The Church of Lazlo - 08.11.17 - Mail

Friday, August 11th


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I produce a male in his Friday feels like I haven't done it forever. Well we have we were gone. One on take imitation version. I took about a when I was really an additional problems so you can just happens live in South Florida house today sir what do you Gallup and jewelry and I I for a new world like you know ice center Italy advanced. Look it's gonna pass got a pension if people on TV take time off at McDonald's a brighter transcend these thank you very much. I'm on your hands of people as those programs couple weeks ago we had a big pants discussion about your financial bubbles are good fans. Well I go to the right color now it's royal hours you know obviously guys are polo jeans and certain other Levi's for the most part. The California grade I even know yellow when it comes you don't even look at the price doesn't say. No priced. You know why. Because prices have no concern when it's June. Oh. And the silly look. Our boys. We're changing pants. Too icy snow Obama doesn't advance from their long. Kids are. Mountain laurel and I'm up four times. If you want big girl. A Saudi era. I saw your fans who knows there are rolled up quite a bit. We don't talk about those pains are sometimes not only looks fine the role of plunge. There are a total I'd take him to. This it's never. A slam. Fit that I told you I wanted to become more on your angles so you don't Roland not bear. Us out. I feel like arts. And another hundred on a path. Whoa. There's look good loser this slamming. Now you have man. Those other browser. I'm entered a picture on the right Tucker's side. Let's say. I'm super excited other shepherd issues are. There's about sort of branch you have. I'm excited for you. You know. No don't do back. Knowledge is a growing among all the way first off you're not a and they join the one big roll all the way up to hear you did three little rolls around issues are you know what. Well tomorrow Monday the way to year old woman and we'll take a picture of valuing and ask if that's other kids are wearing these really skinny they're back up. There really is yet another drug. It. Yet it's perfect. Limited and Owen. Or reaches a mental one understood what John. Yeah that's good. Don't go man. Thank you. Like Lincoln's. Where he thinks are known but would you sleep with me who saw me out like this with these. Answer on. There was a perfect. Won't. That permit. Soreness or demagogue 24 inch waist and adults. No I don't I don't from. The kid's section. They came on the shirts there are both drafts. Shall put Madras shirt I'm Norah those fans are kind. This is like rock circuit have to move your. Stuff. All right. I'm a little girl in my ass perfect. Mr. Mittal does have listened to yeah all right here's a mail works out due to code words. Is it. That picture through and. He and DEE. Eight dollars. Ago code. Right on time. Sellers on networks on Friday replaying new music. We try and get your feedback. We use attacks on 9650 jury Texas your age. Sex. And tell us what you think because sometimes I need to know your pant size a bunch it 21 year old guys might not like the same thing around. But to have it your guys like. Or whatever you understand. It's not because. Trying to. Find you on FaceBook configure where you live that's not what's happening he does do a better idea only if you start talking a lot of trash. Mammoth pass some. So. I think most people know how or works. Morally thousands of listeners are tolls really like it. Do you know a silent revival. Loan. I. Guess the song is really new videos not out yet they called against him look at this video we can't share with anyone. This is the song. All songs over the Internet so. Who's asylum revival how do you know this. Somebody called about someone that. From Malaysia is all over the Internet like people love this song and I'm like I looked it up bras like all there are fighting on its own village of fraud as they have surrounded by music you're the first one to get this was like mountain scenery or YouTube songs called dial little. And the band is called senator revival it was done it. Yes. Where you think I hated that. Well Simone works really hard on that now yeah. Didn't care for it but some people might like it it's silent. Rival right I said revival. Sound rival. Smart here's someone I do like an artist that I like born smaller. You like the song I do I disarmed when have been actually. It's called faded heart. Rupp Arena now. Yeah. Newborns. I like Donald. Like to. And really done. Survey says looks and possibly get them for share. This was making me dance. Like it. This is cute. Born scan me and my created our. Like it. How about Alice. Merchant. Marten. In Jerusalem the other day yet united and the first time I heard it I didn't like it and a second time around I like it quite a bit more. Scientists. As a channel like him. Billion views on YouTube or something. 