Child Marriage

Monday, March 12th


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Yeah hour on. Yeah our time. It is it is. Did you. Did you see this thing about. Ameritech to a child marriage not too long ago. Now I actually down there is that bill in Arizona and the and the guy vetoed it. Is laid out on. Powell's in Arizona and Arizona Utah there's there's gonna. I'm in Arizona but what happened or signing because our rumor organizes is due to an Arizona Salameh here. Need your. It is. Law. Ours is doing this is set up for what I saw on the Kansas City Star okay. Hundreds of Missouri's fifteen year old bride's may have married their rapists okay Missouri is the number one destinations for child brides. In the country. Because that you get married at fifteen here. Without parental consent. Can lose misses and on that theme ray yeah. Seems awful movements. Yet seen late Sunday I would happening you tell. Misery is a destination wedding spot for fifteen year old Bryce. This is this is the real thing and that was in this. Britney who came to Missouri from Iowa into when he fourteen to marry an age fifteen rating and. Tell the cops at pelican and that's because some people that I knew called cops and us because he was so they need cash. Under age fire lie it was statutory rape. But to me it wasn't for my family it was that he was part of our family they called them their sons. We weren't relationship or just sexual and there was emotion there was connection. I was never happier in my entire life than. Those two years before yet to get married. That she is she was fifteen or bush promised when he won. Okay and they're cops we're gonna they were investigating them you know him for statutory rape. Okay and then they came to Missouri to get married. And I like they are investing Iowa they are investigating okay. They came to Missouri I got married yes. And unassuming with parental consent. I suggest that her parents. Write down that he was part of their family. No place in the United States is easier more than 1000 children the same age as Britney fifteen have married in Missouri since 1999. Every other state requires some combination of a judge's order parents' permission premarital counseling or proof from pregnancy. Some flat out prohibit marriage is so young but a Missouri brides in burns as young as fifteen can marry would know more than the single approving swipe of their parents pat and even if the other parent objects EZ one why and here you one parent. Our view is some 50000 marriage lies is this as a Missouri's lax laws has for years to an estate into a destination wedding spot for fifteen year old child brides. Often rushing to get married some travelers 18100 miles to Missouri from as far as Oregon and Idaho Utah Florida. And we Utah and Idaho. Are coming to your state to get married right out of problem. Yeah that's that someone that's the article or talking about. Ireland there's a huge article. This is the same when you're talking about yet death data Missouri's boot heel the poorest corners state parents Roberts I'm Scott county recorder of deeds has been issuing marriage licenses from her red brick courthouse for forty years. What do I think about fifteen euros coming to state Missouri get married she said I think they're way too young to Missouri law allows that she's sorry that's the case. Ray says she's kind of like the opposite of Kim Davis. You remember Kim Davis believe it wouldn't do the gay marriage licenses after the done right I pray she's doing her job as I am not just you disagree is very easy out right now is unfortunately the law. Wrecked except for our. There's a huge damper and betraying. What Jim Davis. And what she's doing so claimed. Some 8300 kids under eighteen. Have married in Missouri since 1999. Interestingly enough thirteen hundred of them were boys. Radian among the top ten say in the nation for child marriages at Texas and Florida leading the pack. And more than 400161000. Respectively the Texas. Now are lobbying since 1999. A Missouri is the destination spot for young brides. And groom so can they get married in Texas at that age two months that he. An interesting aside I'm gonna look that up real quick. In Missouri marry minors under eighteen aren't even allowed to file for divorce without a parent signature in Missouri yeah. So they can only. Ari so they mean one parent to name both parents designed for doors are one pair under or unfair for divorce is the mayor's turns abusive that too young to check themselves into an adult shelter. Simmons as they want her appearance have to be there now I don't believe that they have to be there may have to have. Written permission and re doing really written permission. Or are they kids. This spurred on their parents' name I feel like maybe you might need an adult presence. I would call adult presence on this one. Missouri rep Jeanne Evans a Saint Louis county Republican. Introduced a bill. That would prohibit marriage for anyone under fifteen or seventeen year old that still need a parent's approval of fifteen and sixteen year old or require approval from both the parent and a judge. The law would be in anyone putting on a roller from marrying anyone sixteen or younger. Getting rid of what Evans called the quote creepy