Wednesday, December 6th


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RA your big fat morning that's good morning and they spent two days and America's here you go in and saying yes. Why were we to argue that counts. I you say some thing I don't remember and then I indicated I'm of the Max allotment for animals. In her village I have three cats one dog fight kids and one wife and now that it's not NN Zurich. It is the bond. What I have of three cats I chosen for animals three cats one dog five children one life and yeah I've children's aren't children's album live. Died at one all ladies. I'd enable it and I can't get anymore got a new and so we've got asked the cat is a big fan dole like. Russian blue look and it's you lighten it. And you got sassy and very sassy. And then he got spare house who's a spare cash but I can't get a markets on maxed out on cats legally they handle him. Oh yeah every cities got to limit I have no idea and so on parks. Let's find out let's find out I had no idea. Well it's your and then I start looking. So I'm looking to get cats for other people now my cat hang it I'm pushing you are you have had theory having cat agenda and you -- I love cap I love dogs to amend my dog in my mind my axiom that I think I went with a dot this time because my car or his friends have to guys yeah it's my. The it's OK now they animals that come into our lives and in the conference. Some meaning that's I didn't get it happens. I love it's right. And then you know a key issue Manhattan. And they're looking at making easy tap project and as I love him. But identified security Khazei ran project and what's his name DB Cooper. How Y huh. What would we renamed DVU verse TV view birdie I gave it over. Police alms here you still sound when you call. Let's see if you are I clean opening Maurer. Animal here they cap regulations. Of our own heart I had no idea there was a woman and pads I mean I know there's like a line with hoarding that I don't think three taps and into August or idea that's about borderline hoarding animals pigs I got five kids that one house well I guess after that elect when you get to nine. Right between the 29 dependence basically wrecked some it's gonna start fought off when you go to ten. Either you know and he out and out now yeah the city does not have a lease offer cap swap goods and now. Russian. It just says cats must be under the control of their owner. It doesn't give you a limit as Sammy commitments the I don't know what authority cop who a person. Any person who wishes to own keeper harbor more than two dogs or more than two cats. Must apply for special animal permit the rule. Nominees in the end even Luxembourg had no idea we gotta get a special permit to get marred two dogs mastery task list our own car yeah that might leaves us. Hundred dollars. Fear for the first year in fifty dollars each renewal year while hundreds of hers time. Because they want to like take money out of you because you want more caps let the little restrictive. Yeah. I had no idea how I feel that even things like that if I had to cat I bet there's a ton of evil or own part I have two cats two dogs understand that there is more. Like. In his I have three cats and they. Either license and had hey. They're not I mean what I have three cats and no guy is that it says he got a good espresso party got a department. Rally if you more than two cap yeah. More than two cats plus two dodges for animals totaled us. My question I think it's more than two more than two days ago by the rule of more than 20 anymore and you get lots of people probably three cats. That's a galaxy we got the lady that lived in where I live now before everybody uses when we first in their right yet she's down atomic cats in here. And then cats like we notices when we first moved in they'd come around buyer like front door and that door. Like within the U does not fail is jar around a bad we didn't they can still sense like the pants that you. When you do that issue just kind of sorry this is how many more to that what are they used to live there I don't know I have one can't reject backdoor cats I know. Feel bad. Palin area be instructional revealed that Mars you hear your respect here in sources were filling out special animal permit applications that you need you know you're like I need more than two cats. Special circumstances are referred to on the application form is defined by the sea because as. Any unusual extraordinary and exceptional situation or condition. Where by the strict application of the numerical limits set forth in this section will be contrary to the intent purposes and objectives of such limitations it would be contrary to the public interest and welfare. Somehow. Having more than. Two cats. Is it attempts. Public welfare realize there are they they ate animals and overrule them Clark. I it was not allowed. I know it when it's there we were we're looking for doc I mean kind of thinking about it. We well. And I saudis. Just adorable puppies you mean like I meant when he holed one I wanna. But they were costing me and this. I think they call great cop. Daiei. Gas and I was like you know that your concern alcohol and a pop and top 9 o'clock Tampa saint. And yes think anyway so I was like hey can we see this guy there. And she's like what city and parts that you can't hold them make wise that you want. Had alzheimer's that you get adopted because it's part. But it technical Catholic yet they're not allowed sign Andy and Mike. Think about it don't think about it and it is an exhibit to me once again how stupid we are about our animals spend elect it was B hearts like you guys like can I address this it's a puppy kept his own heart care they don't know. Now that how do you know what it is this I don't know people ask me what my dog is all time I adopt that are brag you know she's a rescue. And out. Doesn't exactly she is is that even as sheltered and now she's she didn't we think she's a separate X to the app. OM BC section 6405 over or requires that the following criteria must be evaluated. Please respond in detail with the appropriate information. Facts and information not your personal opinions or conclusions. Are this is an application to thirty each of these criteria ons. Number one. Please explain how the animals will be kept to maintain at all times and is safe and sanitary manner while this is also for the animals died too well being sure except for it's like if you're down a cap person it's going to be according cats. I don't think necessarily. You're gonna take the time to fill out via a gay and I end is that the quarters in which such animals are captor confined will be adequately lighted and ventilated and are so construct and maintain the uniquely captain and clean and sanitary conditions at the health and the well being of the animals not in anyway be endangered. And this keeping a such animals law harness surrounding neighborhood or disturb the peace. Well heart aches I get I get it but I don't think you to numbers here I don't think because if you happen that would vary. And register here to that's what I heard the apartment and my dad told me that we are supposed to register it yeah and I didn't we the first four years we have or can't we never did. Please explain how you keep the animals for not repeatedly running out or be found at large will not damage or deposit exploratory matter upon the property of anyone other than their owner. Look at you go it will be nude art that's a tough one and I can't I don't know our cap gets over. DB. Cooper asked the let's say if Tony evident. At president don't bring it Hooper Torre's he's Tory Tory Tory offering means beans in laboratory. He. Ain't cute idea DB Cooper in an uber. Content. Same here for it and send DV Hoover and over immediately.