The Church of Lazlo - 08.10.17 - Real Dolls

Thursday, August 10th


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I thank my brother sent me a text. Okay and it's which one Don and kind. And insanity just sent a link to this news story. The when did that when was that real sex on each just trying to ninety's. When I first started showing real girls and we all used are slow Internet connection to look we ought. As everyone has room built a 6000 dollar real dog that you had no money to purchase I haven't. You never I don't know why and I like to build condolence. I'm assuming so can have done it several times I've picked her color picked the guys pick everything measures ever removable removal. So opening on the moon that things have. Things of it being hassled. You see those guys that care in those big heavy dominant look real but there lifeless eight heavy late textiles. My company's been making real galls these. Very hyper realistic goals for twenty years and by the end of 2017. We will be offering robotics systems. We also have an artificial intelligence. And we will eventually have a virtual reality as well. And all my job. These personality traits that you're going to assign your points. Right now I could 2.0 and affectionate. Warm talkative one and secure its. One insecure secure. It's not my robots to be insecure about it. That's the same guy that did the real sex special twenty years ago order is. And now he's making its Sosa's other enormously helpful spiritual. Cheerful tell me a joke. Why is fakes like that. He had to pay to check the cruise. Is thankful lakes and Cheney's new multi plane. They think I started this company thinking that this was gonna be something that. People just by as a sex toy. I'm something they'd be ashamed of okay that they would dollar Israel and they were done and over the years I've learned that that's really not the case. Many of our customers booster vaccination shot becomes like your gamer for did. When the only part that they really showed up close like the cameras zooming and it shows he's tossing it shows their feet like you came until smells like a person Madonna showed our hand from. Her. She's she's built for gay bashers. Yes you're right I think the eyes look slightly. Like I don't pretend she's on lap I just. Turn over haven't walked all the relationships go wrong he's been hurt. Or. Maybe they have issues where connecting with other people and what I wanna do with this AI. Is give them the tools to create something real imagine watching TV and that thing if you give it a seven and insecure it's like I don't think you find such a bit rough but yeah. That's my mom said she saw you at a restaurant with someone else but I think it would be cool apiece. Dolls could eventually just replace your home assistants or you know like the Google homes and relaxes and all that stuff. That's your assistant should look like yeah I'm here goats almost 171000 dollars that is a deal and she's a walk. She can't walk now I don't think there's Coca watching sets but that's still better than those other ones have to be told you have to put on a wheelchair and it's a problem isn't it. I think you're all just say not so you have to do right on the show tomorrow on the right the real those you see guys taking out than they put in the wheelchairs general around they -- -- house in wheelchairs we're gonna take her out. And we don't. I mean not that it's weird to date some of the wheelchair I think that's Simon has reared to dress her up as sexy as an optimist or a fast and NAFTA when her water lifeless Byron. Yeah it's. It's not ideal if you can Gator of water with a walk that's the that's the end game if she can walk and talk and do everything and find a dynamic conversation like that you see idea. Did you see. Hard knocks last night and she's like oh my god I did it was on at 9 o'clock. Right right that was a matter did your hard knocks follows in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You know Monica again it was a good conversation but yeah. So I don't do you say to him as an exorbitant well I don't know he was good in college at Florida State. Right annualized Annika. Would you pay that 169 oregano and all she can do but can she if she can't overlay eggs can and should be maneuver that yes I don't think so. And Leon Harris so that it moves her hips and stuff right. That they've got to get to appoint doctor and a program like on next like I have sexual that it learns that I believe. And it stays combatants like shouldn't you be going to work in like now I have a shot up and end. You leave and then it knows like what time you're coming home and it just gets up and goes down and sits on the couch in terms on. The current fashions or some thing right and she knows what outfits too where I've been and I get home and it's like she's been doing stuff and I say have you read George is like war was a drag I'd rather not talk about it. Let you tell her what she does she's a paralegal whatever it out it's been a crazy case but you know I can talk about it I'll tell you when it's over like okay. Right it doesn't just make some random things I guess on having me today like run at me but I got called for jury duty hike okay. What's her eyes closed that face pretty realist the only part that's not realistic about her she's too perfect. Right so what happens if you got in bed and year she's cold. She's obviously not a living thing to think you could. Beat you know pennant finder or Jeffrey Dahmer in terms like to the Mexican and that moment. Yeah I mean I could rise to note that was under the you have a problem that the exit and our war room. Water proof asses and get a shower and come out warm and yet they do need insurance and lighting guy he them up so she gets in the shower and pulls her hair back. That your idea. Let's do this now I guess you could buy as of the close enough I mean hooks and hear from those meat hooks you know that it kind of freaks me out they shouldn't show like I didn't know how the sausage making process. Yeah when it's got his show that. It's hanging from a meat hook among okay. Color me a little disturbed mr. that the but what has just dressed up like hey are you hungry like gas I am having just won how many whatever I want in your economy which I think you're looking bigger light on what you put your president can dissect it there with a regional it's it's on us you don't is excellent now want to cut this. But it's not a person. There was still mine. Okay what you what you would loan me a porno dvd or. That's my down you can't sexually I'm. That's a very personal thing aren't you an ominous section your dollar I was thinking more hygienic would be tigris. Shouldn't they she showers and some different. Just the thought that snow cone suggests. Been intimate with mine. Rubber lover. Has never stopped you from being intimate with snow cones lovers. I always go first. You can't always go first yes you can at some point as where as a river starting where river and at some point your going after him.