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Thursday, August 10th


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From the righteous man is set on all sides by the the selfish. And to renew your evil men the lessons you. Shepherds the weak. The value dark. Clinton lost she. And I will strike down upon the U with the great vengeance. And jewelry design nervous those who attempt to. Are you I'm all right are you a good I mean I'm good basis. Better than rice. Pure. Pure throws it broke. Does bother January and ensure. Wise. Why don't you Don Jones sure but it's just got a picture of purple dye says fantasy boys and I'm like man he's been a long late night and a gay strip club last night. Shirts and looked into a special. 75 dollars from both. Give me shared after a judge you and unassuming and Pelosi voice. I think it looks like he can leg during and during ensure or something doesn't tell us what you gotta win the last ten under ran right there if you wouldn't you Italian grand ensured that. Conditioner odor. It is okay like cool music row he looks like new let you do get it if you paid actually go to Lowe's champagne room of the land and the young man yeah. I've never been author. Your fantasy this young man in this campaign. It's computer do. Is this snow cone. Please don't fix the. I was your world as your life and Susan fine. When I can tell. Everything's okay. Sing me happy let's go in there. Here. Good. I'm happy I'm I'm good just today this and have the money. And to pick up prescriptions from drugstore. And I had. Gym shorts on in their pockets and I'm. So I just grabbed my wallet my keys and I'm mr. run and grab these drugs right. And it became this whole ordeal about we have to call the doctor back or insurance this doctor that. You prone communities met again. The doctor I know you are on these medications he'd like you almanac and none. Calling him right now that's like calling your dad's homeless school you can did you sign this permission slips for Jay about it at all my doctor lake. That's read on CBS or you know. I'm trying to think up to seventeen for trips incidentally you proved. Senior. Mean she got my name on so anyway I and my phone on me. Now reserved for like an hour half. And I don't know what I'd do the blood pressure than like twenty times there's nothing to do me on the phone like. Why do gym shorts. Well what are the ones insurers are sleeping in basketball shorts aren't dog and you know and don't mind. I don't have anything else I'm not gonna walk the dog in jeans don't really have my guessing where swim trunks. All right just. I have a lot of shorts just trying to picture your own workout shorts and no shirt walking around. I was temperatures do you have a slight temperature and doubling registered to CN yeah. I Wear a shirt any sound I might get it at myself in the mirror to our now. Organize community oriented amusements. I was saying I trust you just played basketball earlier this morning so. Of course you hope that maybe federal thinks that you left 24 hour fitness earlier. Just think she's just starting whatever. Andrew teeter and yeah. Goals you have. It's also embarrassing because at least three of the women. Who work at CBS. A very attractive. And I'm. Trying to explain sentiment happens every time I go it's not their fault it's my fault but every time is like assertion was is tournament. I dominating in total global bond like once forum. The masseuse. Like OK then what's this other stuff for us in the first week. Also from things like OK which I know they had people that come in there all the time Daimler getting stuff for sure by his sister act. I'm getting. But I never thought when I was in high school and I started to break out. Twenty years later at 35 NBC and CBS like I should have seventeenth instruments this. So those oh no insurance and not overdose. My son's anger and I sign says stop hitting on gay people. Who did that I guess I didn't why shirts aren't gang they're just shows stop and. You sound like white male pigs when you constantly make fun a straight guy for being gang and I don't want you home phone calls on it and Higginbotham a straight guy make a bottom again a guy for being gang is a central. If this is not a trauma. It's not a social justice Roy help protect the current system. He has big purple shirt on that says fantasy boys games. OK I can't imagine if there is a bar called fantasy boys what do you think happens inside there are a bunch of straight Harley dudes go out and eat chicken fried steak. You don't go to this boys and expect some girls and celts now they're down. Famous in ways you. Stuff to 8090 people aren't. I swear to god I DN savage keeps saying hey I know social justice lawyers are going by. It's better to have an imperfect allies and our allies on the news yeah and there's no stand IG but. How can I be allies with these people who don't my Brothers Republican. And anytime we talk to syndicate comes up something political comes out right but at this point in 2017. And he you know. Doesn't like trump says he voted for Hillary is one of those Armenians but. When he starts talking about the social justice warriors. I have to agree isn't. That's a little kids. Out of control. I mean maazel has come okay. I'll search on June for gentleness and he's sold any this controversy down. All right so they're they remake death wish Eli arthritis in his name and Bruce Willis gosh. Every may death wish only around vacation they released a trailer for all right. For people who don't know death pushes Museveni is Charles Bronson his wife and kids kids redbook and then they got killed by these you know. Whatever. Thugs and see police said they were too busy to find these guys are Charles Bronson fills sack full quarters. Those are answers begins and eventually gets a pistol and searching right