The Church of Lazlo - 08.09.17 - Pearl Jam Arrest

Wednesday, August 9th


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You've been arrested before. And got my hands. This is probably before body cameras and cell phone. Video via ubiquitous and everyone's arresting films and you've been Russia before I have been arrested before and I think it was also before the cellphone videos. Reassuring. He called us losers. Are good people get arrested. And spent some bad people don't know. Leno doesn't and Russian. People don't take chances. People play it safe all the time so and Preston. I don't you know come on my you know you're abundantly average ticket. They're incredibly mediocre okay. Congratulations. There's been and carpet mediocre make you feel better. Actually just like having you around was made me feel better about that but. Don't worry. I'm in the same boat as you decide the same boat. It's a different boat but it serves similar purpose. Down but it's a guitar and I end up in the back to the thing you're talking I don't thank you there's a dot. And then there is you know like a cigarette boat and then here on the panel blow. Not Mars like WU you have the same things trash and that cigarette boat in my police say a cigarette boat. It not paddling around COL word hormones but but but but on the plus a raft and float trip down this river that at the there and I think of all the mistakes I made an ever ended or were you aware. We just some little effort that they cannot even effort. Anyway there's been some good celebrity arrest videos. And remember the Reese Witherspoon I love tarmac when we love more she said like I do you know it was one of those actually you know who I am kind of that is still the ratio was incredibly shoes she's injured in Cuba. And her husband who has an attorney or whatever was like he's sorry go back inside okay reason and because they get a deal final payment bail us out of Tokai issues like quiet sure Israelis. What's a girl from ridiculous it's Chanel west coasts she had one Ortega sitting out of a nightclub and sit same thing you know it's late at night. It's probably 3 o'clock in the morning LEP you're talking to her she's doing the same thing do. Not many seasons I want to be with something on the I always feel bad. For people like that because he. He dropped it in Foster drawn cannot say I don't know you. I don't think that that makes her a bad person is gonna think that it made reasonably of Epperson I actually felt bad for that video got out. And that rob yeah embarrassments initially had to call her into his box. Office made it skateboards and say hey Reese. Not Reese why it right here and always will face and now we really were and so now presented and again. Greece where there's room right now I don't vision said I need some advice how to handle us. But now that everyone has cell phones there's obviously arrest videos of people who are not important like us. Luckily the last my got arrested guys like this I don't think cellphone villas. We're thing rides I've mine I was pretty embarrassing I know that the cop who was arresting me I just kept begging him. To please stop doing what he's. Remembered nothing wrong on a day but I just kept saying look. We don't have to go through this. I'm admitting guilt right now I am admitting guilt TO. So we don't they do this and he was shot. Sharp and get back over Merrill's like OK and the nights are too many terrific look again. I went I really don't have to go through all the lists. And then another cop pulled up to a new music and news guy I'll take. And eat and then taken to jail while it doesn't appear as I thank you slam our concerns on his back. That there was heat he's say be my mother he's ID manually shut deleted him. Mean it was actually yeah that's a long time and I was at that and a nice and you know look I'm helping you. You may not realizes now when I'm being your friend arousal and I just started screaming friends don't let friends in jail. Who got super press closing window on the follows I don't see you my friend as you're driving me to jail. I have a lot of friends none of whom would do that what you're doing. None of them but I'm violate. Totally guilty. But none of my friends really you're bring national. Prominence agent prison that's not that's not what friends I mean don't don't change where I've. For years now look back on that topic came because he put on this whole shows it. I know this guy you know he's talking the cop would vintners like I nosed guy he's miner act like you smells like why's he so pissed again in the back as far as a roof. I just say you officers also is back to save me earlier segment. Save me all the way to jail. Boy are real charm percent of those do admitted it was a good guy. I needed to be arrested and I look average eleven arrests and I've been unveiled I've been guilty I've never been a resident was not being innocent that's ever happened. But sell like don't call me your friends he was nice to me. Might still rules. As it took to the judge wasn't yelling at me he was he was he was night from nice to my dad I don't know those interested me earlier. And he actually said something about. I just dress you like almost exactly a year ago right on the street mistress as it yes. But also how high schools use the copy if you got pulled over with alcohol it take a dumping out anybody believe. Eating Gideon Meir possession and am left. Sony got you hooked on the jurors and then later on the other recipe for B are you bring up a lot of good points. Thanks body all right hey you know I don't