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Thursday, February 16th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike to own up. Yeah I am. How IL great RU I am. All right let's say that's better than I was trying to I. Worries me and I'm doing and what's wrong not alive than I expect us and we'll expect. Never been better right now really you know I didn't. You I don't always have to do a good you don't always have to be on sometimes I just am not de Ferran absolutely within nine counts so. Worry fine and one of the something we can do to make it better. Well insured. I've gotten. I've got to have good days before so far so good that in. It's nice. Beautiful. If the windows down most of replace insulin again and. I don't apply as I never root cause of so you do and in Missouri. Just turned around. But not a random on the last. Any single social posts you may agree industry should start I got turned around. And here I am not for the Midland yeah. Over would you do your shopping. Just drive through and she loves Starbucks so until the Apple Store and learn this. We had a new Apple Store then you have to check out. Oh. Sounds like drizzle Thursday it had no money. They know I stuck on. Mike's just in time. Tell you about your day really good legitimate when the weather gets nice. I walked the dog. From. Came here colts. Well what are you talking about. Well. And. Today is a big day's big protest day binge a you know hey unless coffee in the orchestra and community. How can lower finish. Circumstances should. Is he the orange. That's older people don't think is anything crazy like a monster line straight as right as they do get viewing strength in 9 yards and I am doing some sort of weird drugs is sometimes it isn't history it's a monster are you sensing danger that stuff. Around yet today is up big protest today. Supposed to be day without immigrants. Day without immigrants. So you know the idea is. I guess you don't have to working don't shop. Friends and non immigrants alike are being encouraged to skip work skipped school and not go shopping. So the movement has been spreading through social media with supporters like some celebrity chef Jose under his. The plan to close down three of his DC hotels today tigers pulled out of trans DC hotel during the campaign after then candidate trump made his controversial comments. About Mexicans. Though organizers say the goal is to show that without immigrants there is no America. Okay. So I did and I like the ideal addition they should just being aged into the immigrants are cousins weird about a rumored. I get. Solidarity. And but it would be I think you might be less effective. If they set out here on immigrants and their Brothers and sisters right. Yet but I do think I saw someone specified. Who's not supposed to go to work well together resolute yes I gotta go right it's letting you can be legal you can near residential community is supposed to be like for Hillary should get immigrants. And addresses the lower number of course. The what do we com. Immigrant racists on it's social media and conceded tweets about it but there's so really today. Still business which I have to admit when I first heard they were doing this I thought there's going to be some of that right of course. Has anything close to resume I did not eat I saw all these like videos this morning from Chicago and Elaine are big. You know marches and rallies stuff I haven't seen anything about a casino in the women's march. It was happening Kansas City had a good turnout and I haven't heard anything about it here. Apparently that guided they mentioned in the story. Who owns these restaurants hotels in DC clothes and everything that was to debut in Spanish I guess shirt and you know. So that's what's going on today to thank trying not to. Mention names on them and it's right because there was a lot of new status he got a big press conference then. He did when he said he says Tom the media's. I dishonest. Violent and he said you know he talked about what he's accomplished all the jobs that are coming in and companies are staying here. And he said that he inherited a mess. A huge mess and listen to make sure everyone knows that you inherited this huge mess when they were asking him about. You know putting his cabinet together he complained it was you know taking too long to get these people confirmed him. Just going to sign knowing who's really up somehow Leach. You know bush was weird because. I feel like there's some talk about how really tour. And I mean Marmol. But I don't. Right during the campaign wasn't saying WikiLeaks is spraying innocent treasure trove and thank god for we do a certain amount on any. And then there was leaps of many resides and we should potentially tellem. Yeah but she's also been did he also say something area misread does that lead so we don't tell and then I was really nice you. I think spent. Because I thought he was trying to save leaks have been happening for you guys are accusing me of all these leaks but. It's part of Washington it's always been a problem Dan is complaining. Let's see he said to he inherited a mess and he said to. His administration is quote running like a fine tuned machine okay. To be honest I inherited a mess up