vigilante justice. In the new movie. Bruce Willis I think works and hospital listen he's a doctor. Does the Chicago police are like look. We're way too busy I can I find these guys he says find egos are big gun store attendant trailer. Because I need guns and loads up on. Munitions. And becomes this vigilante. Starts going around cleanup. The streets. Now people on the left are very upset and they're saying that it's an all right CN has seen. That this white guy would get a bunch of guns and go out in the streets of Detroit and that it's not. Appropriate for today's climate. Have to admit that when I heard that housing its death list stars and movie and I watched the trailer house like. Change is possibly in. Bad taste but I wouldn't complain about it like I don't carry any IC housing and I didn't want to agree with an awful I must show I was like all right it's a little over the top but whatever. But they nicer looking at Twitter is seen all these people are muzzled like we've been saying. It's official now the people who are seen this movie is an appropriate and sends a bad message. It's a bunch of liberals. We knew I met fifteen years ago if we say there's a gloomy mood on a movie coming out because they send us an appropriate sends a bad message. It would be court Christian conservative group of some sort some sort of concern right. Family values and some sort of saying hey we can't have us. And now it's just song all the way around it's. Unbelievable that we watch it happen that quickly and I. Begin. So it's just a short underserved and yeah. I didn't really amazed that shirt that this is the social stress disorders are dead but really insurance and there's no more scared of them. I'm starting. To feel scared. Not like you know they're gonna kick your ass and away. But in I feel excited says white guy quote unquote did you just assume Bruce Willis is gender. You're right. I assumed he was a so this white man. And don't forget I'm Gabe Watson. Don't forget I'm Q. And. I mean I think she you know that's clear when enough experience. Here's a question any. LG BTQ. And now today at a Sears is accused for curious it's. They just curious. I think cures questioned. I don't think you'd be redundant and day and clear. There. Don't say I'm not a social justice remove whatever you're about to say Eminem. Analysis of nervousness the things. LG BT was the original one right and now we know any day he died. Transcends. Implosion and now we do Q. So let me see oh it's. IQ. Others use you know GB cheap laughs. I do what I think the questioning part. Is where you question if you're gay or not. That's doesn't count for you where you question if you're straight or not. It's a fine line where your day and sometimes you think your strength. They otherwise use your straight never once run get drawn into a dates and. There's dying. And they don't like it. Do you want to live. Questioning cue was less than an insurance. Mary's a lesbian insurance clutching his sexuality. FEMA information from her addiction. I. Seeing cues and clear. And I loved curfew genius. And I can hardly beat your loved one day our. Doctor. You're eligible. I loved easy. I'm. I know. Our Jim Jesus museums I notice you yeah. You gonna get her concerts. Not equal clear. Protesting that. Mark looked it up social justice lawyers cures for questioning. I don't think there's really such a thing as bisexual and. You know Don I I now your gonna do this is just too greedy. You just already. And you're like oh whatever. If you are if you did you choose that. They're telling. I just think you're like man I'm Karen. I like to climax. And whoever chick basically finance is good boy girl whatever. During a time. You like the Smiths. So that covers on everything. Sometimes. Transcendent. Well amount of pollution and O'Connor's counseling and an eighty's I would put George so. I did not like when George plaza says he does not like bush George because he gave me a bone owners on American Bandstand and I didn't understand it and start from. And then we collecting incidents and that's doctors. And then he was dancing around and had assured us and boy and I was like oh my god. I find this person very attractive. But I was too young to understand what attractive was I didn't I couldn't articulated to myself for doing an ulcer in my brain. And then years later I saw a picture on mastery and time back guides and wall in his house and right to know whatever and they showed a picture I was like oh my god it's not superstars track too that's when he had the shaved head yeah season and I need. He's never been seen. Owens and sexual. That's. Where you can also I believe the interest income and non. Someone who maybe has a different gender identity or does he manage and readiness you can like it transgendered person no woman or man Lola. You don't just like that. You just wanna climax of the I think that's a Miley Cyrus is she she's in sexual right she's not a girl not an end in sexual choice in regard to biological sex gender or gender identity. So she's got on a minute wait hold on is that they see what their what how they identified GA identifies as incidental right she says she's. Yeah one who can love sexuality in many forms like bisexuality. And even more fluid a transsexual person. And love not only in the traditional male and female genders but also transgender youth. And androgynous and gender fluid. Sasaki says. Miley Cyrus says my whole life I didn't understand my engineer my own sexuality rarely seen in the word bisexual because that's even putting me in a box I don't ever think about something being a boy or girl. Or someone being a girl. Also my nipple peace tees and that's never felt sex lies to me my eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade my first relationship. In my life was with a check. I grew up in a very