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Tuesday, October 10th


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I'm neck. Hello quote one line you 86 the book that is right from the person. I got there are good literally right as I was picking up the phone to call you I got a nice little piece in Croatia and like. Think it was but he would be helpful it. They brought historic television show. I like to think if we could television show at all from Blacksburg 8:30 AM. Central time on that best one. You re airs Wednesdays from three to 5 PM I get to 4 PM central time on campus one. Like. Not a lot of people watching it maybe it's because I'm as good I think maybe there's people know about it however. They put all year operate actor or wannabes Major League Baseball post game shows and a girl 400000 people watched that soccer so. I think that good but keep this city now I assume that all mean for like a million people walking across one that aren't the bunker about a failed immediately by the the port development stated we appreciate you. Nice thought and now maybe they'll tune in tomorrow. That the idea that although the hope is a little more and more and more because otherwise our at all people who would cook Turco lockquote exported to you know billion that maybe not the greatest. Strategy let me ask you questions though I was unless there's something you're on that may know. You thing. The happy and I went in your old yesterday level would you let me back a little bit on com. You've made a point up L vice president and on Monday show that it is an important one for book rules to make which is. Absolutely. What is right. You go to football game and believe in protest. And that adds he's been wheat says that hasn't been on probably still. Like it currently that game I knew they were probably going to take any. I hope it was like Berkman they're no water what I ever want it out. Like funds so be it and I also actually don't care that much more they're cheaper. Late in the I think we just aren't copper 800 billion dollars of military and look out over. Where. I think you war there are on the things you didn't win it goes against your ideal right. Mark here my question. You danger joked that the worry. It's healthy guy he got me. It looked like it's not a mere couple looked like Interpol might try to start. It changeable development out of your memo today do you think Jericho parental rights. Tell these guys you've got to know that they now. Because he's their employer. So I don't think schools. Have the right to joke is there to stand for the pledge. I don't think my employer has the right to tell me to salute the flag. When I walk out of this building. I think that's nuts man employers' role. And let's touch on some sort contract. That stipulates that I'll do that then I don't know that it donated that. Let's not at an earlier in the game that's not part of the game. I don't see how you control that aspect in my life. The week but we are in the locker. Because so. I have a lot of people bring me marketer like full on Twitter people I think ideologically. Aligned with. It would certainly. Yet they're law you know and it is. He's allowed you know that the workplace conditions. And get the mind you know it's if you're or maybe it. Further which is. Very nothing that he cheap Haynes and troops playing practice the next few professional ball all. All that there are no worries in that you're in the type of personal all the except for some reason we decided the world was waiting at the sport. We hear that are now the building like. That one point. And there may be some sort of code of conduct policy insular contracts are an agreement with the NFL players in. But boy if Finland if they wanted to throw as part of the Telecom conduct. And I don't see how they win that McCourt along. Well these are you that people are making. Need to eat like within even if you don't agree with Jerry journal. Is he thinks it's caught in their money you think it's coughing and sponsors. Yeah polite. To update this is or what 140. They have the right to save them not to do it. Well and I just think it that the very dangerous practice. Because what he's been determined you know what word exit. Like sponsors would actually prefer. Fight scene and no like that not endorse any political candidate. At any time of the year. Like you're you're around and only I want you to rally. In the you know what I determine my guys might our sponsors Palestinian. Don't want anyone with taxes. Yet that he's got to cover a lot like it suited to expand. Their ability to. To look at what you're picking eager out side of your actual work responsibility. By public Ian and that is where. We'll also have to be I mean I agree to you right you're absolutely right there I don't know who your argument that you think is Smart but they're not. The other part of that is. What is the consequence. So again people just lack. An immense amount of critical thought. And they and they lacked an immense amount of the ability to take a situation and follow it through. So let me just put it in this. Let's say all the teams say you have to stand. For the National Anthem and if you don't obviously the only consequences if I run. All right we're. Sure that while what I didn't want to play anymore. What do you mean just it's just. That so let's say and although