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Tuesday, November 14th


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Yeah all right yeah. Danny C. Why is going phone and no war Earl. Well let's elbow this. There's one there's a fight going down. A kind of site. Into. You know. It's about slope part. I love the South Park about that. That's why did it it's twelve mark is a big plates right it's enormous. Which is why I'm very confused as soon. This fight that is occurring what's the site. Well as usual there's two groups of people all. Who are fighting over Lance. Okay. Hopefully you know through our single people. It is is run Casey pet project. A grant whom I love. Our big break. Got my dog. And two cats. And he's ever present yeah Memphis. I did and I guess some monetary planes as BCA. A shirt and what's the other one I went to me that I had seen around get Eisen and cremated. Wesun. Wish I were resemblance there they have that little lake. Funeral parlor I didn't early general just fly. Well it was a win tyranny died as a Manolo winner couldn't bury MTV. So I know there. And I went over to wayside ways and they were very kind. Sound. He answers. We got to dot all of the on the mall shelters repertoire her hair on various levels at about as opposed specifically there are child anyway who they are fighting against. Are they fighting against is that rings now. Another. Great plains now it's hippies it's hippies let's not really have is that stereotypical and wrong to say excuse me ever I would apologize for I have a friend who doesn't. Have disc golfers. How it should call her friend from college he had this. Guess some problem or payments those so that they got says it building any shelter right. That's the base is. But is KT TV five's Natalie Davis explains now there are concerns about the future of the popular course. They don't that if the most popular game you've never heard of but death is a pretty big deal here in Kansas City. Matt Crowe has been playing disc golf since 1999. He's a competitor whose whole family loves the sport my kids and employees as they are you in a stroller but this disc golf course that's what park could be going away. To make room for Casey pet projects new animal shelter. We agree its office is in Kansas City completely understand that initially we were told we're gonna lose a few acres that was basically going to be behind my shoulder here. Our most recently now behold footprint has changed. Now most says they would be forced to relocate completely. More than a thousand people have signed a petition to states won't park's 36 year old disc golf course. We reached out to Casey pet project they declined to comment on the petition. But said we are very actively working on the new shelter design and the site plans with our architectural and construction teams. And are in very close touch with our parks department and City Hall partners every step of the way. City spokesperson Chris Hernandez says plans are still in. Flocks what we're trying to do right now is work towards a solution that works for both of these users. These are both excellent partners for the city and we wanna make sure that whatever happens it works for both of them. IRA SI park's enormous but here's this here's the answer losing big like Samir overall right. They got the tap project that was not an easy thing for them to get they had to go you know they had to go to the voters. They had to get that approved drug that big bond issue that we have western amen around Casey Brad Wright and an end. I don't mean to be incensed because then and know what it feels like to lose something that's so loved. You know but there's a big difference between sheltering all of these animals that need shelter. And disc golf today. I'm I aim. Dusk I disagree in the sense that south park's enormous sure move the shelter. Now they'll move this shelters like I mean is that's where that's that's old that's remove the course like it did is move it's a stick without Carson have been there for 36 here. Sister with a basket of the day imports there's plenty of places to put things in ballpark I don't know if you know out. Ike when I get all Austin there. Dare open you know I came across what used to be at camp I think playing little cabins everywhere. I now they're empty it's a perfect place to make Vegas scary Mary Ann and I think. But I mean the places enormous there's plenty of room. To put things in slow partly what's easier. Re doing an entire design process target alsop for me. For a shelter I got a lot of money to do. And or move some sticks with baskets it says it also can any one thing if you give it. Just like that don't. Does it sticks with baskets testament. If you get an out well the course has been there for almost forty years is going and we are now they're saying it would be a let a couple of acres. I don't know what they give a manhole Nucor says she won in new doesn't want to I don't know I don't played just got to people about who makes me watching Mac I do that makes me want India at. Yet you degraded to get so frustrated I think I might be as is that a light golf. I mean I don't like you should do this golf now and on and Illinois. Every day you throw a frisbee is there and nearly got out. I know you're dock and go ballistic experiment. At the park I don't know I just feel like there's plenty of room for about Cuba in the video of those guys have their downs with the yeah this guy I have a question. I just think there's a true there are so proud Yasser let's say cost a million dollars to redo all of this studies all of the work all of the architectural. Design gonna cost them. It costs a lot of money to build stuff. I know to actually build an animal started building got to do engineering