The Church of Lazlo - 09.12.17 - U2 Tickets

Tuesday, September 12th


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My didn't really get an Amish YouTube thing I don't know what to help. I have to get some bright but until he's judged on any credit card what do I saw that thing on fox for. They said that. You have to have the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets with fuel. I mean that's you guys watched a video right is that what sounded like there. Is to prevent people from sell and take tickets. Her stand. Debuts in an example some mom who spent like 700 dollars on Bruno Mars taken sperm arcade and and they get there and they told these are real tickets. You got duped. So. Apparently have a I have real sentence I still leave my credit carbonneau make any sense I have real targets in the in the auditing should make it sound like you take it is the credit card not actually think you should stay GL one girl she said no even if you bring that take it. They take it is really your credit card literacy the tickets my accuracy is a she was saying I don't know because I've never. Are paid for tickets anything in my mind. Yeah McKenna I he used these students. Because I don't pay formula I text her friend who works Ernie said he doesn't know either. Someone asked the nozzle Texan and like people have to answer. Because if you bottom freer what are my body's right gift for someone right. They went with there wives you know whatever may be. And I wanted to give visual page to someone but then I'd have to go and win them at the same time and the rest ridiculous there should be some sort of warning that says warning you'll need to use. So maybe those tickets are different. Maybe does take its. Our decisions. And other people I don't know. Much well that like that girl was saying that her tickets were actually tickets or tickets are like a receipt I don't know she's right an elevator to someone they're talking to on line there yeah. But there are credit card is really what they're using to prove that she bought the tickets. Maybe those are different tickets and I led thankfully but I benefits shows with a actually in some of the ticket they asked for your credit card that's there's and that might get a tomb and they put in this machine almost like it's a breeder. As as a failure of Fergie no one technically you Latin. Always want to I didn't pay for my credit card ago. And what if I wanna give these tickets to somebody else so our co worker. Who works next door I saw him earlier he was asking about the show tonight. And I was asking him about this ticket things and did you see this thing on the news about the taste this again you've got to bring your credit cards so he knew about it. So you gotta have the credit card for all the tickets you can only buy four tickets for credit card is something. Which is exactly what this on the segment. Is anyone on the Tex lines saying. So my sense. When somebody is improvements and doesn't matter. She wishes on the website is says you can change the chicken donor I don't put your finger to go on only bad for the Phish tickets were to you have to transfer and design of the selling to a mind. Glad to go on the satellite actually transfer into this person's credit card. Boy had a putting democratic darn I don't like send it to this person they could put the tickets on their credit card. I give coach saying so whoever. Credit where credit card is used to buy the tickets they have to give permission to put her under different was an online marketplace I go on sale the sales of tickets they buy them. And I transpired wanna bodies I know you wait an hour ago I have a my goddamn now wanna pay a forum I think we've got to do. It's good I don't believe the purpose of someone buying component get the personality does blocked them OK I would they waited to do. I thought did not know. Seems like is going to be attic. What happens Tyler what happens. I think we need to do is have the person that paid for them. Like tranche of them on the kind of app or something to you know. And you are among your credit card. How well among my credit card and I'm gonna pay phone I mean in my clinic Arabic charger and zero dollars and files have in there and it won't charge at all like Ortiz Cheney didn't charge related just change you associated those tickets with the different credit card number he allowed that. To transfer. Once. So I did what all you have to do any of that or not. I can tell this person. To treasuries to my credit card I think. Now someone saying like I want to cold play and in pavement exit if I guess is different this this news story out fox were saying like. YouTube is doing this and it's this new thing and will more bands maybe they should follow one. So conducted on this were to do this once again another Barrett's office. Com. I don't know I mean I'm an order star John explain this to someone. I think you have to go to will call and talk to them they're saying and that news story that at least that girl who out and you know she was an expert she was just someone standing in line do you remember. In my business standing in line. But you're relaxed she can she was saying the floor to be some of the horse for ticketmaster's IA I think she arm are for whatever your boyfriend. But she was saying your ticket is really just a receipt your credit card is the ticket you need the credit card to get him. The credit cards are used to pay. That's what used to get there. And I don't know if that's sure enough and this is a spirit I and is concerned. Call the box office. That's a good idea call era had box office while we're sitting here are trying to do is on say okay via a war I have to do. Well someone's calling me now. Hell out. There's C I would think that if you. When you go to buy them at this is if you have to have the credit card it would say. Morning. Your yeah Dick you will need this credit card. But when the they've produced from the place. Was Assange has always been the case is only just for me show what had Dugan right they could just say that when it was a brutal Mario is it. That rumor doesn't do that was on all I'm saying good and they do that after the brutal more sponsors it was that much time. And now there is using that as an example of why you choose doing