The Church of Lazlo - 09.12.17 - Ted Cruz & James Woods

Tuesday, September 12th


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I hi how are you I'm gonna are you never really matter our rights out Ted Cruz hears you and I like porno. Woke up Tuesday to find his name trending on Twitter linked overnight to a certain video from the Milf hunter series. No fun turn. The clip itself is just over two minutes details of its contents. Mostly unimportant. Or sorry unprintable this is the Washington Post I'd liked. Well Larry you know a surgeon video. But those who have seen it it features the sectional sofa. She as a modern say it's nice pornographic actress and Corey chase her for me that's mid century modern right there are fictitious new stepdaughter. And a very energetic young man leading cruise. He's not in the footage of course is nothing to do with it. The clip has been on the Internet for more than a year but. Around midnight eastern time. Last night someone signed in. To the senator's official Twitter account room and clicked the little heart below the video so viewers looking at porno on Twitter I haven't done this before I feel all like to maybe I'd just sort of porno sites. I have I don't look at port on Twitter do you look at par on Twitter. You do aria that was the first thing that I found really useful for Twitter like. Following all the porn stars and stuff and then they post I was a lot of videos of themselves and only reason these Tumblr terror and a you know on your phone it's a lot easier than. Since like you know iPhone isn't allowed is no porn on apt to get to go to the website write them but if you're on like cut Tumblr or Twitter. You can just scroll right through all good look at. So I'm guessing now hold on to say he says there official response was. A 'cause there were reporters waiting outside the capitol. This morning to talk to about it. Are the quote was it was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent I'll side it was a mistake. He said a number of people in his office have access to the accounts from. Lo and he. Was strong throwing actually thought you know you never looked at porn on I really don't like I don't know I'm not a morning in fact I look at port I just don't ever think to do it on politically you've. Accidentally hit the harder on things of course strolling through a rush and I never been to this particular report wrote thing what was it called. Sexual. Some them. Obama wears it sexual you know somebody else's tax summary Texas now zooming in onto the milk I don't sort of life it's. Now she Canada us. Shall I should flatter her. But it's if you go to. The Twitter which don't. A shortage. And even if you're of age if you're easily offended by pornography down. And on the point of this story bam bam is that no one's easily offended by pornography. They just say they are but everyone looks at it. And everyone looks at Cornell and everyone master Mitch. Ted Cruz the Pope. Doesn't matter this. They all touched themselves. This Twitter feed looks like. It's like being on top Obama and Osama bin Laden was in his thing master random porno magazines and pictures are Condoleezza Rice. Death we've all got our things from council or other. A total pictures or Condoleezza Rice and heroes. Shiver excited tomorrow. I Jimmy Kimmel said well done act Ted crews using the power of like to illustrate the evils of porn. Hash tag Winger. It's because that's at you know I wonder Jimmy Kimmel. So on Twitter now right if you follow someone. And they like something. It'll show you things that they like writing I don't know. I don't notice I don't mind but I wonder if it's because I've followed too many people right. But some analysts telling me that if you followed two different accounts. They don't tell fuselage yen Nehru and urge you to the same got to someone like some gonna Carol tell you. I've never seen mine do that. I'm not can be successful team. People say what's the big deal there is really no big deal Leila supported doesn't bother me with the exception of the five that. Now he tells everybody else what to do. It's just saying so when Rush Limbaugh is now preaching. You know and drug offenders need to be thrown in prison riot and his family values family values family values and against caught. Doctor shopping for drugs you like this hypocrite. When Ted down Ted values when Ted Cruz. Does the same thing any talks about knowledge of the moral decay of society any rails against all these things. And then he's watching porn now that's a problem inside hypocrisy of museum saying. The hypocrisy of it so. If you found out that. Slim fast was doctor shopping and I was watching porn now you and be shocked nor would you be upset. Because. We already tell you I would like my stuff. Where we're coming to a promise of I came in time that every day. And talked about. Did okay. Ended. Of the American society and in them that I was out. Raged as to where we're headed in these types of things. Well. And I don't think that Ted Cruz. I don't know maybe does. Do you think yes staffers who have access to log into his account and midnight. Without him no well he might have people have his password I had not nobody's logging in to Ted and if you work for ten recruits. You're not logging in on his account and I'm looking at formally nominated bill. Ryan lauded our bosses account and scroll through doors that just doesn't and other is not true doesn't happen it's ridiculous. Although let's be honest. If Donald Trump that are on accident would you be that surprise. If you like to porn video or something from his account poll aka. But he'd I don't feel like he's saying we should love sex. I'm just saying if he did anything al-Qaeda or whatever it is if you like there would. Putin posters something. From his account. I understand that you should not use a what you're saying is if if you are staffer you had access to take cruises account you know better than a look at born. Hats on that can you be very carefully lacks only