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Thursday, April 20th


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Good grief. How rat. I don't traveled and are dominated. Danny. What as the new voice. That was that was a new voice users that are similar yeah yeah yeah that's a different playing you Vince has that went out. No it just came to me and the world debut. Now it's over games are only am I about have a game you know I guess how long it no I love it its dominant state. Who's this I thought I was kind of meeting and India I know but. That's why I think I really loved it innings have any kind of sounds familiar it was about towns like me and I'm in China and I bachelor there speaking. We'll do that later. And then TNT that's going on your own well there's stuff going up on an. In the world I tell you write. That jazz well. Do you use male or female sexual enhancement products. In. Tests. Now yes I mean I'd be terrible because we don't know those Chinese are bills until tomorrow if you don't know I don't see that link would be considered lubricant. No I mean that's significant enhancements I mean elect. Enhancement. And enhance an anti you said. I face it in other word I didn't know you are now I face him like an and then. And I was like what is in an Hermione and state Bloomberg now I mean like it's like I'm so that I don't take any pills or you've done it don't herbal supplement and a what about and for non sexual things you take in your ginkgo below book your personality I'm pretty much strictly twelve pharmaceutical Horry count down yeah. Mean vitamin PH. Now sometimes they'll drink it's easy drink or interesting avenue or play got to do some maintenance. I mean I try out you know you don't wanna light had quite a few bad Jesus and yes I do that and everything else that comes from a script pet. Pretty much well a number of male and female enhancement products. Are being recalled. Do you do on declared ingredients. That. Yeah that's does have DA approved now to the FDA matters not good stuff I had any of those stars of the Breda gins and if it does not matter Jimmy you have because I felt worse things and I'm Ina so I'm not judging and by the drew does think about anything and her. Organic herbal supply. Announced it is conducting a voluntary recall race. Yeah because they all logs of uproar. Who more. Direct. Monkey business what are those things extract. Rick talents I'll extract tornado. Z daily big and hard. And enhance are all natural male enhancement capsules. Now you used enhancements Schnur. He GO in his herbal ones and you know I mean like you know if I was gonna grab one. Here in that drove me down there. Oh here we go over the ground well I mean like the pharmacist here on an over the Reverend Wright aren't. Our can use any mail enhance its. He grabbed them microphones so delicately. I never have you never have. They sure yeah you go account Carter page on us if we ask you if you follow up questions I want indeed today it's okay. A whole coffee costs in who. Ooh I was like excuse me and sent around here and I I'm Natalie Allen at eight. So at least I've never daddy is the enhancements. Organic herbal supply incorporated. Announced it is conducting a voluntary recall. Of all lots of uproar. Come more Iraq's marquee. Business. Extract her talents tornado Z daily. Big and hard and enhance overall natural male enhancement caps tools. Excuse. Q and an energy drink sir yes oh my god ligaments in his Qaeda IE. Kimmel comes turn nine and and not come. Learn loses loses with this listen Korean Food and Drug Administration the products contain. Ten dollar fail. Which is an FDA approved drug. Used for a town this function I think it's hilarious and erect tile dysfunction drug is named. Tied the bill. What does it looked it up the bill is called the dot net Nadal looked at ala bill out of Dallas left and the why they call that what hey idiots why isn't there are exiled his budget Bill Hall to adopt. Right Erin makes sense right die yet I don't armed yeah I don't do that Pennington I wonder what it would be like now. Mean I mean I'm not a productivity is also recalling. Correct for women. And live B dot Max. That may be dominating PM Macs no lap. I do you look sick try to say that that's our line is though we are going to say. Libyan ex. Wilson of the the BMX the Peter Max de La. Lab either Macs jewelry make some island beat Max out. Bet they say the pride that product contains Philip bands are in an empty air purse fruit. Proved. Prescription drug for hypo active sexual desires sort of basically they're giving you the do voluntary recall these were giving you medicine that works. Like black man. Being. Tiny. Look I know these are both tours give us those that break they actually