The Church of Lazlo - 08.10.17 - The Perfect Day

Thursday, August 10th


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Old. Pot from. But you're gonna say our users and good but you always that I find lone terrorist how are you. I'm all right man. Tom Jones well I guess is wells can be expected. Which is gonna in my situation. As. Middle class white male I'm. The expectation is I get to start the race look couple Simpson and yeah. Doesn't mean I can't be passed. Just a moment of an advantage. I think is technically counts says the survey. Our. This is what your day is supposed to look like if you're day is ideal. And they break it down by the clock ideal firms Lehman. So according to this survey slash study if you wanna have an active lifestyle and feel good. They've done this whole thing in broken down your day what time missiles to wake up front and one uses everyday and you do better throughout the day. God and they want they wanted to be armed with their ideal times an ideal stuff that they do like you know it's right just before eleven sites right. We kinda like this. So their ideal wake up time is 6:45 AM roof. They say that gives you plenty time to get ready for your decked and well on second and I don't mean the same thing about this is fine I'll be like a brother and I think you're beautiful. But you're just telling me downstairs and like man I need. And I'll eat better and eat wild caught salmon in Europe. I do okay well that's also say this week at nominal growth I got al-Qaeda and what's he been there. TGI Friday's potatoes gal potato chips and a really good are very diplomatic dialogue and am I just it was not five minutes ago when you're talking about it. Melanie is broccoli and salmon from now on. And we walked up very new and got it. Manning got fury what you want I think you're beautiful you look good you don't need to do anything to change. I just as I I was like unease concerning matters men. He's just our feeling better outdoor as I don't know what is is that some sort of scaled chipped up. And I solid iron his tee jive for it is loaded baked potato I guess that'd humor that new replacement shake I give you didn't. You know if you can't happen if you continue to eat all the same program but clearly I'm known nutritionist. But you continue to eat all the food all the same food and just start adding meal replacement shakes. It's actually I select counter into and a look at this week this week. Well I'm guessing a little bags ashes kind of expensive though for what now you pray to half an hour for the chips I'm starting now haven't you know of besides that they were poised and all right here's your ideal day then. Wake up at 6:45 AM was to give you plenty of time to get right and they say you're supposed to go for a short run at 7 AM. I'm already out on both of these things is no I am getting up at 645 I'm definitely not running while I'm trying to think my job as far as I don't advise against it. So far so good. So they're basically how short of a run like a mile or something big sure I guess depends on how fast you are because it says. Essentially doing year old out of that Enron angels are running at seven innings ZE practice at 715 there's a semi and a mile run around the block and then come back in your breakfast. We're glad for breakfast. It says is still hasn't said it wasn't so I'm breakfast I think airlifted to a fever probably not but there is selling of when you do stuff. To send fifteen you have your breakfast to draft your run right to give you fifteen minutes teacher breakfasts impact that we have sex at 7:30 AM. And I want our marshals to make breakfast. That's my thing I guess you're eaten something quick because you just ran and I got to come back maybe now a bowl of oatmeal I just at least two messy the water. But I guess to Mets make it happen. And then we have sex is 730 I feel like that's not enough time to clean up after the run on. I don't know com I saw I wake up I run a mile I need some younger and and I have sex and sex. Do I know who I'm gonna have section weird because while this sounds fascinating to me or does affect it seems. It seems like of all the things so far getting someone that section made 7:15 in the morning seems like debate a stretch boy I by the other things don't seem feasible at all. Getting someone to have sex on me every morning at 715. Cool cool we'll just say you can't that's a pipe dream because they can't hires sex worker I'd like for me the running would be the that would kill. I wanna ring and if you have let me tell you this if you own. As a human being. Have the ability to have someone have sex review every morning at 715. And forget the other stuff. Yeah no kidding you're doing while I'm guessing your halo to judge I'm guessing. You're Smart and healthy and in shape and everything's god found is that again this is supposed to be what a large group of people. Said you're supposed to do if you wanna have a active lifestyle if you would be healthy active person this is their ideal day. I say welcome 640 odd man whose presence as a sex and so as they talked about this exact same study on mixed today. A hall they have the Internet too. Down when you can you talk tropics from them now now now. A piece reset have sex right. That was the last thing. The sooner we don't know doesn't talk about this morning she will listen to him did as I did that he's taken out running you're losing to them not us. And while they may have totaled same thing annals of its unwillingness. I would guess and in some likeness. Will tell you look at the true. All of our original talking about China but the big and your talking points should. I eat practice and the teen sex is 730 now there is a huge. Window here. Because it's after 730. After he had sex like usual to shower set they want you know buckled down at work which I guess doesn't. Mean show up really get in the zone. At 9:45 AM prime because apparently you're supposed to be. At your sharpest mentally three hours after you wake up and cracked. Take a break it 1045 C work for our take a break and you don't have your actual lunch break at 1215. Is snack at 330. You go home you dinner six. If you drink you can have a drink 610 so like right after eat or lawyer reading. Exercise again at 630 doesn't say watt. You gonna work our after dinner eco watch TV on Mondays to. Flu different I wanna go online. Pour a glass of water. Think about putting whiskey and and to try to show some self control I think all of our days of trees and drank a glass of water go to bathroom. Google blood in stool. No heroes Google lots of things that mean analysis. On the fine since the all time so career here for that. I beg. It was actually in is search history lots of blood and storm but. There's a lot installment in the whatever they talk about I didn't see inside but I don't think you understand Google. Could just happen to me. There is well after what a qualifier and there lots. Tons. Certain to cook who. Florida law blurted store is also scheduled to be indicted 1010. My days in every day I wake up at seven realizes seven go back to that. Wake up at 845. Because of that claim and hold an in my in my Bernie same desires we have three times I mean I assume that he is up three times and are actually no but. I've been holdings is at 7 o'clock wake up. And I finally usually get a better a 459 o'clock and I get a bed 101030 make some coffee and pastor me. When I honestly you wake up and a 45. 1030. At 1010 there recently that if I'm really feel I might wake up at 930 when you should see a doctor rob that piece thing a filly could interrupt your sleep you wake of the seventh and eighth and town hall plaza I'm waking up that probably 1 o'clock and then again at 4 o'clock hammed just kind of you guys are I drink so much water and I just get a diaper it's horrible pain in the thought well what happened was they sold it because idol and now want to repeat that as a non scared to ever hold it and get a diaper and just let it go. Sounds uncomfortable. What do you mean. An hour later in my own wetness won't come and I enjoy some debate. And I would rather pin a diaper that I would get out three times overnight to go peeing it sucks getting up Sox. Just keep forever it's just takes forever. The cut up the water. And it was before bed I shoot and I don't need to drink much sports this before about. Yes a by 1115. Some might that I'm usually read the front page or rent look at it don't tell me how. Teresa and Max talks about doing blood and stolen she talked brother story coming out exactly his same. I am here this morning. But. Time. I'm gonna guess she didn't. It would have been the other one. If anyone wants it time punch. As a he's not there isn't gonna announce rock I don't know. Elect a guy is an initiative and so emotional I think punches go well. I like almost people. Rocket. Under a guy. An array. I don't the she Google. I did doubt that if she do she gogel and if we spend the night together so you have right now.