The Church of Lazlo - 07.13.17 - Snowcone

Thursday, July 13th


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Speaking of divorce why do you look just I talked to my diet and why do you keep them around. Back on so come. Two billion dollars I want you guys refer wolf I thought either little or talk you're gonna. Go after my denouncing him as my kinda get mad an athlete has got to fight out there something's not right here I need to be walked in. Today they need just one word in June. What. That he wanted crate him some says same engine makers to freedom to go wide. And you just allow that and many comes in any just talks all kinds smacked you like constantly. He says you know your role. You'll do anything to warm because you know your role. I was until then you word. I'm used to. How did you let that happen. How did you let that roll get turned around. Embolism on was worth fighting what do you make now are just talk your armory wants. He calls you names so you shot out. But hardly seems so. Jesus Christ man. You're his boss he's outside Sweden most of time on the world would you. Take charge some room. What I mean your I was fine and it because some delay a final round. On the comfortable fire in anybody now. What do you mean don't feel comfortable firing images and on talk Julie Guy says he's leaving anyway so. And I'm shocked. Our knowledge I do spend our community to philosophies dawn then. And while we don't hire someone towns and just means that men were the future and a business. And crap so we could mold and figure out how to do the pod I can't go on them. Do something great to me to be somewhat responsible for the seems like an awful lot now on we've had people go on leave this program go to great things. Okay shake your head no you're the only one who has an idiot. Nick right great things any park bench great things Jordan solar great things. Got. On the table left they're gonna Florida and worked in radio right they just idiots gonna go anywhere and work anywhere in the industry at all. I don't know. Okay well you know want I don't feel comfortable calling for an immediate side that's not going to be feeling better he was us. Do you know he's he's sneeze feline you don't stand up for yourself all goes back you can slap in the face by DJ recalled border border and your kid. And the fact that you allows this. Tom Astle who went down why do you now you're attacking me to Ghana from both trying to did you stand up for yourself. He's taken from some people yearned to guard the other guy was in fourth grade this guy you are older than him you're smarter than any more talent than him. Enjoy his boss. And he still comes in and one words you will reward me. My enemies laugh his denied wrongdoing thing about it. I was is signaling them. I felt fine ignore him. If Freeman. Really out hey your coverage today as well I thought maybe you guys for fighting outsider something I would then you guys brought it back in here gonna million trillion things I'd rather do. Well most students bitch. You know who else will be abuzz beach gulf. The timing iron Tom. No stone going you probably won't be there guessing by that point you'll be. Wherever your. Glover is. Tallahassee. That Tennessee. Nashville you'll be in Nashville. Man he's down their why wouldn't you just if you know hustling mainly zones his firearm. Though you can feel better about yourself you stood up for yourself. Fire any civilian pushed around because he bitch about the crater bitch is not a credit may receive your wardrobes are many comes and I said why should stand up for yourself and he's looking UN city he said because so little bitch knows his role all of that's what he says a little bit of an X and no that's what he said he said he says and even thousands rule Narnia. That's 'cause he knows his role he's not gonna do anything about it and he kept pushing and pushing and pushing the editors something. And just sat there. Smoking very soon. A look over there and fire him. Jesus Christ. I don't know how to put the podcast up. They show me very much does he uniqueness and neither does he. How well he has been working here for four years he has done nothing beneficial. Nothing. There's no quantifiable data that needs help and any small part. Nothing. All get a tax and I'd say I miss Meredith. I would have forgotten about her. I mean we always so added that people bring up past personalities from nine years ago. Is there a chance that. Crews chipped and number. Like Jesus man he so bad that they're begging for people ten years ago yet you walks around here and tells you what to do. He's so bad. I think that's because. Occasionally he plays an old bed and it has you know one of those old people on there. And an eagle I forgot about I forgot there was somebody who was talented in that room at one point ten they come back. They don't ever say Hannity she was great but I really nobody. Ever since she was great but I really loves Spencer and I've never seen it. Never seen it. Not once. And I guess that haven't. Never. Dressing something no. Something positive. Now the only thing I remember is don't pick on him so much. Yeah that's because there's a brass or something we like what we're doing right now you know the available people don't understand is that. The reason why is because those stuffy does. Who walks in here and calls you a little bitch. He didn't call me a little bitch you know urology said no you're role know your role. I think he should does that now know your role he knows you are doing that and I think use kind of joking he's not. He's shaking his head now he says no you're all well. They use these challenging you because I know you won't do anything he's crying and I think he's crying. You've upset them. NC here's attacks I love stone ponies my favorite yeah rule autos and in that bombing. I always feel bad for stuck on I think he's pretty good I'm a stroke house Meredith. I think is all funny you talk about him in front of them it's true I'd rather have merit if. I just said we've never gotten a positive taxed that say do match so one would start to the plate and just do it out of pure necessity and still not one. Shake my head snow comes so bad. Meredith was only four years ago she is way better. I do mr. It's but it's. Meredith was great Spencer man. I hate Spencer and they go one highlight snow cone got one. Dude is so lame. I'm never like snow cone and he's never been funny air then read. I'm on an inch Spencer is garbage. What did would you play there is a good question ask yourself this more bit would you play him best job that featured snow town. Well you might hear in the bag right but what's what would you say that that this is one at bat he really carries a show on. This is a line at where they isolating him like Bob a bully me just say man look at this kid go. Young and talented I think you know it's one I'll tell you not all of them I think we make fun of them for not having a debt has revoked. That's not him he just sits there are the people are aware of these there. While some people are really. Really really main. I like snow cone. Joseph doing. What did have an emeritus of snow cone. Well there's took a instead she's citizen now like you either. Our inflation will come I mismanaged. They are love Spencer measurements on them so much. Say. Stuff so there's snow cone does sport so good I feel like I can feel the sarcasm. Shall thank you I appreciate that. I'd trade one year of snow tone for one show when Meredith. And it Britons or is this a bit and does this count I don't know I hope not. They're probably have to though. At some point. Well one music call with a lawyer who set up those are great and Indian. So in front not a good job and that. Won't screw with that you've booked their vehicle as a didn't wanna do and so as an did you talk to on. Everyone knows who do Shane Spencer. Designed and is so gross job as a matter of fact I Eminem Monday. Who is snow cone. Arnold woke up this person talking about the sizes. Junk. See it's a moment. Been linked romantically. You know he's gonna. Drink about this. He's reading to start trying he's gonna. Cry himself to sleep. And you're really hung over tomorrow. And. My fair Tyson there I don't know who the snow cone is pretty sounds like an afternoon do you commit. We got to space camp Perry stories. Riveting says someone. So don't grated overnight stanch. Are about great I watched him do it took all day. Then the doors to task force side wage. The work. Everything does Jewish. Kind of screwed up. I backed a beach ball September 8 September 9. We have one more or beach callers we've all that's right when he thought it was being extorted for us from his phone racist he's racist and a lot. Remember when he thought silenced those trying to Sharpton for his phone. Oh that's right after general says he's asked. All horribly racist person. I remember that too ethnic problem. Anyway you enjoy thing in my latest no one time annoyed at all. Okay well I guess is right you know your off.