The Church of Lazlo - 10.10.17 - Making Friends

Tuesday, October 10th


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All right and how are you and Jerry you. So dogmatic you know I know. Is he so therefore is mad at me literally just talking about. Europe sap without being Europe's that would mean I was Madonna built upon his and so you but then I understand lion thing it's a seven mile so if you I don't think yeah I have a good reason so many. He has also made because he came on he went small to the national smoke. And I came down angels walked out as an it was a very walked away not so I mean. Okay. That's not how it ever happens is that absurd you know. No but I was just obvious. These soon I'm saying is obviously Europe's that was me which I'm finally got on a promise. You are making it known he was on hand through May let it be no limit when I didn't even know it was happening not happy. But the smoky mountain conversation. But he had a hand to but you I don't image you while you bowl rob sexual assault I don't wanna talk about I said. But why go all legal battle alive so adamant on not. Have a compelling and Arizona aren't. I mean I was in the dark I know you guys are adamant just I don't know I don't know I said. Drew you like my daughter to learn today what it was a very haven't got one thing you're kind of sad almost no I don't talk about I couldn't have done good. Now notice and you know like I didn't bring up a lot of things and a good run up to Vermont. I told you guys a colossal. I say Lou mongering out. Let. Mommy about me. There's things I don't wanna talk about. You would literally just talking about it. I said what would you do if you knocked on the door came minutes army doing that and you said we've talked about that. We have now about you put your radar Spiegel magazine and her friend would probably talk a million times now. The pro guitar you've got to Penn hills section the other penny section nice guys are both you know sly Stallone man. Before I guess we don't talk about a million times yeah 01 thing I can't talk about and then we'll be able to soon. I don't like that. Why is that implying that he won't be able to all your saying you can't talk about submitting your life or one thing there's one thing in my life and I thought that's what you're referring to but I can't talk about and I've shown you. Pictures recent area and said look at this enjoy it but it's for your eyes only right. And there is this person here with feelings and it and and I cannot. I can't I'm telling ya business and has not been done nothing I can tuchman has nothing into me right neither does mine so much of that summoned to a man and you know. As it was up to me. Piracy you know limited of course even accidentally. If even if you go black. The something terrible has happened to me the score I'm Rhonda Glenn Tom. Take. Talk about my dad find my grandma had done excellent toyotas of the mayor because she fell off. Talk about my dad's phone number and is being crap in his own pants. Nothing like me Democrats these for the first and that's and you know that's a you've become an adult. When your dad becomes incontinence you know become a man. Well. You know. And I hope in that off of toilet helping your dad it's. Land. It's held the thing. Some in elementary notre tournament and realize you don't Troy and if you're lucky to go through my guess is it's funny guy sure iRows probably say you know I'm never got to see my dad Grohl whenever I see my dad you're right you know whatever. So but you see the movies. I remember that Ted did embryos will be put in the movies they glorify Ellen a little bit more it's not just let me say when you're helping your dad and he's very sick and all. It's not. Tet the Ted Danson you know I never took my dad out of the hospital picked him up out of his bed insert to carry him home while people are saying. All I can talk while my hatred and division I action item from and a. Anyway. Oriented I'm Obama how are you supposed to get to know I mean it's I don't tell you everything about me. Imus is rich. Secret actually I'm in left. You know the one that I can't talk about that's it. Right and that's under her out meet us as an asset I won't talk about is one thing that's not about me or someone else. OK I saw this thing that says the only secrecy around. Wing. On the minds recruits. Early on. That's exactly what some with a lot of secrets would say it. I had one and so does force you talked about earlier so unfortunate talk about it I sent you mentioned something to me it did and it and it sounds like. Something serious do you care to bring an up and you said. Yeah I wanna get this up my dress yeah. Doesn't bother me for a long time and learn about them by feel about Iran you know and you set I actually feel better now. I'm sure you deal with the equipment that so I solve it unless there was some study that it talked about is from Harvard's you know Harvard those kids are Smart of Fallujah. They were doing the secret to happiness I love stuff like that on only do a study fear what the secret to happiness is all on the legal right down by digests the lady who had. 20000 OxyContin is actually sent to our house is too good place to start she might have been happy no maybe not. Let's figure out with a Harvard people saying well they didn't test that theory that's probably doesn't lead to happiness is news to addiction and that's gone now. World got a dime in the CNN analyst. There's two keys to patients. And drug addiction is not one of them you know I would think none. Don't sweat the small stuff out. The tracks are things stress you out they don't matter it settled singles at the small stuff and it's all small stuff from thanks GL but that's true man. That is absolutely true it's true but it's really hard did. Seed out when you're in the midst of a personal crisis I'm fine but look you. All right I'm not saying I'm happy where would you agree that I sweat a lot less of the small saw some old people do. That's stuff does not Biden's final and I don't like that's okay man it's fine. That's what I'm not gonna get upset about that the way you guys spin out of control about emails and things like I'm like man how do you live a life and happiness. We don't act right when that freak you out. I can't live the world aware of that stuff freaks me out because there's bigger stuff to different Ottawa. They say you have to learn how to put things into perspective realize what's important and what's not. People who were able to do this tend to be happier