The Church of Lazlo - 09.13.17 - Fabulous Size

Wednesday, September 13th


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Don't talk about still going to. I was outside of the zinni's mascot. Look they knew. They knew that that looks like a piece of poop. I don't even believe that they did it. Like even for a second on accident it's mostly their new mascot Denny's new mask. People on social media making fun of it because it's so new Grand Slam mascot. Says here's join a lot of attention. Because they say it's distasteful. But there's pictures and existential because it looks like group. That's a picture of it is someone walked in the store it's that's a big cardboard cut out atlas like mr. hanky. Looks like mr. hanky put it looks like cigar. But then all of it it it looks like. It goes. But there was another picture of it on the menu that someone there look at him there me holding up the cup of coffee. They NATO. And now are getting free press think Ben nun like let's put up how did today it's the restaurant I don't think you want a big hole carbonneau and Iraq and associated with proved how do you not know when you put up a big brown cylindrical Turk look at things with a face on it quits principals I was done. And had a holding bags of food that no one. And the entire headquarters says you know kind of looks like poop it counts that mr. hanky or exactly like who. The cycle. A looks delicious. I like sausage George sausage yeah. But but but but but the. All press is good press any press is good press. Right. Now I'm with a puzzled I don't think a restaurant was in that progress now. I did it make you know when mcdonalds today and I'd hit that thing whatever I and remember that billboard and you're like I don't you know that means right. I'll there was an adolescent shill who did that I remember about mcdonalds also do like you know I don't know double cheeseburgers I hit back of guys I feel like maybe back. And you could convince me they did on purpose right. I don't think you can dementia and they've tried to make a picture of Pope imported on the menu. Again like hey you know be funny premeditated served terribly as a million other things that could've picked right I don't think they thought it would be calling. Yeah it was for the double cheeseburger. Was on a list of top ten worst marketing gaps of all time. But but but the actually no I'm talking about there was aids I remember that number aids candy. Well I wasn't their fault I take him before again before it was it wasn't any it was like weight loss it was like the way I was dye can't you lose a diet I don't wait it was like a great loss program now I felt like a sugar free I think it was like a weight loss program like you you know was like. Good diet pill or but it was like a candy said I remember it and that it was just called hate speech. I'm also amazed happen you know I'd I'm sure there like you've got to be kidding me the everything Lincoln and named our company I remember someone doing a bit about it same like the people who worked phrases like lighting she named the disease Epson and ours sounds like a disease like cougars. Why is it have to be eighths right of course yet spelled differently you and you're not gonna recover from that. Not on you know I'm sure they didn't. Mom I'm not gaming world I'm losing weight religiously would be any any. The end of diet can really work. These can be contained as safe and effective appetite suppression when used as directed. Helps curb your appetite so you can lose weight and age candy has no stimulant that can make you nervous. The permanent change like to end before each meal the the same delicious chocolate flavor and I love being outside and warm lose weight deliciously with creative and meet the. But the bottom yet you can overcome now you just can't about a ridiculous belt that you just changed the name actually I guess it is. Forgot about it. Day in McDonald's came up with a marketing campaign now of I hit it. They're ad executives didn't know what the phrase I'd hit it meant they simply heard kids using the jargon and decided it would be their next big slogan coarsely for McDonald's it means on sex with her. But I'll be damned if I respect her according to this list first article path. I think I should be a slogan. What I've had I'll have sexual affair but I'll be damned if I terrorism back but but but let's. And towels on here for another one Mack ten I. This advertised McDonald's it was meant to adult fun fast food joint used Mack the knife as its theme. Mack the knife comes from the beggars op from which he. Typifies the anti establishment sentiments of its writer John this had to be overseas and yeah. Every member of what a mess that night if at all. But I do remember someone didn't someone use Netflix and chill as a somewhat sedated. It was a virus there's something. Now also saw which really. Boy you wanna gets O'Connell worked out you know come on man Kmart is had a