The Church of Lazlo - 07.13.17 - Grae Drake

Thursday, July 13th


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Are you. I'm doing fine I'm melting here in Los Angeles item in our business. No actually had it at that we're in condition. What is not what is not in LA because. It's like a thousand here right now it's athlete out in the midwest. It's that it's a thousand there you could probably have like a little more humidity than edu and right now it is like ninety's in the middle of the at all. And also today but we're walking into a father of the kind of terrible people here present company included like myself up. What's coming out. Rotten tomatoes dot com has a website and any movies it was closer to see this weekend that simply this there. Here are definitely supposed to be warfare but I ended at the. Users can use so. Human error. Unlike those movies I think I'm the only apparent why must I be the only person they still make dumb and they know they'll never do great but I like the movies. You know I think they do relatively well they teach one those the previous do you want me to. So we're like 175 million over the course of their lives. Not too bad and that there. The effect or opt the thing is our firm and the war for the planet at the age is the culmination of this new series. Where either a liter V8. They'd they'd suffered some really big losses in the movie and they kind of go up against Woody Harrelson is the colonel Bryan this. Completely. Awful human being among other ought notably awful human. And that is the best part of the movie the war isn't Jeff Blake. Eight certain humans cool stuff exploding lots of fighting in cool fact it's also like an internal war that either goes through. The character of moral issues with the situation many men. Sure and cool and I think B movie they're great as you can enjoy them if you just wanna go and watch popcorn flick with Monty you know punching human. At the same time if you wanted to examine them further there really cool rewarding. OK I saw the first one in my talk a little bit to wrestle the first leg room. And so sees as the main all right he's on the got some sort of extra smarts trumps a science experiment. But yeah as Ara called there's an orangutan. In a prison cell across from him and they start talking and Caesars like. How do you know how to talk is that I was inserts in the top messed. Hear your name of Maurice and I don't I don't know why you have such problems being mad because they teach them language like some of these monger or eight. Did you need. Oh lucky strikes that's truth that's truth cocoa cocoa is pretty good with the sign language I've seen Koko the gorilla. Say what you will about them you know sharing our DNA and whatnot but he's a first you first Smart and so I've by the movie hook line and sinker every time and I I think they're so good they're really emotional. I like Alex crying at the end of the movie like an idiot you guys. Aren't. It's got a 93%. Right now like laurel was and always does I saw the first my guess and I never saw the second one the that there was a little kid sitting next to the fear was sold out and there was a kid sitting next to me. And he was really excited like when Caesar apart the first time he catches it and I he was grabbing my shall like did you see that. And so you know obviously people like him and eyewitness said they keep making them and that's when got a 93% so the critics like this as well. It actually Philippine general of the first one I'm not sure that you'll love the second one. Climate is better than the second one alliance. And so it it just the cheery to keep getting better they they know that they're able to keep making these blue because they're more story itself. But they keep adding different aged characters. They they put in a human girl in the movie and it all just works it's very well written on but they take their time with ease. I can't recommended enough I think it off some. All right that's a big gun and in the big sake but we talked up that last week is we got to hear last week and that size I did go see that it's got a 9 December and I love what I thought it was great yeah that's really good. Yep it's so funny I'm really glad you like it could that it is. Gotten some of the biggest belly laughs term need so far this year. I thought Ray Romano was may be Oscar worthy good it. I don't know if anyone asks I mean he was really really really good Annette Clancy I what I like to stuff that he's done. Since. He left everybody loves frank here whenever that was Raymond. Open. I agree I mean and we also can't forget that the role that he played that he woolly mammoth and the ice age movies I think Wole. Relic itself. But he did it evens out the dude and that he shying. In the big sick. He played he hasn't been them Holly Hunter in the movie and that two of them together are really memorable. Yeah she's great zero. It's it's you know it's. Exactly as advertised it's a really good round commons lease on I'm glad you like it yet those are definitely don't want to check out there's a horror movie in theaters. Called wish upon the that is not doing well and he usually indicates record film on the tomato meter and a girl to get the music box her dad that grant wishes and okay daisy every time she. Get her wish granted it kills someone that she crawled through a so we've seen the concept in a lot of other you know TV show or movie before this but probably. There acts succeeded so wild wild that night. Tony 9% on the two millimeter people insisted for wish upon. So the tube of war for the champs are more for the planet of the eight sets the big one hit that are set rate. Hey that's not racist abuse say the best races is racist dollars and five cents the same core I had chance that's all I said how is that race and school Allen of the race I'm vault. How dare you don't you know that I have won eighteen native American I'm my grandmother's side right removed or something I'm watching you Greg. Gray Drake website is rotten tomatoes dot com thank you. You got it Feyerick sit. But hey stating that you know she said that native American thing did you read and of that article that came out recently know how everybody thinks there native American but now they're all doing these DNA tests now but I remember my college remain had to do a DNA test to get a scholarship. You know I had to prove that he was like one quarter and whenever I could live in dorms for for it right well I do all that and are now all you're doing is in it doesn't running out of them not a Lamar none of my day you know. Whereas guys apparently there's guys who like sort of super serious you know when both. Long hair and yeah I had a friend he got a tattoo and everything in and his mom had all the artwork hanging up all over the house and in the DNA test cannot without their German there. Stuff. Can I say just don't tell people he shouldn't have told me they should just found out they were German keep that a secret mind as you people are all the art you've already got the feathers you know territories righteous designed to stick with that I feel bad.