it's a mess at home and abroad a mess jobs are pouring out of the country. I turn on the TV open the newspapers and I see stories of chaos. Chaos. And yet it is the exact opposite this administration is running like a fine tuned machine despite the fact that I can't get my cabinet approves. Persist about Flint you know months. Well I'm not sure Assurant. Had a mass brother's. Administration should. God cleared out just fine no problems and they're gonna fix a little problems Angel administration. I stood Tricia. Associated serious shade and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boasted about congress know he's been very. Political since he election. And he's obviously had some back and fourths. With you shall not be named but. EBay this video just specifically going after congress. And he was comparing. Congress. A comparing their popularity to other things. And to. Or just use some of the things that the more popular losing confidence hemorrhoids thinking back I think James cock roaches through canals colonoscopy is. Through this in the movies they couldn't be true because in the polls. Okay that's not good right rhino congress' less popular than herpes. He says there's certainly like some people's that I wish I did get her do I really generalize early next question right this is how much do you hate. Our big east was it you hate to Regina trust herpes language would you rather have. Herpes sore congress I'm with congress I don't know. DC tweeting when congress is less popular than herpes and nickel back had a nice horizontally into I have read does that make sense unknown. I could see like to nickel back left at his TV satellite congressman you say like that. And Google and I'm human like middle. I would think so they still do big shows that they had things are coming to our song commercial and they're coming to an. We're where that plane maybe a starlight or something. Yes that's one of those things that you can make fun of might want in. Somebody like me has resisted this for Sherman. Somebody cares about what's on your resume their startling. Let us. Nickel back yeah actors even if you are like all right I got an you know I'm it's. It's not find any I'm guessing there's a lot of things that would make does not get along but. If you just said man I have like a guilty pleasure. I'm just kinda like nickel back right like I got it like you know it's not cool I understand it. My other favorite bands are father John missing any ax ax but for some reason men he says what's on joys and I'm like yeah I doubt it. I like it reminds me of something right. Okay you know there's a part of me that doesn't make Iraq as much as everybody else does these from my hometown right Coca sure I mean I'm not my. Now. Do you buy a ticket tonight show up were like that's another thing right that's all the symbolic win Nassau I remember women rock played Kemper arena. Doctor M and ten years ago right. I went. And all I hear from the back of the line was and why Islam and I know. And I China's. Whoever was known artist versioning and sent. I won't tell anybody you know you have you don't tell him I'm here and we just walked forward and ever read I Jon gentler side. Fair enough. I told you about via rock past couple years ago and their guy comes up without a sure he's got mothers facing just. Now McCain is. And I could tell he was angry but I haven't and I don't think using your news and a good time. Does come back so Arnold Schwarzenegger compares you know the popularity of congress with nickel back and Nissan that we. Sadly congress is less popular than herpes in nickel back had in 97% of them. Get reelected gerrymandering and the videos of the Triad area he wants to fix anything we'll nickel back responded to. Is that at Schwarzenegger big six yeah living since approval rate this bad man rob. Please leave us out of your future wisdom drops Don concern here governor here. So then Arnold responded. And he said that's nice cold and I hope we can agree that we need to a freeze on gerrymandering guys thanks for the reply and they respondents said well played sir hash tag respect. I like it. All the material themselves or someone. So when the self deprecating tone Ryan I mean I think yeah. I mean I feel like I don't know Chad Kroger and all my feelings he knows where it is and what he's doing now he knows that. His audience right in knows that. People I don't donate so. But he knows that he still has fans even gone into arrived they need to make money. As opposed to the dudes in creed is just lost him rise at least Chad Schroeder's trying to have fun within an agent talk about it right all right that. You know Wednesday at one point as opposed to like I said what are they guys it was standing at the stage I get a lot of anymore I'll tell you stops down right yes. Didn't nickel back had three songs three different songs released at the same time fiber sixers could run three different format and Maryland I'm never found a lot of first you'll ever doing so they did in like a country song it was countries on a metal song on top indoors triple layers of top foreign object and they released on civilians are different stations and every player did you doesn't that and the metal song was like. It was an