The Church of Lazlo - 08.16.17 - Lost

Wednesday, August 16th


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No I don't think she's too where you see the pictures over. I did yeah. I mean that doesn't look like someone who was faking it now right and if you look. Almost every story has the pictures of her before a picture of her face. Did you see the pictures of her legs. That's one of one of those sites I was looking at pictures of her. Yeah I hear did you see this all I can look. And I'm a leg madness and bite me too that's maybe that's why it sort of she looks like. It looks like VI looks like others led us or perhaps is that fathers like design. Ma am. So is not a good luck this girls Sheldon thinks she's 2525. Lisa terrorists. She. Was found alive after going missing in the Alabama wilderness for a month of that might say as much months spot. There's almost a month disclosed optical Obama. The story is that she was. I guess with a couple of guys who must have been friends of hers. Shia she knew them some now you know they decided they were going to go rob a hunting lodge. Right and she didn't want to go rob a hunting launch so she. Jump out of carved out of the party they ditched her issue in the woods the engine never found a way out and she's been missing just from Louisville she's been missing for a month that says you are missing Alabama right to choose from Louisville somehow did they find her in Georgia. I don't know I'm really can comment on this now more home. Almost sixteen years. I'm I'm never sing so my rights are right that's deputy Chad Faulkner he's a bullet county share. Zaher here's where she came unglued. There is his brother will work counts the moment she got a text message from his mother after waiting weeks to hear anything about his sister. Eight. It really does love alive in the authorities say varies spent the past few weeks in the woods. Having survived on wild berries and mushrooms she Bahrain student they say she got her water firm greens and muddy little. Royal Leo yeah no it's. Kinda reminds me. I went for more on the full run Larry my only. All I cannot drink yeah. The sheriff's department is still trying to determine what caused everything ends up in the woods for some. A whole lot more to stores normally used only stand tall women walk all warming in the same time. Are right there the sheriff says there's a lot more to this story right to be sad and heart warming at the same time when he said that I immediately. It's start thinking conspiracy of some sort what's the sad part is it would she is this a joke are not a line was this is scam. What's the sap or maybe he just made it's sad because she lived in the woods for a month and had to eat berries and give eaten alive by law. Only saving question. Men who were allegedly wind power around the time her visit here and mall they continue to investigate Ferris is recovering from her ordeal with her family. It was a relief to have her back coal. Well if nothing else she lost fifty pound stock when I know you're trying to drop some obese maybe this is there you know I loved ones and I was gonna say. I don't think you get lost in the woods for a month past few life. We don't have enough woods laughs and she was from other road I mean I guess it take a thirty days to final I was let's say all of that. Until I read issues from Louisville. And then I feel like I almost lost you know our friend and or go for thirty days when you guys would let's strip club and locked the door behind you and I touches you said what are you doing inserted doing. Single man stuff. There's a good chance I could have never senior again. Well but that would have been that's debts a little different if they're set after thirty days it was you and our body. Still missing in the woods. And survive they've found you and Alabama you've found he and I in the woods a month after that strip club ordeal I would've been shot I think we were of all known that he and I were up to something other than hang out with for the last month. Bad debts fluid and a cover story for so I think and you just assume. Affects so something went wrong somebody's dad. There in the woods hiding. I don't know what happened here because every story is. It looks like detecting more one. Local news outlet. Covered the story and everyone else just reprint today because I couldn't find anything they had more information every article says the same thing about how she was with two guys that wanted to. Rob a hunting lodge. She didn't want to rob the hunting lodge somehow she either you know she got separated from then she either got a car she got dropped off and she ended up in the woods. If she was there for almost a month and told his driver. From Florida. Was on this back road and saw her sitting by the center or she said she thought it was a day animal first and then she got closer she realized it was of a person. She went over and you know realize she is alive and called for how. Whole mess all the pictures and it doesn't look. Just one more time take a look at take a look at those stamps and room. She's leather. Just had to shoot each day I bugs. And she's survived on berries mushrooms and our water assured that who is I don't know if you saw a picture alone at all. Because those gangs of that's kind of what you make my your mother it's good thing name Wear tights I guess to slow low hill up just fine I'm glad she's alive. She lost and Helena star rating on watch it just nationalist fifty pounds. I can use crawling around in the woods Malia I guess you don't have to do it just straight water and he Mary's. Yeah mushrooms berries and muddy water there's and I do eat mushrooms are neighbors different I make me hungry. Oh and they do have that you guys early don't you guys are Davis. And. All god damn still can't block him. Game of Rosalie. I know he freed very luxurious or no please don't please don't. Don't why. Because you'd get in trouble like Harry Potter thing again don't do it it's information. HBO aired it in Europe. Okay accidentally put I don't wanna hear about I'd like to watch it on Sunday HBO and what I learned some fast and they put it on. Said he did some I mean man as episode I. Plus it was bananas I thought man just happened by the way. They said that it did it leaked on HBO nordic and HBO some analysis filed articles please dollars and I'm not even talking right now. And now you're thinking you're so long when you rather humorous O'Connell was back behind me respirators. Don't know that was a good songs you're considering episode is crazy. As it won't go home and don't wanna watch had no knowledge or watch some of my best friend. Encrypt because like you guys have downloaded to down there and just why can't I just