a like button. Like earlier someone here work said. Which time his story and I want to look up someone on FaceBook as an OK but don't accidentally hit any like spotlight like that. So I do what you're saying although. With some of these politicians I don't know. Maybe they've got staffers who. Let nobody logs and none of their bosses account and looks at porno no I don't think so either but he shouldn't be looking at porn on the Ted Cruz county should. Abbott throw away talent portion of course users such somebody would find it. I mean I do I do feel for him. In the sense that new domain he can't look at porno anywhere. Because he's gonna get caught but I don't feel for mentally such a hypocrite about sexuality. Ryan. So forget them I don't feel bad at all initial blow over. Penalty fine. And insulin they'll still talk about you know. How all. I don't know gay marriage and gays sexism. A decline of western civilization and you know we need him to save us and then a night of normal master bedroom. Oklahoma woman masturbating too were stepson having sexual another woman well fictitious out so well I mean that's what it is such above video is. You they don't so. Speaking of bush speaking of Twitter and more. And morally okay. You see this James Woods story now you know James Woods is like half crazy conservative wind bag right and if you do you follow him on Twitter death. It's. It's not so. But there's a new movie I don't know if it's a new movie I think it's a new movie called. Call me by your name. Have you heard this movie called me by or named Noam and an interest and it is a coming of age story about a seventeen year old. Who falls in love with the 24 year old house guests okay this is a little. Com. Snippet of the trailer okay. So what you do run free books. Transparent music. So let's river road remains so strong right there all right so then there's little clip of it you know need penalties not really so much about the movie. But it's seventeen year old Carrick was 317 year old boy whose final of the 24 year old house guests OK okay James Woods. Took a what's popular coin homophobic statements. On the age gap. Comparing it to rule. A pedophile group Qaeda and gamble now army hammer. Responded. And sort of couple other people so here's the original. Tweet someone and Aaron this guy is. Treated out 24 year old man seventeen year old boy stop. And then he had a link to rule. A story about the movie called me by your name right James Woods responds to that tweet or you know quote tweets it and says. As they quietly chip away at the last barriers of decency. Hash tag nimble. I kind of there's James Woods tweet right there and then he quote we today this Chad Felix guys' age when he for real man seventeen year old boy stuff. So James Woods puts a hash tag and amble up there and says that are quietly chipping away the last barriers decency. Army hammer. Response to him and says didn't you date a nineteen year old in your sixty. Our twit Twitter loves this right no army Hammond actor. And Armand and they. Twitter loves this they start saying you know hammered just killed James Woods almighty god he should have given mr. woods adds up to make sure I get his life alert his hand before that route was burnt all the stuff right here's the story. I didn't know this I'm not surprised James would. Brooke James Woods broke up with his child I mean girlfriends this is how he emphasizing your James Wood 66 is no longer dating is dropper and Ashley Madison 26 they began dating when she was nineteen and he keeps Amy began dec dating issues nineteen -- engaged his arm when she was nineteen serve pretty extra emphasis. But I can't even she's the daughter of one of his friends I'm guessing that friendship dissolves pretty quickly. OK. So. You got that story okay as woods stated his friends star in his right data when she was nineteen he was sixty. Well amber Hamlet you know she is now Google imagery on the hour it's the she's the girl from on why can't even Arrested Development. She was in I mean she's been in a few things she doesn't like Cedar Rapids and did you ever watch rested development. Now a kind of anxious okay. So she chimes and and set us. James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once. He wanted to take this to Vegas quote I'm sixteen I said quote even better he sent her a now you look man put that out there on Twitter. She's fly she's not making that up and she's. You know. Relatives who say backdoor. I don't think you say anything back here. Machine I've followed this whole time and through on Twitter and I didn't see that he ever responded. You know he had to had to feel like on the why did I start this. Okay. Why. Again he was James Woods was taking issue with this movie. For trainer 24 year old. Male character. Final with a seventeen year old male character and people are saying you know as. Homophobic because. Clearly he's not worried about. Age gaps now you can also say you can. An early voice call that a lie. Which parts what amber Timbaland are right right. And then she show you calling me a liar James this is now far from all I don't see this as she said. You calling me a liar James this is now far from over that I can promise. I feel like if you are I know what it sounded dumb to say if you're gonna go into criticisms of future that's ridiculous but what I meant was. If she is an actor is going to accuse him some like that. Of that encounter. It's not the kind of thing you just wanna make up. Because if she did just make it up. There's a good chance. My whole image trying to sewer. Since I know people should also Texan though since I know people. Actors it's. So she says since I know people love to question integrity and honesty of women. When they come for a stories like this here you go innocent text message. She shows a text message from her as someone else's as you're growing James Woods and his friends tried to pick us up at Mel's diner when we retains. And then the first responded damn totally forgot about that