bad day Kmart. Our email me any resumption I didn't then it would stereo. What he says you know tired of me making fun of them I did enemies sentiment no real slim fast descent that he'd gone to the Hudson so. Email I'm. I'll tell you talking about stop at Gmail is said he was this email you sent from my count he said he was sick and tired you know how I left the Ohio had to resign professionally. I have I'm sorry I hurt your feelings let's discuss our options going further this did not happen and that did happen you know let me that sentence mosey 'cause I don't. No it's I love my email opened on that computer and slump us senate from my count are always a true true are you sent it. Some guys you just told me that you told that I always do that sentence third. All told you that I told hand while walked out like why did you send and you like I was cloning. This never happened. But none of this ever rat we're all honest and who's Symbian now because I've ordered us today that charm. There is no way to our corporate HR slim fast send it I afford it seemed that email to corporate HR in Seattle man. And they told me how to respond to you. Well see good jobs on us. Why won't promote you or not I didn't say yes you did we'll show you my sent emails yeah it's all under my account I don't know what your password invests quit plain dumb I left it open and then you know I dead. What is emails. If said he was tired of me calling him names. And people call them names his whole life he's sick of it it's dogs boats that since that sent the stuff on me I okay. I'd announce an email. I'm 99% sure Russell best 12100% chairman just for the sake of what ever may or someone else but wasn't it. He sure wasn't human I got my game. A 110% sure there was some fast. I don't know he set up my account open earlier and the start of Federline she said that. And when he's in the email it. Three cloning. So piazza sent me an email. And the left and the subject line said. Whose show us from stoke on just to me and it's and the subject whatever his eyes there's a lot of no you said this yesterday. The subject icing get to yes it is subject said next we're going to start calling short people tall and I clicked on it. It was a story about Kmart. And they are now calling their plus size section fabulously sighs okay because he yeah but that oil and has brought about this look on New Year's. This is leagues including the. But but but but now I said the same thing and I've always said. And Liza said the same thing. Why at first I didn't know that. I didn't know if there are learn keyboards aren't here anymore but I didn't want Miami was killed when it was not a music there's one independence. But. Why why why are they in different sections wire women's clothes and energy that belong to him and satisfaction conversation should have ended a long time ago we've been having a good fifteen years not just gold you know small medium large. Whatever guys closed goes small medium large Axel double Axel triple XL. Yes there is technically a big installment stores somewhere. They exist I know. But the point is if you going to be any department store any retail store you can go from small all the way to like xxx I'll and it's all right there. Why do women have to have separate. Sections for their clothes. Just take a fabulously size the plus size whatever and just put teach with whatever. We don't stick it all together and put numbers on and then exit. On what that. A so called stop getting so worked up about it I. It's frustrating. Why does it frustrate us personally don't look I can't talk to reduce your garden furniture and that's but optional but I don't understand why that frustrated the what are you care what Kmart calls its women's clothing side as well and I'd keep you grew up and all of that but a and why would that even enter. In your mind. It's like. They're here like James Woods who just angry but you don't know why your anger about Natalie misdirected anger that's a good yeah. To a photo. I mean this is what we're doing a sudden the slow renewal would want us. Why because the plus size section is called fabulously sized your wallet that make you mad. I don't see why anyone would be mad. You. And laugh and laugh except for maybe they'll fabulously sized person who says. Why can't my clothes as being the same damn section as OK but even man while having a limited like on I'm not gonna shop there Brian that's fine. But. In all if people if you are shopping and a near fabulously size do you go in there. Then you shop and a section that's fine if you're petite you've never gone this action if your guy you're about to walk by it. So why would anyone get angry about it. Just he wrote into our culture. Wrote about that by the eroding of our goal measure that put them on Fisher. So can say different sized women don't Wear the same plunge. Does that mean I think I'm no idea they don't like the same things with the equipment but I'll maybe