it was a pretty big hit I think that until you are better when you may want us sometimes I'm not strippers or something but it is really good remaining amount of things is something like that. And and they had a straight up country song and then they had this top forty zone. So there goes your average departure via. When that sought him out and it's won the last always reference photographed what's on Joey send us. That was probably 2003. At some point now where can I mean we were at the old building. And I read you know where you read the lyrics and I was dying laughing you know Eminem now. I still tell people that story and it's funny because we had blisters when they're late twenties or whatever now mid to late twenties who are like I was little kid when you guys in the but I don't know that song. It's still just as funny today. How did our eyes get some red. Also I'm always not wait what she he doesn't know I don't know I don't know that you saw and heard the lives are phenomenal read the letters to your ankle and so he says look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh and how did our eyes get so red. And what the hell is on Jolie's head. If it's against Andre there's always got some done is that it's like you're gonna around laughing right sir. It is delusional things police. And this is where I grew up. I think the president owner fixed it up there. I never knew we'd ever win it without this second floor. Is hard for sneaking out. And this is where I went to school. Most of the time had better things to do. Criminal records as I've broken twice. I must've done a half a dozen times why was he breaking into school and that's why. It was the greatest school stealing the basketball some engineers and why are you breaking into school breaks and Barry I wonder if it's too late. Should I go back and try to graduate. Life's better now than it was bad then. If I was them I wouldn't let me end. 000. God. The oh it sounds like country psychics on doesn't it you have remember him looking out the back door. I had the photo album sprout out in my bedroom floor. It's hard to say it time to say. Goodbye. Goodbye. Every memory of walking out the front door. I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for. It's hard to say it time deciding. Goodbye goodbye and these are countries such as blacks remember the old arcade. He blew every dollar we government. The cops hated us hanging out. They say some new and burned it down. We use solicit other radio. And sing along and every song we know. We said some day we find out how fields. To sing to more than just our steering room. Can't lose the first girl I kissed. But I was so nervous and nearly missed. She had a couple of kids Simpson. I haven't seen her sense. And god knows win. But to oh. Oh golf okay hot shot. Oh god oh god every memory of looking back out look until the back door I had the photo albums broad in my bedroom floor it's hard to say. Time to say. Time to say goodbye. I miss that town I missed a faces you can't erase you can't replace and I miss it now I can't believe it. So hard to say. Too hard to leave it. If I can relive those days I know one thing that would never change. Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh. Every time I do it makes me yes. All right man now when Mac came out with a total water that was a watershed moment and I remember you know. There I was friend's house on time and there is as strong as like my boyfriend likes and whatever so it uses big tough guy you know we're like the affliction shirts is nice guys pretty quiet. To sing what do you like the photographs songs and I don't know. So I played a form and we were all laughing and I did he wasn't laughing and I could tell he was a little bit authentic Jesus like his favorite thing right I could once word gets out this is kind of the past they've chosen and to have a song that. Check abraxis has a thousand Joey said that's the moment the becomes incredibly difficult to buy ticket to that show much unless you are. I'd like at fourteen year old female country paying what you're leaning more on. Right and you wouldn't be anymore then do you when you go to the show and understand us and ranked as I understand what he's doing marriage front you know he's talked about his life and is drawing on his heart strings and you know you're supposed to go there and think about your friends that you grew up where Leno in times you've broken school. And your boyfriend you. Had a friend who put weird stuff stand. I understand the point what god damn is that over right so when you goes she nickel back when they're coming to town. That's starlight theater that do you grab your loved them. Do you single out what else Joseph is tonight's is not a motive for you I don't know man. I don't know not a lot of new wants. And those records. And then right after that it does he turn to you your boyfriend or husband now does he turned you guys both saying. Look better in your mouth to each other. I think why aren't we I've never seen them live so busy dope from photograph into. Compliance I guess that's parliament but whatever but equipment. They have songs like that they still agitating Tony's elegant pants around your ankle that led region from that might be