I mean this is really what's CJ electron. He doesn't play for the lines anymore so he retires. Depending on Cody banks is like. I really have to retire I can just feel like three or four times have been on the redskins' next month. Right like you haven't thought this through Jerry Jones what does the media does he know it doesn't play for your ass anymore. And you is like you have to do this or boom eventually your brow well. Fun thank you. Are arguably the budget but what about your dreams that's one of the Seattle Seahawks from over the rules register of incidents real. That's what you want Richardson Sherman silence. The third string quarterback and he can't play. What your coach your coach is not a approaches like it. And half my team that can't play this week. Leo all in sixteen. Is when you answers. The other four deputies. While this would be do you remember in the. They were like certain girl with state of the books that Israel would be careful out. It passed laws that war technically. I. But they wore logically. What that you couldn't. You won't he didn't say how hard they do. One of Omar abortions like. I'm waiting to be twelve with about fifteen feet and a temperature had to do that's the whole partner Renault. Or you say within its use today our. Our policies. You who. You can't have sex with. You can't expect to men are you what. Equipment through Altria packet you'll hire bright you probably like yeah yeah. And so. We didn't make this tool. And literally 99%. Of the people like editing date in the healing our lack. And we won't making only you you're setting a war. Black player but you can count all will couldn't quite work and the like quarter mile. Like you you probably like that. Well of course that's what kind of owners haven't come on already is that you can't Neil during the National Anthem they would have already done that it's a bunch of white owners think they. They would have done that along time ago vote one for the fact that. They're just telling libraries and all analysts' views are telling people what they can and cannot do you might see some white people taken me. Well there was better I mean they are. It and other acute problem with it again I did that got your update people when you are the big board here earlier. Here are quite meet you Neil oh I thought the apartment apartment in the we need congratulating Jerry Jones and attacking other ordered into action in individual European Court now which area. And now the rocket propelled that this is the top the agenda. For the NFL owners' meeting next week which is just. Literally. 31 what billionaires and shot on the who is I wish you between the police are not black and you were there. Aside whether or not they wanna change this lol but here. You want your opinion on if Europe are important that at. All. So that the what you're Donahue really. Good job of making clear that. Stop. We are not its partner right. That we aired read it yet I thought you know who's been nearly quick cap caps teammate. You bring a little long yeah I thought very eloquently like 22. And. I'd love it await those people I love myself I think amazing athlete and amazing person. I work at eight to get better. Myself my body my crack that doesn't mean idol well we're all like. Country a lot like controversial for. So. The question. Who are cool the idea. Lot. When it is they have won eight what you want it but he can't. Are stepping up America look I think the country's lack. Like I think Americans like it none of that was not if I didn't matter is sure you know like ninetieth but country in the world I think it bought. Well once wired that the other there anti American and. But you eat is now a cool wind. You requisite applied in the NFL. Loving America. At. It is in fact is that what people thought like one of the great things about partner is that you can go apple lot right. Like right or did you guys and wants things like yeah it's not a totalitarian state and so the that. You battle I'm sure there are some like. There are sure on players that feel appropriate for excellent job this part of it. They don't want the mayor more policy. Don't look like America's polluting or what optic or everything that people might say is that people think America's ovaries will. That they would. Like those guys. Quickly turn out laugh out a deal that Wayne plate hopeful for. It got or. It certainly feels like that's where we're headed men and a lot of people say his last. Yeah I mean how many of your instruments if you don't like get out. Look at FaceBook and look at the conservative people who are against these protests and it's the same rhetoric over and over over in the make as much money. If they don't like making this much money they should work if they don't like this country they should move. That's always there it's on top of me of what America supposed to be about which is it you've got a problem to fix it. But their answer is always feel like eaten yet. But laughable I ask for it so like you know I'd like Jerry whopping great. They are courting me I would like to act Neal he's not injured. And Kirk was adamant that the war. It was like that guy is not you portable well there you talk to the president like you meet. And so. Mohammad cowboys were taken me that's the questions are one has gone door. Well the one that beat up interesting and there's art. He's