The Church of Lazlo - 09.19.17 - Slimfast and Snowcone

Tuesday, September 19th


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Mario I'm good they're not done this talk about your body. Wash your I can tell you're. No rural aggressive. Us I'm just I'm irritable and easily annoyed at them. I feel you want to punch re several times today now he and analysts. She know prone came down. Earlier. Somatic hammer earlier or became known as I can't stand that have been pricked. And I said who when he goes slim fast he's such an ass hole and I was like well why it is like artist. Pete Canada as said where's my phone and I saw an earlier phone is and he said. Do I follow you pitch and I was like. Earlier bozos like god you tour like an old women and what's wrong and you. I totally hear anymore. Like two kids. Well to separate you know. When you said don't yell at me told an idea alum. And I was trying to tech storm we wouldn't respond. In my in my backyard. First of all. The bureau in charge. Oh and Amendola knows war. You and I went down to smoke earlier today there we came back upstairs policy arguments partner of the hijacked my. Studio and there. So I just took my stuff went to another room nothing works in any other rooms he's that Putin just go to peripherals like don't know. Don't worry about so I go to the other room Hampshire because I know I've been here to bullet toward the beginning you started on go to the room. I'm thinking like don't. Don't be Dick right so I go to the room sat working to another room now working. I finally given up big room at the top of the stairs there since sit in there I'd been there for. Maybe a minute before peoples are walking in there. Hey. They they wave at two under par is and what can recommend that are there and share content and keep my I'm on this new medication that feels like I'm gonna. I feel like I'm gonna. Explode jump through a window gas sludge as much. You run out of the building and and get your car and drive and time when I first our digital ID pro I was like man Ahmed John Hart out of cigarettes and just drive to California couldn't get out of my body and I might amount. I turn up my phone earlier today. So I would never borrow that kept happening. That was wrote I'm sorry especially human and donuts I'm I appreciate you wouldn't know. So. Then I had filled a prescription at the pharmacy and then they said all the B Radio One 45 so then Michael Mike and I turns out we don't have that. Soul. Let's Nobel. Bold we'll get it might have a tonight Bethlehem tomorrow start a guy who aren't that's fine c'mon read you got this who cares senator Obama's and no big deal it was fun. What are the odds he needed tonight anyway. So. And I decided. I'm gonna go outside I wish I should go outside should just go outside. I walk that's my car to get. Some water from my car about a case of water back there right. And it's a comic I'm real thirsty to. Second craving things I don't know what it is shared so then I come back inside and I can't find my phone. So I'm in the back room there that backed off this fact ruby's a closed door. Nor another home comes in says and so. I can't find a phone. Come back in here. Joseph. So that's not on May be snow cones at the phony does kind of only because last time is left is email open and or is ready to count open I am. Taking things pitch let's just say and he said boots group and leave you milk so I know a bit like that truce that we had zones. So I go back in the other room and I do defined by phone thing right on my phone. Well. Surprise surprise it says it's here. In shows like the dock. Michael I know it's here in the build and I guess it wasn't they got to make a noise emission knowing your rights my right make a noise. Well there's no noise in there so I'm like if I start walking around to our big end under the Norris. I walked back into that studio are is that no noise I'm also I'm convinced at this point that patent the front desk is incidentally someone's phone is be being you know some references between. So when she's not while got I think let's say some don't want thought that it is correct that's just what I need is for someone to steal my focus should still why would they turn it. Paternity leave it a girl's restroom or something but. Otherwise it just a staunch or someone's taken. So that I think no I don't know tokens probably got it. Here lasso probably haven't. Walk back down the hall will. Open the door ass note on pay BC my phone. Oh yeah senior found a CIA Norway says what do. You say because yeah like restore our senior found that I've senior Obama. What does that we're well nods and ABC my phone. I said have you seen my found. And then he goes he doesn't answer get some sort of it employment he does have my phone's. You can imagine that I would believe that if Larry I think it one have you fassel's is Heidi my phone why they are I don't know Lhasa in Washington. I'm always underside. Block. Why would you think what first of why would you put me and him in