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Monday, April 16th


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Kind of as many as Andrew dean he's earmarked this year I'm Donny gaffe what's going on tomorrow as our story. And like I've side when this story first happened. I I don't get it what's the problem break. What's the story and I. So. Yesterday. I can move tyra Carrie Underwood. But carry analyzed showed up at the ACMs Asean's it's the academy. Musical artistry music currently. That's the only reason I know that the academy of crap music awards. Points of Bonnie is all. With that Shelton yeah down she looks amazing. The average does not age I clicked on a thing emotive pictures of them there was still you know celebrity against. Gwen Stefani and yeah she looks fantastic. I don't know Rob Blake shown Zune jury. I mean she's always look good but I don't think she's look better. This is 48 half. She looks great anyway that's I was perusing through photos are firmly child and that's no easy answer yesterday so ACL sapping Carrie Underwood shows out grand let's just. Carrie Underwood returned the stage her first television appearances injuring her face. Which require forty to fifteen students. Donors is because I got these things as you and all I everybody was you know she says before she came out she's like my face looks a little bit deaf friends. Yeah now Everett is like we'll OK like I. I don't I just a matter whereas those of its kind now I have a question and then here is here a couple of articles that came out today after she performed it just reel Batman you ask current and no one seems to think Carrie Underwood to face looks different after her accident okay go. I'm wondering ship plastic surgery and made up this whole ice thing. Well and flipped on the eyes look here's my quick everybody was saying how brave she was and blah blah blah. She's amazing she's a singer she's a millionaire. She fell around you brokers. My mom fell down and broke her wrist a couple years ago. She. Actually uses her hands geologist uses her hands she had to go through a lot. She does and does not every day Americans go through a Carrie Underwood went through and they don't get special celebration. Because she came back from a broken wrist you the singer. Well you shouldn't be broken wrist and her face she's a singer let me see would you have flagged as you look at all never know she looks the exact same. I can't even see a scar on her face. I think he saw wake up people I know but still when you make such a big deal and you say oh this is there and like you haven't performed disappeared from public life. For this long and you come back over a wrist injury a thing. I don't make it would cut US broke his job and he did Jesus walks I broke his job a little white anyways those dollars broken definitive record. Did you have any air. I'm wondering issue and a plastic surgery. We're not getting the full story the Ayatollah there. That's what I'm saying and gut. I understand there is something else's story but furthermore beyond that I don't think it's a big deal for somebody to come back from a cut on their face or broken wrist when they're Ers are. While analysts her nose is all left out because I mean you know. That has didn't say enough about you know this well. I just think that might affect the way you say ready and say she had a nose injury. Yeah yeah yeah out of practice fifty stitches in I have to thing camp somewhere. Some of her nose confederate nasal passages some day they went abroad the nose and it we never saw picture of carry post injury divisions that one picture but her whole face is pretty much cover a present for her eyes that's right like it wasn't like you don't see the PR EC Will Ferrell got a rollover accident we saw a video from the scene today. Right you got enact that plan that yesterday edited before the okay look at it got next we saw a video from the scene today. We don't see carry out our. Plus it was a her house might have been like inner drive and was at our house but still you go into a close vote. I think she answered. Erica I mean whatever it is I think it's silly that she's getting a lot of accolades for coming back. Saying it its debt say because I think everybody has these Powell says that they spent how they want on itself. You know players I guess in Vienna. I don't care I that's wired high as like I'm like mine c'mon guys right come off and like this ridiculous at the and they don't she's still got a voice she's still wonderful singer singers are still incredibly successful. I don't think this threatened her income her wellbeing. As far as a career goes at all. And it'll show me the entire process. I agree with that instance she just looked the same pretty much. She should like you don't have to be something just grandma like scars on base. Yeah more brave like Luke Skywalker where Beckett did empire strikes back after he was in a car accident and they wrote it into the script. Had a horrible face injury delivers amen to that Brett. She's still a stunning dispute beautiful she is the uniform and a half talents that buried I mean she can sing I mean I like the music is it to get away ashore there. Huge shark. I would agree that everybody knows securian aren't that everybody's so on and so okay move and mood. Or not. I don't want talk about space like these guys were into the virus. During the virus stuff yes than anything. That was today by the way I was earlier this