Tuesday, November 14th


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That is revenues diameter. It just a start Indians are and how the bands and it's Berrian and they have a whole new album that's fantastic. I don't know what the ending of that and I sent it to a few blazers. No bites no rights no by itself on my boys are releasing exiles he just got to keep fish and yet it's just that good. It is there's. How many tracks is on and they're all fantastic NEA scrap and banners out of sight Joseph borrow. Our. He's me I turned it option and on and comic con. Mean I know more. Arguing about Disco no. Unity news. I just thought we had a good store I know it's kind of funny OK yes I have a question I had Brandt. Now again and here is my tennis Steve and I haven't got a gag you have aggression pact. Acts out though is stupid please our show as 100% C event. Everyday all day I'd it feared big this is some sort of serious show. You're incorrect there and that sounds a point okay south. You're at the casino. Program at canyon and you see a friend. Then you're out of money. They give you money and it's for me like when you're at the votes and somebody gives you money big entity. It's not a loud and depends. On what's. One if I was playing poker it's definitely it alone. They're staking it. OK but what is your plan. Blackjack or slots and now I don't know I feel like I feel like. I give people money and the votes all the time and me and I don't ever see him back right. That's just. Maybe is just how I do the votes in excess in the program business on the story of the year here is on an opinion. Gamble and actually go on and gambling in the after. OK and on. I am it is fine if you keep it intact and can I mean unlike myself up myself I can just go and maybe the point dollar bill right which I think is fantastic and that's really the point of doing you know I'm going to entwined by CIA yeah. So amass the votes. And I say can have some money. Because. This person has mining camp saying given to me I don't remember discussing giving him back. The value I mean I feel like I'll ever at a fair I don't know I obviously didn't staked. So I always feel like I gotta pay you. Half of what I make anyway. If I win right why didn't win that night the run and it was god in my area that money is gone and so I get a text message and asked him the money back leg. Modulator. Months I've heard anything. Today and an ever run it out of our never. Like it's denies any of the money out they absolutely need the money and they tell me that now so I was like a gag I don't have any cash mad because I never have cast. Or basically money at all then I'll then you the my name and I debt and but I was like Ben Morris think they're saying text me it was hotter buttons correct. Yeah down and then really they didn't give me more that was iron probably about me and then it's over them that now receive a guy. It was a 140 you know dance exile hunter and and they get and they get a 104 days. I just stated that I might have yeah yeah I feel like god but I feel like when you give money at the boats. That is not allowed. That is you gave somebody money and the modes. Of friendly time like you papers in his movies that. Exactly like I'm paying for dinner. Now either you did you have and you give a you don't need down to Horry there's a big discussion about it a pill and perhaps maybe when the hand off occurs there needs to be a discussion. I probably did they get back here. I mean that's yeah that's what you say it out yeah definitely got our I mean there. Until it happens there's always sunny in Philadelphia. For this a summons that's allowed all right I gave about a pain I have had a I learned later that I got to come feared she act how that money you give me like it's like six but 34 months later I asked him for that money back up my god I forgot about it Max two weeks you are thought about it all. And so you needed money. That whenever and wherever bloody it'd yeah I just wish shocks now that I received the text of he had went. Of Menlo. Receive being. Give me money is always one of the most depressing. SI group group. You know what one half man and slide how I get here well and that was a harder backs. And then it's a hundred and Ford is now it's like. Brilliant round did not rally at a 14100. Of Rory out five to 800 and glory ball around as cracked. Supposes that Billy can you ask boards alone if they offered to yet it's free unless stated it was allowed. And apparently was a god damn one. South. I didn't now I'm maybe I'm just. It is time factor and I like percent of these two weeks global. And that adds I've Bill Allen volleyed once you give it would like two weeks ago was on you wanted to back he should go it's it's an had been Moeller to earlier. I teller and I am I'd like to just run out and yet you got to that Melamine because I don't have any money. And that's what I can there might have to charge it to my taxes and do you need the money. It's got to be that. I didn't think times played a role. Mean apparently not what I did the right thing now right yeah you did I mean definitely dead I don't like. Doing the right things sometimes. We'll nobody does is never fun to do the right thing I hated. I eighty I and I got Italian I really hated doing that I was I get below those people that like when it comes down to you can not do their own thing. And be fine right. I can't I annihilate you know clearly they came MIA. And clearly I did take it. That's what the right thing no matter if it was a year or six months ago and you know or maybe they just like. If you know I'm owed money I needed now. I get a JG you went weren't. Paid seven civic that's salt. That's fine. But you didn't turn a profit on anyway and there. I know that a man the party once we went to that scene now and we all. So we're gonna have a hundred bucks and you know do whatever and it is down the last thing we all lost their money are one friend. Here on and relax and only a thousand boxes and gave a sought under about Beckham and kept the rest. Really nice did yeah that is super nice okay for instance. I was I'm. Playing slots and I got to hand picked. So lady next remains a hand pay for those of us not bad experience and casino hey they can't they had did you win over 200 dollars earned played 1190 nines on the ridiculous. Dave's tragic taxes on it. So if it's anything over top cornerbacks basically it. You have to pay taxes I and they give you ten I mean I'm right there are men and their idea why your taxes taken out. Number I just the state man just take the stand out I couldn't. I play hail losses to cover this thing this state has seemingly been on your tax liability on the front end like immediately I know I got lost. Does it cover my winnings. I know idea like I had an ally got that right up lower seeded app volume losses are right out my winnings. That's were even tickets they know we're not even even I'm like down and it doesn't even matter so early next name. He should keep it in and I give her hundred bucks. Head. And I I did use that now is not an. I'm not clouded her job and your bag you know asking or. Went out with a strange that you do you it's a stranger really got friendly to. Including without.