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Tuesday, August 15th


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Sparks from a friend nick writes from a fast one and first things first in the morning wears on Chris turner and nick right. Really firm today that sure start. 53830. A intensity level that. Hopefully people can check it out. So like I wanna start with something kind of dirty college football lap slow and in the future aren't into it we that you can probably won't talk a total current. So people are saying its ears. College bowl on quarterback. Is one of it not be that crop quarterback at the college level ever OPEC. So I. Yeah and yesterday at the that network occasionally I must admit it being a street had a graphic up. Like it operated college quarterbacks that just goes and improbable is there right yeah and that guy who was listed as. Didn't I bet college quarterback this year. So. Is that guy that is expected to potentially go number one in the is it wide open. And that struck me at. Like because it's not like these other guys aren't eligible and so it just got me thinking what. Would you like the fact. There are so many guys in college football quarterback position that are just extraordinary. And that it doesn't translate at all. To the next level and it been hurt a guy like this year the number two pick in the draft Mitt crooked EU goes up and pick that circuit shall walk that extra bit you look I mean. Fine quarterback at North Carolina sure watt was about quarterback in the country for a national championship team. And you know the vital to your world view because you're big helpful or like well all. Does it bother me. Did you like it. I'd like to the quarterbacks in the draining council on the altar in the NFL. That that there are companies that want to book or relation. A queen how how great of a college quarterback more help good opium crops. Yeah I agree yeah. It doesn't bother me and yes I also think that makes sense. Don't know what you make sure I think Dick well. Several reasons one I think sometimes. College quarterbacks clearly can be a product of a system. I mean if you go back to you know when Houston was running a fun and Donald David co angler to Spurrier. In Florida. To whatever those types of offenses are those quarterbacks don't to translate because. You can't. Make one move as a wide receiver and be open and only one read as a quarterback you can do that college because. You know you're gonna play I want eleven games and probably ten of those quarter cornerbacks are gonna make it in the NFL or even come close. So you can you can tell by your opponent you can overpower them and overmatched and if your floor vote or if you just it's speedy wide receivers or even now if you're gonna run a wishbone offense like navy. You can do policies don't once you get into the NFL they're playing against top cornerbacks and top linebackers and getting pressure in the games. You know faster and it means faster because average positions faster average positions. Stronger and so there is no weak point in a defense you can no longer really be a product of the system after pretty goddamn good. Art that often and now I can be totally not that you guys I have like a much more fun in person and the burns what happened to spur sports leg. I was worried that I was gonna get asked that question the next week or so and I needed to know what to say about got. All about like that that question today was like paper here to city actually double fine. Ought to watch my my answer was it easy quick in turtle but poor animal to New York. Who liked emergency at. Athlete to watch. Yes that you're here it like so royal worksheet I guess that those that I guess you could pick for engage CI com. Your favor lawyer in Europe like right now Eric is he could be going right now for the your paper guy. Yeah Washington. Okay that last flows through your own. I feel like you guys that make wanna meet because it should be something from my childhood but I think that was yours you know the royals make in those playoff runs and that that. That game against the blue jays. That American league championship game where Wade Davis came out there and I Wade Davis was awesome he was the man and says Wade Davis so soap masks and you know I was elderly couple years though so I'm guessing you want rated talk about some woman I loved watching growing up. Mean obviously there are no one was pretty incredible to coach Jackson played baseball here in. And I loved a lot of Portuguese players are typically. And Neil Smith and you know bunch of those I was Brevard. Oscar lock and a. What are so it is interest in super not to eat it up art but but not Tony Gonzales you know agreement on the mind. No George I'm reminded for these guys which I hope that I asked how to act that in age it. You know I mean I was born in 84 I never really watched George Brett growing up are early morning hours. Is the greatest ever in the history of his position he played the Mercury is clear. But that's not my guy either so loud that you freeze all start up in Puerto. Don't Priest Holmes is a good one but I was older you know when Larry Johnson. Yeah I mean he was awesome there's there's a lot of chiefs that make that they make that list. Army was meeting an extra ball girl. And it that they are going to now he's a little bank up under a rock for this year. You want. At court is pretty tall orders greater sunken boat war. My entire life is that is it in some sports they had fewer big guys that to me here. Actually our cleanup Dante Hall that created the most excitement. Like every Sunday popped the ball like this type of school. Like this could change the game right here. And looked at Walt white paper king of Syria whatever I can't wait it is an interest in one do you apple libel just in book it seniors you last year. I know what all walk in growing up in the fifteen years you with your bullet. And I. Do you said this is so it'll make me look like today but I think Jimmy Nielsen was unbelievable for Wednesday. And now I couldn't I think there's a great ambassador for soccer and just an interest in funded. And for him to retire. Winning a championship on a shoot out was. And a pretty amazing feat and I don't remember you talking about that about how big of a deal that was so I don't know what I like. Billy in his city when that happened and that is if you Courtney are wrong. But what position doubt it was like nine. And yes I did right. It was right before he was close after that day and just the way he had the sheets out there in the way it was called the Mets city this city kind of all the sudden. You know I've I've talked to Jenny much as an avenue one soccer game in my life and that was in it was an amazing. And so I I think if I wanted was inevitable and soccer game however I was or who weren't at that game. So N and then the other thing that I love about. Players. No matter what city you live and I love that it's you know a lot of times not the best player. Rust up a person with the most scale it's not a pretty on inning and that was just me everybody was like his all the health