morning it's a little late do Starbucks in the racism thing this is the horrible things aren't. How about burglars ransacked steel surveillance video from grinder is that the mission taco joints and I tapped. It'll local as local low crime spree blending their objectives and a. Are marked as you mentions. Grinder suffered the majority of the damage property damage from the early assessments joining me now is Jen just out of she's the bar manager next door at mission tackle another business that was burglarized. Gen Tommy what you found when you arrived at work this morning. Well we got to college we all headed in me and we noticed that our side door park last Oregon broken into you. We were able to see much past that crime scene is on the scene right now going through everything and we're just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping we can get everything back together. And your neighboring business to the west also burglar I tapping gas we have a connecting door and said they were able to get two I tapped as well. Greg act just don't know a whole lot at this point like that crime scene is she would've. Crystal apple eats sees get a good and every she's doing agree actually kept John all our rain now like S the crime scene is investigating how they got there and hope defense did picking up in the second half. Hope the gonna get an arrogant what they need to catch this guy. And it's obvious missing or taken you know everything's really are leery now. I love me in my house property and he's he's thirty cent I absolutely question and later. Important to note though that there is surveillance so hopefully I can go there is hopefully snow. You know this is such a great little neighborhood in. You know writer's house and I Cabral coming together to compile everything it hopefully we can get a pretty nice work up on this guy. And get a figure out. Not the most ideal way to start second prize definitely not definitely not but like that of the currency does their thing in my time to get their get cleaned up and that get open for business. Utica Friday the thirteenth means anything for you today you know not to I was but it definitely not something to this guy causing a lot of trouble down here. She needs to be a spokesperson Janette I think that's why they put her in front oh my gosh. And friendly camera eyes is she's got it so amazed by her ability on the lay it down. And okay since that happened Friday down we now I mean what they checked. Now. Let's say OC begun more updated information. Because it allows owns a restaurant. Any it's broken into all the time now I'm amazed that doesn't happen they just takes dude lake there's nothing laughter registers emptying. That's like what do you they take every one of these at the register there's no money in our at a certain. Manes when he backs Wear the change. So they get this an antique shoot. Yeah I am how much hero leaking is CO. I mean it is not to give up here is a lot in town yeah I think she's you get as much as you think there. It is Leo it is a see smashing through and ripping they ripped out surveillance and alarm equipment. Is light hits LA we got take up. Surveillance. That live from Italy I'm just when you many great years mission taco and international. Task. That's how they now our surveillance what I did steal as safe but it does say. That's the how they know there isn't say someone had broken into the back of building with a big heavy concrete chunks. Routed to bunch more stuff to get upstairs steal all of our DVR equipment so they weren't caption from film. Not a lot of stuff being stolen that a lot of damage. Sizzle and an Aaron like. Smash the place up basically and dragged to saint Simons had to say about the health science they not a detailed description in the burger alerts. Sir said the other across those businesses have faced similar burglaries in recent months ahead. So you know sun's out there Saturday and had no idea. My business as usual isn't it profess to love and absolutely you know it's just. In addition to our company's wanna go ahead make sure they got everything going and one to make sure that everybody I'm pleased I'm wondering the same kind of ability that's a good question. How big a say I don't know underneath and how people use say sorry that this happened hopefully police will be able to. Find who's responsible. Mark that's the latest. Eight. Plan era through again yeah I like Joseph tepid Tom. That Joseph or John jogging gaga laugh everytime I see him I loved him he's a good reporter he's been here for years. Yeah he's always on the streets why station Zia and box four. This is burglarized during the crossroads district. Writers mission taco and I tapped. Crime scene investigators are. Working right now we hope to get an update as information becomes available. And I'm John cut its own box for the. Josh I lieutenant down at the time I jumped on that Geisel area loves combat zone he's nominated since I was a kid now. Really think at fox for the whole time yeah he's been taught to never made it to the desk he's always out now is un about. He's really coming ideas on to Felix yet. He's as they should put me and it does he and anchor that kept its own needs an anchor gig yeah archer he's been paid is do is get a job to tell behind a desk. Do it he likes being in about nobody likes the amount amount everybody wants to be managed as nobody wants you may have on history something now man on the street state