The Church of Lazlo - 08.23.17 - Class of 2021

Wednesday, August 23rd


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Hi Betty. Pay. How are you you have think they are still happening. Stars and make sure you. Won't make sure you know. They're count as a whole as a source of positively for. That's not what we know try to racial American. Giguere Miller something. I don't remain mountain. Doesn't genuine concern. I feel great. Values are gone to Gloria happen. Opt out and younger. What can I June to make and a common source of positive review in your life man I'm not sure you could. Positive. Because of the consent. To. Would you like him if some fashion Lester Mike I'm more often. What's that would you like judicial fashion Lester Mike I'm more often set of turning it off yet and that that hurt my feelings my. With more command. I heard someone earlier which answers excellent complaining about that Kennedy you know like will the real. We just complain about. Who really give them I don't think in the longer. Haul ruinous and I think you 3-D does is that the he had made me very angry. Really caused them a lot of stress those sort of relied doesn't lend a hand and a new kind. I got a story and might have been out for awhile it just came to my phone so I. I hate to. Bring an option if you've already heard about it but. Have you heard about those sports Roger. Sure ESPN pulled off to University of Virginia game now marks. The decision I saw something but I don't know ovals for his sports broadcaster ES PM. Has pulled an announcer our offer college football game at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Because his name is. Robert Robert Lane that's not true yes solemnly had been set to. Asian Fella. Lee had been set to announce you VA's home opening game against William and Mary. However in a statement to buzz feed news on Tuesday the network said that it collectively made the decision when Robert. Does swish games as a tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding. Simply because of the coincidence of his name. They say in that moment it felt right to all parties it's a shame that this is even a topic of conversation. And regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue. They say there's no politically correct efforts here. No race issues no politically correct Gonzales right so misses it. At first a reigning miss them like you guys and it's way too far you got a call an Asian guy named Robert Lee. Right now but actually when you read that you like OK I got it OK so as soon there's no politically correct efforts no race issues. Just trying to be supportive of a young guy who felt it was best to avoid a potential zone. So from what I can understand somebody else got a letter and I'll read a letter this came from somebody high up in ESPN right. And it says this wasn't about offending anyone it was about the reasonable possibility that because of his name. He would be subjected demeans and jokes and who knows what else to think about it Robert Lee comes to town to do a game in Charlottesville. The reaction to our switching a young anonymous play by play guy. For a streamed AC get greasy C gaming is on TV right now is off the charts. Reasonable proof that Ameen joked that possibility was real solar saying it removed them and people are you talking about right what if you would have called it. May say so when that the protests in Charlottesville were happening we re we raise wind ham. The notion of switching games and they said this is something we do all the time we switch announcers to different games right. They say we didn't make him we asked him. And eventually they both agreed to switch. And they MNESPN says this was absolutely no biggie and tell lot. I around. Some only. It that's I was gonna say how to ride so we just did not tell anybody any saying that why they would just like they ran out so they come with a guy like silly Heyman lock your name's Robert Lane. DiMAGE wanna go through that I mean you never know a lot of play by play games there's no reason for it and instant Dunham. You know dubious circus side show is that what's wrong if you want you to do what we're just saying you should think about before you women call the first game. As so talented guys like yeah right again and I'm Robert Willie but weird enough I'm Asian probably. But. Of course when I don't like and say hi I'm Robert Lee. In Virginia screen shots and run on the front runners of router Robert looks like now is a right measures screen shot of him announce write regularly. Right. Okay well that dates all masons and I haven't done some Dick Chad am deuce side delete it. Yeah I just Dalton you really have thought I thought the same thing as I got an advantage they're gonna semis. Or shut up about it. Then don't see any thing or just make it seem like she was only supposed to do so without how would no other than him nobody biting his partner. So many ESPN legion senator Robert Lee was gonna call a game and removed it. So now you got people tweeting things already right now it's just as regular single if if people can't tell there is in Robert 150 years ago and Asians forecasters sportscasters and weren't trouble enough okay put it there's more to it than not. Well I must admit CNN headline first had thought was this is not true this is exactly me to the second thing I thought was oh my god I can't leave this is true. Where Charles sign right but cellular bottom and all my daughter Malia Obama's story like gathered in a move them