surveys I think one of the places in town had a drainage problem. And they actually it was a waste site where one of the Mediterranean from his army engineering and is a very big deal when it comes to picking sides for large. Complexes. I think gonna lose a whole course. I do think that the being blind proportionately. Cases even experience. Aniston he said the they have a team and finalize lake where everything's going. I mean it's a figure it out I guess I just feel like in the many golfers this people wanna go to the city and get a bonds issued for their mini golf course and take it to the voters and explain their case using their problem there is some of the people that have capsule park a lock. Don't earlier eyes diesel because our parents. No it hasn't that you are as the end it's just now now it's been fine for Ohio is the marijuana now that's back it's. For awhile hasn't it and so I I don't know over there united sign. It's fine I was over volatile and allows them to buy and I just think it's funny that people I. I get it I just sinkers broader question that's not what I had record gets a nine year old golf course or euthanize a bunch of animals I don't wanna euthanize one Adam. I just I was asking if it came down to it. I don't wanna be out of the golf course fairly I don't wanna euthanized. Any animal because of the golf course or the pepper and is feeling ideologues out I have to do. Why can't you just move KE get a new course so mark can you put the bang out and done that yet it's a big pain or are going to a whole lot for a minor seating they were OK removing a few holes. OK but now like the whole thing I don't would be my daughter's room to do about it the people laid off I don't play golf I don't know I'm asking this question do people like to play the same course every day. They play it. Where do I like to go around and try different courses. I know there's different courses there's a wanna frame shine measure of hard I think and I'm sure bevy of other on a budget pars but I think. The months apart the most famous and rightly they did a World Series there are gonna. Golf has curbed gulf whatever disc golf as what the news said that but you know it via Black Eyed Peas. Of course it's animals like I don't want an animal to die and we always do you wanna get in our cars in June. And you now see clauses of set I got taken out cited high lob god like I've got that our effort wise would you rescued eyewitness. My god which I rescue and show you one thing real quickly let's look at these one more time OK everybody wants is for is the does he can't have that he's gonna chew through the but let's look at the frisbee. Golf. Like if your guide edited a whole let's see what it looks like. If your forcing me yes I vowed to idol that's GA you're forcing me I go animals it is hard to move. Votes. Verses in up to giant park like you say it's all part and tears it's that they don't wanna give up the course they know what I understand and appreciate. Right my trying to crap on anybody here. But I cheese dog using cities Obama says we need more diesel higher I don't know why it went from. We'll take three holes and a golfers like that it just golfers like Ortega. And then now it's different thousand of them. There's a thousand of them. Sound if you are forcing me to pick animal shelter wherever said I'm forcing you a disc golf clarity Jan rice I choosing animals in one eye looking album yes it's always well work out for about that is what I my hope this death because there isn't room earlier about little. Think it's it's a stick with a garbage you know. It'll work out for you. Right you're getting new course. Or you walked and I'm sorry. I think is gonna move we're in but the animals. They're still in animal shelter. Kill the animals just called world's. And senator that Texans and jaguars. Yeah BC didn't like it is a sports exist. Decent lies stop an animal shelter it's not a gas station inside and summons as it makes no sense in the middle of the car I think it's so funny it's an is is the course is there already moved it and shelter again I don't realize this golf sir do you know what it takes to move. A little disc golf stand it's not as much McCain just can we be realistic about what's happening. Whereas they shelled terror. In the park where they are planning on building. Many of those so now they haven't aired on the plan process aware that the right course is it going to be near the dog park. Does that make sense. Army and now I'm not they'd. Planner engineer architect if they don't want so that's why I would think that would make sense because there's already an awfully each. Dog park where and it lets and DB I name now the back there is. But not where the do you see you early in the off leash dog park as they were having a serious discussion about how late. The rights of freeze because a player and like nobody's laughing at this. Now all I'm not happening at a hearing merely on all fabric well I yeah I mean I don't think. You know it's a beautiful park most people don't know. I have never in there and it infuriates me and there's a group of people that have been enjoying the park. For almost forty years and why. And screw them now because I don't like that okay because now people are deciding it's cool to go to South Park. People learn despite its cool yeah it is they are a parent guy there. In. Man. Guy race. I shelter in the park is genius because well people are playing outside income half on the animals and adopt that didn't. And I think this golfers. And I don't sense. I think they want to tell you this. I think eco I bet next to each other I think he can do it together I cannot believe like some days I feel like I woke up in the wrong universe. There we are seriously. Having a