they realize like the shortly focus on good things they don't let bad things in their life sure is not too much. Some bad things will happen so you have to beat resigns and does the second key to happiness. This is tough this'll too close to home don't allow yourself to become too isolated. They have found in the study a strong connection between how happy people are. And how much they socialize. How close they stay with friends with family how much they talked to their friends and family. It doesn't say that you have to stay in touch with every one now. But being isolated is not go what do socialism makes you miserable. While they Sapient being isolated is a good but neither is spending too much time to people who are toxic or negatives he had to figure out in our room if your eye and I'm bound negative. But you're not supposed to license to be isolated. Problem is as you get older especially if your guy. Com. Your friends you know researcher girl part you do different things you lead different lives you to print journalists must and then. It becomes harder and harder to make friends and to actually about. I told you write about what happening with the deck repressed my phone number oh collate the cape and out. I actually had a guy who. I won't go into details because that owners say who he is but I sort of know him and we ran into each other like web net we've met before who kind. And does it live here in this area is she okay in this year and the guys from all vacationing at today again not much soccer I have all going to deeds. Details spotlight not together not together all got to do we have run into each other small world right so that's why you strike up a conversation because look how are you doing here. We'll tell you doing here but he asked for my phone number my. I think we should hang out some time and he's my pride my age mid thirties shirts like hey you know we should hang out sometime golf. Get a drink go to dinner Sharpton let's hang out. That's still came. The retirement. And so weird number on his phone it's and he goes you know save it longer sure detect some time but. As a marginal and thinking man as we that he. It's kind of weird that he ass from my phone number almost like to go on on a date you are asking well at it right but there are age how else do you. Make new friends especially guys camp. And and we're not joining now we're not going out joining. You know I don't know. In door. Trying to trampoline gymnastics career historic. I hang gliding groups or extreme. Anything groups were not those kind of guys at three of us love we become more more isolated as we get older here we see anyone it's probably it's. One of us one of the three of us pay like Laura watched the Mayweather fight which happens once every other friends outside of us and so we'll do we do but I'm just saying. I spend more and more time than the amount of time that I spend. Away from friends in my home. I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend. Right but the amount of time that I spend a what I just don't that I go in between seeing my friends my friends stopped by my house blow last week my childhood friend. As said I was in the neighborhood and I literally didn't know if you would be at work yet and I have not seen you or hurts me so long but I thought I would stop by your house just to see. If you're still alive I thought the effort. But the couple. He lives a kind of a kind of a long way in 45 minutes away at some point that we lead very different lives. What you do how do you make new friends. I guess you go up to people and ask for their phone numbers you. You can't I think this situation. You make for you make friends like soccer or feel like I did is it I like a lot of those guys joined some sort of group Nelson makes it easier was kids like I feel like. Even if my kids aren't necessarily froze when their kids like some of the guys are like Baghdad and you know that makes sense. Don't know really young kids kind of pick who your friends are because altogether but now. You look. Those guys are my kids produced or the whatever protection and Armstrong. I like him. And makes sense. Our kids some a little leagues. None of that stuff. So. Just maybe you weren't some I was senator Bruno my guy real estate guy I talked to him trying to nail him and I can. Nomadic Ireland's in my neighborhood soccer Mike right. Yeah Mikey meant to soccer will affect the soccer thing was good for you you met some people from doing that. That's what I'm saying though I don't do anything like that. I'm not a lot of luck polish guy. And let's say coming out and say I don't know if you got a Barney meet. Haven't meet some god I don't really know whose caddie program saying it complete stranger. You meet this person at a bar you talk music politics whatever it is you get along. You'd wanna hang out again and how do you. Following you telling him freeze you run into someone you think. I like this personnel to be friends and others I have no idea is no I'm glad it happened several times where it's like you can't I girlfriend introduces me to her friends Weber is something that's and you're like wow man. The skies phony or wherever like talking this guy but this there's no way there's a comfortable way to say. And we should we should go. So it's typically an earlier girlfriends front. It is a mutual for the senate can't do that anyway besides it's our daily revamping ride so it just kind of screwed. If you do something wrong that he's got I hate you or he does something wrong and you got a him. If friends coming down adjusts you know you gotta figure that out on your own and it's excellent that would meet up the outcome of the problem is I'm not going to be from someone who goes to meet up dot com. I don't know I've I don't got a friend who met him. Mike is I don't know his best friend the sprint and he spends the most time with was he just back to Kansas City and went on Craig's list. Did like casual encounters something which I thought was for whom you know that's not true I thought that was for sacks he's lying know no no this guy did he met but I will say this guy comes Arnold's time. Is there an English accent right. Talks about where he's from an England all the stuff and other friends for a long time. Not really coming on iTunes and that's being so yeah we're a little weird but they get along splendidly. Bet they hung out a lot. But he did turn out to be taken up. All British thing. Well which is what you expect against Simpson with the union had quite dangerous it was