add the man as there are working gap. Store and they recalling them there was some news. Well that's as it gets about. It. I don't know that means it means he's got actual medicine and and that's why they say you know two dollars those active ingredient in C galaxy eight. Good morning. See Alice is stupid vision meets is up. Asked Alice needs better commercials lol it's that I have to substitute. I found out the bath Bill Clinton think about this. The bathtubs and that's laughing there's two year old does yelled at. Stop Motley. Wait a minute Poland. How could see Alice. Has two people into separate tubs. So like when you take Seattle its own mother you wanna Girardi later and push the tubs together. Is out I mean like that makes no sense shouldn't be in the same tab are hot tub. It's since hagee if and I cracked open man was very happy about a hot tubs are tanking. If early two of these. Brown above ground. Over brown above ground you know they created a bit is guided tacky brown above ground. We are gaining ground hot tub that doesn't exist so it's in ground. Yes into a hot tub flushing with the ground. Yeah like next up we'll all you've never seen those. Surprised your mother think they have I am very I have shack house. Hot tub. App and that I house. Fans it's in the ground up. I seen those before a FI I would try and yet again Iran is Hamlin now in her house. So she doesn't I'm surprised she doesn't I'm sorry that she bought the house that my grandfather Bob when he came back from world to Taba they re do that don't even see he's jurors aren't around and durable and sees things she lot of things are and I didn't leave it in his 1954 conditions don't apologize and knock it down. K yeah apple I realize get a gap I'm saying and that's probably more column or resurrect a monkey business extract it Rick talents tornadoes seen daily. Big and hard enhance their own natural male and hands me capsules. They are Margaret I told me we're Miriam. An area. With the guys saying hot and fat bottom girls you ask that guy exact Meeks algae. Easily anyone income Maria hot time in the back. We. And I doubt it yeah. Not gonna do and not candidate gonna stay the course you can't beat my guy asks doing nine again to. Not. Not but also does everybody when you're writing down the street on your bicycle he started seeing fat bottom girls. OK. Was OK okay red okay it. And you. Bad not a. And logo. That's never had affect my dad's uproar come ours. Facts monkey business extract her talent tornadoes in the daily big yard and had thrown natural male enhancement. I meant that. They reduce hot tub has us I'm reminded anew with a guy. Hey you want to thank the lord give them constantly battling back. I don't get my hot tea. We'll get hot and up until all the bags here we get most of it. Could now be out enough. That was designed for them so soon. The honcho guy wait aren't those guys oust the jets now. Did. Some are handed you some words that orange. Where they've gleaned what porn played placed a warehouse. Foreign warehouse. And so are excellent and half minutes I. Imus Imus not be scenario illegally. A porn. Age would bring me porn and stuff. From this warehouse nowhere this mysterious. Foreign warehouse yes. Where where. And where may I ask how many Google or warehouse. I mean instant I probably a bad idea I'm not gonna like Luke the results yet don't I don't think I am and I'm looking for now it's not that I. No warehouses full for an end. Don't supplies fielder distribution center Abbott also you know the time you know video games. I really think about that. And it's I think Barack me I know an end anyway. Interleague liver hands. Tickling things you know stumbling tickling things. Yeah kind of and stickler. So vulgar. I am not due this is the guy that was IK now just yeah I certainly you have a bar I'm saying. Like some people we really can't handle the word moist. I really don't do French stickler. That ran away get rides tackler is offensive tear yeah that sound at it's something Gerard Depardieu didn't waste. Moist is far honestly has stimulated his value as of the you know I ballet nationally. I am B I I might barely be like it's your Tommy or you're stemming Gator right. The police find her babies. No bellies and shoving your belly nobody wants that child near vale. The things I think it's attached his screen area children shall we are ballet as it was like. It's cute it's gone it's kid's done miles. Oh give observer spoke with the observer. Did I can't catch up to possibly after intense. Though it's an opposite I think as you know the Latino. I think tentacles it's a different stick it. Further friends take our eye on Zurich her hands he Avila and I don't need to get. And he never wins server and it's funny. Item