Car Wash

Thursday, April 20th


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Now the current. Did you bring those eyes aside for the moment. That's going to be emailed all line. And send me another email whole area that's. So I'll. My storage units in the arsenal of Missouri couple areas. They can just go buy the stuff I want to just go hey. I doubt that any four dollars now I think I was agreeing. They need cash. Or money order. Oh man maybe you should storage wars your own storage unit. Think she even get into Iran girls they weren't you know a thing like you get light yield when they auction it off you know you locks up. Maybe he'll get a discount man. As the way you vote. My grandma gimme stuff and there are a valiant and that's not email option all right what kind of silly scheme we're gonna do lemonade stand on don't now gambling. It's hardly I'll lock. Who are gambling. And it's silly that it's just. Choose things that I wanted there is only G things are monasteries and angry Allegheny sound. Pig godmother gave staff and I saw it just. And it's really useless and really god there are used to go only there. There was so wonderful on GM right now and she always had like parties. On another have parties yes yet in the word god appearance to make. Captain entered entering Greek people okay because they they held its Han people that it come over and he would get them. How how it's it would help them tube that they have. You know they owned restaurants so that's where I. My dad weren't using dishwasher. And they helped get him into her house. Because there was one that they own and how she would take my mom to the doctor. And I'll translate to take limos you I mean it is really not people that sounds like you were really great American that tale yeah. Were they held a lot of Greek immigrants and other immigrants. Kind of get. Acclimate and and you know I wouldn't be here in the winner of sort them anyway. We go over par reasons I'm there's always a ton of people can she add. Gold. Silverware. And I would always be. It's called his latest is still oh man yeah flew her lawyer might no none has silverware. Anyway when I had my wedding shower she gave me the Goldstone. And I would never use and it can insurance like gold plated or an amateur is I think really goals that makes sense and I don't care. I just think Chad. I'm new on the Eagles favourite because it was just so who is a wonderful memories is I'm filled with people in the laughter. And great food and friends are asking those. Of paintings didn't work out now and out and I realize got bagged all the way these these ideas are we singled silverware or wish we say gold I don't know if I don't know I never saw a gold silver or before. So she would only busted out like when there weren't that many people at the party unity but it comes this beautiful case in I just thought it was sweet that. So he's older you know when I was eighteen how much it was like high cost. If the gold silver is coming and I was just out of this out. Eccentric and getting strategy and finding you know let's hope for her to give it to me for my wedding. Sunday morning he came around that's dissolve it right why did you Google's earlier right out dammit. I can't think can't let that be arson. So back to my original question is known about it's I really liked mayoral topless car. You wanna do that tomorrow. Our late feeling all right Hugh and mark yeah. Clean I Xena gallery we'll and you didn't have a Slattery to tip us okay. Julia quandary air can be called tomorrow cardinals lately actually mark high it ever cat. Ask your mind in any anti democratic margin as they cash or money order bride she's accusing widow and we don't have time to wait for the weather mark. We get we just see how far bodies can carry this car in tablet arrows in the other thing there's a lot of slim fast crap and there. You know I'm sad it's just probably give me a few minor by. Acts as a we could do we could. Market I could do you know a car wash. And that's ludicrous dad by car wash hands. You can do donate which you'd like. And you know we'll randomly hand out tickets from the prize book. For coming in and ends in helping us get the gold silverware back the gold where. Teen get in there and like choosing. You know as some say we dazzle style books and we got it all out we got at all I can't do that beat. We I have you get. Suds drastically needed to Karl I watched that movie saying I'm going to be electrical walrus you've been storage you'd like shots you can in my career and his run reliably sometimes is located musician is good and sometimes is OK to accept people's health I know that this is very important do you hang out and I can now and and and and god knows you are gonna love to be so get together. Not how old is a tomorrow. Is it warmer Monday I had ten cash as soon as I did I 'cause it doesn't go off if we don't do enough tomorrow we have time to reformulate from NA if we wait till Monday we if some doesn't go blue line. Then. Were worse group like if if are one of our scheme doesn't work out tomorrow we saw no time