that this is an arrowhead. This is our mark forever mark but he say it fan experience plus customer service are on the call. I don't understand what I have to pay for parking. Is if you pay for parking ending in there and you can't get into the show and her partner. And I got to bring cash don't mind. Don't have cash you have to have a car to part I think you have cash rate billion to have cash to park a I'm always thought that I was not in debt and cash. Shall person's emotional trauma box office manager. Okay. Do lot. I don't know how explain is Joseph I have tickets and I'm Don don't expect them to Solana announced. I'm take as a zones and you know it's not my credit cards of us here you. Understands more than both of us. I just watched that thing on fox for Gabby easily go from grass explain bill's first. They said that and you that you're tickets aren't enough to give UN you need the credit card that you used to purchase tickets to get it that's the way I understood the story. You watch it too I showed it to you is not what sounded like now. Okay here's the story this is according to fox for Casey dot com. Every time there's a concert seems as someone who simply falls victim to scanners is hard to forget the story of Kaczur told about that. For you to an order to get the ticket concert goers must have the credit card and I. Quote the way our minutes forty dollars cash hope law. Call it the way you two is handling their ticket needs to be copied by other artists I think it's great okay. Wonderful your feelings I need to know what's happening YouTube fans fall pretty out of the stadium Monday night ahead of Tuesday's concert said they never received physical tickets only a mobile receipt. However the receipt alone won't get them in the doors quote. You don't actually have tickets you use your credit card to get it as just a mobile receipt or ticket outlets like tickets in Maine right doesn't it. Its search for the hard ticket master why it has different it has different numbers different seats listen on their yeah they scan your credit card being you. By up to four tickets on that cards if you don't. Have everybody with Hewitt that's where the issue it is. If you buy a ticket from someone or even if someone gives it to you as a gift you may not be allowed in without their credit card. I didn't lose my name maybe not I was Allan Donald's got a may not expensive the scalp is a hard fast rule may be not. This is someone that they're interviewing. Is that causing quotes. Let's season tickets and you know mark Stinson on. U2 fans are loan will pay the price. Staff with tickets for less and Overland Park said it's best to purchase the tickets from the venue or Ticketmaster instead of a person off the streets a cable what if it was again my friend bought the tickets run. Fans that she has no problem not receiving a physical taken just showing her card information. Quote my mom knows how to do it Allman was your car month. Jill since I sort of got box offices when the voice mail. I was on hold forever moment a voice mail. So but I. I'm right right like this story does make it sound like there could be cause for this sounds to me like I can't it and I'm worried about the but it but the scenario I have tenants within this person the way to. You don't actually have tickets this is the quote from the fan that's who they're quoting here yeah. You don't actually have tickets you use your credit card to get in they scan your credit card they knew by up to four tickets. On the car so if you don't have everybody wants you running right. It's only you have already paid for the tickets. Site they take the money out of the time as Hillary and that's tonight. That doesn't make any sense one of my mother bought these for me for my birthday right and she either has to be just come with me you do reports like snow comes I mean that's a you have to just change it to your name Powell. Through them. What you cause knock on them ticketing I don't that Ticketmaster Davis love the way he wouldn't outages were I don't know militias say life is weird third party think of plus seats but it but you were able to change ownership yeah but it was almost as they are using a similar. System. I thought for sure is owned give view a clear answer on the facts well here's what you have to do you know. I don't think anyone though no one knows doesn't mean everybody's text in different things yeah. Yeah I'm looking for some sort of definitive answer but I saw foul him parents contradicting each other. Simmons is do you have physical tickets what does physical tickets mean I don't offices are receipts. Forfeits a physical ticket I don't wanna know what it's a piece of computer papers oil. Right how one of those is an actual ticket or receipts as a big ticket. In some ways it recedes right I think I pay you and you gave me a printed out receipt that you change the name to ticket. I venues together and write about your honor I was at I assume this is if I had to pick the correct word I would say this is a voucher to get in there Wednesday. Would you say oh that's right or not since doesn't look like a ticket. Nor doesn't look like a receipt and looks like they paid for voucher and looks like it to get to me that's that's what I want him an error out and my credit and regular pay when you print your tickets like for a man that caused financial literacy its ability to returning recede I write I but I print those and and get into the stadium I would just like that. The call to take it. No isn't enough. Just take the forty bucks cash. So you as the only real cool. So we say about try calling them again. Astros are gonna let me in enough. This isn't someone is saying it's only will call that you need the credit cards may have been somebody else and then another tour in Dallas and they had to. When gives the tickets and a credit card which some like Lesnar no physical tickets at all. What is good shape but it's the receipt. There's just a receipt as a bar code right it does. And I'll guy. This as the bar code only allows one entry per scam readiness. Says unauthorized. Duplication or sale of this ticket. Democrats are calling hesitated so that's the ticket okay what does us no good UN Canadian military that you should be able to right. People are saying if