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Wednesday, October 11th


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The righteous man is sent on all sides. The selfish. And cheering yeah you'll mend. Values dark. Will strike down you know. I'm very. He looked nice today thanks you too. Less so dressed up. It was cold today if I was mostly wind as his game warmer now lose colds earlier. I giant I soul. And just I'm. So this is my family don't go as well as soon and thanks. You and. Do some shopping later on on old navy dot com. Are all items are we could we do take a look at some things know what I need to get some faults underneath all close. And on goodness that is set the sweater and Amanda royals watcher there where all the time. I think you know I don't known any change. You shouldn't of that. What what was with Jeremy Guthrie was between us was that real did you see that no on the fineness. Did you see your journey. I saw lay Sox only him but somehow I miss I saw that he was tweeting about. Alex Smith being the mayor Kansas City. I saw he was saying like I bleed blue but in those chiefs uniforms or church and he's still. A big Kansas City fan some tweet when you know the guys at their last game set I assured the field a lot of those guys. They should treat act nice inside the bus. I mean this is from him at the real Jay guts. Now I'll send you an anything and who wants a personalized autographed eight by ten. If they post live performance of the worst girl says. Parentheses whole EP is fire. Many shark is that right Jane. Did you know that I did not I mean no I didn't know there. I didn't know he's someone sent me screens have today even notice that he had treated. You know if I'm Welsh RDP. Yeah I guess so he's right and your letters song weekend. Yes I'm so good I like the sun is out that's from. OK slowly pull this up because it took me a second to figure out what he was talking about he doesn't say your name. But he says I'll IC I go back and look mom and someone said do respond church allows a would love to hear from you. So I know you said that he was out of the country I looked his feet but. Maybe a little. Dredge messages yeah I always wanting. A new economy frenzy and I do love that guy yeah. It's usually cool I mean he's. Obviously in morally. Superior. To me I think he's a religious guy and I think everyone is the only and I know meg right now thank you okay may have relent and yeah Laura lynch ruled by morals issues. Do you get what I'm saying he seems like an exceptionally good person. He's also really cool and so you know Salma. Sneaker documentaries got that and a vault in his basement then Casey had and he just. He's cool there was looks cool up there on the mound on you don't collateral nation's top. Now I gotta take this thing off well I think it looks good zoo's old wrinkled ahead iron I think it looks good on trying to tell you look good this is your TJ Maxx has like season three or four irons really think he. TJ Mac exploding for four or five sees irony looks good. There's a classic. Plus classic in my closet and classic black sweater and you look sharper. I don't know what to do what I mean I don't know up close and I want online I looked like you know tall skinny. Whatever listings. And there's you know like rugby shirts and don't like rugby shirts I think you can offer rugby shirt I can't really pull off a rugby shirt. And then there's you know. Sweat shirts that say things. And unless it's like assure social and yet but that's like a boatload of clothing brand name I'm talking about this. There are some out there it is silly you know. And Neverland Ranch have a good day yeah yeah. So maybe suddenly I'm well aware that to work do you do you Wear to work as an undershirt and you're the only one saw it I guess I can know where that is tech contract negotiation meeting. Who were America's puts a picture Michael Jackson what's it say what do you do you. I don't know you never went through that phase three thought. You look at yourself free and open up your closet and you go. Can't let what amounts thousand slam I don't. Right or Levi jeans sweat shirts and flannel shirts announcing the break and then I do think he bought me a pair of jeans snapped and there are Lila doesn't what I would consider skinny jeans and can not really just another pretty skinny I don't bosnians or even I think they're called scanning which I've never bought species before. But everyone keeps company meet others she's a great he looks a good nose genes. I drove for loves geez you should buying and a pair those genes they look so good. And what they're really saying is. You accidentally found something that looks good. No hybrid bought it for now I understand and so I accidentally found it because you picked it out I seem to tell you had to get you picked it out forming because I knew there are going to be does is show you where our own little baggy you're never right so now I'm thinking why should just get rid of all my old baggy jeans judged by all. I am it's honestly just as I go to news. Together like five eighteens or something I don't know Mary our Arafat I think there were fireworks and a lot of numbers and names. Designers can in his own worlds and ratify what I was just a tab and it's when I looked it up on Amazon a satellite you know I think there's ivy teaser and are now we're in right now on mrs. Kenny g.'s. Since getting I don't know time well that's a people keep saying so then I think all eyes (%expletive) are tomorrow's by more of these Annan. It's like to Wear a pair shoes he would normally Wear and everyone