serious discussion. About not moving frisbee golf. Trashed I it's okay. Why did you like that because I could I because I have to Galatasaray how did he wind or the other I'm not I jazz hang gays can't be about that at. I've they're making it. Where it seems impossible to do vowed and I'm telling you small part has got DM adds in there's plenty aromatic. I'm athletic Arab and answer your questions and again here's a Leo take that very angry people have more rights than anything animals. Guys were talking about a froth course. Right. We're taught that's all we're talking about and people are getting this. Upset about moving. Trash kids. Right. I think she. And I I it's not that it's lather but the problem worse over in mission Kansas with a cameo as an insult park. It's already there. And they have one of the guardian green like hey we're in takes real it's been there certain. And I really do feel lying for a long tie game and that's why people went to sub par. I and that's why slope are still exists it was used by being what you are still exists because of frisbee golf. First I mean let's take a minute it hit the brakes on where's your history it's your source. I just pulling out went my and I have been using slope park where decades but perhaps they had Ellie they've abandoned it clearly what I I want my hikes threes well aren't. A lot of it is an every man and I'm not job brownie I removed. Well when I'm going through there there is empty swimming pools. Just silly why why are we utilizing so hard I saw the will of the group the one group of people that have been utilizing it you're gonna punish them. When there's clearly plenty of room for everybody. People who live in Kansas City, Missouri it's useful part every day. And it's not the one group of people is not. And it got efficient came we distill this down to its essence like you can say all the work you put into it you can talk about all the forty years you can talk about the history. At the end of the day. We're talking about. Frisbee. Golf. Right. Yes I would expect this level of passion if we're talking about Casey pet project pursue the canoe royal stadium. I I why it's a little pet project there really isn't great idea and he's not JC pet projects fault it is. Whomever that these designs to gather and in. I didn't yet now we add some length here is what gives back they can move it out and it just. Eight iron out. Take plan really it or not one or the other yet figured out make about happy there is plenty of room OK but and okay. And whomever he's solved it was that didn't plan accordingly to what should eat it and not get paid every deal. If that's the that's that doesn't make any sense because it may actually physically have to go there for the structured to work. I can't imagine how much waste and water. Is needed. It's attempted to have a shelter somewhere and again at believe it was there one of these shelters had a problem with drain. Thank you there was case you've ever I think I think so I gotta tell yeah. I understand everybody's passion but at the end of the day it's not that hard to move that stuff. As long as everybody has. Their place in the park OK I'm fine but it's really got weird in here well because you need it weird he made it one or the other and there's no reason for it to be an idea that I'm asking you. If you distill it down to its absence. And it comes down I'd say I'm higher power and for about and if it must be there was that then I issues. Clearly no animals I'm just saying more and people's recreation verses animals dying I doubt animals die yes of corners takes the feeling out of the city of Kansas City the constituents of voted to give them a bond right to find a place. To put their shelter 'cause they needed a new shelter because they do such good work for all yeah absolutely they do fantastic record. And and no one is denying that and they have every right to be here as the voters in Kansas City has. Said it's OK they spend an invalid and I am I just feel like. It's a non issue is there's room for both at all. There is room for okay disc golfers there's room for Casey pet project seems to be a non issue lucky and we. Cut out this in motion that exists in this discussion listen to this. You can minimize disc golf all you want Danny I wanna read that again out loud you can minimize disc golf. All you want DNA but disk gulf. Heaps will park alive. And can we not say. That maybe that sentiment. Is a little ridiculous. I am saying that. No I don't think it's ridiculous and I really don't because I think a lot of very few people right now as it is probably utilize the pardon. And it is. The most beautiful part that I have been to Elton in the Kansas City metropolitan area and Miami trailed nerd. Straight out right now like I am I go and seek out like why not why I am I trying to go everywhere. And some people do it far more than me like I'll run into people on the trails a multi about other line because there is running down. And discover new areas because I haven't trailed herb that's well part to me is by far the most beautiful and it's fast in its huge. And I love that he ball out of Arab usually I'm down at present on the trail there. That and our experience that your experience. Is is is I'm not saying experiences will park it would be wonderful. If more people are utilized acting out. You're gonna punish the one group of people that have been utilizing the park if that's the only place logistically where it fits in more work than that's when asked as long as the golfers that just golfers have a place to go and mean and I think they should keep a little bit of that course and well I think that's very funny but I don't want one animal to die I think. I think I saw some analysts say it would cost 