the same astle category well and second why would I ever take your phone. Let me ask does have I ever taken your phone in my life no I don't ever found any thing of yours in my personal area and I thought it was him but I don't there's a chance that you're doing the case series. So me the last tax related to a sparkles on that times CB and I don't know what my eight security thing is a month I have no idea. It's local want to only be seen of my phone or not he's given me something about oh yeah I know oh yes sure you're missing your found that sways your us army. Does that do you know happened bonus or not. Why are you screened on the phone and then he walks out as a street. And he walks out of studio let it comes downstairs and he says I hate that I think track. Dancers does always I'm thinking. All along as a dominating anything on you came down he said arms tired of that I think prick. He's so like I'm tired of them or I made them. It. Young moon. I don't know all night you know exactly what you said because you're so angry. Since her extra and it certainly are so it's a it stop it. I actually felt bad. Well I was so mad I was like always I had but I know he said he wanted to punch junior finished product idea I young. Wait that's exactly what happened you set out a bug him in his face us. Man I wish I could remember exactly what he said because I'm not trying to make lemonade and it was about how you are laughing prick and sometimes you once upon junior finished. Okay tell exactly so he came down. Well first I said who. Because I don't know we are talking about. You said that. That you tried to text him. And he wouldn't respond to your tax but did he tell you this already they take this part because I was feeling bad he's so they texted you. And you wouldn't respond to his tax. And so. He was just waiting there for you to text them back. And that you never text them back. And that Hollywood have to do is text you back and say yes or no. But you refused to do so and then you came in and started asking where your phone was and then start yelling at him. And then he want to punch during your stupid face. Moussa. Yes but he didn't have his own test them out today and even on his phone. OK I understand that now. But you can't get mad at someone if you touch them they don't text you back so. Maybe didn't have his phone which in this case he didn't so I'm sitting there waiting a money doesn't have his phone I understand that. But I'm sitting there waiting but he doesn't have his own. I understand that. I'm sitting there waiting money doesn't Amazon Dixon and there's no response he always had this phone this is the weather's suddenly doesn't until it's actually your very mad at him for something that really can't remember it doesn't have a phone Wi-Fi isn't as well okay that's fine and I understand now. But he is he says that's not how you're acted when he came and answers from. I don't understand what he was saying I keep in mind I'm thinking he has my phone so when he starts sweet and whip I don't know what you said something about oh yeah a guy your phone. When you walked in your complete where all us and he I feel like he walked in and say I say where's my own and then you were like all. Good you don't have your opponent that you're you've been raiding. For five to ten minutes for him to text you back. If you think he's playing some sort of game revealed I think and you contacting you back you guys have got this all wrong but doesn't matter what I say exhorted undermine my husband now I. I feel like I'm. I'm sorry I'm manner so honest recollection is that I opened the door and I always answer a phone rights and I am freaked out can I feel like you want you to takes about these things you're ignoring him and he which I don't. I think he's got the phone and that's why he's saying do you feel like I got to ground. I had to bond got try to attach usually get a might that texting are right I realize that doesn't just miscommunication. Bounced back. At 736 let. I said no that's the first thing. And then you keep going and I'm like oh yeah they're sorry like your analysts like because we're trying to sell me on this I lost my fault it was something they accuses riders have been. Cellular true love making it. It's pulled them right you felt at a time use making it up. Let the first thing that when he walks in and says have you seen in my closet no I haven't seen your phone by I think the person you said was oh yes. You had a senior vote that I feel like at that point I think everybody listening senator. When at least agree to the fact that you think he's ignoring you. So when he comes in and say hey where's my own way you have any preconceived notion. That he's been ignoring you for which leads to an irritable answer and response from you yes it is but the first thing I still said before that was no I don't divers found no dot dot dot sure your movements in your funk. What's okay. I'm gonna agree review on the go and say the first thing you said was no. I know