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Tuesday, September 12th


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Take yeah. Gloves and millions venture Danny's here emergency air. You Q and Beck tonight. At Erekat. Think supposed to interview back rarely an air engineer cure your new own show. How does that count and you can feel like it's hard to back before on the phone now yeah receive a thing years ninth. I thought he was nice here right there I think are retreating ice insists you know. Who think they're real question is I don't remember I don't believe that I don't remember yeah. South. We'll try this again yeah. Yeah I think. It's early now from. I'm excited and yeah answer to come with me. A mom and a neo Ambac not. Clear areas. Do better without me. We're back yeah I don't know yeah. It's just comes down yeah OK yeah I day yet. What's going on in the world are tomorrow we've got to tags that tell you out. Yes tomorrow Wednesday tomorrow's Wednesday I that scared and then. We announced her now counts costume party right danced joy small pools. Other bands tickets go on sale for freeloaders Thursday. At a discounted price if you're not a reload or you can text three hundred nineties I 00. To become one or log on June 9 six Amazon com. Not long been canonized him as a common. Become and that in any idea what's going on world GAAP. Well first let's just deal with something stupid locally. Early break. Sorry it's attendance slide and Intel occurs one point. So does that stupid movie it coming out. Now in it's stupid movie about a clown that kills people are gonna tell me. Where there's a cock I don't know. I think that climbs hot okay. Is it has scars darned is that his name FC. It is scars scars I think so it's not Alexander. Yeah I do anything else do related or not. Casts and 2222 term to. Think Paul Bill scholars star's death as he related to you. The U you like bill scars guards do it's like Jack White Ijaz yes. Now that's not why and think that Nadal. Is he related to the other stars Gartner and I feel like somebody did that cars are yeah I think. I think everybody's a star is guard from Sweden I have been able to actors seven siblings Alexander goose off he is Brothers fail. Vaults are Mike kind. Whose jobless Gasol. It's. What is your stuff Lagarde I don't know Gustave. Gustav does have a Wikipedia page allowed cameras these are below your stop dizzy hot and good stuff and I need to be guy from twins. Of the stars guard family. And I'm sorry your thoughts your brother is. But it is bad. He's not is not as hot as his brother out of these optical or does soccer stuff is the stay NS of scars garden C zero. Why does Yahoo!. He's a seat is actor. They're all asked Turkey's best known outside Scandinavia for his role as low key in the History Channel series vikings. Not as successful of those guys start while there's one successful. Scores aren't I guess tune out well what Carl Bolter. What does he do he's enacted to is this scientists Gallup Stalin skies guard wait a minute says they're normally wait a minute. The scars yards day that is still in stars Gary Arnold there is this you do right you do. If you see the avengers he knows guys Gary. That's Alexander starters Darren I think it must be because he's listed as. The father of do we stop scars scars. Oh boy alive. People about them once one person on the terrifying ones is like his dad is still in scars gardez insane. So. Business cards guard for everybody. Still stars are Alexander's my favorite you're glad Tarzan and what is another show this guards guards show with the data. And Alexander. And Bolter. They should have that they should be like the Wahlberg and Jews stop damaged Berger did jazz stars guards. Guards guards. Scars guards Barney's yes sir Swedish meatballs and fish tear really is likely tear gas. I can't believe it's still in stars guards. I'll well my mind is blown anyway back to it for that bank. So I guess yeah the guy can get Valentin right yeah he was used the guy won the field's medal. I didn't know that that was your damn mind blower right now I. To any store cards zero idea Arnott seemed to let his guards. Through. It live if memory sizes and that is Alexander's brother. Is is stupid movie that's in about his super clown. Because people like stupid things. That scare them sometimes which is fine I guess I don't understand the big hullabaloo about a movie it's already come out and about a book that everybody's I didn't read it. Anyway. So in the movie I guess there's red balloons. You know K they're red balloons. The 999 album and it's certainly not nothing left there are no loans they're tied down until I greats are great sound and this. So somebody tied red balloon to assert grade in. In now grand view Missouri okay. Guys Canadian pop culture over how does not get these things and because we're an oh well I'd I'm sorry I didn't spend my. Time studying for the scars guard test. They realized that the scars guard fairly was like pop culture. Writes like everybody's talking about the scars guards I think some Palestinians. Helpful in life you have bad living. Got to balance that out right there's a good balance. Between pop culture and life I can tell yeah exactly Popeye everything in life is good balance right. I mean if your big scars guard Fannie earliest guards guard correspondent fine but don't act like your pop culture whiz continued Stellent scars guard as a father of Alexander vaulter reduced often bill break. And three other children and three others nine Wikipedia's guards guards. Anyway so parents are parents saw the red balloon tied okay. They saw the red glare on that and coming out of the sewer grates. Cash okay so what are the parents do. They went to grab it they call the police. I think culturally because you know that movie Vick coming out