250000. Dollars to move the course. Well if I I don't know where that estimate came from I didn't theater here in the story. But I'm up all I can do a lot cheaper than that or I can get a post told digger. I. I can order these things on Amazon front and a nine a bop. Yeah. Steroid the end is that the children and our tails so I didn't sell to their but then what are we gonna we're gonna it's experience or. I don't know we're gonna see tires that are parks Gandhi an enormous then. That I actually editing is god damn enormous amount of isn't it like. One of the largest parks in any metro in a city. In the US something like predict late acreage that's actually and actually in a prop a city proper like a metropolitan types city isn't it and I Ron here because it's so enormous. This is a ridiculous discussion it's a huge huge huge gap sparks. That's totally under utilized NC. It is as I would live there I told you that why you put your hand there. I think they should give out property there. People kind of live every got to keep it heavy legs Jackie B cap and right. Alia gig can't screw with the park with the nature around you know I think yeah yeah. Anything. Anything. Well anyway I think there's room for about dumbing people choose there is room for both that I can't say I'm saying that they do little guy Hoffa at the level of emotion involved at all of this brain for eight barely any quality on all of sport that is it that popular. Okay. More poverty and even. I think get this because just because you don't do it does mean is I'm poppy I'm not saying it and I'm pretty got the Hampshire not the disc golfers want an animal to die not a lot many guests that they do not want them lion and a that I did you overdue and you like you don't know you know and I'll pop there is I agree. I'm not saying. Anything except for in the scheme of all the sports that exists. It isn't the most and I love comedy as I area that's yes I get it comical. One of my good prep Everett he placed we know little engine that could be Central Park in I think Manhattan I don't know if Central Park is as big. As far as acreage goes. I believe so part is bigger and go to Iraq and that Central Park. Is being. These these were part and probably has probably there isn't bigger I may again see this is where it's like you don't I don't I thought I read that well park was I don't know. Somewhere and write and I could be rock yeah consumer you tell. Somewhere I read I thought I want to not a right it's like the actual well like a grade sky is and is it nor written and it's 1805. Acres. And how many 1800. OK how they is. Central Park. And how many acres central. No need to be a Dick who's I had I not hear the whoever's tax. I'm IBO light to New York's usually the auriemma. Eight I think so burgeoning air I don't. I don't I don't know that it is like I'm telling Iran it somewhere. Sent a person is these changes. So you mean. Musicians trying to. Not only that I go to the rallies are getting gag could be right now you entities to twice the size. New York's Central Park yeah it's crisis and I had read that somewhere it attracts all by the way nobody goes there it is tracks two million people a year so far more Central Park zillow. Slow and it includes as do so and endangers our air. Yes you can't discount the I can't umpire. Our cities you cross that Clark like your in the I carefully we got him but about weddings today. We got a question I just clients or anywhere any trial any app there's no reason in and of I than any evidence I just I can't believe how I'm comical everybody thinks this is. I feed the comedy and I guess I I'll CAC layer three. Sound can't. Or five children. And yeah mark. You're right. In it gulf rent and I saw the story at. You know what they're still remember this golf course must still human and animal shelter right that's why it's important here. But if they end up without this golf course. Then south so be it. You guys will survive. I promise. You'll eat an outline any animals dead or I don't think. Then why don't we'll never forget never forget these frisbee is don't run they fly. Yeah happened. Who let this go from zero yeah. I've been down for that Marat you know why is money just golf. I've only a couple of thoughts feelings you would that I'd be here paying man you be great at a half empty bullet he'd be a popular disk golfer. I think mark's. I've done one in west though it. Matty still in the nineties so I don't know I have them going to know so. West don't put our roots rockers is fine and calm and reasonable reasonable and rational. That's what we all are. We can all win and wind Witten no need to argue and fight when we get on have everything we want. And writes and writes wow. What parts of the first largest municipal park in the United States even those ligaments and work it I know is bigger than Central Park does that mean huge impression on me. Because that's god damn bad play any room for everybody. Why don't they put the disk gulf. Park right next to the dog park and the dog it is actually they dock hard it is our readiness an important thing I mean next to the dog shelter and that the dogs chase the prisoners for exercise not a bad idea just tuning closure. In down here on out. They're not they need just a planet they can cause it. We got Tim Price is 67965. City planners architects and. And you're gonna querying we know every. We got a guy he's got a little run I don't know yeah I am re not at all out Gloria I'll have. She. Use EM. Some anti science and speaking of irrelevant things they can die let's stare down whatever DJ supplies or Danny goes to make his music in quotes who put an animal shelter there. I don't there's no disease expert opinion. Arcane law I mean I just seem like really bad team here.