27 million spends. Unbelievable. And 21 million views and I guess it's. Did when you are listen to a didn't say some about being proved popular in France or something. I don't know I hadn't heard it until you and I listen to a. We'll play now for mail pals merton and the song is called. No roots unknown just. I I think the holes and hot and things is not a bonus plan not at all not old how long load Dan Simon. And days and yeah I can see he's in the night Lee when. If all those songs on the attack Don and then I feel didn't cost is ten. And movies and say hello. Season or not. I've got known. And I'm. I can do about it that asks ghoulish. These are old enough. Yeah. And design and I won't we'll get to sign and. Like. Alice under budget Murton. Love love love. Yes song and lyric. Guys a man precise concise true then wished for anyone linked. Started fourth 34 great son great baseline. Sorry sorry I'm enjoy it. All right. Love and always down for a funky bitch who looks like she wins Alabama Merlo roots. Thus struts remember avenue some Gloria I was a show religion it's called one night only. The structure tells you they like anatomy and attacks on 92 chargers there were opening up ma'am. Only if the. Do you zone and as I imagine Jim I. I'm CNN's Anderson I have. Advanced. Doing my chemical. The Romans who's doing clean. Right. That's an assist on that vibe to it. Yak zeit. I hate that did you hit it notes or was it doesn't sound like this it's queen but it's something else. But I was thinking my cam. His voice that is when he hit that eight game record that sounded like when natural assumption. Was a tournament is drama. I'm their biggest song. People really ma'am we played that softly you I mean I think sometimes can attest to this I was always like gunman people like him that's good I don't want I don't know much about it. I didn't know much about them I know I think Danny Ware like that song a lot you know were roommates and I remember he like welcome to a block parade. Sent it was that that's the last thing down tripod mount out that record out today we now welcome a black parade tonight we'll play any college campuses. Not all boys not coal. X ambassadors. Cultural misappropriation. Gerard. Butler. Got a pardon. Number we stood next to and watched terrible provide us on yep he was just rain and one liners shirt with a bulletproof vest over the top bit and we were standing it allows our standing at this gate like backstage it worked were watching on the transplants. And this guy tell us command allies and in plaza goes. Texas is back Annika from that announcement is that guy for that banned some chemical romance like gap. That's him supplies wearable profess how these there isn't dominion but he was smiling and he knows how things mild. It's a deadly and a mentor to room. Anyway who's the other guy pull out as winners did enormous. You know we can all interview warped tour Lorena I was an advantage as a giant win a guy from rock kills kid. And man. I don't even care that is banned it and enjoy each nobody should feel bad for him and his band. We know didn't do anything I like energy giant winner I giant winner I looked him up. Com literally within the last month I was thinking about that fan because I like that Gerard way charred I said Butler and depth RG argue in mr. Wang. It's Gerard Depardieu doing his best sure our way. Wait who's that guy from my Kim Gerard way that's right it. And and argues the other actor who wets himself. He wets himself getting anywhere and so on a plane or something recently resigned and arrows of them happen. Love your favorites who's your favorite Gerard. Google mature Imus oh come on just off the top there had. I do I'm gonna have to go Butler then. Drug Butler I'm sure he's been some satellites. What was the end. I can picture him. Let's see 300 and never saw Finley opera and sought. Pete's trillion. Saw tumor here. Come on Butler has got to be something you were in that I saw. Yet affair Gerard I've never seen a Gerard Butler movie. He's in so many but I've never seen 300. I never sold 300. On. Timeline. I saw that. I should've said Gerard Depardieu. Yeah. Gerard Butler pentagon. What was about to play OX ambassadors. They have this new song ahead of myself. If you heard us. Moon I think Manger manuals you mentioned. I definitely heard it camera just overcharged took only if you are yours demand union must now. And is there one or missing content so that I can think of Google says someone named sure. BK peak is soccer player but I don't know who is Ursula. I'm going depth argument you wanna change though because they realize I didn't know when he toured part of Butler movies at time lines I gotta go Jirga or do. Yeah college are gone. There's a hockey player. Zorn wants to send a journal way Gerard Depardieu. Drug want. Let me make sure that I'm not gonna get control for. It. Yes okay. Charged up or do urinate some plane after he's refused permission Daily Mail accounts of greeted them. The Frenchman Erica. Chart a pretty sorry to urinated on playing carpet. That was stuck in the middle seats. He's been drinking all night. It happens. Plus you don't hear actual mass search. The governor's song. Ahead of myself and listen to it tells it like an obvious attacks on 96500. Mean. And. Sought. And and Cameron's. In the end rules. Yeah. Thought. It's true. Well like I just find new. Yeah. I think those guys are going to be successful. Can you hear people's. Sing along that their cars onto it two wherever we worked. On saint doesn't matter yeah. People like have been. And I like tempo and and and yup yup played it played it includes us but it. All right I'm down the Soledad. Fun. It's. Yeah that's what I got choosing to do better. But nonchalant. But don't don't. Is this like. You know Hollywood does the end of summer in slow last. Movies that they put up for Summers is music industry do similar things they were gonna wait. We've got stuff percent not only to certain times of the year put out. Of touch Smart. Because we haven't done mail a couple weeks and look at throws stuff in a lot of hasn't changed in. 23 weeks. People like the born spew like their X ambassadors people like that pals Murton. Why did I don't. I love that saint Vincent's song by. Plus bombs and to have an edited version. And I love that song do I can't New York. It was into once. I don't have an edited version. Pledged when you're. I think is our call should costs Echelon player that there at the end. You know. Plays a thousand trying to find the united version less stall on for him.