anyways and somebody is late to. Which I can totally see in makes sense. Like look man and it's only on the Internet. This is your big break is it was. We let you call it but it's a streamed game online. Did you really want Roland MB Robert Lee if you do man we're not stopping you from doing their part. Just tell us if you wanna switch games and go to Pittsburgh and call that game. And he's probably was like yeah there man I'm good Madonna Pittsburgh and what do I care right right I'm really need all. But then what who's a personal accent but don't lead to act. Right. I agree but it's a feels almost like. It would be impossible for something like that inaccurately. Just with Twitter and I don't know you just feel like someone's gonna find out someone's gonna say something in the Caribbean enjoy White House is keep people from. From leaking. Brian you know. Classified information. And to sort of care he considered in the big that's ever over that's why that's such life. I'm not positive. Huckabee says in that moment it felt right to all parties. Sounds like the defense won a view used when you got busted for using back page. I don't nobody anything new legal servant in that moment this just felt right to all parties. It was streamed it was gonna be streamed allegedly censoring don't mean I guess. We can't be certain. TT think it would've really caught on the really would have taken off fossils me I guess yes I feel very Hines show I think the students one of and an additional our fans when I didn't trigger all the social justice and he's about but here's the thing put it let's say it goes through ride I try to put it you know like. Most people relax critical thinking and but OK so let's say. They were like don't. Point four year old vision could name Robert Horry doesn't matter right. And and he goes and calls again. And all of a sudden people are taken screen shots way to go ESPN news sent Robert early to call the Virginia game. And we'd all be saying to ourselves like religious human Pittsburgh game why it obviously they did that on purpose there's no reason. For them to send them to do this game right we'd all be thinking. Conspiracy. ESPN's soon probably because they thought it was funny right. We all would have been thinking and that would have been the outcry ESPN's sends Robert Lee. To call Virginia game. Currency tumbled ball and I'm okay you're in right. There's a tragedy I guess I'm just all of ideally you're saying I just think it's very hard to make that switch without. People funny now but they but they tried and it's. You you I guess maybe I shouldn't think like that. It's not like this you know you made Chris Collins worth switched from Sunday night you know on NBC two that is obviously gonna get out but Robert Lee made maybe he's really cute dumbed down. Well but regardless they weren't. Yes I'm saying I've seen she should they have even thought it was possible. To keep that a secret thing out but it's it seems like a reasonable. Requests for people to shut up how many people have to know about it at ESP NY nine. You know that very few really got to know that I turned us over hurting right there as part learn. The guys who scheduling games right. And in the president's most such things don't seem like that needs to be. Out everywhere. Speaking of college or kiwi and gets his name out there grown and I just saw you know every year they do that our what does months what's the name of that company that does it might even be a school. That does you know this year's college freshman right before college starts. It's some college they do good. The mindset list for the class of whatever you know every fall they save these freshman this year. Never new world without this season for our. So they don't want it to new classes the class of Tony Tony on their starting classes and now college yeah. Tony Tony one. And they put out the list of student college age kids who are mostly eighteen. So one of the things that that was intra scene is. This will be the last class of freshmen. Students who were born in the nineteen hundreds. All right 1999 is when these kids reforms last year. They. Have and I actually would have thought this could have been possible I don't know ten years ago they said and none of these kids have ever used a floppy disk. And are you telling me that college kids who started college for years ago six years or eight years ago that they. I think I barely used floppy disk I mean by time we got to high school I guess we still use a nice cool little bit but it was switching disease. They'd never now this sort of show I guess they said no way they not use they might not be able to will tell you what the sound of a dialogue no limits. All right I guess they were to hear it. They might not know what that is in my associated with some sort of America Online Joker something's right I don't know what it is an issue and I don't remember. In on the computer. Using them the money so I don't remember especially if you if you didn't I didn't know that this is another one that I would have thought again to shoot like the class of 2001. Or something. Said disk. These kids have never used Montgomery ward. Look mean are vying wind held it will go toward exactly here's what 28. When did Montgomery ward go out of business. That I remember my dad going to Montgomery ward when I was a little kid. Because he was trying to buy jewelry for my mom. He's trying to replace she broke her ring or something I remember going to the jewelry counter Montgomery ward