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Friday, August 11th


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The righteous man is sent on all sides. The value of dark. Will strike down low numbers on the. Julie drill head. I got you. Should tell Q. Some games. What's your name again. I had changed. Right now. And. You do it. Every ours and never coming grab their ass. Continued. Man you imagine. More companies like are you hear something like do women really weird. This. Gavin costume sued. Mean M new. Critics of the lawsuit. There's an Australian man is in town tonight he never Jeremy nine revenues sales and soon. So about it. And you can. You hired such things sued for. The grass random. She can really do. Well no wonder I do the qualifier learn. Girlfriend are you are. Perry Farrell and I think after you grabbed the ass. It is mandatory. That he's saying. And that negates any type of sexual connotation of course yeah. I tell you don't accord they say hey did you grab that chair asks and you say. Yes. The minister they start talking really cool final do you understand the complete context here. Afterwards I said good game yeah. An initial okay. Sorry for even bringing in. Actually got this far. Tennis citizen who shocked you. No sir I'm. I don't miss. Sure sign he ensuring. Why did she have a bare ass you reach your skirt to shoot my unaware. I think she was wearing underwear willing to stress change that's well understood actually she's my underwear look around she should join. Yeah I mean it was wearing green and I was she wearing. Season high 24 year old learn. Some of the night there on dish something on the issue I had no idea. No I was curious she's she was ready to the same underwear you're right and down when I heard this from. I'm not only Hindus and only sealed. Daily news New Orleans. That's what I imagine I don't know I didn't I saw some of heard testimony dating game details okay. Price of the magically appears. Thanks man. Let me guess. Mean from my morning show that doesn't forget his radio station loves this building hours. Coffee cans. Just letting just anyone come. Oh I see stolen content. Thanks man. A super and as soon. Let's I don't know someone cares because they do you remember fast. Ryan thank you. They're just saying yes a good game thing is what we did back in my service industry days. And I'm glad to hear so applies as a bartender for years. There was always battle in game. It's completely fine. Also doing that in the not slated to zero run to enjoy a nice thing again. And they remain anonymous. Conversation is not wearing underwear. Now wearing no number. I mean she just say sign whereas Susan well I since you were in our you know our. Grabbed her last. Up because she didn't see any real sharp cheddar cheese and Barack Sonia. And that's been a big part of the testimony is as bad ass as if that was great but I wasn't thinking I some sort of clothing heinous I was that you like bungee. And some sort of clothing over her pass Sheikh it would be less. Because they keep saying bare ass like that's an important part of this story tonight they lived and ever skirt and touched her bare ass. Which why they keep saying where it should be just as offensive as if they had to. Boy shorts on. Right when you can't regions someone's garden and you re just starting grab your ass and you shouldn't really then save. I've got yeah no I did you learn when bush George the way out of line sorry about what they are wearing on them. I'll bets are on. I'm more often I'm sure. You latched on to mine there at this. Thank you same. Air like it's a big deal. It's an important part of story he did not touch my Ravi did not touch my hand he grabbed my parents. Trying to latch onto my breasts and moved away from him. Visibly uncomfortable. It's very shocking thing never never done it before Brad and I ask underneath my spirit like hey I'm nice relaxed time. Follow along always say yeah. This picture hold on. Is that it. There's happens to be a picture of him where looks like she's grabbing her around us now he says his hands slid down Monday his lawyer our eyes Randy. We're talking on producers anti terror unfamiliar but his lawyers and look at the picture her spirit is not lifting. Wish it doesn't appear to be lifted and lining. Or just you know as a national rule of thumb. Unless you're really knows someone trying to to grab their ass. Do didn't have to say good game. Take cameo latching on. That's frequent town asks why I feel like above I was attitudes of contractors like romance and saying good game. Boy now I think twice now because what happened this guy wrote an radio grad Eli can't catch fish tonight I will be able to walk up to any member of that man's level on the essence they do get. I feel like I spent. All you don't advance after the show read law are these Simon and signal given tiger. I feel against them. Total slap motivation. Here's that ass slapping the music on this coach Blair and there's a lot of news about fast and NASA original former coach gets probation. East valley some want coaching messes up a lot faster around him