out everywhere in the and claim of arias and I bad is that quite the trifecta maintained while nine. Well that anyway daily. We do have already edgy it's you give away this weekend. You pick your date tonight tec nine. Tomorrow's planned. Bleachers. Sir sly. But Lisa sell out Emery and more yeah all right Dini yeah besides that what's going around the world. Yeah. The idea. Good. Well I'd is I don't know that was cooler. I the late August we had a really comedies break actively get a few days ago we are a phone conversation and I I've just avoiding everything like out there is that today that the lives that's I was skipping over. As trying to be very respectful of everybody's. You know not everybody is obsessed about these rates to. Oh boy. Tough tough night man did you have a talk with your mom flat. That not everyone loses it that's the things you know I actually just in to that realization and I own a year ago. I really. Not so vary. My growth happens later in life. About the I Lou I don't disagree with you I well not two men killed in downtown Kansas City after a fight over golf cart. And gun leads to police shooting. Is that I'll led to a police shooting yeah. Winamp that Daria. Don't think at this point all we know is that Superman where fighting over a golf cart that he can still see back there behind that crime scene tape. And behind the fountains and there was at least one golf golf gun involved. Both men then ended up being shot and killed by police warheads and there are there. So I don't know the story is from here to that's that's incredible rate to our eyes on golf cart one guy and both them. Why they don't. There's a look like it was kind of almost fight and I must go and then. I want point he's not a guy actually take got a weapon and look like he has pistol whipping someone get a guy. But that confrontation turned deadly after police were called to the busy Barney Alice plaza right across for the convention center here where thousands of teachers were actually in downgrading AP test. And numerous people look down from their hotels. Witnesses. Tees is go to town great AP tests. He's you know I know why it teases. Go to downtown places a sale hotels degrade AP tests never heard of teachers during that. Salad teacher party. Not say we don't deserve the teacher birdie now I'm saying is they're deep Bryant has found that counties sobriety yeah I don't know how I know a lot Garnett or nineties has got so wildly out to tell. Scored eighty tests. Of those key zinni is yet I don't I mean. If they worded. Announcement on them say they heard several gunshots and then both men faults of the ground. They watched as police worked feverishly to save one of the men. But both ended up dying. OK so the guys had a guy and yet I date and he added out of that you that refining and that would explain I'm pleased I mean that's our is getting need our. I didn't know that a guy had a guy and he and was this solely the other guys need god knows holes and full body. There is famous life it's unfortunate but I do know we have a duty to protect the citizens of the city and that's our job. And that's what we have to do. Right under I mean that was the police naive that was the little aggressive police chief for meat. But it's cool I'm not pop. How did I mean you don't need you right here needed any drama ahead as we don't know sort I'd ever done anything about it right. We just now idle anything and that's it. According to witnesses them. There is guidance from violence. And abilities as they heard several gunshots and both men felt that. Well I guess we'll get more information. Coming out that's is that what is the golf are golf carts have trouble. Always right everybody wants a golf cart it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they belong you know some and it's always gonna want is golf cart always. Gloria this weekend. In the looking at Bagram though right that everybody wants a golf cart didn't get to go Kart. Danner does get a golf cart. I think we're gonna have to ask and I met tec nine gets a golf cart out yet attacked it's our client has yet you know let me drive. Dad you're going gets a golf cart status is it the awards is about to happen it doesn't you don't know you know anyone driving you and a golf cart. Mean in a golf cart if you always gonna be the one driving now yet nobody wants to write pitch in a golf curtains and now he adds that worst bit Girardi never. I don't know why we call it writing bitch yeah day Canada I had yeah. I. Nomenclature. Now either but really I don't I can't I don't I'd never call that I don't know I decide that it's just too it is. It's not don't do that I don't I don't did satellite. I am how adamant as a be a bit I don't there week I don't like bitches and pencil Britney either that I'm trying to say I'm trying to change it via. Times we animated ice and Al furtive granite. Evidence that. The same now. It's a little different yeah. I think a better name. Bitch is a word he's really work. Drop it does from yes even me ever it's hard into and then exactly years include you know I'm that figured. I shouldn't do that bring back M line. You don't edit right in mountain by making everything a bench and sing a female army to be confident. Ray. Think email using the word is fine and I I agree actually I didn't do not gonna get any discrimination occurring. I think anyone other than a female. It is our words your words how he yesterday in the engine and say it now as I say Iraq that he thinks that works. Not where you can Lamar thing. Oh yeah the other way right with them which gender and out as. This idea of some male artist Amy writing bitch and I get. You don't. Britain especially there's. You're going to be. That offers are now. I read every year I wouldn't be. Others envy. And then it's riding schacknow and I'm fine my Shaka and now it's August and you know that immediately a shotgun Helio Shaq and it's not I know volume I don't know why else shocked I'm GAAP. Is that because there