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Tuesday, November 14th


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Yeah. Yeah so it happens revelatory or merely through some bass and now. It's the best meaning here it and I'm hair did never teachers do it's the funniest acts I think we should do committee and then I'd have to roll I couldn't do that. Right and muscular like. I don't know. It's fine it's fine everything's there everything's gone. And rehabbing his thigh and tough town. There's that tough town. TC it's a tough town like wow I don't disagree with Evan I'm wondering what in particular you're trying to think if this is it maybe Marcus one of the toughest towns in matters. In America that hey it's you don't have to in skimming coffee from. There. Cream on the side yet just a regular coffee there an equal on the sides. Thank you that way you're not running around on the town because we need you on the air. What do you want Danny when a coffee for marriage and now. Estimate. The regular co QX ray and from there. Benazir have a good Coke over their mcdonalds yet. Do you think I mean does settlement summit merged. You don't get out and I'll and I know that sounds crazy and I know it sounds around but again it's it's. DNA that's not vegetables and he's just he can't take it is. It's the bell peppers he's blaming bell peppers. Well I was the fire and I made Philly cheese steak for my old lady and he's saying okay. Diana I double covered and any vitamin C announced the settlement Stephanie thought about it. Don't forget to catch I don't money milk no immediate terror bold stroke play it's. There's nothing worse than having diary or attitude during milk. OK can we not just about to eat. Giovanni. Now it's all the Abraham. Well we're Greek nonfat yogurt blueberry on the bottom. I go away. Blueberry hill on the bottom blue Bay Area Nevada owned cited the example that blueberries dig deep Kobe. Thieves steal dancers in car breakage. His thoughts now tough test this that. Can. Arm dentures worth money. Yeah I think so. I think I think I'm not sure they're expensive but I don't I know very expensive but what do you do after their use what they like a diamond ring completely pointless and useless. Like I got my area and that instantly worthless. That in tonight Wales it's instantly is worse than a car. Now it's not an easy by age you can't get out of it. We're really yeah how do you now because that's that you are trying now guys you read about it there. It is. I was sold my wedding ring and I had an IRA yeah. But I lost the diamond. To us. That's I had asked you before he got married in my K. I don't want to diamond. I'd like to intertwined there and it's declined in. Gathered for ever so. I'm glad we are aliens you know there's a reason right we didn't get these two intertwined bands. You never ending circles not together. Out of Iran and at and T I get joke about. I'm not quite divorced yet phase Clinton. So happened re right. This takes time I guess. And owners see enliven anyway. Yeah you don't Dugard. Yeah Dugard now down I thought that you bot of bringing. You don't to get on your wedding dress either and on the homes doesn't do that William me. Just as sort. I don't argue keep the wedding dresses for fifty or throw it away why why what is academy they give it away you're gonna forests denounced general and to win your rest now. It's stupid everything about like in general the idea of the pop insert weddings are private service in surrounding them dark. Wow I paid a lot of money for that that's the most expensive dress I've. Purchase seized caves on the news whose views one time I did see the scenes in LA I get it get it now. Get it now. Clinton is seen it before opt out or Google or where it has been 30000 dollars on our wedding ring why. Start yourself a one foot in the blockage. Well I think a lot of times. You don't do stuff for you. Yet but than you do you have for your family and why is your feeling need to. Hey why did your family that expectation of the I don't know mind does or lying dead and whereas they have one daughter and they're very LAQ now. Do you see what I'm saying here I get it on the although I will say. I ain't. Now. If you can take all the money you have premiere way back and just haven't is it cash gift at the end of the third time they walked you're on the altar. Would you rather have that. Yeah. I mean sesno is a liar but. We are hell. Like my parents to the third we did a third to his parents and everybody assumes and here is he's asked to use the expense of I'm not excusing it let the people who do weddings and like charge you for them. Our scale more so when you meet my tech coordinator wedding planner plan I got this flag I got I got back everybody cares a lot in the job. Well it's a wedding well let me search -- there's a lot to do now is not down there and cursing your marrying in the breeze or whoever it is using yes and stand that is are there any heavy but it wedding together now are why would I want to come and always has time of the money that's great opponent Charlie here as it requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. That I cannot disagree with a guy that's that's when you are boys. And I'm like yeah no I don't that's the warrantless somebody says my wedding dress was 25 dollars and a terrorist or Al. That's the other Blake and down. Did a lot of