nickle back that they. I had similar lyrics I didn't puddle of mud set I liked the way he smacked my ass that's huddle area. And it wasn't like your pants around here I was a chair now. But cherry was. Yeah yeah. It's a guy like your pants around your feet let's nickel back figured you out. Told done. Got to meet the Hollywood a million dollar body. They say it's over budget but you'd pay or just to touch it which runs this needs to hit two big screen in shoot a little love seen. If Hollywood had called her she'd be gone this far you hollered. Dirty little lady was a pretty pink song. Every sugar daddy hit another all night long. Doesn't care about the money she could be was anybody. Ain't it funny how the honey want you all along. You're ripping up the dance floor honey. You shake your ass around for everyone. I love the day the way you dance and anybody. And teased them all by sucking on your thumb. There's so much cooler when you never pull out. Because you look so much cuter with something in your mouth. Lip a black so that's a different song. Something in your mouth is a different song but it's something I don't the other one was figured you know that's one I like your pants around your feet out like that dirt that's on your knees. And I like the way you still say please we you're looking out that meet your like my favorite damn disease. And I love the places that we don't love the people you know I love the way you can't say no too many long lines in a row I love the powder on your nose. Oh. And I know who you are wasn't that are distributed out now did you wonder why. Yes as a separate songs and who's that one that's nickel back again yes. And I think the one last assaying from first which is something your mouth I think that was kind of club. Like a heavy rock song. Isn't it. This. This might have been the song that was the when they release those three songs that wants right. You listen. So that's got to be. Well there's more man does go to lunch I see a nickel back headlines in our future. Look like another Bob Marley day hidden from a long legged diesel train. And I'm down one hanging out this afternoon we've got weeds in the backyard four feet tall Chichi Chung all smoke tomorrow. Beer bottles laying on the kitchen floor for take a while back we combine some more. So I doubt we'll go out I doubt we'll go without this afternoon. You better hang on to your tag along usually doing this to 6 in the morning. Nothing wrong was going all night long tough to put the brakes on it doesn't matter when you rather get up and go out. Me you know my friends we drink up we fall down. Not at its regular fall down man image do it all again just sitting around that's handed out this afternoon that's nickel back. Charles until the sex the pathologist with. A. It's a dream come with Paul now man we drank up we fall down if there's little boys yeah a lot of it and. Nickel back to be here. And check him out and got into it really is. The Governor Schwarzenegger. OK so puddle of mud some of Texas in the Puddle of Mudd song is control. And I don't think they say anything about France I like the way you look at male of the ways smacked Massa of your things you do I have control of you. So I confuse those does that thought after he set up like the way you smacked Massachusetts and the like her hands. But on my nightstand and but starlets not a small place in and some people like it so it's time enjoy other opponents such a thing yet and what other bands of that ilk from that. Ever Communist he's looking when he years older I mean. You you can make the argument moved. That there are people of Jaycee take that crowd that will be at nickel back right say 78000 people right yet. What twenty years on them and those you'll be a Steve Miller. Yeah that's the same thing right same thing right nickel back is Steve Miller yeah. Which puts them on different. Are higher pedestal than those other plan I don't want the same time you Don many not stupid they stuck for a limited. So good for them to guess I would have thought three would have been the one. President. Nickel back deuce nickel back Eagles Steve Miller. LaMont Eagles out of money. And so parliament will be doing old Sarah decided check back soon saying. In my allowed to like Puddle of Mudd more for the same reasons you like Iraq or because she's from here of course. Does he made references to the city though. So when next I feel like launching a bad when I was a Kid Rock I feel like I'm watching a bad movie that was filmed around my neighborhood. So I'm looking for sites and writes I'm looking for Kid Rock to drop us Steve Eisen and restaurants are. Right that's somewhat violent to sign in my nosy essentially I know. It is that's why I listened to right so the first whatever that first puddle of mud some was Fred Durst is he was right producing your record order. Did something and I think united Internet video. When that happened when they got signed the picture that they put out that was in Rolling Stone and everything was in sitting behind their their tour van or wherever. And a scene and there's a Missouri license scenario a little homage that you guys yet entirely done. I do have a more should we talk about Alitalia. Stood next Buchanan you have.