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Wednesday, September 13th


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Our if you didn't you're doing zigzags with company of thieves they are doing their ten year reunion tour and stopping nine Kansas City. September 25 at the record by our. That's the Monday and then they are doing tags an exact morning for us at the Alamo draft us. Join us. Towards her at 6 AM in the first hundred people and twenty or not obviously he's Armenian free beer and some breakfast and a free shot. My company deems right Downey yeah after the music. And that is a nanny. A lot doesn't matter what's garnered world is okay yeah okay. Now. Take this one it. Take a deep breath. I'm taking it. They had knowledge and I am worried edge the outlaw this is a big one to take I think I get ya you sharp I don't now I've never tried it our all women ask. Is that you know. While we're gonna talk about a news story to this local great. Let's. I guess things you know in our opinion. For -- you look ridiculous thank you you like like Ron Burgundy a minute ago you look old. I feel Colombian. Yuba Colombia but you look all I Hamels you're not all third fight your hair is parted like the news anchor. When you bombings and sloppy a little bit longer and you got this weird stashed again it's just the mustache. You contention that's analysts say is compare about a minute. Me. I'm gonna. I was saving Muppets every once allowed to six weeks or to save my faith you know. Just like kind of get down enough that bright and usually it's stubble and I was like yeah. Gay am going to shave off Zeller and as you know you want to make sure. Your facial hair I'm gonna grab and you look I can win and Kerry look ridiculous I tires are an around I'm getting Rea Klesse so I was gone through and you know you do that thing where you shape different parts like you leave yourself mutton chops and goatee. And in you know like a million. Lilly has known and initiate I have to curves that you shake down the middle chin so then all of a sudden you're like all the close of the memory. Oh sure. And then I went down with a mustache is a joke and she said leave it in them we it sex. Well I think not I. Hope so how does sit leave it. Yeah but not I think meaning she Matt for the nice it's not. We'll find what. Muttered she believes she as an whereas if you don't like them on Wednesday and loud cheer. Don't forget Brian by the join me in starting a mustache club once. Opponents as your friend who cares and I am now saying yeah geez it was a night I was that night Eaton had a I'm sure you guys are writing unicorn strident something. Because you look at my ground Burgundy in Iraq. Well and I have to secure our eyes are gone ahead are ready for the story and yeah I will get does on my trainer and it's a gram for as you don't like to see how ridiculous Jimmie does island good. Now he'll look you look like he came out of the seventy Zealand all eyes should be an older than you are they should be dogging it and excellent is the thing you know. Park so I'll. Just puts me closer and on technical means to its army. There's a controversial sign in liberty Missouri. Controversial sign. Urea I'm ready gas segment well hold on it's gone on Twitter their event and then you land sent out Erica. Well I think I did actually just geared tense about playing this Clinton's. Like Kerry did doesn't hurt or damage than you realized or is it that the way the hair made it. I know but like now it's red hair gel and that can I think it's via a surprise you don't have holes in your years. Yeah mark. Yeah yeah I get that RI. RA ridiculous. And people from all races cultures and backgrounds live here it's about as suburban as it gets. To see a sign. I accidentally suburban as it gets is pretty accurate where's this and liberty isn't necessarily melting pot. Now I think a lot of white people and they like to go to liberty Al. Hanging on at home said slaves for sale well. That rubbed people the wrong way and the folks we talked to you asked not to be identified. It made me feel a day it's there's a sign. On top of the confederate flag. Hanging from a home. It says. Slaves for sale. Okay I'm sorry say that again yeah yet. It yet it. Here it's about as suburban as it gets noticed PS sign hanging on home had slaves for sale well. That rubbed people the wrong way I happen folks we talked to asked not to be identified. It made me feel fruit people who live in the neighborhood near liberty plaza woke up to this sign. Advertising slaves for sale hanging over confederate flag on Richard guys and miners home. It's a lagged lately that get better it like. And as far as slavery. Well. I'd I'd go up the justices though what is our guys and. Ties says the confederate flag people believe the confederate flag stands for slavery in my eyes will be just stupid they are while the entire act and standards that I play for Emory and act as slavery I don't know what else you can get stamps or. Good thing if they have Florida ally if you are racists out there. If you're gonna did you that are out your racist that's right now I'll that you heartened that flag. And and GAAP ES said okay let's say you just touch the flag up Lou I can't I don't buy your argument. I think you're gonna see. Write your back paddling way and I think you don't have any not display now holed out an answer or not done yet they're paying a date well you well and at large confederate flag an enormous decide it's over a garage yes that looks like Luther from. For and Jack any it is an enormous confederate flag number one who owns that I don't know anyone who pupil number two yeah row slaves for sale aren't. And he didn't even do it nice. My game and played his first out dependents and what you are trying to tell me that's not racists. It's very races and that they can batters he doesn't then stand pull our racism like I don't I get into it if India attacks and argues their races is just that simple