The Church of Lazlo - 09.13.17 - Headlines

Wednesday, September 13th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Belliard starts. Strike download them. No deal. How are you a great and we don't. Read this email it's so let's scooters and trying to get my card three years you. I guess she did. There are three years ago and the secretary lord knows it's. So I've put it back. So yeah. Yeah. A good job he assumes no man's. Got a lot of stuff done and produce. Am proud you. Think you know she's. Man you're awesome and. You know new lunch yeah. Relief well. That's awesome work. There's some good ones in the back on his back there on the desk in new ground. Yeah turn everything. Sinuses you guys should take more vacations but it saying no more my friend. Say no more. All right yeah. I'll just kind of got to minus I thought he had a strong pound scrap everything should do your headphones saw my fight strong tower right in front of was like oh no. And Elaine Jerry. Lined. Just that that's your first thought. The show must go on my friend. Show business. Not really. Someone dies in show business you just pushing a corner or Maria next person and and still allows low snow cone show. Do. Students. I didn't do. Alternatives including a little fish it's. President. Seven hours of music at NBC and Rick Taylor. They got lunches and explaining to me. I'm sure you Roma Florence. I. It's I'm divorced yes. And so as soon. Oh yeah. Oh man. I'm just here. She is divorced including. She's also divorced debit well yeah yeah yeah but she's divorced I was not tonight an event. Has its way out insanity thing as saying I'm divorced Jim I Don that's so boring 799. Snow. Is divorced three Durbin and then I'll his mom. Has been. Yeah and divorce has the war in your own people there. He has been divorced and you closed the Jews remarried and yeah just say she divorces his divorce is not a she danced around killings he's been twice when she she's been twice divorced twice yes. I don't know that you have a third down my sisters that was her first. Which is she's been divorced twice and winnowed yet. Here's unlucky in love gases. There I didn't say it. I didn't say unlucky in love or anything I choose somebody loves you as you guys in the long night finally under your knowledge has the evidence again. It's unlucky in love. Mean there's women all over us. Great world of ours begging for their husbands to pass away. And your mom finally found a brave men and any passed away would you say you bet I passover is a just and please. Why this is unreal to me. And why are you mad at me and this is how the conversation went. Actually I asked I'm divorced yes I'm divorced. So fast says so as snow cones mom and you jump in my ass and that's a and that's what I've missed it and that's that's a direct. That's exactly what happened now you have going on rob and shoot horses is not abortions when she is divorced she was my guess is that she is. Then divorced when she's good jazz and forced marriage and didn't win this then that passed away. I don't know if you call it of course. No I called love won Academy Awards Morse different the other ones were divorced. She's divorced. Today one you know. Today one. It's been reading today a look out here. And do. Something else we just do my credit card. The show must go on. Much has worked fine for YouTube does a lot of talk about nothing. Up. Do you think they did that on purpose. But it's news. All those outlets have talked about it. Do you think they knew that it only mattered if you're injecting lefty tells out because it wouldn't have been. As go to the story. No not as many people women like he started I mean we went to the one they had all the bullet points and nowhere didn't say. They your tickets for tickets to so we need to know the no just walk right in its scandal and everything is on. She brings us our body markings and everything goes on and usually around one detection. Please see our daughters sickness yeah he was nervous or. And buns. Only six nursing home residents died tax on so I hope today is today. Your options you laughter is a settled people yeah. Old people behind. You at least six nursing home resident Diane and I Hollywood Florida according to a statement by city officials they think it's as the power when. Please send car responded this morning regarding some patients that were critical need of care. Inaugurated a 115. Patients to all the memorial facilities. This time we have other patients incredible pair of running out of the building has been sealed off minutes. No investigation inside. The deaths may be due to lost the home's air conditioning after hurricane Irma struck Sunday. I've been a Hollywood power that there's not as glamorous as just think that's particularly polarizing Peres and now here's an area and London Ontario present and some room. And an. And we'll. What's one of Missouri. For sales. The conference and yeah yeah. It might spell presiding over sales. For sale should. Yeah there's also Mexico Missouri. Right. Pageants and IU student pageants when I was a kid. What's your sister homeless. June 3 once. And I. In this Missouri counties is just yeah I mean. And shoes at all. She doesn't know. Probably doesn't really love ten and that's right yeah. Sheila wash their room. All these girls and baggage of they didn't it was a section something soon. You know what I got a sales. I didn't know whether it's an extra. First second and announcing him as soon reliance on in business or just finish yeah. The questions that we have nothing to do it to you or your knowledge. I saw a couple of you have to open and here. Share one fun fact about others. I'm and it's all. Questions Laszlo I'm glad you guys should I stay mortar. And I love to serve yeah. Yes I know. You fans. Musician Kid Rock says he's exploring a run for senator majority. Or around so long ago. He delivered an army to political speech in Detroit. Which is in Michigan. He I was chastising everyone from Nazis and professional athletes to single moms. And deadbeat dads. But pulling up short of officially declaring his candidacy. As some had anticipated. Is a little bit of his speech I've. Do believe that these self evident. They while all are created equal. Us that it won't south stream and again. Why do. But neither is lunches I love red white and. Can run for senate. Has got some folks in disarray in a played a big Kid Rock. Other U. It's I mean. Indeed being. The best thing we all love this lacks. Created. If god oh man. I observable hurdles saying yeah. Also simple. Politicians make it to tip of the last Sunday reinstated to even think how do we reach