religious southern family. Universe is always giving me that powers and all be okay even at that time what Paris and nursing and I just pulled that one day they're going to understand. I went and LG BTQ sinner LA and started hearing these stories I saw one human in particular. When we did sit and sexual or is the longest quotes. So my sexuality more. I don't feel straight and I don't feel gay that's because I'm not. She's being sexual. So Leon. No I'm not this year drove friction. Yeah but. He's a perfectionist. I'm I'm so I'm also straight. Well I mean I'm mostly in straight just because I never talk to guys but. I feel like. Wrong. I feel like you're a little bit more in our customers running. I don't feel like we're all open minded liberals doing no more like guy you know who knows I don't want now. But I feel like you're more. Blighted more like 2000 may not like girls and I'm like look like anything do anything can happen in the future what do I know don't care. Maybe I'll run into a got to really go oh my god I had no idea that this is love that could happen. They could have done. And there's no. Quantifiable. Feeling because I can't explain what love feels like to meet. You can't explain what it feels like GO so. That's not quantifiable but I mean there's a difference between me saying anything can happen in the future knew coming in with a fancy boys shirt on after you just adds. Homosexual section I'm talking about sex goes I once loved do you have any us I'm. Can wrongly. One. And coming in question. Is it's normal that I'm not questioning. He didn't question realized iTunes. Pleasant thing you roundtable on fancy boys you iced and leaving the door open as early as you know. Like Miley says it is something a box that we may want to unite. You might not one of Arizona not tomorrow I don't know. And Antoine sexual. That's next. Everywhere I show up pink shirt that says fantasy bullies. Is anything less than masculine men. So much I don't understand why fans identify everything remembers a guy. And I'd like to ejaculation. Can you make that happen. If you can none Indio and however you self identified if you can't then I'm not. I'd say yeah. You may have been. Sunoco let killing happened. It's a million children. Season for you thank Jimmie and swing. Tom thank. Time to break up I'm holing improves and told Reuters. Yeah I mean it's sexism like Boone. Yeah yeah. I'm in my blues I'll drink everything you know Jimmy hi drugs right whatever who cares sex I'm not I get on his. That's such an eminently off it's not the same. Right well. You would if you would get you up sing like I'll booze drugs will get behind some sort so I take it whenever when John Spencer is my god they announced. They understand sexual manner because you don't get me off as I'm not sure it's different. I'm not a little weird nonalcoholic beer. I Janet linked cheer exist. It's similar. And after I've had eight or nine. Alcoholic Beers he slipped one and on me I'm real I'm. What do I know I just when the fridge and grab one seem finally at a time. But do you drink alcoholic bear his legs. You know it's time. Now really annoy him but I don't know storm yeah those there. It's the same about not healthier. It's like kissing your sister it's a strain of deals are opening your heart you know it's not right. The vice cousin to you have such vehicle you can have sixty cousin. DR married his cousin. Lots of people many cousins wasn't John FDR who don't pull him. He did that from his cousin and I don't know that. Don't know that. Man my cousin was yeah my house. I mean he made Allen learned shooter cousins. But she announced contrast she was. One cameraman using distant this isn't like an Arrested Development scenario. John Massey Hughes adopting she was blind but some distant. Our kids were in the summer closer relation. And then me James Jones people I don't know until they give you nitrogen DNA test there's a chance closer relations tonight and no wait we were here for a we refer yeah now hello yeah no. Or Jamie answers yeah. Your definite plus. That is true stories and your and so if you're addicted to sex. Anytime wanna slow Johnson answered drones since that's not Cox looked at the but back. Men. Subsite solid sound like it gives me control. You come back. That's such snow cone. I know Lazio your sister's a senior tight. Let's cover on how many says I tried since there how many sisters you and I. No sooner does play us but I know yes you're absolutely correct there's been no statements. More troops than your sister is not a time. Now snow cone how many sisters do you have. Oh you have to. I'm just curious I never had a sister. Can you sync your sister's hot. You people everything on my sisters know and hot I come in and ended June. I'm in an editor writes it was a good step sister then whatever I could say my sisters are. Forward Trenton there's but there was never a party do you when you were young enough that thought oh. Serra. I don't know learning is about to hear her Sarah is back to commend you change all American like honestly don't keep my eyes slightly over sincere pain that doesn't happen out of no of course not that I see that's I know uses your do you tackle well let me also some leg up in the morning. Is it broke right so he's seen a minute or worse it's business it's different legacies was like yeah. Why you date first and live in different places before you get emergency people at a worse time. Because then you're kind I I love this person finally it is Soledad I just woke up here's a baby in the right there are improving and doing and that. Period Danny is an although or else. He thought there was never attracted to them. Because when you have a sister it's like you're born and none crappy parts of marriage ref. I guess I was thinking they were older Sony and anytime you hit puberty