Buzz Family - Your Story: Mark

Wednesday, June 20th


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Are able to go and I allow my hands are so this is buss family your stories of hope when it is. Is you you know us we. For good or for bad. You know our story. I used to laying out what does that is pretty cool so now we wanna hear from you talked. Because I think your story's pretty important thing is pretty cool cell. He gets off today. A buddy mark is here with me and the the soda beer and Kansas City here right courtesy of David and I love that line notes that the so hot. Mark so some argue with the Tom this. Always full disclosure. Agreements we were on mothers are fair. Hugh Hewitt came and we'll of the bloody years ago a little bit you know years and within two years is and causes like two years certainly first or we had the old labels yeah. Means to Jesus. Dmitry time flies and and so some Markey came in. And I had not met you very much of the time maybe not even ever to be honest so you came in before gadgets widgets instantly. But I heard all the stuff about how good the soda is atomic visits by the you know mark broadest and committees I'm gonna have a chance to experience this but now let them I got here like mark I'm talking like may be. 5 o'clock it was all gone. Yeah I mean again the proof is in putting their congratulations. But on saying is next time because me and I like to achieve at this time but from here on out. This case does seem just entire case is on Bravo for both analysts and I buy one our fleet and it's not over yet it's like to break holding a news for the William regal and mean it. And he's been broken like. A year ago yesterday actually. So I'm reading how do we get here I have always our viewers that hello is now is a a go getter type you know like very entrepreneurial. Spirit. Was it something that is definitely ended on going towards the light beverage route are weakening among other things before abbey always had a plan of kind of inner embossed on the L. So. Mean on this but tanner we've collectively and now and we always screw around charmingly YouTube channels and if we have the at a project in value moment there it is on currently on the ciller's. We're just push to make a little trifle pamphlet or biology class talking about. Organic carbon compounds we want to teacher like. Making a commercial loans than. He's a damning if you did them by Friday shares you when moment nine. Video lake city ten and a half minutes. So likable and why why why soda why why not something else also we are doing all these crazy things and eventually containers should messier are group chat. As of immigrant -- company I love that tenors as August the space in the garage was Tartikoff and healing that's kind of how ripe is exactly. How was any live welcoming other people started coming and gradually recognize that surely we can figure something don't knock the hustle me exactly but then like. We had Steve it's a Michael have a speak easy containers grudge and you'll come watch. Sports teams who are eighteen in nineteen kind of doing anything he wrote what's your that was correctly down so even for some reason AK take you back to the drink and you know we just made our own soda. Many guys always showed up like in the middle class only with a quick trip cup fully purple liquid and that doesn't come out of in the phones either seen. Let us. Torn up the first part of that purple drank. John to what I let's be real purple drank a bar at the hour let's go so clearly. Your Smart guy he's known that that was what we're school Jonas let's Truman or are you always been complains that he. Yet I grew up bar is an open and now I'm down you seemed so what do you think that I'm curious for someone who is who's kind of now like coming invades and this new. This new era Kansas City do you think that it's something where we are we headed in the right direction I feel like we are. See for me. I mean ideally go outside and mentally vacation as exciting get to explore the downtown and really see some of the life so I was going on and hand. Until us our television especially last year right before it turns one once I come down you know more but around. I think the best example there's like the music scene along the cases. Local bands if they're not indie bands with each other they're like working together producing music yeah each other now like debt alone that's just Campbell I always hope like I don't see is much of the company stuff. I'm starting to bow like before anything I saw how well the local music scene worked together he and I had to correct a wrong to dailies it seemed like you wanted to. What you knew this is something you view passionate about and want to do. You wanted to now incorporate. The brand. Of Kansas City into the products you admire my close gaps I mean we wanted to be Kansas City we wanna just pitch count is made an independent that's what's as many Kansas City. As I mean that and that I think that's a bet. That is important isn't we are talking to mark mark is now owner founder everything that is Tom is soda here in Kansas City also doesn't. A home and a good friend and a member of the Stanley so. You said. Italy venture a lot out of independence and silly kind of you know graduated now you're you know I'm doing this life thing and try to hold bolting that thing out and so we are night and Adam it's very Bernard. So you branched out and Aikman towards Casey watched the soda company you're getting drained in the music scene how old. How it was really kind of been a part of this. It's been treat this as someone who has seen this thing evolve and organically grow and how it's just reached so many people that's not trying to blow smoke up. Are asked that just is really cool to see it yet you know one have a good time when Agassi's and so one have a couple drinks one using that reference. Injecting you can put aside the fact that you don't always agree on stuff because you know you're all part of one thing year old park buzzed him even if you're like known. Different rules clicks in of fame in whatever it is like it's it's all on things it as someone who does so solo. I've I'd do it over it's it's fun. But there is something is that when you actually have a team you know when Malia when you know you've got that squad behind you you're only as good as a purse while you know that first verse that said now this is coolest keep doing. And the rest the crowd comes and now you got to move now thing. I feel like. And what you've done. And he'd done it and the contacts and the grind you've made. It's it's a proud like it's really it's really cool to see especially now. You know two years ago I know you're now back into view you know someone who. Island to and issues and and I went talked about music on to argue about. The company Allen to August of that it's it's been really cold and the article it has been differently and if he told me. Two years if you don't a year ago I would be walking in meeting the shorter actors I'd these. Yesterday I did not doing half the suffered on right now was Garrett at one and no one could've went horizontal and worst anybody can tell you. Exactly if they know is going to be the worst part minded and we got mark here marked with comet is settler bus fare on this is by Stanley your story my name's arsenal. We are both rocking some some local Casey band shirts right now gotta dear mrs. they got embryonic. What's what are you listen to. OK so. You mentioned close at seventeen by agreeing committee I saw him for the first time with G Ross's home. It was insane without looking at videos that tour looked amazing I've never what nursing Adam I've never seen green committee I've seen all these little bands I got about hunt almost 200 bands on my list. Never saw agreeing to the site. Damn mad at them. Okay yeah. They gloomy way. In my car by I was kind of auto pilot when the deep drops I just dropped everything I was doing and I honestly remember saying to myself. Oh my god this. I had a blast talking and keep the grind is that's. While cursing I think it tells you when it was like man your muscles and colonels so. They become imminent things and then they give pardons by game thing because you you do this in you all business so it's really great city in that. Let him and it. Let me out to mark. Man adopt as did our so that's extra you.