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Tuesday, May 15th


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All right yeah out. We have to do the rest of the Jimmy Eat World me grapes hanging. Soundtrack. Tickets for tonight. Be listening for that. Whenever we have must go on the show as say it's a true man. Thursday the strikes are at the Truman. Wolf Parade. To pandering it's a Monday and that right now we're concentrating and Jimmy were a Danny yeah. It's going around the world. Old Kansas. And Kansas legalizing self serve beer taps and Lisa and alcohol laws. When they do. Kansas is loosening up the laws on bruise and lose. My author raising self serve beer taps along in allow allowing longer hours for bars and taverns. And legalizing candy laced with alcohol. Governor Jeff Cole Europe. Signed a bill Monday that makes the changes he said during a ceremony on a downtown to be beside block the legislation shows kansas' forward thinking. And willing to help entrepreneur words. Really am. There's really that you're just gotten his alcohol so does your Ford digging your pat yourself on the back for that. Now I heard that four than you would be marijuana laws I like I like legalizing candy at least that alcohol. So that's OK candy alcohol candy fine. Now we can't even here and there something. I'm and that is chock let slip Laker NN yeah I did Google. Economy think you know how I need is soap Alienware is vodka being beaten. That's like days. Days in three to five days ailing man that's a long time that's that I thought there too long putts that I thought well. Pay so we've got like that going on in Kansas event and I don't know if you heard about the supreme Koreas today that they voted. Seven to two and thing. Milling plants and into. To. Make it legal for states to decide if they wanna allow gambling. It charm just I thought that was the case wasn't. Wolf Supreme Court overturned professional amateur sports protection act protection act on Monday making sports betting legal. I that okay that's state basis states now have the power to improve gambling on amateur and professional sports Kansas is one of the eighteen states that are you building consideration stuff. To recap. Things were ready to move forward on in Kansas. Loosening alcohol law less glowing liquor candy. Allowing sports betting right. I mean gambling and and Laker team things that have been destroyed anybody's life out. Bought but there's one thing that we are not considering Stell break and I think we all know what that is all right moving on. Do you wanna do you fluid tainted cupcakes bodily fluids eating cupcakes. Or. Simple lay it wrongful termination suit. I say they Yemen and the pancakes no all right the bayou body that bodily fluid tainted cupcakes. Which has pretty much the story now I'm dead yet let's just give LA OK okay okay. It's a polling manager. All right this is kind of messed up you reading yeah aren't. Well I mean pretty awesome for the person. That. Is that local notes there it's out of what you call it. Florida California California down poignant thoughts out and only mean there was fire. Dollars to pull. Well it's still playing lessons learned outside everybody is that why it sounds like death and Lester math now his during. Manager was fired after she was accused of stealing over 600 dollars from two polish and was awarded nearly eight million in compensation Jeanette Ortiz is the restaurant for wrongful termination and was awarded seven point 97 million dollars in damages any according to the Fresno bee in 2015. Was accused of stealing 626. Dollars from a safe at the Fresno chain but when she asked to see the surveillance footage of her alleged theft she was told have been accidentally destroyed a jury then found their teased his bosses were attempting to defame and fire her after she filed for workers' compensation for a wrist injury the parties will be on Monday to figure out how much to pull label need to pay and punitive damages for teases Feyerick. Says he had carpal tunnel and the eighth of viruses like payback they fired is at a 626 dollars shorten register. It is like. This is bull crap she sued and almost a million bucks. Wow. Overseas 126. As I her a lot of guacamole that is with a lot of free block a Moly. I've had she never judges out of budgets in public yeah yeah. I to pull it and it just does such horrible things so lingo and. I mean it's like they do you can get the bear today which is too spicy for me. Like it's not too spicy for my mouth. I don't editing these buys it from amount is these spicy for my inside I think. While things hers here yeah. But there's no money there and now now now. Six everything's delegates yea man as not a bad. I'd love to be accused this excellent point six dollars. Are haunted eager to get it. This says you just got elected team. Yeah I mean that's three years over eight million I get it I get an update she you know she's gonna get a million. Still lawsuits take over and turn out Ali that's the other thing I'm learns are hard GAAP. Yeah all right well. Thank god is still way of I had demo laws I'm trying to get as and then try to get some hope there man it's a damn I stayed a year and a half way I got you. Got out. Yeah intricate I do alliance of Niagara lenses get a rocket when's this gonna die and when does it and keep it. The iron out just got served last week yeah. Keep on track and I'm me and I don't even know I'm still walking around he's just got to keep on track. I got that Tesla not a problem wreck and Bruce.