how do you follow that up it's I'm asking though you're hot you find out how I just ask you if I said you said no. Come on watch. No. What I said no writer phonies and where is it can't find that anywhere and what you senseless like OK I'm sure you lost your phone which all right so now you're being condescending prick. I'll tell us alt on how you're going to pray I would almost down to get deal. Now you say here helping out hey you know what you know to thought police guy so. You say at any condescending manner. Because you think he's lying to you and he just didn't want to respond to you via text right uncertain back over fifteen minutes mark waiting for someone like a third of us. So I confess I've worked on this for our I just think you come to now I will say that I find it fascinating that you text them. He doesn't text you back so you just sit mat room know that we're looking okay I gonna say I won't just son I've been sitting here weddings that anything he wants an internal fight within minutes and I went and looked. And the back office what it was and back office. That's why I went. Lottery officials or worst month and is Al. All right for when ended his. Office what are you gonna call this room because I was trying to find my phone I've logged on to find my iPhone. Tara how long grade dance I went another room. I didn't see I want the back excelling on the Souza is office on you hang out there sometimes. When there. I came back up you know as well so I was probably walk around looking for my phone. So but he was angry because he's thought you're ignoring him. I felt bad when he walked away because as soon as I sort of walking a plea for nine slopes that I'm freaking out about the folks I'm convinced now that it's. Don't I'm sure. I'm convinced myself of that but I also have this third act in the unit decked. Since the start this medication right I mean everything is making me angry with him I. That was so stupid a few I don't know why just screamed. He probably doesn't have my phone. I'm sure. Find it right like him I just she just say. When he comes back up he went to smoke we come back up a Marty thank you Michael to Sam sorry. Snapping into it period that plane on magic as I am sorry if freaked out by at the plate and on the phone. So that I find the phone in the bathroom. Where you left and a toilet on the paper roll and cut and the message this way you form he says. At the very least she could text sorry I'm busy right now or something it takes two seconds although I got married in. A oh my god. Do you know how fat we put and he didn't have this follow him. If he's dead body did an okay what was because before that on an act of where it was come here please okay no before that because I'm younger messages that last night. Asking a question you'd never responded like you never do if but what you said at 1:30 in the morning last night well yeah that was I don't know respondents. Like I said that super way though I know I see your text and then I didn't respond when you respond back that in Seattle as more and I admit that that's fine but I wasn't. On occasion. It's all the time you'll say something all respond maybe ask question back in the never respond with so it's now thrown its broken hearted. So that I saw that and then I get irrationally angry about that lake at the very least you could say so I don't know what you might why I. How does a little while playing in absolutely delightful way Olusegun that is you know I'd lose nothing ominous and it's gonna guarantee and I'm. I'm like yours and they'll appear so impartial I have imposed listen to me I just listening. Do you not think. Page text then no response then another taxed saying at least you could respond. Is a little clinging. Sure okay that's all asking like it's like okay. At the same time you don't have to tell us that thing for an hour from and I just you can text me. You know I am I'm in my office his and I did that. Then the conversation be. Why you bother me why do you always told me not to text do you say that time and time again thank you came and got me in played me what you're doing and again in my opinion on. I had to run. And then I say like yeah Victor no model is only regular look. I'm just a minute wasn't doing the boy is he was a huge perk. I always a critic I did yell at them not all right now we're gonna get to that now why but I'm just saying hey man. Work on the clay in us. You can do that right okay. Dumb all the least you can do is text me back thing sounds a lot like a gay lover who may lose his cool right like nobody like you I feel like. Those tax lead me to believe if the cops come to me and say. Hey some fastest men saying we got booty of being dead and unrelenting. And I would check for us didn't suit in snow cones. The office that well first since our match so I have a question. Just respond to it physique didn't have his phone at times he. Hey yeah you're both ends and a doctor I love men with rob Manning yeah. I know you have no idea yellow all right