old guy that's knocked up some young girl and quote factor. Man. I know I wanna get married or 15115. Year old girl is recorded as having married a man in the category of 75 years or older. Just wind just line. A handful of merry men in the thirties forties and fifties. Are also there are mostly it seems like to anyone and I like about trying to find out this team era. A lot I just I don't understand why. Anderson and yet. Sad tragedy yet to have a legacy on ideas these so we're this a destination. Like this is well aware destination for. Now barbecue or baseball or football I mean we do them you know we demand that hesterberg I mean this is feeling a brand thing kind of does the nation you know they are and MS that might be the number one honeymoon spot. They I mean there is kiddie rides everywhere and savvy when the bride gets there and she can't ride the roller coaster is he's too short yeah yeah it's Ramadan. Bingo mini golf even though they are stuck. Man I'm telling you out Lowe as his best friend meaning. He would always have some 121 B is girlfriend. And we were robbed. By. We're older like you know late 20s30s. Early thirties and he's still dating a senior house like man. Worried mega hit. A shout out it's two point line up you can't bring your girlfriend. That's not steamy. No that's that's not that's Iger is resign Tex I shouldn't even get married in your toy I agree 100. And he yeah did I am hearing is why I weighed event and now. They I mean your birds I just feel maybe your first ones is destined to crash and burn. I don't now. I'm not gonna do another maybe we just make it easy for these fifteen girls get out of these marriages like you get him on fifteen such an awesome age and you have so much to do here at. Yes so much trouble to get into why that kind and you know why limit your trial limit that you like why did her in trouble yeah. That is the ultimate trouble. At the end of the day at the end of the day. And I got to work out until you figure you value and I got to fear of that thing out perjure any young you don't figure you out sometimes you you know 3435. Years old. Even that any of it then enters NN. I mean I waited all the TV fare and then when I was funny shot and yeah. So now still pretty out and and I'll Azinger committed relationships. You mean not Mary and I mean. Hand thought you know like very few over a long time that's not even okay. And that I am Demi god and meet people make sure it's what you want to I was like maybe you think you're golden dues but maybe when you get older you don't like older people so much anymore. That and now. Made me realize you like you know. Blank box. Yeah you know you don't now. You should you should try yeah. Yet my whole life and either try thank you go on to the buffet. I you really just gonna stick with one meat now. You begin all the may try you try everything you can Vietnamese flag in. I know vegetarians that if and responding to eat right out money to try and right trying at all. You know it's and then do combinations as you get older you you tastings teased differently to you by the way. Maybe you like sausage. And then you like bacon. They may end up just like a picnic it's great point there actress teenager he would drive legally you can get married and you can't buy alcohol he can't vote to. There has to anyone age for that. And I don't know what that number as I really doubt. I think some eighteen year old. Tim Laker they can handle that they're Smart about it. Son twenty year olds aren't Smart about it and I I don't know at that age as I do think it probably varies and unfortunately that's not networks. I got out that yeah okay so look you've put your. Friend through flaming table when you guys had a couple of shots cab Morgan's so you have lost your license to drink. Break your. Right yeah yeah yeah re apply next year all bills fans all bills fans yes via our bills and that's what I'm thinking in my head actually was the bit about the dollar bills fans. OK I find lawyers 39 and at saint figured out yet but about a marriage from deterred third time and still not sure Iraq. So her and we think it's good lie there if you're not sure then don't you let out. Not sure I'm getting hit her eyes there ride out there Aetna that do it out there it nine's dead. Don't do it. You stay at the buffet each pick up another play. Is the best advice I ever heard legit. Media men in your fifteen. Any Fantini and I do things weigh in Everett. Do you ever ready has that and I riot of gone back and I'll back and knowing you know the B fifty earlier peoples and volatile. I'll be danger. I am and then I know probably a lot of fifteen year old they're listening or maybe not at spring break LE FPL it invests in a little company called Google. I would just. Iberia. We're going to be written and nothing matters no more ask jeeves now. No no you. Ask jeeves I'd so let's get this as a fifteen year old traveled as a nation been stopped there. But he really nice as Missouri residents known for the fifteen year old wedding destination near Kansas City resident bigger your representative is column and tell me you don't like this be and this sexy spot for him under his hair as he had a fifteen year old in your life allergy medicine and you know now in around me out.