not their best player anymore their highest paid player represented by JP JP. Terms how the support app science performance because of the itself. And light. You know that's an interest in the problem for Nancy's. Yet not laid up to a contract. So if they work calm and speak up and stop and enormous amount of one. You know what I mean if you're keep it as four player that was built really that we. He could do repairs or you know what I mean aren't caught someone else's and Unita in the. Those are I don't know what do it is there anybody I mean. Okay so does my doable wells. Well yeah. Actually dead prior call that he would never Neil and I particularly like is here now in the Arctic are. Spansion I don't think you can enter into the scored terribly New England all the good. What what would be more in her thing and got. Hit I I wish it would happen just to see what happened the pulmonary. Like. We'll eat one guy you'd be top one in higher sense of why. And look at the Oakland game without or you lie out of alignment like that more devastating damage it. It accurately we are ordered back a quarter what happened such a higher unit like you can't plug. Yeah well yeah orbit. We know would be even better but that'll never happen as the entire coaching staff didn't. Well yeah out or I'll let us know right that would be for the first solidarity with the players. We're those players would kill for them the next game if all of the coaching staff took a knee Amanda come down play and Jerry Jones had to coach a game. The problem but you're saying these same players were killed four and here the problem and to work. A lot of these guys is actually a lot like Ben Roethlisberger. Really hit agrees with me. And it cropped. So like. Or do yet maybe the players the coaching that the player trooper some guys for the coaching staff. But maybe some of the work like him bleed I'm out on the from the beginning. Like in these companies so disappointing. How will along racial lines that is. Two white guys that participated. There at the moderator in each of them at your record dating acquire Allman and that everyone else. And all in the want other like Hewitt is Australian guy. We sat on the show I just feel like he goes he's Australian do you lineman for the Broncos. Through like you know what I mean you believe in bundle them. No I really doubt there's a chance Alex Smith can really got to ask money list is soon to get pumped up before games is like NPR. Went viral maybe he could be the guy that does it but yeah. I told you guys. I told you guys that. Error Rogers who reached out to be about my aunt and yeah Aaron Rodgers is like. All on the right side of this issue right and more secure in his job that you wanted in the old war. Like. I think he has more job security than anyone in the sports world right. Is it better job in just about anybody. And he still couldn't. Now he's so Linda. It's unbelievable yeah. I think people do it again this rig. Solving economic outlook. I'm expire are gonna do up but it's not going to be on the cowboys. Decals and though reports are adult and also control you're allowed to do it. Our own I think mark Peter don't you do when it. Parker appeared here that don't have a bully mentality. Yeah he's one. And what you know like they're you eventually type of thing I I settings you reap on the right side issue. I'm not they want and what makes you think that. I do unit. Now you wanna believe it. No. The way it you know council. Here I think is how much Mike Vick well. Like the amount of law that I've ever and it gently. Com. His former players. Well you know I mean I. I just don't know former white players sort of Orange or black youth in like I like it and really circumstances. Just swear by in the green. Make me think that he's on the right side a lot of these things that make sense like I maybe well again I just get. My gut feeling just like I got on call when it's not what. Yeah that's of America feel. Maybe up to accomplish little. And I'd be I'd like to call it being an old. It'll. It's incredible that he did care. Now. Nick who keep in mind. Poland in Chicago. And he's a doubt in your whole day at and that is the quote. I don't know where all the Russians up comes from. I can tell no one in the country and in parts per week hunkered years. Now but they and I know we don't you quit my pick of sword because that is my Kirsch corporate deal arguments made a great deal and you send. I knew Dick it was really mad that. Thought about vote Washington that the report that total loss and team name. So we're doing an interview with them and happily through the interview like coach coach coach there's some breaking news you're not gonna believe this. They're gonna be protests. I'll side of Buccaneers and raiders games this weekend. From the American higher association saying. That you know we've they're decorating her name and he just went into week four minute. Sure he Mercury about liberal Obama global warming in the political correct culture like it to the guy who he's been for quite some odd. And just go out and stated that. Did he do that and those fake drugs when he traded for Ricky Ricky Williams returning like Oliver cause. Well now. It may government but maybe a bit of applying to republic would say it really could not. Pick up it's a. Regulars like. Smoke way to know. What can block. CNET.