out to your community just screamed I love my feeling. Oh yeah and nothing says I love black Dave Mulligan on counter to confederate flag behind him course. People love they apparently just whose parents has just done. Spin it was guy with a mollen amendment confederate flag behind him and a life bigger screen and I love black people. And all of my personal Michael and I via this I think you do yeah I think you do. Got my vote for president rock president Richie. Ooh now this this next story are you ready for this next story. Because I've been known to read this and then not being prepared for yeah. This is a national news story. I saw this morning and it turns out it happened right here about. Fifteen minutes after it can. Tell me more. This is just in pieces on the same man. That originally air on. Sox are all right. National coverage outside a bunch of wimps. Similarity. No I'm. Playing in the plaza this happen right the street here liberty. Liberty is very liberal user admin you name hears it's I was just there this weekend. Speeds as I did not see this however so I'm just gonna play this story. And if you need needed stopped at any point to ask questions I'll stop tour just under a minute. And made me feel how are people who live in the neighborhood near liberty plaza woke up to this sign. Advertising slaves forced sale hanging over confederate flag on Richard guys and miners home. Well actually it only when I. Anyway you enlighten a lot of wildlife won't want. One. Why it. Want that Juan. Why he has to sign up above is Iraq. As a slaves for sale. Slaves for sale I'm sorry let's. As a stone. That's him that's Richard. Okay he's a homeowner. Sorry Sokol is making me laugh each of you might picture of. Better red flag. And as far as slavery. Well. I'm glad to update justice though but as lay out. Guys and Skinner says the sign as a reaction to being treated like a racist because he flies to confederate flag in front of his home and he says she's not a racist if I at least Alex why it's. I've had its outlet my grandchildren but put it designed to make any political statements at our paper I'll. Tired tired. That cover I doubt they'll watch it do that what that night. A yeah. I don't understand what I'm listening to it. Did he say if you wanted to really sell slaves you'd have to cells grandchild. He has done according extraneous. One grandchild is mixed race. Hands he was tired of people assuming he was a racist yeah. Because of the confederate flag so then to defeat that notion and he put a sign up that sends slaves herself. Yeah. So big Brazilian drove by you and then things. Clearly is being sarcastic. So people live in the name god. So all signs slaves or Salem. Hanging over his confederate battle flag. He says the sign as a reaction to being treated like a racist because he flies the flag in front of his own quote if people actually believe that it confederate flag stands for slavery well. I might as well be just as stupid as they are. Non. And yeah see his mixed race grandchildren. He says he finds the confederate battle flag to make a political statement Buddhist or people who are tired of the government telling them what to do and what to think. That is what a southern rebel and its. Soon as neighbors. See that play well it's rare that you wouldn't you know like a southern revolution and who says yeah. I don't want people tell me what to do. I mean unless of course until black people what to do and if they don't do it tonight tell us. I mean it's. Not over think it. This guy's name. Richard. Guys crying kid rock and Richard guys it's the president. And I mean mu. It's. You are outstanding and I love. Makes you. It's not. See those things of that commercial. Plus every morning okay. Nine sooners like once Daily Beast. Regular work. Try again it dumb. Smoking is low on the totem pole they usually can fix medically but. Can we not come up with a better idea than not just punch all American Ammann. I can't sound any better. I mean I know Jay Howard hasn't gone I was a little kid. The Luby's cafeteria I remember hearing someone in the distance you know. And are staying apps like mom what the hell there's a robot you know yeah. Stone rulers are always knocks. Well yeah smokes and so they did surgery on her senate vote to Christians and locks. Goodness Julian honest to goodness I can't understand anything seed and it sounds exactly the same now. Thirty years later. Well this is Clinton's tax funds is that guy lives two doors down from me and I know him. I laugh every time I see it he is a good dude yeah. Yeah OK yeah he's a lot of things he's not a good general. They could do love that during the love that dude trying to sell slaves in the garage while landing. Don't be in the you have to be originating in songs Lance. So they give you free Canadians think the confederate flag. There's racism and you believe that you've I believe its own slaves. They're only heard. I was when you hear rumors and made me feel. Hurts people who live in the neighborhood near liberty plaza woke up to this sign. Advertising slaves for sale hanging over confederate flag on Richard guys and miners home. They tell legs legal aid that get better red flag. First slavery. Well. I've I had to update justices though what is lay out. Guys and Tyner says the sign as a reaction to being treated like a racist because he flies confederate flag in front of his home. He says she's not a racist if I. These Alex why it's iPad itself where my grandchildren but put up to sign into making political statements edit. Our state I'll. And Eric tired I think copper mine gallop them what they do that what that thanked. You're right line is that's. Still. The answer it seems you know Adobe now has this software where they can take like forty minutes someone's. Speech. Did you get forty minutes of audio a speech. You can type in words they never sent it can reproduce it almost flawlessly right. Why can't we have something new and only now. Let's sing. Either right. He had like you know that kind of really early version of downward. The voice box replicated his voice. We came up with something. Maybe there is is really expensive. Rationalizing. Fascinating guys yeah. You know I'm glad I strangled when I hear this. Sorry. Blog news. And we. People. By the way it's not that funny that a Kid Rock. Says he's gonna be president timing. Slim at this point will be. President he runs. We can't laugh about and I know I mean I'm laughing his tee shot anybody. We. You know Michigan is an important stage terrier okay I'll carry that right yeah. He's got all the so well in those areas and let the wrong thing.