reading list. Sexual activity does everything every decision made until this point in my life just now just this. Well I mean I didn't know he can get in trouble for actually jays at 7000536. Times. A Sunday you're ass is countless times. I signed sales people's asses all the time like say good job and her game came. After meetings. Sean Collins us. Don't launch is really good game kid. Sandra boss asked today. I'm a slammer. Or shall I shall. Not only a fraction but it's also I'm motivate. Song bus and others on this today. In a hurry. And. It's sunny and no one is immune. Everything he does in the great. It doesn't matter how big your offices. As a matter how many checks signed. Or don't sign free through the legs free food in the break room is. As universal grass yeah I don't mostly he does not shot. Good game. And always tell me more about the story. That's indoors and I mean they're not allowing cameras and they're acting so. All the news about Julius and I just people around here is talking about it because you know on the radio guy. Connection. Short Carolina. Think that's what I've been told I wasn't here and here's I don't know because and but I will say there's a guy who works for his sister and our sister station anything just moved here from like Chicago or Reiser and his sister station did you ask the station now alleged self identify. It's definitely soon. I'm happy that he's don't in a wife Nadia. Right well in our sibling station. And he said. That's station the guy who works or sing yeah that's him I know only through this this in this it's again it's my daughters who are dozens. Tasteless and. If that's eluded us. Court allows almost women's underwear doesn't cover your ass. And if it does it won't after a few steps I understand that but my point on this is different than what you're saying my point is. They keep using bare. As a descriptive. Right like they don't say he's slapped her ass would you be bad enough. I feel like they keep adding there which makes it worse I'm not sure that it makes it any worse. It doesn't make it any better it's bad no matter what don't slap. People on the ass you don't now. It doesn't matter if their underwear covers her ass or not why are we still stuck on the word bear I think she just one of you know this deep. She claims he put his hand up pressure she said it twice it was under my skirt he put his hand up my skirt I think she's really trying to hit home it's not like his handling of the slim down and transplants taking his picture in my outline where I'm my skirt and touch my ass. Parents. Cheeses and was up under my strong feeling that maybe she was spanked as a child a monsoon Jews were fighters something. I'm since she was there I just feel like my dad would say that he's restrained me. No matter what your bare ass like it was like you don't get any padding on this site. Don't try to keep those stands up in your wallet your back pocket. Showing ads where users are you I'm carrying a wallet with. It's coming helmet and eighteenth. Assume the position. Loses she knows get rid of the law. Texas is guys I apologize for got a might reduce some of the Taylor should send him to do in general. She's she's got a bearish. Slant. Is not a little corner. He is an improvement for. Which I know I was told Eli Manning has not gone and zero and Taylor Swift time lifting up her skirt and slapping her match. Just I do I nor do I wasn't there. My suggestion. Did you find. That's I was gonna say what about the signal. And let's. Right almost panic when I was like Bloomberg. We're gonna let you go Lazio on that I does that or that finally died. Janet was there is again. So. I don't expect him from me because I'm feeling let please no time zone. Walking down a very little I guess I guess it depends on what that buying it is justified his she's learned short skirts. Yeah that's not a fine. Why doesn't look at her side is I just permission. Yeah. You've gotten everything written and eat before you I'm not forward saved. It takes a serious side yes. Let me start to slam yeah mortgage insurance you're. Honor talking about that yeah I know help is on my visit she's already been hitting on you. And maybe she's now present in our tests. That's a fine I maybe you guys and again from behind us and not really clear about getting your ass is not apply if this or stripping. No what I'm saying she's just you know not lowering O line did live here I know it's funny you know that's really stood there. I love that. Zap finally. You're punching her no I'm saying you don't do that. That's us trying to tell you. You don't slap finance and mostly. You know last year and losses that's where all the that's good guess your high school hasn't happened she says you know me. He latched on. I don't publish cycling and some other. That's inappropriate behavior. Amanda silliness ensues is a thing when you start to do this. People start to day you know I don't really. Presenting video on YouTube Simmons says Taylor Swift slapping it Victoria's Secret models that are. Let's see and here it is because if you. You volunteer yourself into the gas Latin game. The