The Church of Lazlo - 08.16.17 - Sports

Wednesday, August 16th


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Are you good. What's going on sports was so don't. That that's what reason. I try to talk to me you wouldn't take off your headphones you at noon because you don't like me wanna hear aging. And try to tell you rated news sports you're and yes I will pause. While technically I can saying nice don't own nation outcome. So what's going on sports you know moral issue will now. Look at the predicament you got yourself when I was in a matter anyway find jobs or has never help me in the sports at all. It lets you dislike what's going on his porch boom boom that's not always do that price and value you just tell us about support each. Eight ounce gloves approved in the Mayweather. I saw all the more they supposed to revive. And then there's sand when I say they someone who's on the graders teams that are not Xena not come out now we get these eight ounce gloves it's over you know knock out Mayweather early. I guess it's only got a lot of we're gonna wash. They are you guys interest in watching live via Oca that. I know like the Mayweather packed here like hour you go to other pop it in order. Well I was gonna try trio whose or our current. So those new order to. Most of I don't miles or uninvited hundred dollars legally sold as an order then we go there. I'm not in order because it's underdog in he's beaten chip and who. Meat and whoever else trailer and Steve. I'm your buddy Jesse Sherlund failure only go to las those house perhaps and I'm just before and weren't McDonald's was not invited. And so I appreciated I don't wanna little goods and watch it it was a partially different hearts of those houses. He's got his you know he's got it here look at. Multi output and on all of the TV strange the small seeking gone and here we want and Noam I'll order food to have them goes like that. I'll order food embarrassing. But I have some pot. Oh yes I know you will resume on fighting your way he wasn't a hockey team all right so they approved eight ounce gloves and you'll watch the fight and tells on the Internet the next day what else is sort of apartment on Twitter. It's royal learn. Things. The royals are. The game ended from Kansas city bowl while you're out at third game would next say yesterday you mean two days ago when it's game out of wildcard. But what about now. Yes assaults that they've they've played since then. Yeah. Unknown. Alone loans and there behind the twins there are. Wild card game that they're one game. Went on a wild card game. There's a sense for w.s the GB. Okay did you are one game back from. And while LeBron is going to be leaving Cleveland apparently. The royals won today by the way. LeBron really in Cleveland and are all that's. All right game behind me Angel shape for tiger in Minnesota and broken huge story here as I'm talking about it. A bronze moving to Minnesota when it is mixed what you votes that bronze to address enough. When you say about LeBron. There's a story will bronze relationship with cavaliers owner reportedly beyond repair and the story coming out today that he's going to be leaving Cleveland. But he has that there's an actual strategies like these leaving or Basel as well as the rumors yet there's rumors. He's going to share sources are saying that these girls are your sources though sources that's all life. Sort of a better view soon just my source edge yes my sources. People have talked. That's a big story. Iger and see you guys are so certain. I'm not I'm saying that's a good how much we we we milked that eight ounce glove thing c'mon I and I know it now I'm back on Sunday. But how Larry game behind the angels show. Twins. No angels but tied with a twinge. Of course that. No it's not a nuisance. All right that's sports are tied with the twins. A gamer behind the angels two and a half games behind the Yankees exactly. Okay. LeBron or bras reportedly going to be leaving Cleveland. Might not like Cleveland anymore. The royals all the owners worldwatch our team from Kansas City couple games back whatever eight ounce gloves in the McGregor yeah I loved that's your sports. That's it that's two benchmark segment thank you. I played into an X. Some press room watching your question please watch what the fight. No. Many middle part of my house and doing well. Telemann I assume for the July all the time remember herbs that. He's got food drive oil he's too small. And try to meet. My sixty inch curved TV in the basements too small for him. I'm sure looked fine on Twitter. You can catch up lawyer at the a foundation. Yes I'd rather insular little better he gets on better sounds. There's a million miles away. Is happier place I'm not paying a hundred dollar and evidently I don't know just that you don't have any money Paul money by the okay. Just got to sell some stuff all figured out. We need to borrow my credit card again. Though he spent your money out cucumbers and Chicago's Patricia is owed money by the and we want to play. On a decent sized TV because it's announces them. Back that's it no chiefs news no royals are backing game they won today when is it. The fight but the Tony six there's an does that sound right was the fight sports guy or sixth. Now when is it really. At a later date. The 26 a lot of things worth. What I was shown. GM. I don't know. You know take five hours or Saturday or somebody's Saturday. Should you wanna come over to lower now. Yeah I meant. I'm not as Shannon and there were leadership isn't you talked about. Have raided his house I don't know ago but I doubt that he Korea. Additional body control of the solution. I go to. So Kona I. I'm gonna watch him throws and I. Thank you. Actually your own. It's good quality I don't want horrible quality. So that means probably know. No game with rounds on Sunday. What is the most you'll watch it again that was something else what else. We're gonna watch out we're gonna watch here at throws tonight. Probably since everyone's thirty spoiler and a base as we Zhao including unit now it's fun appraisal. Good for. Arm out of town. This weekend poker. So it's probably best that we just watch it deaths on shepherd Hitler three so they created a socialist. I don't know. I don't know and hours. Did you hear what happens in this episode of the if you wanna know now ought to tell. I wanna say on the air as an owner ruin it for people but can I take off here chuck. Boca. Actually to get a new need to watch it. Sincerity now rather all yeah. He. It's a once that's crazy some. It is ominous note photos are filling in his regular music can be certain actual men. The Austin that are. Or two weeks and not stress on vacation when someone was in my house doing something in my house. Why won't learn center catch. Well. Stoke open door my neighbors and that and Aaron and neighbors can get in there. You have a car he shouldn't they kept saying that they were trying to get in there. And then hearts those Italy in the keys are so I'm leaving in the keys and he didn't miners have we still can't get in. Now since you know exactly what happened while I was gone other than the cats were alive. And why final launch there were. The first David and nobody democrats' trillion. Some another round semi bad articles. Someone had been in my bed. I was not an event and event for us a little bit left and Jesus Christ she really does add a mastery freaking old Boston reporters underwear. Want to go to someone's house and lay in the bed you later my better washed forensic files ICV. In the living and toward Rosh. And fly away and you only job by the thin here amazing bad ice. How soon as someone just how soon would this be easy and enjoy that you guys had never seen over the tents to house sit here I'll show you the text you or I would ask you how. It just think they're you said you could do you can sleep there exactly and a hundred houses and it is it is how often Israel John I over there. Regulators to edit your pants on and they just gonna close it was like an hour what you and I went out of bounds so much remains to service. Or cancel the what we're here for us all I was in someone's been a bad thing someone's been in my bed watching forensic files and that's why she know what I'm. Anyway you like you have. In a funny hats. And we can't beat him. And find skin and my roommates and look just beyond just me. This will be the 11. Shot and I Walt PS sat swear the did you raise some. Lose you over there to your friends bring some losing over and I was there for a Al Green there IG go after work one night. Swear area. Our hearts floors or otherwise maybe. He would tell me about it. Art facility used in the TV in the living army did say that. Restriction on what he's been. And I expect whenever whenever I'm here who's got to go limit. That stink and good.