but act nice guy just insecure may be used that I don't know maybe he's on a spectrum or something they use that as a but they've really got along well I I couldn't believe they met. I was under are any media guide and airmen before complete stranger and you get along with and greater relative toll hang out this guy and how do you go about doing that. There's no way to do it. Want to know mutual friends you just met this guy he said at a bar alone you talked to him and talk and sports are so wonderful borrowers whatever it is yeah. He lives here like you could hang. I think you know they're trying to find what that normalcy that would that common denominator as other due to fraudulent like. I'm dishonest on hasn't happened let's say I was at a bar watching the Michigan game Mariah and more votes just from Michigan I may be. Because I've moved around so much in my life I led that point say hey man. Now I don't really have an in Michigan football fans you come here watch the game ever used every Saturday. And of that person's like Demi in my body is philatelic arm and I'll just show the next Saturday. These are saying thanks and could be don't find that common thing if it was a regular thing that you could do I guess I'm thinking alike. Friday Saturday night here they pairings are Bosnia's underneath I don't think that's ever gonna happen. So I have to be like a normal thing light of the bam bam into a bar to watch the razorbacks. And I have to be two guys watching and they got along nothing to can be like head. You've got mail and then it starts from there you decide whether you like him enough. But there's no common denominator at that moment other than. We like the same news there we can agree on politics wherever it is. I don't know exactly what you would do many Intel Lazio again if you did have that much in common you learn to Manila to announce up. That's very. We you have to ask wanna bombings aren't just you know trying to find ups if you're single and looking for friends. Was Smart enough to find a girlfriend I keep trying to be friends with Neil Smith. Here once a week ago so I keep talking to home and last week he was here. I Alfred Cox. Know from cookies you what did you say to any spot. On man because they keep him on and he asked me out then. 'cause I know he's got to rethink your wife. But it is guys keep up with a book about measure going to be annoyed. Yeah. That's true they'll be afraid of like you think you're like man maybe at some point if I run this guy enough times and he thinks of me he doesn't know we do down here. All he egos so Neil Smith Portuguese player he's on the sports station at least once a week. Any so he's in the building at least once a week. And back as against sports. Legend hero my rights are seen Minnesota so get really excited sold lately. I've been trying to like talk tomb and today black. It. It really doesn't occur there but I'm sure there's like no not accepted. But thank you and I even a similar bumps are not turning Tehran not wall between his and in his mind. Do you remember originally scheduled like Lee and any time any free Delhi on your reader girlfriend right yeah sure I do in I don't know what shall gone doesn't what are you doing a freeze on. Nothing facetime is grow at a home. Pretends that she's on the couch tonight panel next film. It's not okay. You've worked don't you thought you were betting on a mostly due post writes until midnight. That we fear it would be awesome though if you guys text means of what are you doing tonight Garcia is and I kneels ovaries and who the hell's Neil. Neil from the middle none unarmed and yeah he's a new idea really don't hills I think Neil our boys Daniel none none none are no different Neil. Cool that's both meals Annan Neil Smith took a look at the he's at your house yeah offered you cookies were in court to aqueduct now our friends fall wiley go out tonight MM. With Neil. Lola inaudible actually you texture probably blown texture will be able to order something. And go to my girlfriend's house for dinner tonight I am right here. I do work. Out a half 2000. Text your first. So you can't. Not a camp. Well Don. Moves and. That doesn't mean they're becoming isolated the second ruled her happiness is had to become isolated at least I'm hanging out was someone going over my girlfriend's house and not that's not isolated it's just you know. But not your balls are Iceland and we've IRS. Suppose. But it. I'm looking forward to it. She's cooking. So we can touch butts. Was I mean I don't know. She grows. She says I was excited about coming over I said yup. Yes we're gonna touch thoughts and I said sure. Like the blood shall torture you'll touch on social to a German don't know. That was a touched him. I'm looking forward to that. Art she do you think. To think. You'll wanna be friends with me to think he had a lot of difference. Continuously from the new. But if he doesn't know. You know like if he doesn't know how much money we make and things like that. He might. Be able to think of us this. Kind of equals and some movement. Which. You might think the model we win you're supposed to go out once a week when our girlfriends you never know what. Tax limit on the tennis closely Monday CNN window at which an honest to more than now. We went into the month before them and a reform I'm never gonna do it and you never gonna make a difference. Thanks so I'm just when I visited upon. How do you make a friend you say you wanna hang out sometime in May say sure you wanna go out to say no I can't. I make it does that rank. I wanted to see the new Medea movie. Roger wanna see that. You wanna go suck on. Tonight to come until October 20 was still was similar tonight while movie. Apparently blade runner is like really yeah and it didn't make a lot of money I was disappointed there on caucus that was great Mike decides wanna see it. CNET. And you know. Maybe overlooked this summer on siblings are we are Newsom and and a policy blade runner what time and are now. Don't sing on the air as much. No we can make friends that way now. But plus stranger I show up after hearing this on and and on that now why I don't smeared mud it's so weird weird notion of its. Watch I'm from a bit in 071 listens to us at the time the movies they drive down their wait outside of to talk to us that someone who wants and what is usually a fruit and or wants to our lentils can sue what are you different I hope you never know. You go you know that puzzles can suit guys listening yeah he's listening right now forgiveness.