says I was not that that's good you why am. Yeah hundred pairs of shoes at home that no one's ever same thing about so. They've been doing all this time I still really would like for you time. To just sit down. Where someone like Tim Gunn just for a couple hours and he could just say usually you should Wear neither one of us when we fashion nieces either one of us are gonna start. You know where new outfits every single day of the week and we Tom that Frontline island Erica. I'm not fine with anything about me. I don't feel fine hourly guys and the structure. And I do have a lot of cautions. I just don't. I don't feel comfortable. About anything when you say that this looks good on blogs and you Sam look ridiculous you know I'm suing you and Dylan. Unilaterally even know what it is well what does that say okay search. No brand and is fluent slash. Bush do last night. I want to run early and beat you enjoy watching TV. Do want something. I don't remember what I know. Finish that big mouth show on Netflix cartoons yes we're watching not an intimate lunch only ten episodes of that. Your washing globe are sort of watching. Last chance you. Policies into whatever I yeah I wanna watch that I like the first he's not I keep forgetting that they do another season that. That that's the that the ju co school rank east's necessity a challenging area like they go back to the same place. Well. The US men's us soccer team now in shocked that didn't go well. And people are happy they lost to Trinidad and Tobago. I was powerless to buy no unless we're seeing today go today or to embargo. Whatever. The US lost they need at least a time right and so the coach comes out Bruce Arena after words and he says you know. Our hats go off to who did trend. Didian no excuses for us not getting a second goal at hand and leads the points. Out again. Give our own credit they played well. There. Are going to the moon when a lot of individual battles against us and a whole part of their when. All right so that's Bruce Arena talking about the game right now I did see something today I'm guessing it's not a big deal I solve. The there was some talk of the US might try and challenge from them something because they think one of the goals was a bad I don't know but it looks like. Our long shot to say the least. So let's just focus on the fact that they didn't make it. Now it's a first and animated since 198609. Is little uneven numbers like this and 86 innings and can't do that 36 but did you see this. This rants. On television from Taylor Twellman that went viral this morning and I'm interest since I never heard this guy before but apparently he is. Voice on ESPN and he's also are retired American soccer player. He played from nine. 2009. So I think that a lot of guys that we know are probably pretty familiar with and maybe even played with some kind. He went on our rants after the game they asked what he thought and he was not happy about. The outcome and he's not happy about the state. Men's soccer. In the United States this is just a piece of what he had to say. Last night. The way is not fire. Every single one of those players they can take that energy up for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment. With the amount of money that is the Major League soccer and in this sport. You can't get a draw all a hot. Against Trinidad. That you don't deserve about the World Cup introducing me. We can't beat Trinidad on a field that's too wet too heavy but if we are doing this. And it. This discussion that's being. It's it's remarkable to meet when I go this stupid thing right here and help you read people are when the Russell. The stupid thing here is a cellphone know the song learn over time. On a tall pasture but we can't play Trinidad put water isn't. If this same size is Corpus Christi, Texas and or Anaheim California. Figured out if the United States can't figure it out that no no business being involved because of Iceland and other area that's all the signs of Corpus Christi, Texas I have to repeat decades that's an unbelievable reminder saying how can we know afternoon saw. He also talked about things like how much money we spend on youth soccer in this country lives. You know reset over a billion dollars easily billion dollar something along those lines that things are said and he just you know he blamed everyone he blamed some coaching he blamed to the way that it works the independent hole. You know and I don't understand all the way to set up with like CONCACAF an awesome as our I want that I did confused easily. I'm happy and eat it seems like the crux of this. Position is yours which is there's plenty of people here. Plenty of money. That we should be able to find some good athletes fitting end to compete on a global level exchange where investing the money these these islands these countries that are the size of Corpus Christi now. Are being the United States they had a much smaller pool of people to choose from they have. Far fewer resources than we do and can't come up with a team. They can only guess I can only get fifteen people I don't know we have three and sixty million people in this country so I feel like I am fifty million. You need I don't know what the number of people between those ages are but let's just talk about kids that say you have. You know a hundred million young he'll announce any minute just go as low as fifty million any fifteen right. I just saw a stat that said something like 74 million kids between the ages of five and something were overweight so let me think there's got to be at least a hundred million kids right okay so. Let's