your sister comes over psyches and think he's Sydney opting you don't know like how my god 'cause you're like oh my god touch the ice senior. And it's the one thing that your friends like your sisters all elements and elegance very true she's attractive or whatever the sisters talk. And it never happened. TU lo right in your sister's. I guess I wasn't around when they're young guys don't these fans I'm. I was 90. Managers look I don't think you ever show me you did show me many times on things I have yeah. I did Serena and she's very pretty. Literally that's when you close that's right now you have some photos like these. He has a brother somewhere and I'm not a benefit you might not singing and it makes them. Unattractive you guys you all are very similar is that true he has a brother who looks like solid like your mother because you have different ads. July different dads. And my sisters does have the same dad but not do not mean you almost kind of look like your mother. Donna yeah. But as you look like you to do Brothers sisters. Who's the kid looks. The brother that looks like you that's dads kids and market perform. A he's older than you get everywhere he lived thing. You never met him our computer oh yeah. See those pictures of gosh he's got his brother in Vegas looks so much like him. There was 10 and having kids did you dad happens to you know. Holliman and nobody knows. And wrote only know three and now another five minutes. Two more things. So please find. Let's deem as soon as he expects we will find out you know higher. Really and I'll knock him to explain a lot now. Why does that mean we're less action and having kids I know myself. Can't section brother we're definitely not Brussels and minus the grassroots. That is true it's OK senator. Loans. Odd twist a thing I also mastered in front of his pants and we are related. To totally explain a lot of hints. And mine alone. I had no idea. What I thought was weird I had been doing the entire time now I'm guessing you voted can you didn't have your own place when you were thirteen. I guess he goes masturbation for your parents and why did not quit my students that if they still people are just as I understand that. I time I had a why did you get away my parents were watching me. You in the backseat of the car pulled on a sec and do the same hotel and went on over the pants stuff. But the hotel room is in the dark in the middle and I and separation. Sides of the room and hundreds of each other it's one and two kids. Whenever it. What. You are John slocum. We'll bastards yeah. And everything about time. Let's go to extra. And are there because they're bastard it's John Snow in this room what's what's his name. We got to play is John Snow. Actually I'm so I don't resistant character to this and yeah. The real you know she grew up in castle in real life I Google laughing she's like royalty group and that's the sound of student. One of the couples what I wouldn't give to share hotel room attendant Orleans yeah I'm sure. I can't decide do I NB more. The parents so that yeah. My parents. Definitely envy them. I envy your parents Roy. Just to take my kid to Orlando Panamax two independents yeah. That's not only remark there a smile I've ever delay tendencies and we're home. They didn't they were asleep. I'm sure they just fake snoring. And like are you better start snoring yeah pentagon yesterday that when John generics on a great yeah. No Harry what's all laughed at you and my mom she was at night what are each. Weddings. She's not shy I semi dots of what she resents stop. Please okay. But she lives up to me yeah. It's very phoning. They've got a new Zahn happening. Trying to do. Politics read headlines tonight. And you get tired of any time trump comes after Leonard is serious economic summit even notice this when I talked about tropical also now earned. John ladies and Howard jump from a Kohlberg okay Obama and I go back to doing some all the time please oh plus. Too late night take him transcendence. Via higher in Ceres threats against North Korea which is snow we've played narrowed yesterday and seemed easier I guarantee you read the likes of which you announce. Drag it will be over the world's nervous but it yeah. You know as China and Saudi weren't too happy about that. So you think oh maybe he'll come around in you know say sorry I was drunk I'm on vacation what do you want from me but. In Canada. And be very comfortable. And I will tell you this. If North Korea does anything in terms of even thinking about it fast. Anybody that we love what we represented through our allies or us. They can be very very nervous I'll tell you why in the should be very nervous again these things we'll. Like they never thought possible. Okay he's been pushing the world around for a long. I have great respect for playing giant headline Russian did. And those fifteen we got to fifteen did nothing. I have great respect for China and Russia what they do and sanction. I believe that we'll have an effect I don't think we'll have the kind of effect even though I was like real Lindsay got. The people are done for years say Morales is saying and I will tell you this. North Korea they get their act together when they get a big trouble like you nations ever have been in trouble. Oh in this world. All manner. As the about. Can't you light truck you know threatening North Korea only sounds like a little kid. This sounds like and be present system more. Ads you don't hate you know. Make any sense. Is he's been bullying awareness like he's acting like Kim Jong he stayed the same stuff there's state media sends. And he is and how is Kim young men push just how moral the rock and you know rebound offensively and not alone. The launching of missiles and talk and I. And like John and it bothers me if you at least focus on Kim Jong. But when he's like