there's no argument against the confederate flag being ready to Iran is that. App or how would. Hang a confederate flags in you need to out up two races of what I don't understand who exactly are not racist after I got married this app. I mean just you don't just say it owed it. You are a racist or it's is seen in my opinion that would be a good idea. Well and I don't know yeah Holland not confederate flag the size of a football field in my right. And as a reaction to being treated like a racist because he flies confederate flag in front of his home now really quick so he is even his. The latter. It is patriotic guys like. So he thinks a patriotic did you hear like he said that he hung that sign. In response. To why Mo calling him racist for having the flag. It seems like your debate skills are the best now and I think you just you know gave them their points I think you again. These slaves herself I don't understand the satire that's happening there any there may be I'm just the viruses. Learn he says he's not a racist if I at least Alex lives. I'd at its outlet by grandchildren but put up designed to make any political statements at our people. And Eric tired. That government Gallup ma'am what it do that what that thing. That is what it's either rebel years. He's rebel flag has and they don't have a damn thing to do Whitney waiver all you want. What offends you business sign these idiots. With his sleigh for sale a U parking kidney summit eyes and ears neighbors are highly offended by his sign I'm gonna tell you what separates it took me. I remember the signs on the wall that says white only and that old. I remember the signs and all that said negroes. Only interests here any planning on keeping a sign up. Now. Oh all right okay. If people. Call him. A racist because he was flying. The rebel flake flake and he wanted to make a statement. And pulled out. Plays for sale well I didn't pinch you I have in college or racist so you gotta think about the other people in the community. I'm not I'm not disappoint you with the neighborhood and disappointed him. Him. But he took it down so that's a good thing. Bags and start on Aaron Anderson hunt. I don't understand people on that. What is the government telling you what to do it think you're just hung a flag it was a southern confederate dead flat Altera is and why is he had a voice. That's inconsequential. Well that's our son is at a white what was going on why did they altered I think did not Alter his voice. What a bad I don't even know it is what I call that we that vibrates the local courts spray it out so way to talk he has. Right so. But I just done an Israeli government didn't you put about slaves for sale sign the government didn't Elliott. I mean united did a thing and you got pretty good freedom. The tanks and rightly you don't see in areas that gives amazing mallet yeah I mean that's true it is the Iranian another for me yeah it's like I. It out why it does it's like a little bit of a role for me involved. Comes together. Yeah there it is motorcycle and there may I just let nobody that I just listen I had very I had dozens of what he did. And I think it's weird that people think that the confederate flag or any sort of rebel bull crap is anything but outright racism and there's. A million different ways we can debunks those myths but you're not gonna listen anyway if we do. And if at this point you still think the confederacy was some great southern rebel yell well. Go up yourself. Right. I guess you might be here races via. And I take it back into voice boxing gym that flag wasn't as big as about as good as they can't bring them but sell now the last. Yeah and confederate flag and end by calling it a rebel flag here that's not adhering to. We need and the rebellion lost cause the flag was that part of the night at the time I mean I don't wanna get into how many ways are wrong but. I do is give the right people are so weird and didn't include any emit a look at it. And they say all other try to tell me what to do it now. Except mobile. Space here's a thing now as far as I know what to do however now here you doll. Housing mess them. Therefore are trying more attention to your south therefore you being alcohol therefore other's being more vocal out to an island a little compassion because I always try to. I always do I try I try. You got the flag up people or Claudia races maybe you don't know your racist I'm not excuse him is that all right. Maybe you just don't understand. Okay like you know old people doubt. It's not acceptable but. Nearly ever go to nursing home. Now here's some of the racial epithets accidentally. Hung by people who think their normal now is that like a hundred. It's not okay are you got Greg grandma ring but may help Andy get dollars feedback you like all you wanna see also you and you put the slaves herself. May be it an act of app view. I don't understand I and then he says he's as a cells grandchildren they buy it one decisions that if someone was going to break because there. I'm assuming it does erase debt it. That's fine but just because. I mean a that it doesn't mean you're not just as broad as I cannot raise the president of the mean in America in the race anymore. Are anywhere is up of that. And I. Hey you know this is a buzz briefs of science. Kind. Of that guy homicide. Or OK now K mark on the side. But it's not quiet you know. But races dear member tires on his right we did play it LL cool. FULL cool. Pretty Jesus Christ. The hell's wrong with GO. That's a that's again best of sing and I play that night and good cooled their bread is linked exit our justice on the news. Like this marks on him into playing well liked by accident races. I just it's just got a call that would. I think Seth didn't I mean. And then don't be shocked when people anywhere paying a confederate flag when that slaves for sale sign out. And they knew this people are here. Don't be shocked I mean don't be shocked when people wanna sorry again