obviously means is a better file trying to murder your children or something like that. Pleasing grand view agreed to do extra patrols after a mother spotted one of those red balloons half a block from an elementary stall. Does that count intelligence they have probably. Well whatever verdict heard it she doesn't give a reference letters. I just think this is weird to people get so freaked out about a balloon tigers are we are so. Bike inches away from just chaos at any given moment like give a red balloon tied to a certain race. Can make you fear for your children. I don't now I don't now as. I don't know the movie I don't know the facts. Evidently you don't know pitching out right I mean. Yeah happy clearly because it tells you is that I thought it was a scars guard Ramel that's how it went down this homer and the red balloon lasted all day. I didn't make it through to react say let the balloon up is that we call the police. But they let the balloon up until the kids got out. Apparently there are ten red balloons tied to sewers and oak grove is what somebody else here's. Real I think maybe it's what's terrifying about that. What is on a resolute who had cash shoots well well well. That now they get off. Now it's taught me a minute just. Re going coffee in the new year and finally got on the that's the important thing on me that's the important thing how my god I hate the smell of coffee. Right on Giuliani and gas cheeses that are worse than that dried wilder play because era. This dried syrup and your yeah. Anyway there are rights oh man is a really troubling story don't have time to get into because it involves loading nobody really cares. Think I'd try and fight your real life that's fine I mean that's cool if like you get really upset about what somebody says on the radio I think you have a you have a real problem with not understanding that this is for entertainment purposes only and if I'm making you feel something I'm doing my job. Move move us made easy up. Well I know it Ted Cruz feels. I guard tankers go 00 Ted Peru's. He lights. A pornographic posts late yesterday. On Twitter any Internet allows state and it was a great moment I mean really it was like. We're all filthy perverts even Ted Cruz even though he sits up there he pretends like he's not. Artery out what. Did he liked exactly widget please describe yes I would be I would be I would be happy to think here I would I would be very very happy to. He light. A it's posts from at sexual. Posts. That's SE XAICHUALL. Two wells I don't don't follow. That. What is it again examining go to their twist or pat sexual. I'm letting. Surged to enter a guy acts. Of sexual. At sexual. Posts and sexual patents does he follow that. Now I mean how do you Eli did I had sexual prowess yeah yeah there's only sixty followers while. What an idea how I mean and how did he fight attic outfit. You with the which you elves you know at that I'm on the wrong Coca Coca I was gonna say they it is a way to a sixty farther to take truth. They have to be at the next coming of of port Jesus I just sexual post yet they shall posts CA SE XUALL. Posts. Are hearing. Follow what seemed at Ted Cruz watches. It's. Eighteen plus eighteen plus follow that lesbian thinks he's simply for more yeah. So your band is all right so they got over 600000 foul deaths of entities six CNN oh wow yeah going to the media affection OK. Real Asian express how count. That that the when he liked I know you liked that a woman who caught a couple having sex and then had a master bankruptcy is a turn on I read a little bit about this I heard it was imam walked in on her children I don't know if that's true I mean I have. Also why is it isn't like mas maintains a sudden because it's like you know had not easy to step but it doesn't matter how much I am not support seeming tapers. Keep that in mind right. 'cause lord knows. And trying to final and he liked what I am doing is enjoying the fact that Ted tanker is inadvertently. Outed himself as a filthy pervert. And that is good because now we can be honest with himself about his own sexuality. Ray and that he needs to stop judging others because if he doesn't want people to judge him. Or his incest porn then perhaps maybe. He could look at others and opponent and get I know what that's the weirdest part though is it has been. I don't know how many hours and he's still a few easy than people would. June 16 AM this is why his spokesperson said okay I'll get this those persons had some bad news T 16 AM is the lawyers. Offensive tweet posted on Ted cruises to cap has been removed by staff reported to Twitter. Why your report says the letter he liked it. Do you think he liked that about why he reported Twitter anyway why do you care. Like you've got busted liking it now you're gonna report you use didn't throw it away like he used up toward peace toilet paper I don't think so right outside I don't base at tech crews there is. There is a staff members that probably is the countess yeah that's what I'm thinking if they had done that why wouldn't they just come forward and immediately squelch this thing by getting a staff member to fall on the sword it's been over like fourteen hours he doesn't know how to respond because it was yeah. Right. If it was a staffer they couldn't put out a statement says immediate spokesperson panicked and puts of the out there before it was all hands on deck. And so instead of just getting her out to be like that was an area I think many people have access to the camp we are making judicious somebody forgot to switch over to their personal account before. But now and mean on the buzz around radios silence are up 24 hours overseas like whatever you want nobody can judge you. There's a lot of our writing. And me. At sexual problems yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that is