you know hey it sounds like he's another country and I thought we moved past just celebrating killing innocent the only at least pretend like we try not to do that no wait no one's. I'm not so sure. I'll tell you what they should be very never miss. I got this briefcase seen. Here back home. Man North Korea has anything to worry about. Well except the piece de their threats is that they're gonna shoot missiles that go along with Sega easily reaches. As it would take formats and this is it long and I'm not gonna know anything won't Muslims and of course placenta due South Korea looked in just stopping your. We'll south trees in the new worry about because if you ask someone attacks North Korea's sole. Right isn't tunnel of course. I love that tree yesterday who does that. Remember who sent that tweet yesterday it was own the science of sleep a lot like tonight luxurious dinner and if trump had. If trump at a hotel in non volleying at all Palin. But de Leon the secretary of state masonry and the American people should sleep easy tonight Anderson I mean I don't see them. Let's guys who attempt to see everybody should just relax. More relaxed. Nobody cared. He's he's he's on fire and fury and. When talking about it. Still listening. If you really if you have some sort of Intel and information. That tells you that North Korea is much more are threatened and I think it is because I'm not a president not privy to that type of information. But do you think it is a goal and partially goddamn mouth and talking about it. Two weeks and I'll secure passes for more than not being a do or don't show up. Tough guy. And I got to stick to the sanctions the sanctions are working whatever. We're talking about getting into a fight. The fighter. Hey drum. I'm attractive says yeah. This whole thing with North Korea is so dead. Yeah I think this thing. I never in my life been scared in North Korea known did you scene never. By any chance we election seen in the last night best known internally would. Watching. Are not to say Texas win I completely forgotten and I don't have balmy elder at my woke up this morning so that you. That you were watching that started last fall. Is if that's on it feels like summer so I finished our last night. It was Don you know visit earlier in the box. Was last year the rams last year is the rams running. As a as a as a first you know it was a it was an enemy you like him and dealing. Just when Shuster is he doing it on Shasta. Study that was I was a girl that in Florida. Accused him I don't remember. I juicy John always know the real question I know implement them. Did you see the the John only between. I think it was yesterday and in the news or. Eighteen year another reason to hate. Well I guess you like them you got that shirt to even learn here. Once a week I don't care about them or mentioned so I knew that I Orrin Denver shared twelve years you know. I was twelve years ago in my listen let me explain Israel click on guide my mother bought me a jam us. It was the new bronco logo didn't say Denver on it at all and I was wearing it as a white T shirt under. A sweatshirt yet and he took this Richard are we are working out like god there is not I took my switch jobs likes. It's a Broncos. And I don't think it's Lee's summit north. I was like Colin is a Broncos sure I don't know much about them done and I know my my I don't care about them. Usually don't you're not here I'm just under his sweatshirt and they don't Wear that here I just ended like thirteen years. Rumor mostly interested anyone other than that QBs we have is another example of irresponsible thing so it's analyst John Allen. Our. The sporting game last night. You don't you go. No I listened to and radio. I'll listen to a mandatory and a great job in morning penalty kicks again loser. Neat. OK. I like that I don't like a world of radio announcers and actually worsened different radio station. Our company does not but I like him I think his nice guy knowing that he really good job of super. Annan. Electoral show. And like him the best sisters I don't know the other guys he comes a lot of shows and stuff. A lot of militia under the John Le. They did a really good job calling him as a whose son. Believe Knowlton. He was. Big fancy executives that massage in Vienna cold stone three marine. Where in Arizona. That made the headlines this morning made it sound like he was you know the CEO massage many relievers like. You sign up with some franchises in Arizona. So this guy. Come. Well here I'll play the audio news. Following are some. Police say that an executive who worked with colds don't create marine died after he attacked his parents with a stun gun USA today reports police found Leah Gordon Goldman and his father covered in blood on the floor of a senior living facility in Scottsdale Arizona stolen stuff breathing after he was handcuffed and taken to the hospital Monday and died shortly after the attack early Tuesday. You you got that right. Son gets in a fight with his parents and son dies there's a thing oh lead. The sun was 55 years old. And his dad is in his senior living facility and he's eighty and so he attacks is parents. And somehow he. I shots. And I know that they say it is is mom called the police the police show up she was I guess she looked like she'd gotten in. All too much who's worried about is on the took a mosque in any passed away. Now I don't he died because. And stun gun or what happened. But they were showing trees that this guy just not a tweet on Father's Day dissent happy Father's Day dad you're incredible oral miles for me and I appreciate. I'd always been their former nominees try to Jones on the home. Moses Sunday trying to kill your. Son's. I don't know why I thought just two days. Your dad was easily your dad was a minute and I don't know what they call when he called