say there's a hundred million kids who could be learning soccer right now or who are learning soccer right now. Now I guess and nobody could be right now we're building these fields everywhere or try and people love soccer and oh yeah and even if you just heard people between the ages of seventeen and birdie right now there's going to be fifteen guys who are not a matter of just going and watching those guys play indoor soccer. Right there's a couple of guys who come out there were standouts who say. They start off by saying things like I could've gone programmer myself and used her up by thinking. Shari good writing you watch some plane you go home. You you may be could have gone pro you're really really good rappers you're playing against a bunch of inner mural guys ride but. You are really good if you were here playing right now and you hurt me fifteen guys batted just try to be gone after seeing a two mile radius right they're better than you right there within that went well known throughout the the entire United States it's it's frustrating. You've seen and looked even if you are not yourself the world's biggest soccer and even if you yourself so I'm not a huge soccer fan OK but he is. A global sport and it would be nice if the United States to compete in the global sport of soccer. And show everyone that we are capable of doing anything they can do and doing a better right now I mean. Don't notice towards Bryce playing another source who normally don't hockey greats that sizable oil whenever you have more competitive right. Rights and even if that means some of those people immigrated here at a young age because they wanted out of their morale hold the country where hockey was huge all too. We get to claim them they wanted to come there we did I just draft them to come over here and played really well you. As most American news ya know yeah bump guys from Michigan and Minnesota right. So it's. I you know this this Taylor Twellman guys that is named Taylor home and he. Mary and son he's very upset and you know I was reading in the local news this morning about how it affects. Kansas city's economy you've got power and light where people go to watch those games got bars knows so much fun soccer varsity now made national news telephone team and kids. Or you know I'm insulated make it but I'm more upset as a family history out. I was excited for it right. And Kansas City is our shortlist. To host a World Cup game in 2826. Does that sound right summer owner. And a and a large part of that is due to the fact that the fan base has been so huge year for soccer and that we have made national headlines. With those numbers Bulger I mean I love sporting KC obviously in the making great run and do a lot of things but nothing juveniles are very embrace. More. Thumb for the World Cup is here if you don't have a team to root for. Right I saw people on tour bus I say no mood I root for now Brian I guess I'll root for France again we're just trying to pick a team to root for. A Sox should be able to root for United States there's. Down even a TCU went to bed early but you where where where you're from I don't know it's usually. Turn the United States senate I don't know but now I guess Joseph Madison friends and journeyman mom's famous as a German and out. Whatever England smooth right. I know you see you went to bed early last night but if you were. Still waiting around on what time it happened at 9 o'clock some around there and you are on social media and all he probably saw. ET awards made some. Big modernized Eminem thing ya in an end so the BET awards last night and I didn't sign loved to do you love I thought it was great end. You know before I saw Keith Olbermann treated something like. I've been on the fence about rap for 27 years that this is it now I'm a fan. So if you didn't see it I'll play clump of them but during the BET awards they cut to a prerecorded segment with Eminem. Free styling what they said was free styling in a parking garage in Detroit this indie film that like a week or two ago I think this is only a week ago. And it's very political he blasts trump. And it's spread like wildfire on the you know last night. From these endorsement abandoned. Support for the Klansman. Tiki torches and ended with a songs and it's lacking comes clone from a record is still told to go back at the golf. Ford can agenda in this place is not anything you know Graham told. The keys signal path historical deplorable factors. Now what's norm black athlete you're spoiled little brat trying to use a platform used accident. To try to give both the boys don't have one. These are just didn't end up crazy event so far voice you bastards. Bless your POW who tortured him panic is creating your zeros because he liked his wore heels Texan. That's not disrespect in the military. That this is the common local fixed. And keep that ball like Donald Dell please. Please don't do it real loud and the greens. We don't hang up tolerant easiest. Well that he doesn't know that I hope it's rock solid grades. Because like him in politics I'm using all of these trips. Because I don't win it he's faced against the wall and sticks. In any friend of mine. Who's a supporter of his. I'm drawing in the standalone. Jury the Foreman jinxed. And if you can't decide who you like morning displayed. On who you should stand beside. The wood for you we did this. And if he couldn't make very set up a few I think there's a lot of Eminem fans who are some supporters. And Eminem just said if your fan mind you I and it can't be learned can't be chump supporter and a different. So. This is