what made you think of that. Now I see that okay totally miss that. So this is someone in her own which is going Billy. And should. Grab the screen shot of. And then. Let's see Don Cheadle Kama creepy old dude. It's an. They went down arms and I'd lay under a train from the brave queen that is Lambert ham on but I would not Lander James Woods. It's like that the Bill Maher segment you know I don't know it and then James to a responded when she sent out when my underneath you you responded proof. And that apparently was his last response. But. He I just feel like you did. I have a feeling of course you get lucky we note the date of the nineteen year old when he was sixty. It was his friend's daughter. Mean I'd I'd that's the story right he's not denying that that happened the day they're linking to and articles about that. And like you said she's a public figure and she's accusing him of trying to add on her and she's using quotes. She says hey I'm sixteen and he says even better here. What do you think about. 24 year old a seventeen year old falls in love. 124 year old. And a seventeen year old. What's age concerned. Well it looks like I think I'm seeing this movie from the trailer looks like that are somewhere in Europe. So let's show a slight foreign seventeen doesn't seem that far apart to me. Now it's just teacher at a school lane official and using an error influence or power upon them of those and brought that up because we've talked about that in the past but let's saying right as an Asian influence and power but what if you. I don't know what does he graduated from high school and went to college or your seventeen you're about to turn eighteen you meet a guy or being a girl a parting and here in the same school. And a persons or than humans still a lot in common not just doesn't seem and then take that you know. Thirty years forward and you know. Your dad to being seven years only a mom as I don't think a ridiculous thing in this country. All right roll a seven year age difference is in a big deal right. Now seventeen intent. I don't younger guys are right let's see if it follows the article warned twice that I invite to. And then and seven and so nineteen is but the formula says virtually for Earl. But here it's seventeen is age of consent. New England lynchings was was freaking out because it's two dudes right that's a problem that's what he's freaking out about that's why put the hash tag gamble on there. The price watch is short that's also why the movie made a person seventeen. When I mean what's weathermen. I read a person's a movie right out and Amanda saw Booker supplement whoever did amend a person seventeen because of dementia more intriguing are the story about an hour right. Pedroia or Euro RBI isn't always right. And an age thing but it has not almighty is different than if it was say. A twelve year old. And a 24 your eye but they guys I'm here but they also led to seventeen par they could've easily the character eighteen and there's not had any sort of controversy about the agent just about two boards. Right to remain silent angels a little bit and it exactly right what. Is this acceptable practice right that's all point us as far as summer two boys except that. Acceptable and then they put the age thing in their to revamp. Right make it a little bit hard to decipher. As to whether you approve and a. Well. I watched the trailer. There was some mom. Touching him. And some. Some romance. Assume that the actors probably. Eighteen. Maybe not Aaron vacated spot. Watch nothing. And singer lied to I'm just saying it was. You know you've talked about before. You're at the grocery store earn. There's you know two old guys and Fran Maier. Kissing each other on the cheek and Sean PDA and you go wow. IA. M pro gay rights in every. All match I just told the one and it. I'm pro game you do whatever you wants actually do you want but I'm the only thing I ever found shocking in my life as well and in Key West. There's like 27 year old there is retired. I thought oh. Blight you love each other like there's more that and I get that right because I'm a guy thing is I just as some sort Yamaichi super tragedy here and I'm young and Limbaugh often. We often have drinks and then have we don't. Slash but I didn't realize like oh you're gonna lead to higher together in Kabul and now and good for you I'm glad that you are. But that was you know I don't know seventeen years ago my life and it was Wilson throws kind of eye opening now you see it right now it's kind of more normal. But back then I was wanting us or don't want to. I think it's had a feeling because I did that guy does look older than they other than it initials B seventeen obviously. As long count. Romance. Always have James with this is James what's responded army hammer to. Did he. And I must have deleted that. And what do you think she means when she says. Are you colonial wire. He said the first one is it's illegal which is talking about. So this I don't know if this I see this on his funeral be to get down we said the first. Is illegal time at the age difference and he said the sack can't. There's a line talking about her I'm guessing right Coca. So and then she sent that screen shot. And so in what you're appearances and a lot of people here quest integrity honesty of women when they come forward with stories like this streak though she's had that strange. But you read that tweet that said. She said something about are you calling me a liar mystery wanna do that so it's far from over far from over. So. Who also chairs. I James what he says the huge driver that's that's the rumor that's what he's known for right now. British penis in Hollywood. That's not a bad rumor. Going around about now. Although. I was gonna say be a good thing to start but I don't feel like that's kind of thing you can start and sustain. If you don't because someone's gonna put an end to a joke. And less hugest. Lay low. Someone component to it. Unless it's true. Anyway James Jordan does its semi seven.