science. Are you never predict is that it's also the news now I care facility. And a dad is in that. Strip tease. But can you imagine and I think you might say Jessica actually you're in. A nursing home you get a fight with your dad. Any winds. It was a lesson Vienna silence dead. Buena high school. It was a sunny physically physical altercation and a solid ice and so you just assume since then you can take effect. I'm pretty sure that night. There's a there wasn't changing of the guard. And it wasn't official but I think both of us knew like this happens again. Probably not gonna end up like it did when I was thirteen. And I'm sure is miners are you on McCain yeah. You know as money for you played hockey. All worked out now using against me it's really. I must destroy us. In our minds a man. And I'll John I you're well yeah it's. My site he told us I'm sure. But this is different than a Coke bottle mind right hand on him on the Obama wants to that's different kind of men know this was I was still in high school was probably. Fifteen. Yeah some are on the ads and my friends were driving Mamie but I wasn't strong. And my friends had a hotel Barney. And I hate and it was in this like. Marketing class. And Arizona girl who was a senior. And her name is Teresa. And she was a goddamn woman. Like a woman's life dressed like an attorney everyday to school wore those that like pencil skirts are not lines and high heels and a blazer and long blond hair and glasses. Lesson to draw money out. And so we were sitting there and I said hey we are recklessness and my friends. Are having a party would you like to come and she says share. And I had never seen her out of the party or anything in my entire life I just assumed she was having sexual lawyers right when she was a woman. And I was he had a wee morning. And now so she said yes so I got I told. Like everybody is lying about where they are gonna go but I was like yeah I am gonna tell the truth. Because this is my moment. And if I lie there's a chance I couldn't get in trouble all of the stories get confused and in a room alone can't have it right. So I tell my dad hey I'm going to hotel party. If I will not drink and drive I'm not getting any trouble if I need anything I won't call you. He's like okay. So I get this party. And you know in doing things you do. And people leave or whatever and there's like maybe five or six people left and I'm laying. On the bad. Would Theresa. She's a woman. And we have begun to start to take Valium and slug him downloads California collector's. Which by the way. Horrible idea. Or Bolden mix to blue object whatever you say kids if you listen fun. That's how to Joker don't. Do that anyway I had no man at the time and it felt like. That's also why you get to date and Olsen Twins so. I think he's he's just for that put back not Manning. The California glitz and the mound in the same time desires and you know that's statistic given to try to so I think. Generating ten things I hate about you. So. Were lying on his bedroom. And all the salute or much. My god damn dead. The old man. Somehow parents and started talking a news new warrior you want that join in and they wanted to come alone they heard I was doing drugs and but Disney C junior mentally just I think. Eager to remember our. I think like someone came home and laughed and got in trouble for dragging someone's cast also many houses and a while the all time. I'm trying to slug down California coolers and do Valium to these parents are on their landline phones and radios on in Asia where I am and you know of course mind handled. Temperamental man he comes. Temperamental man my favorite pro Panasonic's. It's okay. Tree comes and drags me out of there. So we got home I was like man I told you everything I was trying my best. Tough section woman. Panama. This is me and you. Fight in the front yard who chose clumsily on. And I apologize later slightly you have sees stellar boxing rules of war. And why it was less his by yeah back. It's getting back and he grabbed the bat and I'm pushing down and I yeah aluminum bat a wooden bats aluminum back. Wow. So when I went out at an affront on management open. My garage apologized to him. And I went to school. She would never talk to me. Not a word. Phone lamented that. It's maybe it. Kind of an affair you know. Here's a man there he found out. I've never seen again. That's sad story isn't you know. See you look. And nothing worse than almost having sex in the high school. Another plus one. Early night on jeans skirt and high heels and. A person. I understand but I feel like she's some identified as a woman yeah. OK that's fine but I'm saying maybe there are few things are worse than life van. Almost having sex and not list any person. And skirt rounds and I'm using my same as she was Saddam Hussein in general someone is about to have sex abuse and they've got nice legs and their weren. Nylon and is now reveals so if I was in that hotel room and it was a man. In a skirt I ails them and nine irons and he was feeding me California coolers and Valium. I would be happy that my father show. To this moment I'm still better. Whoever talked on several times and understand some statement. Yeah obviously doctors are choosing manipulate. Sun which comes in and make sure the united McCain stands are passed down the street and he's easy and there was this lawyer looking gorillas like oh. To choose each sorry John my age. It's horrible. Intelligently about an Amish use it to my stomach. High school football player. Died today today's Thursday rose today here. Long Island high school. They were doing their strength and conditioning. Exercises and drills. They like this happens at least. Sometimes once a year you here's some schools I mean even at my school we had to zoom into the hospital in time but it's much there's always some