tell you when you should know what happens I owed dull it man. We're going to be and that's all part of that are there won't bother me like a father semi don't. I can make up stuff I can still watch and don't care damage in. Please don't. But so far it's gotten so into it just really need this season now he's. See he's our senator formation of the capitalism. I'm not logged in tune attacks on a divorce and a change in the station there'll be room. Okay it was a that's dumb they mistakenly made this episode available for streaming in Spain Sweden Norway Denmark and Finland. I tell you guys take guesses as to what Amazon's US and you looked it up so you really are an alternate calendar. Are you into Sugarman. So that's gonna think about Sunday. What about it I think about our time my other favorite time of the week. I don't even avenue guests ladies and all those stats from last week member. And need those snacks watch other things. What other people lawyers and more you're not around. OK but it's always action and other people man no he's not. Own joke about. There's a drag and involved but. I got one of the dragons gets killed. Just stop artists and how sorry. I asked how to stop I didn't say that. Talk about it smooth wall and I'd like to watch his own the day. And he Tex lines pissed I didn't say that Dallas I'll Haley is providing the atmosphere for him to say at all. They've shut the movies at the mood about formula drones don't do it. When he signed that contract or whatever it was game approach to know what to Harry Potter thing I did. So that it decides oh my god answers she is pregnant so her legs dot. Some best stuff managed. All right a model that the kind of not really dead. I made up right I have no idea and it is I didn't really dealers and stuff I David I said there's a dragon in law the courts would ride it and goes these. Then have another window and I don't care. Buck doesn't involve the courts are as its general Brown's idol when bandwagon dozens ride and involved. In some incest you did say that I was right that is and I heard dragon died and you I didn't say anything so. I didn't read any irate and I don't know those put it this way. I really enjoyed the show the fact that it leaked I'm not gonna run home and download that I can all wait until Sunday to watch that I'd rather finish up Ozarks tonight horse you know. Stick with my regular scheduled to write programming. I can wait until Sunday. But it's some sort of some you won't believe. This happened this happened that would really drawn. Watch it anywhere and yeah I would remind me chip it would Rosa comes but I didn't read it I think you cry. I'm madly beautify initiatives ever happen there's a dragon involved in that upset of strength and tell you something manners or dragon and mauled. Amid Jen and some ancestor. Too much. There. That is gay author lounge if you're the person actually posted. To. Each whatever the equivalent HBO go is in fraudulent or I'm guessing you're done you're done for. Announced a publicity and how does that happen. Yeah. So what can happen when you lock yourself an extra plumbing moon. You allowed to talk about or did you sign an agreement confidentiality there was certainly no agreement of confidentiality. I'm not gonna say anyone's name but I would go to find him and he's sitting. Our mutual friend sitting in London. Middle of the strip clover and there's a royals and Arizona where there and I said hey. Thanks for waiting. Let's go because everybody I've been back to get my pieces including him and we come out and he's done any sane and I said all right let's go when he says I can't. I'm waiting on some. Passive waiting on who I'm thinking he means what you guys someone else have been down there with us. Now to Cory Wade and he said only a one of the girls she got a clock out and asked him why it's. You you you're doing this thing. Like arena everyone at some point zone differences but I think districts and amendment runway four processor to McDonald's he was doing Natalie Lorena played across the street we are waiting there. I said minerals I don't own pretty drew nor I said I don't think we're supposed to be here. He's a general they know that I'm in here as a there's nobody else in here the woman who owns the place I don't see your I think she might have lefties like. They know we're here. Obviously innocent man we at least have to wait outside. Effect we're gonna get their us civilians. So finally we go outside we stand out front and she comes to want the owner comes out she was in the back and she comes out that why you guys still here and he was like on whispers I know you're not. Told Jesus Elvis would go c'mon do we go off front she's behind us and she locks the door but not like locks are goes back and she comes up and locks the door of one as a way. So we're sitting up front resourcefulness cigarettes and I was like man I really don't think this girl's gonna come out. I don't think she's gonna come meet you music she's that you had to go back doing whatever and Alison just feel weird about standing here right now waiting. Well next thing we know we stood there for quite awhile and I felt like too long. And you see this car pull around from the back and it pulls up in drives through the front part and are there were restraining. And it's filled with all of the girls who just been working their own discarding others three in the back into in the front. And one of them gets out she got like a laundry basket long term as she takes a laundry basket and puts another car and closes the door gets back into the car and they drive office it was one of those girls earlier you were waiting on it is yeah. I was like OK so we're gonna go now initially I don't know Matt Roush who now we call maneuver. And then we drove around for very long time and you're he wanted to go to multiple ATMs. I did not understand what's happening Lola I. The Euro it's always interesting never know what's gonna happen next. Michelle don't know Oslo stop. I enjoy the show I didn't say anything Gabby I know you're doing a look forward to once a week it's all I have in my life of this looking have a I can say anything. Yeah but you're going to hunt of a sudden I don't pull I don't want to be overly dramatic sometimes though I'm not gonna tell you. I just will say no to measure him I'll tell you. And incest ball one of the things that happens is probably craze thing that's happened at least. Two seasons and I'm looking forward like please don't tell me what is Brad wedding crate I marker again. I can't believe man this is always have to do your rhythm and let's just let Paris or aren't they are thrown should definitely senator and now he's written notice six years ago man on man on man.