I don't understand and you know what I'm not a woman. I just fine do whatever you want you know it's fine like they don't like to think they're saying guys if we want a plaid shirt and put on all sides all the oil but. But a fabulously sized woman was where this assists name. You push shirts that a petite sideline I don't believe it. I feel like I don't see a certain set of clothes on different sized people. But and and maybe an assertion with personal attacks Einstein's. Maybe you could clarify. Maybe this shirts that say things on them. Maybe they like to say different things I don't know won't. It's still doesn't make any sense juicy it. Still doesn't make any sense. And guys are letting this personal attacks line ruin your brain sort of a a a who perished. Who cares. So if you're going through the size rack. You know a lot. Everything in medium in the guy's name is an end smalley there maybe because they didn't make a short and medium. Or maybe because of me because the medium she was already bought. But you can't go they don't. Have had the same exact thing in every size and any store in the world so if you went to look fabulous eyes and it was just at. And Iraq were all sizes are they would have won it as a and it and that's your villagers from. You don't have to take those and move them to the center of the storm put up swirling blue light on it but but but that's like Jesus. And the problem you don't have underlie the new terrorism the clothes are different and the Sox fans in both legs in. Order. As skinnier women tend to Wear more revealing clothes. Then they wouldn't really know the suicides part of doesn't matter what. Doesn't matter like what they do. You lost your goddamn brains like I blame the public school system like what is that all of you people how would any of this affect anything. You would go to the size you go to look and what's available there would be what's available for you if you didn't like what was available for you when your son should go to Georgia restore. Like. Bernard Loeb. Errors and they're not gonna selling tank tops. And triple XL okay right I disagree now it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Single stock is video because the problem. It doesn't matter. You're only going to lose to shop and besides we want fluke or what's in the other's eyes as you're not shopping there. She's as you've got a masters. You or Zain at the beginning of this debt. We will like the women's clothing to be like the men's clothing so you have a black teacher comes from the setup a God's. Hey Amanda let's go out there I did you go to Joba get the marshals right now we're not. Every shirt is available in both of our sizes and is that okay. Errors. But it shouldn't. I just read out of the block. I know it doesn't matter. The only yeah it's. And so one because I believe and why. Why don't is thought to have been out there in the same size like I don't understand. Is over but the bats ago. Doesn't make any sense to me what is best. That she's mash wow. Look ahead. A why all my name's Thomas signs is just put aside is there right. And the people will know what people of that size barn. That's our job. They may close. That. Yeah. But since you but I think. You're agreeing with the cars on the tax line. Pushy singer has ripped fabulously size section. So they have different types of clothes and now I get right that's lunacy. But that doesn't have to be a fabulously size section exactly. And you on the called fabulous size exact way. You just have different sizes and in those different sizes are different clothes but I saw that hard. That's. Speaking of fabulously size Padilla aren't hazardous to that like a giant beach section. Giant feet. Right now it's in and day and neck. Passerby. Unsure of all every Cheryl has to be available from eight children's story. To amend seventeen. Also for the world war just go to your size you pick from what's available. Speaking of fabulous this iced the those olive garden pasta passes go on sale on twenty hours there was sell out every year. Our box fears all along I. 2 PM tomorrow. I think eastern so 101 PM. Has only got. Tech signed who says what the argument why separate men's from children. 00. But I don't know dumb dumb maybe I don't know. Beyond that makes sense because I might wanna light up cars shirt and my style is something that and this is trying tennis is not available on it should be. It should be available and should prevail on that resides yes. Evan Thomas Thomas the train plastic shoes on available on every size then it's in our lives and I can happen I can't live in the world a pretty talking about it's the eroded of our society would you say earlier the erosion no you didn't say that as something but you get the point. Storm Dewey. From cracked we haven't talked to like two months and the arts and laughing he's gonna call it a few minutes numbers aren't girlfriend. None of them and he's gonna colors just to feel.