who got over here exiles and us as they make them run and full pads and August. In Kansas season thousand that I shouldn't do I don't understand this team is sixteen and what they were doing now this morning. The reason I. Wondered talked about this news last night said furlong time. While disasters happen with CT because again football can never go away in the United States as we do popular and I said. Just wait until someone in high school. Dies from a football injury now from the how from the Barrie had from our football injury and the parents of the school the school says I don't know until when I'm doing this anymore. I mean I'm EC schools they were giving up football programs. Because. The liability. But I think you could happen. The sentinel says Howard did and today all they were seen in the news was this sixteen year old player died. Ends. It was not some sort of health condition the area. Young football player appears to have suffered a fatal traumatic injury this morning they grief as you would expect is only beginning to setting here. What we can confirms that the boy was practicing with the team at around 8:30 this morning I left the field in cardiac arrest. It was pronounced dead a short time later at Stoney Burke cost. How he became injured precise nature of his injury cannot be confirmed. I do understand whoever that this was some form of trauma and not a medical episode. So that's made a glimpse of that happens we had that happen to our schools and as our attack on the track present and it turns out you know they had some undiagnosed health. Problem so I think this is as good as concerned her confirmed now these kids were carrying logs over their hands. While they were running. And it sounds like analogue film. And hit him in the head. This is a freak accident and yeah but how do you feel about. I only surmise place and they still do it I don't know what they were they were running full pads and all that stuff. Is it necessary. The necessary to have a sixteen year old kid in high school. Run in the heat with a lob over his head. Bother me. What does. You're having them run my time and it doesn't monitoring the residents protest over. Yeah I mean that doesn't bother me as physical exercise eat. The fact that he dropped and it fell on his head and kill them and that's a freak accident like there's no wonder blames for. You can run around this building a hundred times in the long. And drop dead and not having hit on your head. I mean a hundred days than not haven't hit on Atlanta had split Donovan did land on your head tell you that's just band sometimes. Bad stuff happens to good people. This city died from heat exhaustion because there was a 170 degrees and you're running in the Tony seven miles and I got a problem those lines and a lot of budget but this obviously isn't telling guys are carrying logs over there straight. And I get it but I'm saying maybe Hussein did you really need to be doing these logs. If if this kid I'd like you said from exhaustion or run I understand I'm missing why you do in this but this is a different direction. The longtime confidant to carry other kids. When I'm placing all you know like you're gonna change and is an you know hang on your back and you gotta give them that you back right around the bush Ron Ron Ron. We have to do that. That's a partner carry him. I never thought if I thought Benson did hit my head and he diamond nobody thought time. Right. This story says that. There's an update and I wasn't there is a guy named Dan who was I was actually tame dance but here's a bigger guy. I remember in mammoth making him put on like a rubber suits. Don't rain jacket everything under his pants so he can run and lose weight yet but now I look back I'm like man that's lower risky and the ninety's was wrestling. Every year I think that guys we're learning on the wrestling team. Wearing trash bags and working out and in my hand. First to lower fifteen signal so RS. We need to true. You do miss. The ball running in the heat saying that doesn't gonna do that to us on this case right. No I mean I don't know not a pleasant that's not what. I don't know from what they're saying in this story says that they ran onto the field holding wants above their heads to players fell. Which resulted in the lawn pinning him I don't know what that means he tripped over the players that sell I don't know. GC this on the news about the the woman who is now Wal-Mart are their son misses here locally using Gladstone. Took her son a Wal-Mart. She is autistic. And while there shopping. Some teenagers. Start chasing them around on those electric scooters. The kind of like you know I guess Leslie lane kids drivers are just times. These kids. Start literally circling them. On the news scooter whereas the glass so Wal-Mart. We're looking at clothes and getting rid an empire through. Food cake at home within moments Lisa says oh boy you appeared to be about sixteen years old intentionally wrote a motorized shopping cart. Toward her and her son who has autism. I was from the start he started circling us. And the two rows back were with him were laughing what happened next was no laughing matter to lease up or her skiers side. With him have a not so them. He but he won't bolts if you think fear. OK so imagine that you're Wal-Mart you got your kid with you now they say was eleven is eleven. These teenagers were state estimate were like sixteen at least one of them is an electric car and starts. Circling around you and your mom. Right right we need that the parent deserves only give this kid corner right she's there. He's literally driving in circles around Laffey making fun of the electric car troubles electric cars dot Wal-Mart Garnett they're standing there like what what's what's happening. An eleven year old gets nervous she says this is what he does