to scheme for Monday. Simmons and I'll make some money discount code did okay oh laugh at how we're gonna do it just without the cocaine. And is posted the other thing you know it's so little areas Sally V not only money I and then your medical as a race for the fourth. I briar Rosie soundly Jabari acts aren't pitch. Is like Carolina and and you know it's really ironic I gave him money for his divorce. Lake any. I'd tiny that money back for my divorce. Really can use that five grand I. Because it really is that you ask all time. Are you well. Anyway. Really thought that was didn't pay it guess it was hilarious. And get it back focus on the positive manner and Gary now write down a little tests now I'm telling you this enemy within me and let I leave the heart and see if I lost those wanting to listen to me. Yeah you don't get a lot of stuff from that the first rule of universe here comes at kind of clear the only way. To defeat drama. Is through the insert a cell. We can either get all worked up pray. I not seen her words or. We can get absurd. And see. How far can take us. Now that we've got love what are we gonna do. We gave us. Bloom who read yeah and I can't take donations it's the guy. You know why is on it donate your ass of Ralph it's okay it has frozen in time you're where they you know let people like you. It doesn't matter just as you're on the radio sold lots. Like your somebody who if I guess I'm on the radio you get my ass senator or forty dollars in my hand and ask you for us if I didn't know you and I saw this story on box for. I would do this story Alex Elizabeth lady having now that silly I did. I understand what are employing to better causes for people to get their money Jindal are it just shows he can I. Am somebody emotionally attached to. Couple of things and all your. It's. So great sometimes Brad insult the flag and throw yourself off that Dan. I Bruntlett. Gathers at your album and there's kids who can't concern all can he do that I got old and I can't do you have your part to greet you know I'm new cars anywhere it's it's going to be on sponsor I can't now I don't drink and I don't know it stopped. Stop you frustrate me to know and sometimes because when it comes to use your help everybody else to take every other straight headed up the street. And he'll lay bend over backwards sometimes weirdly. For just how I make everybody succeed and in my one friend is somebody you care about. And that is like well this is feeling. I don't what is noteworthy because some kids can't you can't do they can't do it yourself you have to accept the you have some value as well. ESPN. Sorry and time and that's not his idea. Well it's gonna get done so disarming that don't have Barrett's. I'm gonna have a win mad at me. We're gonna get your gold where the balances. Did you see this is really gonna go you gotta go do that you gotta go well that's in Hawaii we can do I not only the good spirit and good heart. We can do this I know that money should be. Not raise money for peace corps G-Unit. Man it's not about the unit. It's not about the unit in China I'm trying to tell you. We can beat this through the insert in mail little hair. Are all were leggings I have god don't I have my leggings a Mario tomorrow. Mark I don't have lanes that nipple and I have tides do us in tights. I have running shorts really short ones has a workhorse who Wear those. Are you to order. Knee socks. And yeah okay. You guys and his lead attorney Gloria I'm not a reason I'm sorry I cannot do it and I drill right there on May have a right out of the middle of a traffic jam. And we're just got his start eight vitamin because I truly am born tomorrow who looked. Out. That should stay away and saying I was things and they want to marked day at it it's just that's what I Hussein had it that wouldn't say India's. We've all been there. Yeah I got I was there apparently concluded that yeah it is a you know how you get by and you get high with my friends that's right China and I'm really. I'm Jim menace as blackest I'm very lucky town that's known that I am a man and I don't know how to do without it means well you do or some of them are really. I don't know I would get through the daily Bob I I just have long especially even Danny I well Dini and then this is me we're doing something about some things that I don't that's the as a mark mark mark were so Denis and mark. We just need to decide because I don't want you going gets so we decide. Are we going to. Man's game before tomorrow we gonna go as we are today. I want you on history you are. Is go with you are goes how you beat yourself. I agree. To scout we are Briard it's happening I got that's okay here on out now OK let's go I have figured out stomp out until now. I'm gut. Yeah well guess what you do you figure your plan out our bargain I have our plan. Any crap and another hand and you can see which one gets your gold where back for her and I guarantee you it's an atlas air. Because we love you sound guy and we love via. Islands here are you going to tell those I don't think that's this is out. You know rains.