my in his address everything about marriage the reason why everything about America the reason I can't speak to reason that everything about Mary's as we do a lot of us are also have to fail the first time. Because of all the bull crap. Thank you like a man has beautiful day and he's going to be happy and all the problems. As well. Ranked and you're in dagger Stuckey did would this person legally. You've got some threats can't use again now at some anger around us right now worthless. Even though you spent ten grand on it right you spent how much worse. Did die immediately the flower well I wasn't as flowers this chair covers. Cops came upon. Charge or blamed. Its. You do well. Season. Good. Can't dolls yeah but it was reading to the floor in the floral people all. Were did you lose. And they encouraged me to lie. You. Might not yet has been there in downtown it's just so happy just. Get around downtown dogs are about to start with secrets are often cry. I tell them how about that means like you to have charger played a vital whacked. I arguably are those of you put your phone on to get more power now its complaint that goes underneath the place settings. Atlas silver. Okay when you blocked in to my wedding why do you follow that commander and let that block a blocker to back some first said how many people. Aaron on your 200 yeah. Blip in his play political Blake felt it loads per day at lunch beautiful. Would you not say it would pretty cool you logged into the wedding yeah that's great. At least made it look tonight it's got Greg writes. My wedding dress is address I butted heads up and Lawrence and I'm Bob before we got married his address or just one underwear that's great. I am degree would Danny may when he was about when he 500 dollars an easy. Eight and going through your worst may sound came the realization that marriages and weddings are over praised John overrated stupid and. Well as time if you name anything in life I also think some ties neighborhood. Any time in light that there is like some sort of celebrations of sort of circumstance that you have to participated. A traditional what's the thing a ritual. Any time there's an American ritual be at weddings it's not that Josh grad Mary can be rich a lot and every body. All over the world. So how worried snare yes I mean those yeah and he does Yemeni where weddings are out of control they are probably for the Yemeni. They're starving to death I am right now there being blockaded by the Saudi Arabia's Saudi Arabia's were using a yes but Elway was alana and I know there yet trust and am probably get a bows -- so glad I did arrogance and oh yeah you're speaking about Yemen now right and yet many weddings and are you try and tell me than the Yemeni people don't celebrate weddings I am trying to tell you. Toward people all over the world celebrate her marriage as this hospice. Not play your general ruling right now hard. I'm not Bobble I think America. Is is the same as ever or in our deck at I is saying now I have some people have weddings for a week they celebrate. Weddings as their head. Let's do this let's do go to you did go to Google. It's costs. Where being a round the world in US dollars. Why is it I mean US dollar because we're comparing it in the United States that is our compares the let's be empty hat. While I because it's different. And culturally for a baton. Maybe a thousand dollars to be worth a 100000 dollars rather than any since dozen eggs. No no the point is to America that was your point. Is he said it really does say is that the same word bigot. What about like I'd better hear American wedding begala were valid and what about high school graduation and that's another one they charge you for your what is the guiding future. You're down right got to have a party or or or what about sweet sixteens we do OK and I quince and yes I'm not a big kid what about from the Jewish people was glad they have ballots when you're at like thirteen debt. What does that another thing. To a breast is coming out now that's the men and whether or maybe you. It doesn't matter the party I'm sorry. Abbott everybody over. It's weird for you or not we are not Jewish people dead. I'm a hundred people come to your house and Luxembourg were surgery on your kid. That's the thing. OK you are not Jewish. I have terrorist backed. That that is a cultural everything if not what are. You admit it at all. Below earth celebration. Caught your kids breed is like riding high. It my kids theme is that they are intact and hide people don't cut I audits your people it is to me it's a religious thing out. Our midst I think he apartments that circumvent that Bob midst of her females the circumstances. Everybody has something. I I look and intensive like I agree too bad dozens. All out great intelligence and again I'll cry. What do you care because your what you care await the money it wasn't always amount out there wasn't. It was always everybody elect heavy it was actually on if I can't obviously I am being intellectually honest in how dare you say different OK okay. This is what we finished up via. Well I'd I'd done it does this ridiculous and I can't believe me so ridiculous I'm not. Oh really yeah I mean I know I've feared for what we paid almost together. Everybody what I like that money now value after it and continue so that I need anyway so. I can't Colorado is because. I just