from the golf part does things is this funny cards from any. I mean they have played. He's Syrian my own people where does that come from under scrutiny and he has anywhere and deserved hurt. These days of foreign warehouses called and. In the Al east to I guess this. Days before rounds don't vote. I'll be doing O and track. Try out how lapses I'm hungry yeah. By the way is the unreal of hay dat as long as we're talking about it. Let's zoom way. Of doing that did you hear about the world's most interesting tennis match. Serena Williams won the French Open. Cause are now. And now that a dancer and in no way could be real tennis outing because she didn't well I actually I. I'm she winds pregnant to people he was that the ready to got a pregnant. Is that she's less known as the ready to do dagger LX is so Haynie and yeah. Yeah I'm like jammed in there having a baby he's an inch and twenty weeks and everybody was freaking out because I don't think he can serve and children. That she won the French Open and Pickler wrote this in Chicago vein and use Charlie Lisa and she and her little belly done. And healthy diet it's her it's it's I mean it's not a Tommy about you know it's a valley bound. He got against you gotta give up a little bit of that now leeward what do you think it would take to make tennis and choosing a watched. Have for me and it's great. To watch them play out depending on who's playing and to me it like watching Williams sisters. That interest that was outlet and yeah. How that Monica then. Yeah I don't like the yelling all the time. I can't follow that grunge I can't follow ball it's like that time. When I try to watch hockey and fox tried to make it better by putting a little or is there raspberry your animals cook. I guess is cholera is Mary. Well the raspberry is observer is from the highs in Asia that's hilarious 00. Dogs it's. Aroused. You got it gets you liberals are. No one ever known as the anti hero anything is Herbert. We had preserver conversation before I will give UN Danny. I never had as ever cover is Asian. And he's from the cause he sure you're right. As we so are you in my appearance my dad believes there were. Just basically are raspberry. He can work things out for themselves. Do everything else themselves. My barbecue shown us. There are. Excuse us and to move stepped in France. Use us. After world when it kicks in eagle birdie birdie. I hope I'm dead serious haven't haven't noticed that after one of my barbecues and they have the stunts. People when you get right or wrong. And replace them most and had a couple of good. Upon my table and. Asking him to clean wounds and dirty in the book. This idiotic thing is good is Bob and she saw I got absolutely no book that I stay angled put it off my ass to get a load. Excited to relax. I gotta compliment us yeah. Left in the breathing. Don't you do it and check into these people who school about them. Person's loss. So against the rest of the chicken yeah. She wants it you want they brought him is that he wants us he and actually wants the Gaza reside in eroded I. That's absolutely. And it. Back any particular way you think it's taken away from O'Brien's time in his diary and so anyway that's his story about how bill caused be. Told us he was a rape is during the cause he's the intent. Good anyway real quick. What would make tennis interest seeing wow that's a that's a tall order but the answer is loud sex. Yeah I agree that I signed too why are people still drives that pregnant women can accomplish things I don't know. Yeah she's pregnant. She must be useless is ideal weight tub and Alexis are any areas he's clearly not rendered useless now Adidas and stink feeble dragnet. An outside you can do that and in. She wasn't like eight months pregnant walling. I actually would have been two could have been I met. Eight are you pregnant Serena Williams while RI tennis court shall meet everyday which I can't believe. I can't believe that the ons they cancel. He has a good. It isn't the kids between. Depends yeah I think this'll stores thing. Is she really out. Outing in this time Dahlia and unlike the fate valley last time. America early and those were the conspiracy theories. And she learn how to handle gaming and you're worried about you know rush job front to get from the inside as they did did beyoncé really have that baby I don't know. And I don't know and of course and saying that. Ceaselessly. Because everybody likes a story that that doesn't mean some of the Yeltsin MVP I mean they couldn't you know. Heard beyond fame party Jay-Z. O activism that is alone. Don't. Feel like I said that I put it up in somebody's womb. Catholic. That's what happens and it's aggressive. Mean I don't know if that's an app and hit some of the base