news came about Israel Iran that was definitely warrior is the thing we do the walk into the directions. Oh yeah they sent an unbiased and they do. Yeah the B 52 yeah associate information era. Own bone they both go slap slop like in rehearsed everywhere. Yeah and it wasn't consensual alas I'm back. Not the same boyish. That's the other thing which hasn't Exxon makes a good point. You know -- and challenge America is still really gonna go down the list as last time iron you can just grab girls by the policy if you want them. Beauty went down for that's what is happening got fired. Don't trust America. Speaking of Transamerica. Transamerica is a unit of fire has burned. Two billion iron turn. Slapping and asking. A button we both from the president. Based on his ability to grab women by their policies. Well he's good that he's also good and did you grab can jump on you guys posing nude. Tensions have soared here on the Korean Peninsula this week north with the North Korean state media warning just this season even president trump is quote. Driving the situation to the brink of nuclear war. He says hey. Junior. One more word out of your mouth I swear to god I'll grab you by the pussy I will vote. For Donald Trump just spun around. Well. He says. Military solutions are now fully in place locked and loaded. OK I don't I'm supposed to talk about behind the scenes such things some and try to keep this is generic as possible because I end up getting in trouble whenever I do this. And I don't understand why so. It's like. Non doggone right I like dogs I like to rewrite your house yesterday and enjoy a good time gonna suit your dog rank. And it it was fine there is cool but I don't know how to train a dog or teaching done I mean just not a done Amanda doctor. So it but I a year like this you punish a dog for some thing. There is a chance that it may not know what it's getting punished more so it just keeps doing it because you taught it wrong right. Like I think he's on the floor you Robinson knows and maybe like ma'am I wrote my nose and we have to do it right away generally tournaments later right disarming sense still. That's the same thing when I get in trouble around here that is rub my nose MP about I don't know why. And then I leave and I end up doing it again because I don't understand what I did wrong and doesn't make any sense to me. So and one releasing seems to be talking about other radio stations are behind the same things I did call down and offices all the time and you can't do that and I'm like I don't understand why it's. And then they yell at me and then doc my day or suspend him and I have to. Then I just do an endemic and don't understand why they just assume that class where you are yes certificate right so. Jerseys emails that went around to download it everybody's name out of it and certain radio stations and everybody else soon. Somewhat runs radio stations is on this email chain and it's sad. Like. Are we are am behind me personally. I think and everybody else prepared. On what to do with this weekend if we go to war North Korea it's. And outside. Like block might want to. But what do I do. And what does the buzz doomed. What do you want me to do. Do we think. I didn't really think any of this was. Actually gonna happen but are we worried about. Reward North Korea on Saturday morning. And if we are. Doing if there is you know. What are we gonna do. And I think we should give away like you know meals to the Korean barbecue place from my house and maybe some of Chiba mono cities like. And we do like big into a promotion and is that we are talking amount. And it didn't go over very well. I thought that she will motto CB and it's. You know gift certificates to a career Barbara June and I don't know what else can you guys are women. All odd team Americans either engage. What else would what else is on elegant opening price tag winning weekend. So that was my response I don't think that's of their looking forwards and someone mentioned that many hours and are responsible broadcaster and remember. And that's where I got confused what does that mean. More is responsible broadcaster me. So I just responded to all those emails were in capital letters fake news. The regulars. She reminds Japanese what are. I don't think many Korean may have some I had. We have run and it's. Thank seeing. I should push on email chain to. Chocolate and Joseph I know whatever north. No that's about all you really eat. When they say you're not responsible broadcast that's usually responded when. Yes you are not cheaper motto is Japanese you idiot run river north. Makes a promotion work sorry guys I've got it but that's how you move up on this. Why are you what's wrong and what I just said was wrong to invest. Sometimes you just did ten minutes until gonna grab a branch. At about 5% on it yeah fives nine is savoring an away original model city. And you're like oh boy we've walked downtown saint and we can never return from I feel like we're in less dangerous water right now the only aware of about ten minutes ago. And I don't mind. For the most part I just try to that water