for sale you completely undercut your point that it wasn't about slavery. Even had a try and get your tied to make that argument that the confederate flag is about being a rebel. But venue hole you side view use cane let's races slaves for sale over. The confederate banner. You've completely undermined report. I am I anyway I digress. Aren't I thought there's almost by gray got caught out you got to go out and you gotta say sorry there's no excuse any got to say. The confederacy was a bunch are racists who wanted to own people and treated at a group of people black people. Very very different than everybody else. Violently abusive. Racist. Degrading. And that's what the confederate flag stands for there's no sons or daughters of the south it's over you lost. I ask you are disgusting. Parts. Join the rest of us move forward. And okay mad. Rick Meehan. Anyway our man Kmart now ready emirate are here now. See they're ago. I think they gonna talk that it is gonna play the music. How to just play music it Kmart is rolling out its got a new name for plus size section. Which. I donors are lawyers if let's say section can you just put all the sizes in one place. I think that seems fair yeah. Announced. Now why you have to shop separate. Rice you can just have another rack right just keep them. Keep the numbers gala or to put it behind though the large I mean just it's incredibly plus size it can just be I don't ever by a right. Are you gotta go over to the corner in the back by a bathroom. My where that troughs are but where does stock room guy comes out monthly shakes his head. Yes they do that and they do that man as well. Yeah in a bigger. Law. And I don't understand why. I agree with and I don't know why you can't. Because I think. And I'm not sure why us. Women size as an go from typically zero to fourteen. That's like a standard or zero to twelve depending on the designer and some people don't make a large after large. Cycle and make you do army money. Well I think it might cost them Armani mark maverick how much will record every I don't know I'm just trying share. Not trying to rationalize and trying to like I did it and it. In my head as well why can't you just a case of surprises are typically from zero to twelve or fourteen. 1618. When he joined just keep going. I'd be interested to know how many and I put this in quotes because they hate the term plus size buyers. Exist in the retail world. I'm like quite a bit anything because I feel like out now the other thing is are separate stores for there race. Thank you gotta walk EG and even shop with a bit of yours like the outlook mauled to yeah I mean it's not fair or nice or right just treat everybody equally. Anyways and they're calling it changed name plus size. And we asked as Kmart it's SARS and out my our big stereo and your bride plus size became part my diet. Jets are one step away from Sears. I think it's. Actually a step down from Sears IPC is still open. Now I know by the team are ending their clothing is probably a little bit nicer I see a thing yes that I met and poke holes. That's another one that doesn't the law and that's never where it should be it's an area that is inside the mall usually narrow Wal-Mart. Didn't make closed down Kmart you know one over here DJ hero and elated to like I have to hear some areas they close it altogether mean yeah like T yet agreed TJ air Fridays urged you have that one day it was Thursday in the next it was Saturday break. I deity was nowhere to be found so it changed name of a dollar plus side I wanna calling. How man has this worked for us plus always wore a worse than plus side. What is it but why you gotta make everything fun. You know we're gonna sell it but it's going to be fun. Spotted out there is that Dress Barn and drift Barnes bad dude but it's not dedicated strong rate college plus is eyes my dad well when you say hey we've got regular size isn't what size of the Dress Barn. The address bar Burris I don't even of the draws burns on apartment anyway Tommy than a great day and fabulously. Size. That's. Yet answered did certainly it is a cell Hawaii inserts and there. Merely news Momo myself to say it's the memories and since then a fabulously size right just as your. Do you ever think you are. Wow you're not even big year year. Oh. Yeah they're they're happy with the view of god bless you shouldn't have to go. Wonder by the vending machines and the cigarette machines to go and its staunchest and. Yeah the truth of the matter as OK there are some kmart's food apparently one thing JC tag team our lives and why and how to. And then another person says there's Kaymer and Casey came. And so Kmart still around just maybe not in some areas yeah I don't love the fabulous section fabulously side is yet. What does that mean. I don't now what they have to put sized at the end of right why do you adjust the fabulous accent oh what might. Why does that add an IG eight inches you're right add the numbers afterward at the bottom of the articles you mayor credits and mart isn't going to have. A fabulously size section within the store they are going to integrate the fabulously sized options. Into the rest of the store so I think that's great that's a step in the right direction Brian dot com people fabulous. Well what are the other people not fabulous food scare you a little better you know fabulous truth there is definitely. Now I'm not I'm sure there's some designers that worked for king America but didn't like. I'm one of the original angels have a lineman here. Anyway. Design errors notoriously. Why aren't the models and their 'cause I'm thinner people often it's. Just part of that industry. It's so weird too because it's not dealt with reality for like fifty years. By you figure out boy. Somebody would stop period Dick about that well you know she really cool about it and then he does do different closed. I and different lines but a variety now okay what was her name she was and I was bastards. Jamie