here we go well I yelled at him unless you're you handle this why did you know I'm. Because I was convinced he had the phone but why are you convinced we had a slow and your song because of his reaction. I didn't understand what his reaction was if you if you went there with the mindset that there's a possibility. That. He may have to talk some think you the most likely players or elected is that studio which is where exact. Right so what if is. You've already got that your mind EC whereas vice then he starts and with oh yeah your phone is missing the ball a lot and I'm thinking he's mad at me still about the email thing in the read this thing because he says he owes me Erica. So I'm thinking. If you're paying attention. Earlier this week or last original goal left is email open an Israeli Calvin and some fast posted an emailed me and I know sends an email to its armies on their open it's fair game the OK that's fair so I figured that's read on the phone like I might damage. The phone in there and now we see in a series. Whatever but you have leaving most fundamental elect. Say one thing. As you asked earlier when he said I thought maybe you still use Everest on your phone. The most leverage on your phone or never left it who Leino I'm usually OK pretty good about where they are and there was no right yes OK because I did appoint. I agree but you have to remember that it's feels like we're kind of at a little off his war here a little fun. Well if you leave your email open again nor year I social media and so I didn't you started on one note at a little are absolutely but. So which is why I'm thinking as I walked away you know what you did have a phone. It's fair that's an unfair reaction because I streams. And I was angry at myself or screaming then when I found opponents all the tax. The guy I want and I got angry so what did you learn. Nothing is no one was around so I just cooled off. I was angry for awhile now is like you know I was doing the whole question of why does about the text he backed out. And then. I kind of what did you catch him at 1:30 in the morning. But we were talking about earlier about the Creighton. They know little about the Graham about drinking grapefruit juice live and now there's just happens to expose appeared a gallon of grapefruit juice it. And he said mom allies around gunners had downgrades mergers Irene cunanan's as you have great interest out and get some and I didn't respond to. Because I will say I text you from bad. Texting you and as a profound. Which I do a lot I will admit I do a lot and snow cone I should ideally you today I thought you had my phone and I got angry. What doesn't matter and I I know it's science skews but I do blame the medication because I've been extremely durable. OK so. You. Need to take some deep breasts. Cause in calm down okay. Noon. Don't need to yell at people. Okay and in you don't need to assume. That people will store your things. Especially since you've already told me and you forgot to put the dog back in the house you've forgotten to close the top of the laundry right. You forgot to turn on the dryer view is forgot all these things right. If you were to think about that com lane you'd probably think my phone is on the dogged him drive or ride like guys that have been very forgetful I knew that it was that I've lost it because I'm real well you're gonna marry mailing in your four years you're sitting on your young is no accompaniment or stolen I took advantage of my. Forget some Eshleman right. But. Clause. In say okay. Have I exhausted all my options. Before you yell at him. Kind. You can you can do you know my engineer. You need to stop acting. Like a scorned woman. You can't text him and say the least you can do is touch him back that's not how guys. Dudes and Amanda well. Adult men and women women and relationships can act like that generally between two guys you know I can text someone and them not respond. I never taxed them again. The least you can do is text me back like I am. Waiting by my phone for that man to answer my question sesame because I love them my. I don't wanna online and I had to hang on. Added I wanna do that. Hey. The shot bit disappointed shot it. Shot it being shot and it. He doesn't love you. You are not in love you are not love birds. Your friends. He doesn't love you. You need to quit telling him you love him because he acts like you love them. Do you understand that you'd say no words I love you. And he acts like. A warm and it who is halo. Now when I say I love you too you. Which I will. Ryan if you have a bad there's some demand weakened to the fist pumping a million be all right man alone you ride home we do that and I do love you. But not in a way that would make me. Overtaxed you or drive your house in the morning to make sure you're okay. Mean that's not gonna happen. What. Right. What are you laughing about Iowa. You ought to be better Tommy what are you looking at a phone for. Among the the clintons for the grain producing. And has some German