worry about the boos did. I'll go ahead and hit you when you're 25 wreck your life science. Because of the until 115. Nothing really happens and maybe eight I don't drive around drunk when I'm Tony 50. I don't know I don't said what I did wrong. It's obvious to me either on. The fills an alcoholic. I. I was. I could have been transporting some pain across and Mississippi that I wasn't supposed to cross county lines you've done that before too I know Biden. Why the Mississippi I could win now redesigned. Separated. But what was he doing a smoke in the bay and it wasn't trying to get here across the Mississippi it's I don't know. Focus here. Now people get arrested there's body cancer cell phone video and this guy I don't know missiles for a church you go there's a bunch of mistress maybe someone has looked into and what happened in Illinois. He looks like he's probably in his late. Forties or did you of course he's also bleeding. And sliding so he's this is maybe not timid as best. I guess he's probably. I don't know how do you think this guy as I had saved. Mid to late forty's there it's only got fifty maybe he's got one of those Rayon. Button up shirt sales got the Harley logos on stuff sent to know more right now. So I don't know why he's bloodied I haven't looked into it. And he's initially unhappy about being filmed because. He's RT cops the cops are trying to escort into the car and he's not happy that he's being filmed. But. Obviously there's things you can do that are more embarrassing he might now say I'm not embarrassed for his video at all. What they do. Here you go. I I don't know what he says there and I tried looking up he says this isn't acting kiddies something hitting home. Step but he's talking about some sort of television show or something was that camp called kitty not become not an added cost it sounds like he's talking about. Some sort of television show. At. Kiddie cone I don't socket killer commute home. Look to see if anyone knows I alassane. But it but he says basically what he's leading two years is he says go to performance on TV performance. Sorry. He's singing never Pearl Jam. And you know he's he's got a pretty good set up by some and it turns out he's a huge. Pearl Jam fan but we. Very. Okay you. Yes he Pearl Jam not yet received an ever and he just he's the back. Hey kiss him ever as a pro team is one guy was maybe some people argue that. He's not religion. So now he is that the officers of the morass of their push you know walked him towards a car to get into music tour. After I don't look at my shirt like he's trying to show a tattoo I really wish they would have. Shown what it's. Sounds like he's got to prove intent to cross my old problems. Okay. So they try let you know obviously these are not rotate I don't maturity got to see it like now we can't Terry Nichols operations that I did serious come out man is my. Okay. Any better man on I have the quote here any any better man live or die right broke. I don't know what. How many times he cinema concert six. I didn't yeah except he's I didn't know that I got at those up those I got ID I guess I got it. But he's saying I got asked which I didn't know isn't as an alternate name for that song I didn't as I'd look it up you do you everybody knows this well you know. And the cops are saying that's not a song that's a size that it's a song man its own will look at us of the top sexy tellem all right I'll tell you what he's got strossen like we're gonna look at up in the car if we get final play. So they push the car like all right well and look forward if we can find it on and played for so I like to think that once he got in the car. It's late in the song he's. Very. And I don't know. I hope I'm also lyrics are those who write lyrics general he's seeing Vietnam. I know that song. I'm a real loss and another is Susan Noonan and little made it down and. Israel now. Alone. That is. Even flow. Now we want to what he was singing want to currently are Sherlund yeah he got right I think so freezing and rest his head on the pillow made a congaree. Again Beaulieu loves it here in the car is. I got you I guess I got escalade what's yours I got it so. Just in case I don't know he's an Illinois Casey streams of us who seven about it but I just I'm glad that people are. Filming everything on cell phones whom we are pressed is say he's saying can be important. Losing to inform the same can be formed I don't know I think I like that a big deal this is an. Oh I thought he was saying why would you be filming the best stuff today thanks kitty for. I didn't know it sounds like to turn to loosen up you know that you don't make you wiser. I don't edit because I don't know residual for I huge saying he's saying I didn't do anything that bad guys are okay that makes a lot more successful syndicated form is I don't know why it just does a rule of thumb. Just don't talk just a little bit advice I don't care what you're getting arrested for I thought I just don't bring up kiddie porn domain yeah. O'Neal sees Q okay. Yeah I don't iron there a child pornography. We're like okay. We were just gonna arrested for dale I would like to look around a little bit sir that's him like a weird thing number does. Who are here liabilities. At the John Kerry yes Tom I'm sure it. My case a couple of them. I'm a little curious if anyone wanted to talk about kitty porn Tom I say yeah and the Pacific. I'm disabled gay people or not I don't think that that's a prominent general and you don't nitrogen. The present his head I don't know mate got greedy but the kid born it and had its.