amid JC. Got to put it up in somebody's wound up as an anti different. She didn't look pregnant and got arrested park. They made dinosaurs. Known went there may be superstars. What's your baby's name Lou blue. Right no yes oh OK anyway what makes tennis interest thing. Sex. Go to Sarasota Florida that's yeah. And they're playing. There's a tennis match happening. And it originally was reported that there was some adults. Pornography noises being played from somebody's phone nearby. But later on it turned out that it was the couple across the lake in the apartment banging and out listeners on the tennis courts. Now they're playing tennis. And there are across the there across the way our lord means and stands about this and escorts once again love fifteen. Kruger has component deficit situation. Well that is. But the most bizarre situation. I don't know how to put this folks but somebody's phone. Going off. In the scans. Somebody's phone going off. In the stands at an adult. Video of an adult video. Adult video now people across the way people across the way. So here. Very very. Pitino. That is an all timer. That is an Alzheimer. What's it take to be a tennis announcer. In Sarasota Florida that it does not inspire. It's this Sarasota OPEC meeting today and they know how well you can pick that up at home. I'm around. So it's not a lot of days those conservative. But he's a tennis guy so. Hitting the public eye toll yeah. What is going oh yeah. Iron. What is going oh man I've got. So people were. Like getting on in. People were. Eileen Islam and his Twitter pair it has serial it was I mean like make you tear from across a lake an apartment complex again this lovely team. Kruger has component deficit situation. I mean as if as seems to him. I and I thought yeah I hired rocks and I are jam woman who were both varieties. I haven't explained and I asked him Enron I had our guys probably. Lower. I only made. Her I look at what her leg yes. At some point a mother has a covers those years from the noises. And then the announcer has a nice little click here at the end. Oh my god. 4050. Well everybody was looking around to see where that was coming from and finally. Figure out. Temp wasn't a video. What else do we somebody's gonna goodnight. These celebrities now have a good night's. Email. Because we are not out here on the semi pro Sarasota. Open and we're not wallow fire because we're tribe played that day and tell us exactly and so let me in my. Byron Byron dampers and they can't be Mecca like wise it really so upset by the sex. I'm not exempt as though I am upset by the so I think loud sex would make tennis way more intrastate. It is towns in your mind Monica's allies it sounds like you're having sex act girls on the CS has she is having sax playing tennis. She loves it down much examined Sheila contentious Monica Seles still she doesn't say now she is the also may grow owner. Grind turner. In what is yes and hear me out I am not you know I went out. Haas is not comment because I was about what our our voters out there I just want to blow this out there just won't look this up a chair okay current. You know our reason likened as well uses the new Michael Jordan right okay. So like you've got it today. Day in 25. Years since Monica Seles has played compared to add inventory needs pioneers Monica's house. Well we're gonna wicket after British red dots I don't lose that are there. But. It was funny five years is my guess those played tennis you don't think. It they tried to drop one correlation I'm sure and is now one player that does it better Yorkshire I don't think sound you sound like somebody is like. I miss the days of Larry Bird and a Detroit bad guys. On it was a bad boys ask all yeah. Downed lines. I it could screwed it up any better the bad enough insisted the dirt bag guy is not that's not on we are geared to look you're either gonna go home this. And is the right word giant rift that's Jesus Christ and Barrett. The bad boy isn't bruised for our kittens the bad guys the bad guys. Here and do my nose group right. He tidbits that didn't through their organs is probably not find. Aren't we'll do an iPod shuffles soon. At some point. Well Americans back making bad guy and you've got guys sounds like a walk in that was the Mark Wahlberg movie Muslims. No that was the Marines are proud of that is that grounds. What about she also doesn't like something anymore or Billie Jean. Not at his scenario I don't think she granted as much. Time nine down to watch some. I feel like she drives. Thank god because he talked it's not me I just feel feel like. She had very dynamic pair. It was like it was really bad here whether those like guys still helmets very bad and the good Tour de France out of Aaron. There are.