can now. Melissa McCarthy who homeland. Actually she was just in Busby GO rooting I'm Christian Syriana interest to go now. Leslie something I think Palestinian. Is that I mean she's been missing Meehan but no it's not dead. It's. Paula gimme a man. I have an evidence doesn't Kristen way and. I'm Melissa McCarthy king McKinnon. Leslie Joan Leslie just doesn't sounds good I was like something and you hey Leslie Jones. Used in a movie who is an act dressed as happened to be tol. Captain should not be your typical star latitude and there is a thing where. I'm cheap no one dressed her and they refused. Played these designers these major big old designers are dressing as actress out. Curse in Syria on as a designer. Dresser. And may you know he does. Everybody no matter your soc which is not typical all in. Fashion world or industry and there's a wonderful. She was there last week for Fashion Week. And she was right up front are watching his line and she was just like Bruno not thank. I think that's cool almost designers will not do that they want to have. Larger women and their show. May well address they won't make clothes for the average woman. It's really crazy to me but anyway he does do lines echo like I don't know I think he's got. You buy issues pale last or various other outlets like maybe Macy's I know it's crazy whenever I now these Blake Alec Michael chorus. I'm sorry I don't know telling us. They're just in my nodding your head at me right Matt I'm thinking about how like uses his eyes closed to them late way we really have LOB. Right. Okay DNA. Anyway. It's hard to find clothing. That isn't. Cool wrap you looking. And you are not a size easier. Two whenever. Now there's not much thought about the fact that some of these people are trying and allowing it or mouse designers are right now. I'm not making a profound people and they're really vocal about it really stupid do they are 100% local like I I don't I thought about that bought him poorly tailored pain in whatever that means to them I think sometimes a size eight. Is absent. I think and I think that's have to anger have you you is nobody I don't is just an estimated trying to I am desperate emperor everybody. But I understand is going to be somehow wire cases I have a size fourteen issue. I can't walk into you like footlocker most of the time and can accomplish. I get Smart guy variant of the center obesity but I do what I cared so yeah I do my friends people. Having nice clothes what is available to them what you care and can't. Her. What do you care that's my that's my question for like 99% of the news stories we deal is the response we get the push back the word or care. What is your business you sit around and you look at you judge them. Who cares get over it. I just think. Everybody should have nice clothes. And the fact that. Kaymer designs called her fabulous action which is probably up to god Abby and me because really I mean. Nothing for you call for ambulances sped goes right at bill like coming to earth roads are worth you're not in for a good show right. I guess to Mike it's demeaning it though like cover girl and her support harder harder green rampant look at. Simmons as old navy as a tennis sizes yes and they don't I don't think they keep them separate do that you just kinda. It's been a thousands of only about my TJ Maxx and again I'm being fat they do have a separate section on Macs they do at the Mac my beta Max the Max innings this. They don't say that at the Mac side and I believe it's the women's side. Got into the women's side you know try to get dressed in the morning it's true. And it's time at least. It's a strain on health care sales a lot of things do you have a race like his it's you know I illegal you can just cramming our drinking or whatever yeah. As a paying it at the bottom you know. Shame fat people you got exactly Gerri doing just like the rebels' flag guy yeah you're using that as an excuse and that's (%expletive) and a lot you'd LA now I know and everybody else knows it if you wanna talk about healthcare to strain on that. So our old people act killing the Hamas. They are huge strain on health care. So well there are other quadruple bypass I 950 yeah unnecessary just a lot of die where. That's a lot of stuff I write but it's inhumane right. It's and you're gonna talk about health care and obesity show up up up Lance and Diaz just say you don't like that people out. On your ass oh your fabulous asset yeah. Away. Next he expects to. And it goodness half. And I'm proud that. Divers are login is probably find a silent and thought god. They're. Romance is the signing persons here on out. Designed for all shapes and sizes. And that's fantastic because that didn't use that and now. And I think that's a big deal anyway Fernandez with. And I think if you hate Sony based went as our money was hagee shop like. And you know like I love going ashore in shopping complex you don't know that person by the way you know and other alive you know no they've been through whoever it is you don't know. Always try to take a look at it. From a different angle and maybe the problem is you now with the other person looks like. Dad doesn't have to be also bring says. Sheets we thought that's what we're here we're talking about segregation and in races segregation including today. They'll start of the comparisons are being outside of fat okay yeah you are. And when you think that your present elements of the strain than health care when we didn't say we are straight I don't care. Wooten. And then. Guys defend obesity OK and your appetite yet your strength and health care either. That's a weird thing. That's a weird and why didn't she say it's a straight marriages I am a straight and health care system that. People should not. Actors just slightly happier about data women white peoples to live like weevil and its next line anything goes that we always figure everything was just a little bit of a grain of salt yet you're a liar. That.