review and a silent. Ice turned instant Cuban Honda's Japanese on triumph. I don't know what they'll say about the Korean barbecue comment I live. I don't know what to say yes right ridiculous I series games yeah. Yeah. Because I run river north as. Probably wish there Korean and we don't know for sure they're doing there. Their lives in Korea town Los Angeles I think he said they were all preeminent censor her. Also. Russia and you know kicked out those American diplomats yesterday. Because of the sanctions. And they were asking somebody looks like so Austria's biggest commanders in June June ton of course. Students spends the most time. They asked trump what he thought about rushing kicking out our diplomats. Years. To. No I want to thank him because we're trying to cut down on payroll and as far as I'm concerned I'm very thankful that he let go of a large number of people because now we have a smaller payroll there's no real reason for them to go back. Telling I've greatly appreciate the fact that they've been able to cut our payroll for the United States say it will save a lot of money. Perfect and we do this office. Just imagine Obama saying that. On plug nickel our payroll but I saw someone on recommended analogy like this is like saying to Boston another company. Hey thanks for her firing 700. My employees were low and helping me with my payroll. I want to thank you. A little to do those things you should do. What I males who admire networks remain our do you have any response to him dropping nukes on and it. Let's say thank you because no notes were both its most bottles and a smooth roads. And put us for about health care to those people who. Lost. I get to that's. A lot worse but still. How kind of response and we thank him. Thank Putin. What he's doing now to sell. Don't have a bad taste. And if you're watching tonight as long as he has done. To limit you've been under investigation whether you did anything or not I'm starting to think. And Donald Trump might have some financial yeah I think it's in Russia I think that dossier and I started pretty accurate and starting to come to mind one way to have to stay fixed. And really helped us out thank you so much mr. Boone for a doing after kicking everyone out punishing us like that we deserve that and I appreciate it. But he's in those people back anyway. Right. Somebody said some forward to bring him back. Monitored. And that's American Idol. So royals' John Mann music and oh yeah yeah. Yeah. You know some movie William Hung whatever she got hey Sam how would you know racist. I was trying to find you the launch anyway she democracy needs to breath. Fun. I tell William Hung would be fine has got his name wrong it's been awhile since Susan's. Some man. Not William Hung. And want to see those videos they're showing the residents of Guam and people are buying bomb bunkers in their telling them what to do don't look directly at the flash. Down take a shower take your clothes off after the bomb drops all the stuff. They've got troops lakers showings footage of troops and their water like preparing for an attack I know real people are doing wrong. 160000. Innocent I don't know that. How many of them are US military person. This is there all they said like honesty does an American citizen of this twice in the most of them are military restaurants and I think a lot of military Owens Osama. I looked I mean doesn't look very big. I guess you know population isn't a popularity billion million men there your American. Yeah and if you live there earlier in the military you're probably counted in their census. I know there's my original. Comment and what's the percentage of people who live in Guam are US military people are here ego. It's 37. Point 3%. Chamorro people. They're indigenous. Marianas islands of course Tony six point 3% Filipino. Nine point 4% multiracial. Seven point 1% Caucasian. 7%. Khazei and a four point 6% other 2.2 percent Korean one point 6% Chinese. I want on purpose in Japanese and 4%. On TN. You tell American. To sovereign state. Still need your. Would you bring back agent only Asian. And have him how many are we can. Yeah. You signing. He performs on these or. Bill O'Reilly started his new show. Welcome Premium members to Latin. The no spin news we're giving you a look at advanced look at sneak preview watcher employees how does it look you like it got a couple of guests on Skype. Three hours ago writing and what's bad ones but now right now. I'm gonna. I was gonna say is a little I used to finance there's blood in order losing was probably make a lot of money. Do and we've used and applied. I know he's got this premium on my. He's doing a news thing he's game to have an appearance on scene and I guess to promote and I don't know I know but it's a mile just like what Glenn Beck didn't need to do as you watched the it's an exhilarated after on the Internet. You computer plug it in to the wall the guy in charge of the budget podcast is like high launch its I don't know massive troops in the back. You know I was in Israel are diagnosed I was a guy in charge of our social issues like what is it into.