and Hickman mills has a global Bullock is like Sears Sears is in the department stores and department store close I don't know I really wasn't an original story I don't know where it was pop and we definitely have them around here people had become reward cards are now we have a little more girls I don't know I'm. But the fact that they're saying these kids are the first ones what. They've never. This is another one I've. I didn't think was that shocking. They never seems Kimmel on Ben Stein or Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football I think a lot of people forget that Kim was around in static I never saw. Right new. I mean I remember it but kind of in my mind I can remember not really has a chance if I even said that if I just asked you guys are now they're usually cohost on Win Ben Stein's Money without looking it up you might not know and this Norman F football's like a season. Yeah Dan Mullen and people didn't like it. I thought this is kind of interest seen this class this year's class of college freshman. Have only known Bill Clinton as Hillary Clinton's husband. So they don't ever remember him being president he's always been the former president husband of you know the senator's secretary of state the presidential candidate that's how they nor that's of the known. You know they've always and they've never known a world without Amazon they've never known a world without Pokemon. They've never known a world without spa downloadable music. Is that a lot of them have never actually purchased a CD I believe that so I guess that was seems like where about that time where where. If you would say okay this college fresh from front you're born 99 there's a pic is Fareed when were you old enough to have monies are buying stuff. 20089. If your ten years old. By 2009. I pods were ubiquitous right if memory serves and I thought it now since 2006. So that I guess Bryant isn't a huge surprise. Tom. They've always our world of blogs they've always had Wikipedia and the teachers now accept it which. I didn't have Wikipedia. And I schools so I don't contingent out so why it is isn't it it said most of them now in use to us and so many more accurate than you and I I've I've never that well I did raise some amount I don't know right. Mr. always allow anyone candidate but it's pretty well self police say they only know Justin Timberlake is a solo artists that's not really that surprising. When in sync feels like going to be all lies told a lifetime that I all right me neither right I've. Destiny's Child seems like a lifetime ago but also could be partly because Justin Timberlake MB on to so much overshadowed. Yeah. Right budget and even a bigger you might ask that you might forget even why you might get down in Canada and there's no I forgot Newsnight group right. Com now it's and that's that's the mains I mean there's like sixty things with summit might electronic signatures have always been legally binding all. And you know electronic signatures are legally financially refinance my house and then they ammonium electronically sign and minutes is accents then. I see him constantly the banking you know they send someone to sign here. I've always known Donald Trump is a political figure although they've known him as a Democrat and independent and a Republican gonna have. That's what it says plus I just because he's been talking about politics like you know Clinton did and you know he Agassi gives you pressure Iran and stuff like that. Yeah I mean that premise yeah I mean that was so New York doesn't enjoy Iran right. There right away about Sean tower there's always thought it was a senator. The other just do it for they've always known him as being. Political available it is always from political mentioning. All right under the old videos of him being on Oprah talking about maybe you unless you guys don't ever would when was the first time he ran when did you first run for president so. Is he did me like kind of jokingly Rollins joked about what I'm saying is he's. Joked about it there hinted about us is unknown what racquet throughout his thoughts as family and friends. Via. He's been trying to go under on forever he's always been kind of a nice Izod payment of our residents as scary it was a bad ass verify like I don't like him don't get me wrong but it is a bad match. These about it but there. I'll watch a psychopath. And effectiveness and he's up he's party first Gloria. That was. Our guys and Indiana zero Tom. Documentary called gimme Roger Stone should watch it if you're into politics are all fascinating and I was aware of him. I knew who he was I had seen. Tom. I think even in. The greatest show on earth or whatever they show Roger Stone and they went to his apartment and his hotel room in I don't canisters pretty shady but then make. Jimmy writer so goes all into it and lose to Roger stone's crab net and again I don't like him doesn't hide from anything. In that documentary he's not run for many days I don't and I ended Tuesday's elections are doing other guys that a metaphor about the death. Anyway. They go pear is another thing about these kids are soaring college. They never lived in a world Ehrlich from bottles after three craft Beers she reared. It's not where I'm Ben your world has never been where. Most weird to moons of you know the assistance to people necessities that you guys were we Eddie Haskell never had three craft Beers a little older model I just didn't talk about they certainly didn't talk about on the radio any issue.