or somebody's house is what's going on here. Well no but I would like to think that if I didn't come into work one of your driver or my house. Leased by the third or fourth time. If an owner for me. Not. No word if something bad happened here drove from Gonzales. And I'm not roll over your house. But whereas in one what does she and I are both. Then she heard someone would find you ready going to be really walked off and why. Can't do you think someone asked me hey if you had a heart attack or oh indeed. And and didn't going to work. Who would find you you guys are beyond my shortlist. Of people are expect to come look inform me I've come looking for you. OK first off take me off your short list. Second off you don't come more from forming. And you. Need to quit. Leaving him on this that. They can do that. This hole I love him thing clearly he can't handle. Got it. And every time you pull away. And then tell me love him again and then pull away. He loves you more. Because. He's the first man I've known as severe daddy issues. I'm sure there's other out there but he uses you as a father figure. And older brother and examples someone to lean on and so when he tax you and you do not touched him back. It's more than just two guys in ones like manner and takes you back because. My girlfriend version was aside and as such and so I'd. Contention backside around that. Doesn't work like that we've YouTube because you do have gotten into some sort of weird cowboy gay relationship. That's a very difficult. To try to understand. But you. So fast look at me yeah. You are going to have to who set up some boundaries. And stick to those boundaries. Do you understand that. And snow cone. He's not your brother. He's not your dad and he's not your lover. If he doesn't text you back it's okay all right. He'll be having a problem anymore. Winehouse stuff it I apologized. Right and I apologized. It was an appropriate. I overreacted. I'm sorry. I did overreact. There won't. Did you overreaction come. Region. My. That's tax on so it online as well you're drunk you are the SES friend Howell mine SE frontier. What made me a bad friend on the edge probably the artery wouldn't come looking for dead bodies. I'm saying. Someone else would find that. Maybe not. Think about it hate so gone I'm not as seen on you I'm in the same position. If you. Didn't get out of bed tomorrow. And your roommate came to work he didn't think anything of it who's gonna notice. That you're not up and about living your normal day. Who'd be the first people to notice. That's something is amiss. You're on I want you and I mean I guess that there's a means there's like no one knows he would notice every us can be Gerald. Well I don't know that they should like them. It's okay to a. You don't have to double down you don't wanna hurt my feelings it's okay. During the medal in doubles Donna Susan randomly I'd done that it's okay you're right I wouldn't notice I'm in Canada about. Miller has been some times where as a settler snooker on not that I care. Any time you ask me. Clarifies. Not that I chair the blood it just by chance. This is a porch. Before he always makes that very clear. So I do what you say. But I would die I would. China marine living from it. And checked and you judge seven and it takes you back in your memories that's the thing I'm worried about now departed died there just be this huge tax change from stroke on. Tennis is really ridiculous you know what I'm done with you this is I don't look to him and ignited our resume like this and I are gonna fine. They're gonna look at my phone you're trapped under a bookshelf I was in its relationship supposedly just outside your grass and. And every and his breaking up what your numbers 48 there is really important is all you can do is read it and like I used to love you I don't know. Like I just took over. But I suppose. I'll never respond your tax ever again I'm never touching him. As a matter of fact I quit. I can't see your face anymore. And I'm afraid that can go on for hours. Possibly the day or two. Fareed thinks to come look larger drawn from years she also ensure you're dead. Oh right now you're. Bob. How do you think you could look at a well texted to my many merely a million students or children. He's dead as it doesn't matter you know you overdose I do know it. I didn't know it and that's one thing there's really make. And I still live that's layover Zelaya and are you guys okay never got that guy. I'm sorry. And I say you're sorry back or back. Don't be a Dick about it made heartfelt. Sorry it's on. Santo. And that you know. Again just like to say. While it's probably not fair I'd like to blame a little bit her on the medication just. It is a dishonest self lately. Guys don't worry. And I'll get back comes from slack is and so new medication. I understand that I've been without medication for about a week now some kind of down in the dumps is well not. No need sympathy but. Miser always quid pro quo with the men don't always stood for tax.