was a shotgun at the front of the cop cars. In the right hasn't the upper hand on it stroked the barrel do around guns young stroked the barrel constantly. These uber skinny college chewing. Well as in Juba got a high and how you guys and guys it's like riding serious side cup series not trying to make offense happen. Writing subservient downton. You wouldn't be out there yeah anyway yeah. Nobody. Wants to ride in the golf cart. Every must drive off her debts and if I coming together a golf cart and you really want to drive it there's going to be a fight. You know there was another officer involved. Shooting last night. I read a few. Provide yesterday and you're at Dayton this one also a little off. What do you think then now and in this story will be at the last one was golf cart. What would be found. She is. Thought sit there pretty well. A sword. Sell hard. A woman with a sword was shot and killed by police Thursday afternoon. I even at my in the afternoon. In the north and obvious does begin evolved in the standoff. They're called the area to check. On a woman with the sorts of vehicles like hey we are wall with a sword here we need June comes and goes out where she when she did or didn't. That see. Casey PD captain Lional Cologne said the woman into someone's home and then ran into is yet. Nobody was home at the time. They secure the area negotiators try to make contact with a woman so she's in the shed. And not her satin are sheds isn't somebody else's shadow of the source she's a shed with a sword. They'd send in swat they try to make contact. The surrounding homes nearby daycare placed on lockdown officers. It's not immediately clear she is inside or outside the shed at the time of the shooting. More information or become a fourth I'm sure will give you an update on both of these stories. I'm sure there wasn't a problem. Either way to see reading Joshua does shed with a sword. Not exactly a ranged weapons. If you got in the show with a sword. Usually there are teeing it absolutely could she. But you might not come out and on. Either ratio CN has let you know and that may be. I don't know she's an Asia. Where it. It's sort. And a planet or about Buffy soars to officer of ulcers over the gulf cart and what other resort. Pretty disorder one's weird hearing I was in this shed. This sort of lined. Out did they now she was gone she may have come charging out we don't have that information Bret well then don't do that. I think it's important ask these questions because remember now it is that kid over it was an Overland Park early. There is a big controversy about our bill Overland Park about how the police use deadly force in that situation. When he backed out because they kinda tried this. Not tell. Everybody the whole story it felt like. And that's what I heard from a couple people in the media as well so I think it's very important go adamant. Maybe people to post may be me. And I. Yeah tell you are shark and comes from yet did you know now figured you had now according to attacks I this is multiple people. That shocked and comes from stagecoach days. I organ trio so everybody. Not only one guy had a weapon and it was the guy writing. Next the driver had a Shaka Shaka day without the pressure. He's the go and that was keeping everybody safe on Ambien driver on the stage does Sharpton on the stage coach. Battle with. Night gig this time got bits of. Yeah because you might it might well question really like to drive and a gap. Let alone because today but I also feel like I can wield a weapon in the bats. It's amazing how quick those liberal abandoned little bribe opponents of congress. Again about what about ice hockey is stagecoach days. Yeah yeah where even today and let us anyone should have this that is severely yeah I thought I'd think. Yeah so like almost legged like in the game. It's like in the game of tag. For a yeah. So somebody had tags that said. Where it'd go to Lola not immediately clear because they said it wasn't immediately clear the woman was inside or outside the shed when she was shot. Yeah appeal why didn't they shoot the woman in the shed and a leg arm and this is the question I have over and over and over again. Maybe with Italy and I understand that there's an X yeah obviously it's an excitement that goes along with this is adrenaline rush right if you well maybe not necessarily an excitement back. The adrenaline kicks in and I'll just say it's this adrenaline rush are you supposed to be trained to know where to shoot someone anyway well act like you spoke to shoot to kill. He trained as she did Delhi changed a deal on them they're trained properly and a gap. Here is I would say no you don't shoot to kill shoot and a lag. She had a mini armed. Somewhere they can recover. I'm hoping that they would her cover really do know on she's somebody in the legs. Because like you can bleed out a couple of minutes lot of fans are gonna add an owner barking up than me and another texture but seems like a lot Helena it seems like there's two officer involved shootings. In today. You go it these are about training. I'd EDS Slater is the again is that they are not clear she was inside or outside the shad that's put up pretty easy fact to tell the public Brett. I agree. She why you are not served Eli your not shirt. Wright flyer ish errors see it says shed. And she's either you're an error that you saw what happened gray you've got the report I went yeah and that shad man I'm there. I hear I got there's something suspicious. In the shed but the sword. Or not I don't know we'll find out that are all right and you know what. Soared shed. Golf carts Imad announced. I've got another Hanna and then went to new wheels. And if we had a guy and a at the new whale okay. Import my game yeah. All there's a shopping cart. Do you want to drive the shopping cart or shoot the shopping cart could I shoot from that could arguably port night. If I drove your round in a sharp encouraging people. In reality you know in the the line up.