yeah I didn't I don't think it was a waste. I doubt. And then have a whole goddamn thing was a way is CNN's Jane you would have been happy which is your parents. Hear my voice chains and you know why. It's going to be nice now you know what I like that you are there. That made me happy that you made the trip I could have been shut out. I'm kind of tell him a shot at the net and made me happy and they are happy to see you there and my other friends Aaron. In naming happy that there is a rainy going on above my wedding that my friends. Would go into the framers had come to my wedding. You're out and made me happy. To see my dad do the damn thing you like a rock star he was O'Leary as a certain things how loud things were always thought Duca. That's out okay because I. I have emotions. So it'll act yeah right for me. Eon and strip of vigor regarding the answer I cry at any chance I would like say as a witness in sell everything about however when can I use the money Iran now have via. Deco I mean globally. Or any parent state about I'm seeing his leg. Different cultures are different things that they. Put there foot in a blue of debt for no reason over exactly I don't care I think equal opportunity I don't care across the Brett. That's fine everybody's come with a handout. When it comes time for celebration. And I I talk about some. Dear dancers getting stolen at a DM car in the late and have a handout so. Here because you get sold you I'm not angry about how I feel like they're doing here type this so I can promotions and doing things durable. It's again because begs the. And in a lot so this is easy I don't like me do that and not being intellectually and the. I'm not I just explain it. You like I know hindered by remote. Now I explain. Diddy is emerging more and oh at the celebration. Is save you guys some money I don't know why people get so defensive. Well you can't save me money then you should have this conversation and your mortgage your ads wound up thirteen years they have that bridge is belong burns holly out absolutely I'm trying to save people coming up to one footnote bucket. Debt for your future I agree that weddings are for family and friends more and a bright immigrant yeah I do I feel that way I found Ike. I we did it for them. And they they Ford team a lot of that. The public to. Question yeah question. Why does a wedding have to be for family and friends I don't need dad. There's a friend. Like who who why who what. People who are being defensive right now on the tax line spent a lot of money on their weddings. And they also has a wait until the hero I think to ask and yes it is there another one and I would play today but people who are upset and we're covet who are saying like on these mean things we don't have fun I hate him now yeah did you spend a lot of money on your wedding are you being up front. Wit I'm just trying to poke a hole it out here in order. It's is sacred cow we're not supposed to not like them and when people talk about it people push back but they want ever admit yeah I kind of covered. And are you still married. That's the other question. I mean technically yes. It. What is supposed to do about it I don't know what you get mad at me and big. I doubt that 2000 people do bad you get into here gonna Intel's some mine don't spend the money on a wedding day they wasted their money on already you can do that. We can't do it. People need to do that they it or not do it however they want to do it again it's odd man. Nine the this is the thing I'll say about me. 99%. Of people. Say one thing right yeah and they say to the weddings are wonderful it's great ms. grant. The pointing it out wreck because this is my perspective. It doesn't influence anybody else's perspective now. And I was having a conversation with a fender but they are Daiwa's. Administrator Greg. Obviously diamonds what are we doing with. I have many. If it gets them I don't want any thoughts of my tee and a particular about that. I don't care what every demon OK I could. I. Yeah welcome you all. Oh I'm. Hot kid then. News. Your victory lap. KG in me to fix your car and my when he. Men love to do I have a picture you have gives ability to gather and that is horrible law in May mean very happy to have you guys. These are my other campaign. Innocent and you came to celebrate my wedding day they better be there to celebrate my divorce hurts him. Strive for and all of you that I resolving mark Karr on yeah. That divorce wars parties and you know that you spend a lot of divorce your body from the wedding put it into the boards party yeah yeah. Me in my league Americans can do an assistant. Is torture Travers sucks everywhere. But at a party members are rockets to slow its bluster after it. Our dean got some Diebler does practical in hand and some of us are not mean and that's OK in right I mean. Some people are Smart of them and who spent under five K here are waiting had a blast and break the bank. I agree with Danny. That's got so why have a list on dentures of INX. Do we got stolen their I don't even know how he got from Stalin's enters a wedding we got stolen dancers we got seven grand missing promote I'm totally the school. And we have parents angry after teacher downloads in appropriate family quiz worksheet from the Internet. Great all three good stories are I nuns steeped in traditions that we not least he didn't should show.