thing. Everybody wants biweekly BJ thousands of Nigel Bennett though you guys are doing. It never is anybody else been here as long as John pepper don't. I am not I am behind a desk I don't want them there as I mean John Cho did jell O is already behind the bed desk. But what a. I love local news I. I know you do don't you love and care of her on the head of the box or they have a lot of yen than than theirs is out of the kid yeah mark offered mark golf. And so whether I know that's the guy does morning I was kinda yeah also does realistic. Those yeah. I know way too much about local news yes yes here I don't talk so I only now. Honestly I talked to Amy Anderson Dow KC TV I assure you since our divine and she laughed too cheesy TV time and I bet that it. All I may end up Colombo assures that he's easy times is producer pays to be. I'll open the news people's business yeah you are have I really care about me oh. The morning leaving elected they'll say yes right right have never matter yeah. I really don't know who's on line. You get along Lexus tumors. Did you say about I don't see that he's facing cameras emperor of days since ash isn't any Simon at hunt on now basically similar. Similar like personality rise in things sounds like yeah. She's teamed together for me she's. They've very very very. Yes see that's not only mean well I know but you know personally. Marriage that's which is tank I get along really well and Amy and I love Amy Anderson. Yeah she's really funny my step to this is the craziest thing he hangs out when John Hall right now he's saddened me. It's like coming out drink which I also. He's done well and all the doubting guys they added Jerry okay. Scary. I hear. Anybody else marquee heavy favorites the filling me have been glossed over. The local news he had hurt his chances ninth. Yeah he's an institution. He is super and I have been on for awhile and businesses in lower more at yeah. Amy is always a favorite. Oh my god speaking to low lives people. The on was a Friday night Friday night the weather this happened right Ryan has easy perhaps whether. My wife and I went to we made reservations. I now you went. Yeah Union Station and with a pair pair. She took a time laps of that storm that was coming in over downtown about seven party. Gary les act reaches out jurors like can you send that to me. There's no I have a yes and I wanna talk about it on a play on the news at 1018 and among posted to FaceBook. So she's like cool we just thought it was a cool store right. That think she took a picture of which has a 150000 views right now that that's an odd ends that's her vote is. That was a tornado. That almost formed in had a rotation. Now clearly she's taking map for our viewers I didn't see that stadium part nobody is safe summit monitor that path. The filmmakers are busy bus powder her her iPhone I just I had a good time says it was a tornado. Like they did not. Clinton didn't come they'd like didn't form it wasn't strong enough to bump. But it was rotating it was warmer and yeah it is Rosie degrees and like they were so did Gary these are the Vista uniforms or and a sitting here on like they're using is part and no alarms going off. While didn't form. I am I know I don't now I don't know how that works eyes see his buddy mr. uptick ended up with mrs. rotation I do love heavy and that means Garret she went to morning's very. She went to mornings NASA has and I mean Allentown and fox floor. So I did know Michael maroni. Yeah. Decked out as malaria and his rump institution yeah a lot. I loved he these editorials he's kind of like the John had a top ten on line. Yeah he's just around. Yeah I like damage he's like old school law even there there until now it is you have Purdue Fedora I feel like these guys NBA totally out of pandora I don't know how they got easier cigars are. Like old school pipes. It's out of his math yeah we do a lot ninths. Yeah we are good ink processor a local news people all characters. Totally agree I wanna go back like I'm still my favorite way that Brian has sound banks. I really iceman Michelle vote with them box where she's at gateway then again and that has Bogle would vote with our DOC James are here anymore. Christy ten days and see until he didn't know man who's doing the weathering an easy time. I never acts. Never managed to come and that should come back now I don't know I've I'll say is this case you do I have you know like like I. I mean IE has Busby. Right brain 41 guy Lee Zach yeah. Ford's got so Joseph Lauria. And Mike Thompson Mike Thompson isn't working yet he's the chief means she'd been out my taxes but Joseph Lauria I have. I'm the best video out Gary les act being caught Tyree wound yeah its hull area as he had opposed Saddam irons or Graham a while ago we years ago. It still makes me laugh. He got confused good degree of scrutiny then I. Sheer comedy sheer comedy. Air little's back on TV she was at 41 now she's in jail by. And but that you guys I am your make him I had spent around them any of these people are support your local news person right hate them when the storm is happening what they do those four journalists. I bought a car and drive right that's why John puppets uneasy behind a dusk out. Yeah game with Amy Anderson and Gary I mean anchored that I'd like jump at the tone could reach into the heart of a tornado in and out here it's. It's all down. For him and Mike Mahoney Mike Mullen Mike Maloney of the badgers. And that's it was briefs.