everything's fireplace we rounds he bolts. And when he runs the kid jumps off of the electric cart and away her appearance in a story. Did the teenager on the cart and girls with them they were laughing like. This is funny you pick and almost eleven year old. He chases this kid down and beat them up let's yeah he chases them on foot chases into the Wal-Mart. And deeds among with the kids moms aren't they can't well I mean. She wasn't running well and I don't think again antique automobile up and Minnie goes out in the parking lot dragged to some friends about it and gets in the car drives off so the cops looking for us. How old is the solution I think I feel like mistress of the studies are. Around sixteen can be a blowout until eleven year old it is accused at Wal-Mart does mom and how is it. But there's no one in Wal-Mart. When you stop being who says hey look stuff abrasion on him yeah. How long me being. So it was 730 on on Tom you and how long it lasted maybe behind it there's too much before guys stopped them. But just a chasing him through the strike guess you think that maybe they're related or something on an airplane I sought to do running through store annoyed whenever. And on Wal-Mart. I'm just trying to get some you know it's not my business I'd probably wouldn't interject myself until I saw someone getting their asking. Even then I believe that could be Brothers like I don't know how long it would take for me to actually break them up solid pair your kids right. Like no where's your mom what's happening. Another chance I might walk off Americans are running you know being autistic imagine someone chase. Really traumatized she says she's traumatized I just don't understand we all went to high school blows smoke anywhere right dropped out for years you were there and I dropped out. Gupta we both are done. Well did you know anyone sorry mr. Smart you know anyone who lose in the you're there you're there you receive the only room you can sit in and talk about Peres did show hope it is this one I'm getting. But you're there you're sixty can you imagine or did you know anyone that you can think of would have been the type of person to do that I'm not saying a friend of yours was there anyone you went to school west. The you can imagine. Going to love Wal-Mart. Find an eleven year old with his mom harassing them and then beating they cannot sixteen year old I don't know I don't remember what I did see another eleven year old doing it. You see some time. Does your job and I'm glad any ER. Fifth grade maybe yeah right fourth or fifth so you're talking like a high school June here. Beating up a fifth grader. I can't imagine we got bullies. Day and their relatives their own age or close and I than anybody would take a fifth graders asking where the teenage girls that are there laughing with them you know who are these girls and Brock from school and everything this is so fine. What we're wasn't Gladstone. Citizens. Northeast 72 street. And root. Corzine. You are all running. The white walkers are. Luckily we vile the island to treated. Protect us along. Thirty saline. Tennessee. I think. You write a moon. Yeah there. They not comment. Attention when this story can political or stolen cars to catch them when the story came out they send it to they had the Wal-Mart employees in the manager whatever I found security footage found footage from inside and down the parking lot they had footage of him. But he got the car and it. Police were looking. I'm talking years is in the video I understand you can see him faking a fist and laughing about attacking my son on this is mom also told after he ran out of the store. And hots and a car he got away. Just not right for him to do this to my child intensive care it's I'm not I'm somebody hears him bragging about what he did. I hope they called police images Illini Alan fine them I'm not only do about a dozen plays and no one man. Tim. Sixteen are you six did you beat up an eleven year old predict. The done you know. Just talk Ron Allen I was sixteen immunization and that's what I. Is different some of knowledge on similar applied challenge this kid and any kicks the last I don't know that nonsense. Or write. My own peers article and gave glossy and wanted to challenge a sixteen year old to fisticuffs in the parking lot in the Alaskan. That's a tough week funny. If you're. I don't know Wal-Mart or whatever and Simone was harassing UK news there. Can look like UCL 151617. Who would Jules yeah man not just the thing I'm punches I hope I help you be so angry. And I'd probably be a lot of trouble but yeah for sure I'll see how you. Don't do it. They're calling your kids' names you're standing there watching it. It's like those parents who see footage from school you know after happens see their kids getting bullied at school. School sense of security through eternity can get punched her beat up in the country I would just think as a parent you learn drive connections house. I feel like I'd do or no control myself from punching him. Hopefully. But I feel like I would smash all the windows on Mac Darwin. Donna's house down this race down field right. We're out of time and is relying on him. North of the river on a roll. Toward an okay. I don't know. They're coming they've been sent up for a long time but there is coming. It takes a long time. And track their calendar works differently. We're and I've never been over there and mussina. Well the only time I've seen them. Is on gravity airport and I can never be certain I just assume everyone else is just trying to get to or from the got port as well got it but we've never seen them and I've never heard of them. Going about their down. You. Darwin and in a tub once. Got some tacos so he saw yup I did the scary. I kept you know I looked around and I hope that they did notice that I was sure yeah.