but there's something about him that made them will himself to that win. You know that's why I like no you know I like Jimmie and I think. In football. You know I I don't know. Joseph Montana I wasn't here but I mean I gotta think that was pretty right for you guys are you can't really time in chief but Brian Zimmer for him to come and be like. And everybody. Think maybe you wouldn't be that great for him to be as good as you look awesome it was amazing remember last when I first met you you ask me who my favorite in Seattle it was a deal Carter. Down and you're like dale Carter and cornerback like yep absolutely but I was a kid and I. And I remember that guy getting in fights on the field primary and get a fight to Deion Sanders I remember him you know. I a lot of it has to do with where were you. When these players were plain white is white they stick out your memory I know Wade Davis is a weird when nick and I was in my thirties you know when that by the time the royals made that World Series run. But I associated that I was coming out doing the impossible and and winning those games and so to me he was kind of the face probably because he came out of the variant of the game. Of those the first time in my life seen the royals beat the best team in baseball. No reliable news that Jimmy Nielsen and that they have the necessary would eat the wire. Well that what what we talked that last week where I. Shelby white paper or I may or may not be the bad break but keep the guys that I associate mulls. With his baseball. Yes and that thankfully the most. It got. I IE. You know on here question navy is like Hoosier paper at royal of the nineties. They're like it's like Sweeney and that is so pressing. Yeah because there's I want. And who handle what was what was Hammer's name. Oh did you look at poverty in order to ask him when he's being like it was problems that. The barber can't let me I've got that it was off. It would that you don't already it would. Yeah Bob and Bob in one and I would certainly your pot or and the Iraqis in him when I don't somewhere like those are those who named like opera buried. Like those names are certain I don't know iceberg setup. And dare I honestly didn't mention. No well it's funny could use a Jamaal Charles like you know I I think I own two shirts with players' names on an and one as a Derrick Thomas shirt and one as a Jamaal Charles sure. Vietnam are Derrick Thomas is going to be at the top of a lot of people listen that's it that's a pretty easy answer for a lot of people. It's that up because that Europe peaceful or like at every year is all all but Burke sick would that warned. It's like a bittersweet taste so we're peaking for all and not level achieved a high level. Just so that in what is suitable but. There are some of those days you had to make carrier on Super Bowls you know you have those games that stand out memory games that they were supposed to win. Like that 49 camera 49ers coming to town and they were undefeated in their Thomas guarantee a win Schottenheimer was mad he guaranteed to win. At halftime had a we will mark the field because he was dehydrated he came back out in the second half. Remember how many sacks he had that game but the chiefs want to. And they were I think this this statistic I've heard I would believe it you have to look up at that the chiefs for the most winningest regular season team in the ninety's. But they no doubt. We'll leave that to be true yeah. And they've they've been. Or are terrible our heroes house doesn't mention and I know he wasn't here all that long but not well as a well crazy story to follow and you always want to go out there when he was out there was drinking. Oh yeah. Now wanna party on. Right and I love US I mean that that stadium would be empty except for the nights in the day that he was pitching he'd rather talk about how much you love to bowl win in straight up fourteen people. No that's the great one Greinke. You know Greinke on Arizona and you don't law somebody's a and the like all out of general consciousness you bet you mentioned. Create your own Super Bowl this. Maybe it. It is being taught to wobble or being cute city that's sort all of that are not there what is pretty freaking also. That arena didn't talk super couple reasons. Three painful for the NFL season actually starts achieves. Like it often because. You get a chance I really what we eat. Which you matched up great with New England last year I thought that. He could've beaten New England that they played in the playoffs but obviously the chiefs couldn't get past the skewer so it didn't matter. All the end as little. And a couple years ago when the chiefs beat the Steelers. And the Seahawks. That was I think the Steelers game was a game where they broke the the passable record I was there that's one of those games and I'll never forget you know and were talked about. Will Tom Brady continue to be the starting quarterback for this team after all an outlet to your community. I when they beat the patriots yesterday the patriots and SE oxen and you know those two teams one on the plate and unsuitable. And it seems the right well the page exactly in black and they played in that vote you work on the night or Monday night. Like you get to like the defending Super Bowl champs or you know that your and the opera cool thing about your playing on Sunday. He's human and all on our you're seeing on Thursday it on Sunday you can just. Courtly. Whom pictures smorgasbord of all struck or via the Internet collector gambling in their interest in watching how you want. Like that in and we are now I mean we're 2040 days away from. I mean this isn't about sort is soul. Yes and so in the treatment of course. It's. I know I didn't like last year. You know there and then I think you could make the argument. There and then it's up it's division in football. Opened the topic. But he certainly like I don't think they're healing that division that going to be at all. Like what do you think's going to be the worst team in the division the charters pistol at the reverse is so Walton I think is still on. The warriors were. Well last year until their car went down and the Broncos still have arguably the best defense and all their question is do they have a quarterback you know what this change. It seemed like Alex that would make the most sense for it the proper well Peter great quarterback within his own division. Like you typically handle it patriots at that from what we typically don't do that. So like I. I think the change. You know I mean that's kind of what you Eric predictable like I think they have it something you think Georgia yeah. And we'll hasn't clicked into the pitchers who Drew Bledsoe. After Britney and then did you go to the cowboys. That they worked for an awful. Momentum and remembered that Sloan both loans from I don't remember him and the patriots and Dallas it's weird. Yeah right on the circle was traded and welcome. Taking snaps in the cowboys uniform and effective you know more about sports in the colleges and serve you well Washington was in his first mapped. We're talking here at CNN. There.