you have a bar code. That's good you can get a very gala what I want. One person well that's true what I don't understand why that would mark a means whoever makes fake tickets doesn't make a lot of bar code right. And I'm not gonna make a picture about like how does that. Duet change anything in the world. And you've paid for the parks to get in there I'm not worried about dynamic anyone else evidence. Of the my question is I don't want dry although when Aaron had a knot in N. It was there is huge lines all right now. What if I bought a ticket and lost my card. I couldn't get end. It seems like they would have thought of these things before MI there's a simple answer artist I'm getting right but what's O'Connell was saying. Made me concerned when he talked about. You can trade. Trade ownership or transfer ownership of tickets. On line I think that again and this allows for a different show but that would make our. And they're using solar blast Raza is like competitor of you know take a master remember. It was for them to have to find marketplace was sort of added benefit they're trying to offer you solid take that from my experience. But in this. He's completely deaf. Not he's a number of some interest. Paragon. But the Washington I don't know what to do now. I think ego. Get in line. When they scan your tickets. They say sorry this isn't good enough just. Don't fit. Apology. Gap that's are always works at the stadium shows that the cubs throw threat. China saying Japan to get tickets at will call you have to have a credit cards. I thought the story that wouldn't make any sense these are stories talking about people buying fake tickets and you can't sell tickets to people who I think if you have bar code that skins. You'll be able to get it we try calling them try it. Silicone usually easy to do what time shows start Navajo code down there and talk to someone. We get on the bottom of it. You don't wanna go down their pay for it gush a parking. Stand and monitored. What you think your tickets and find it can can. I think those are tickets Imus say I think I think as we get Chan are all lies just a feeling. But then okay I understand you sent. But that would make no sense. If you need a credit card. To prove. That you bought the tickets. What I have here is an exact example of why. Should not work and see this as someone else's name on. So. Eastern time. Yes there OK now I'm thinking they are gonna want your. They're gonna want your idea and credit card. Yet this network. Now why Lisa because. It doesn't have your name. I think they're gonna see that and they're gonna say OK show me your ID. Based on this story and does not say article on because they speak some of those that explains more. Let's see that's just announces they're coming. What you need to know this is from five hours ago. Two big days terms forced sometimes. Well. We were saying the Irish newspapers that neither credit card you have you can't print particular itself so years are not close. Why don't. That that's kind of what that other person no one's ever Lady Gaga. That if you had a ticket they needed a credit card you physically cut it print out those tickets. So now what and even happen at the gate you ought to mean. That makes sense if you have those in you don't need a credit card. Okay here you go parking it at the parking gates open at 2 PM it's forty dollars. Stadium gates open at 530. For most tickets you need the credit card you bought is with and a photo ID. And a photo ID. You could have printed off reserved seats from your ticket master account. Is that what those are yes. Tailgate rules are the same as an app well. Right okay so that's been so those sound like you have printed off reserved seats from your ticket master count Josh. Sounds like that's what those are. These are bullet points first full point is about the cost of parking second is about. Gates opening third bullet point for most tickets he need the credit card you bought it with Andy photo ID. Fourth bullet point you could have printed off reserved seats from your ticket master count. Looks like that's what those are those aren't others GA of those seats are shoots. Traffic is expected us to be happy I Keegan voicemail on hold forever than they say leave a message while trying to fight back. There you go off. I think those are tickets. Don't use al-Qaeda don't think you compress off the ones and earning their guests. But someone just gave me a number and says if you call this summer air annoyance there. Could have printed off preserves its premiere Ticketmaster. What we did do that. Those were doing an idea with those. Here's I'm worried about I think. My gut says those tickets. Should not require ID or credit card because you printed them from your ticket master account ruler. I would be afraid that you get to negate and the person who's working CSI or whoever it is says I need your idea and credit card and you say. And no I don't and they say. I think I do. Because they're thinking that they need IDs incredible article you'll spend a good credit cards or just for GA ticket that if you have seeds. Or why would not make a difference. So people just don't sell those. It seems. Let's just about the two. He's on the phone someone. And they are and and he's gonna find out. It. Whereabouts in an answer my arms are around. I think you can do it. Printed. Don't printed printed from the website. There are only for the floor. You or your credit card if you're on the forgy it. And if you have printed up or hard tickets your father O'Connor. They're ego bigger did you feel comfortable with a person's all yeah she was. 200% positive she was the first and it's accidents had called this number and I'll be out. No that first so they just talked. I see you filed over it. Yeah and the spurs are just thoughts and so the same thing you don't need your card just to tickets. If you're on the floor GA floor that's needed credit card and if that's the case you've. One why would that matter I guess those are the ones are trying to keep people from scalping probably. Dozens more expensive ones maybe it's harder easier to scalp the GA ones because you raptors sent I don't know yet. There you go so he does need the money for parking. All right come out for a much. Snow comes when information.