writing when you can cruise opens twittered tomorrow. He's never gonna over Twitter again he's got like 27 million notification with. My guys I love them although how many times did you inadvertently. Like so I'm paying I'm not judging takers like our Ivan I don't care what I learned my lesson about what. Right sure you get that. It's five like would you like yet. I don't it's when you try to restrict others liberty he's ten years ago. He argued in front of the Abilene Texas Supreme Court that deal goes in pocket the diners should be illegal break. Did he also want that band. He won in dueling views if you wanted to be important that would be really unfortunate. It cruised to do so here's the thing about Twitter though. That you should just be those things or maybe go unnoticed that now people like console them. We'll show up on everybody volley yeah and hours they'll be like a rookie like this race. You press on I don't know why he's night. Which one. Also I mean I don't understand. Our thing I have found an idea I gotta go here and I ended up okay 'cause I'm. Because I'm a few days ago one day. Four daisy moon now has a three losing. I'll find it. Alex this line where the girl walks and yeah that's the line. Yeah AM this is now and let's see Corey chase was one of the X rated actors in the bidding you know and I'm just I could I have more and our prayers. Thanks for watching and Yale. Honestly sounds good taste in foreign. This is not the first time Cruz has been associated a carnal pleasures according to New York Daily News. As a fledgling law clerk Chris said he once search for hardcore pornography using the term. Cantaloupe. Alongside retired Supreme Court justice Sandra day a quarter Conner for your keys that. Ten and say it daily get organs go to this. And I. Let's say. Up. I assumed former state solicitor general 2007 tried barring Texans from buying sex toys by penning a failed arguments stretched for 76 pages. One time attempt to prohibit sales contradicted what one witness had to say about these senators futures sexual encounters. Quote takers things people have a right to stimulate the journal's. As college roommate this to be new belief of his and quote Craig Mazen depleted last year it was takers is college remains. And a camera that now. I remember him coming he's home I heard it's okay until the burglar Marge Goldberg regularly you know at Miami the filthy pervert. You're sincere in your emperor bird goodness yes. And the president Robert Byrd remembered from each other god bless America right. I don't have to repress that crap you're the right person well you know yeah it was that are pricing is not only heads. Other people other people that's a problem low warning that he can't even contain to have it available anybody. Is he like Stan I wondered why I ask us here is what I saw Watson together and agencies that make it normal for everybody else do you guys watch for an. Not really because I'm afraid of the light stuff I mean look I got porn agreement little. EJ yeah important sometimes I don't have any premium in my time and now. That's basically about you I don't usually just watch for a few porn stars on Twitter and that every time you do it. Everybody does makes that like it modes yet you like and and I say I'm sorry I like so PG. Judge me who's so Fiji supports a what you look like. A big moves to back those besides videos and got pregnant doesn't sound like pictures and print. He did Jim that I heard it yeah yeah let me tease him if you do that okay sure. Let seeger made and I Qaeda lightly say Seattle. I I met yet trust that you know again I mean yeah lots of milk bars and wants all pull out like all is a Ted Cruz stole word and it's okay ranked it's normal light board is abnormal to lobby against other people's sexuality using the federal government in light part. You see Ted in so. Well I don't know which and so tedious and I guess of this on let's say was a Twitter you can just goes out again. You look at Sophie gets very wet you like a soapy deep post on Twitter let's get scandalous. I can't ever let your well oh okay who is the only. I team didn't ego. Rubbed out which one. Please stand or like way back when we Rihanna banks couple years as Louisiana having does these the end. OPG and. Yeah I got. You have so EG live's icon buddy a feeling that's an ad. You know yeah I mean this is her I mean I know but I feel like Russian jazz have enormous brass yeah. I know Israel I don't know. I may be permanent. Pretty. And a very toe to assure them. I mean he's not wrong. She does duck clubs I'm not liking her focus. And audio like some like Indy casting. The spectacle tattooed girl image with swallows on her shoulder as amateur I like fate amateur. Until I am making I share your answer I professor my body lie in fake canisters that up. Now now now OK but I don't know I don't like and I'm watching foreign I don't like to hear cameras snapping in the back of Owen like holiday where you're not supposed to be claiming it is the director yet there now it's different when they're like the director and they both get behind home. You can't. Get along well. Yeah and but it's app when their unintentionally here snapping a camera right make a hall that might. Is the work with a bit of a hole like this will be good album car and it never got an album cover and important. I don't now is that what they're doing that I wanna like YT. Picture for America's may have yeah I get it I don't understand why can't they do that's exactly why I'm. This isn't doing to commemorate the moment I think we've all been there understand I'm gonna make any. It. Tankers should do porn I would watch that a whole man. We're proud of Lisa and did an Alon Palin baby yeah as energy density but she's really you know what I like about at least in Jesus diversity season. I am all right.