Tuesday, November 21st


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You are big fat warning that can more names and Dane your market cap now Tom. Are you gone anywhere for Thanksgiving did you figure your plans now be here is going to be year economy. Yea you know me it would not travel lane yeah you know me. Now like to fly. You know our we're stands on the girls are actually. An Iowa right now. In laws they're celebrating because my wife passed or on Wednesday and Friday news week. So where's. Home grown. It without the girl that girls are going to be here they're coming back yeah apparently that's my life in the 200 and I. It's always gonna kill time. Now watch a lot of Netflix. Earlier maps when you Watson. You know after this I watched 9/11. Conspiracy document are right I am got a laugh at that. I was like I should probably go to bed now. And watch it conspiracy document and that's what happens you don't realize what Leggett said thank you would be without your children and your family and sillier alone. And then you're watching 9/11 documentaries are you should be going to bat. So did that change your mind about. What happens to me did you black stranger things. Now well I'm man suggests. I think I've seen episode like LL. I've seen episode one season one win by a long time. Line it has earned their seasons ever ballot. 24 hours left until Arctic has now I keep looking for sure like that to scrap my interest in the kids are burst stranger things show extremes with things it was there's the Jim Carrey document that was interesting to us that this came out on Netflix. It says. Did he played. What was the character they played any clock yeah top man imminent attacks on outlines here I think our team added am I want to Helen I. I I forced another documentary on the kids were odd it was to watch dear Zachary again now I watch so I told you should watch about Anthony Weiner nominal. It's infuriating to ask him why and I wanna watch this guy is a thing for its very easy and a crazy secretary he's crazy yeah. Yeah he's certifiable crazy about us aren't documentary. And I like to know not a joke it's funnies did not tennis disintegrate. I watched the documentary. Me now waiting. We got the kids marking our Kmart up just real free Willy Nilly with that old lady one. I got up and give them my Euro enjoyed it and I we've watched it probably twice Ted is documentary now it's not a kid's documentary I thought it would be like. They would enjoy it. 'cause it's about cats. Now it's called. Did the kidney care BK ED RI. AA he as a whole it's far and. Yeah that's sort of judge whether it's. I you can turn demonic view on or you can just lots like you know fill in the blanks. It's been a commander in Turkey. It's in Turkey is speaking Turkish and not since watching cars seem bizarre. Which none of you know environmental organizers. Caddie is a documentary about the cats of Turkey had at camp is they have cats everywhere and cats are worshipped and revered. And yet it's a very good as did not enter this. That's OK and. It's available on YouTube. I highly recommended its. Let me play than receive I can play of the US trailer here for Kennedy led Euro yell you're all over thank YouTube TVs and I am. Hundreds of thousands of cats were on the streets of Istanbul that they are DC's buck today everyone's lives. This. Is the story. Seven of them and cats they are. It's anything. Like two and a half hours long and. Yeah it means it. It's carrying this thing it's. Thank you yeah yeah. Because somebody saying we'll. DC. There's no matter who looks. I'm past I'm seeing. And do mine and it. It's. Lemmings they are dancers. Dance. Seeing us. Hey spoiler alert man who. Did seeds is a mother asked for of a cat. He wants no other male cats to be hanging around his markets I'd tell you lot it's. The little problem Honolulu as an amateur where I mean it's not always been a hard time. Cat scandal to really just now matter. It's really weird user watching in win they do the translation and how. And maybe it's a great shot maybe it's the weights edited however it is they do a great job and a making you care about cats and a beer. Mickey kind of wanna go to Istanbul. Which I know is sacked Cristian yeah I know it's not here we can't say bet. I know that's I announced he hate him immigrants don't you mean They Might Be Giants I think that I. I'd. Hi my bows out is that. Birdied yours all blue yeah. They Might Be Giants is it's it's terrible anyway I highly recommend that Kennedy documents there are two of them writing now. Two putts out to you or plaza. All the buzz in the that is a bunch of cats they happen and how people's freedoms and yes you're saying. Yeah it's almost. Melancholy. These beautiful cats. And how they live their lives entirely. And nobody's eyes a sure way everybody loves cats and our team out there about a bill like Diego cats. So then Kenny. Stadium island I Johansson. Are you suggesting we play kiddy songs. Yeah that's that's the I'm. This who has dedicated solid cats in Turkey. Is stamp.