cool. Oh like they got. Okay and. I mean I'm I thought it was really cool I don't know man you know I soccer on my camera clearly there's some trees youth yet been LeBron school LeBron Sonata sweet. And he quoted part of the the freestyle talking about Saddam. One imminent say says something about Donald Trump being born she said. The only thing your fantastic four is racism in the something about being orange. Which I didn't catch your first LeBron does this is at Bronson to sentence and a racism is the only thing he's fantastic four. Because that's how he gets his rocks off. She's orange seal like the thing or wherever they're from which. Yeah I went over my head LeBron says she she imminent fire fire fire and so for people of sun and Eminem. Not in my Twitter feed any and seen backlash is on curiouser and end and my hands and walk out of the meteors is something. I don't that they were aware that's saying I know some people are transitory or watching the BG awards night. I'm sure they saw on Twitter. But what are they gonna do I mean that's trump loves loves loves to do whatever he can to get his base going and he knows letting his base. I don't think he's too worried about baton. Wish and a lot of ways trumps who won this war with the NFL because now the NFL is saying that. Time to put this behind us we'll sing that good down hole. A letter on leaders to whatever. And it tells the NFL owners and everyone needs to stand for the National Anthem animal to be you know I guess sent information to my earlier there was supposed to. But that happens that's easy for the White House to say we went. Exactly you lose. First of all that whole thing was a great iron out and protest Wright was a great distraction. For you know from Puerto Rico Owen right and just the fact that nothing is. There's no repeal the replace Diane is another thing all these things so it was a great distraction was a great way to get his base really excited. Column like people's sons of bitches and Tom Dick mock field. And Venus. He wins this thing which Reynolds street history NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Wrote a letter on Tuesday to all 32 league owners regarding the protests have taken place during the national anthems. In the letter. Dumb which I guess we share on FaceBook page from mine shaft her. Fidel wrote that current dispute over the National Anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game is now dividing us and our plays. Our players from many fans across the country. So we'll see what happens is Marcus Peters we talked to Nick Price about the site to Argentina help reduce it down or stand up fight. I don't imagine if he's if he's truly feels great feels over doesn't. And is this enough which I'm not crossing my fingers by the way and Nick Price was also talking about last thing. We don't know how there's been really no white players there's only been you know a couple London's Australian. Travis Kelly nick and may the pointed to the white players who took a knee are both either married to ordain a black woman runs so. There hasn't been like white leadership from people you might expect. Aaron Rodgers I thought maybe there's even a chance out Smith could do it. Again not crossing my fingers is this I'm not. Where someone like Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers says no no no no no you're not going to tell us. That we I just. I just assumed I guess that's your domain of that letter came on McKinley of the NFL players' union hasn't responded. And so they can do whatever they want. Maybe after I just saw that earlier today that that letter leaked in the and so I read it. This is for two hours ago from NPR and here's distance from the Kansas City Star. Bum. Rogers also as players stands for National Anthem so. So Sharon and say who's pastor right behind you now I don't know I guess you're right. They all say showed and I was thinking after redder in Houston and they had to. And Donald Trump said. It's about time that Roger Goodell the NFL's finally demanding that all players stand up for our great National Anthem respect our country. So it. The NFL then respond with a statement saying commentary this morning about the commissioner's position on the infamous not accurate statement reported by in a phone median analysts in rapids for. Went on to say there will be a discussion of these issues at the owners' meeting next week any NFL's looking to move from protest to progress working to bring people together OK so maybe they're not. Gonna say you after us you have to stand up. And they just have a meeting yesterday is not just downtown the National Anthem is a big deal. I want to ask you national sentiments saying before sports and I don't know sports to be paid political news everybody oranges dinner and a they used to be the National Anthem and you and I talked about this we don't get notches and this is just stood there. Dozens and sometimes they even tried to remember the words whatever but more than 20 awesome time recently that the players came out right not 9/11 was when it was like now on everyone's all eyes are on you yeah you're walking over the snack bar appears sitting down if you're on your phone. I do all those and are you terrorist. Would you do and and that started after 9/11 languages you know you stand. Yahoo! I stand. I don't I don't think to put my hand over my heart but I stands are trying to stand respectfully have put my hands of army in bed. I don't also there's this big story in Texas about the girl who am I if I happen to be right. There's no I don't feel the need there's a story about the girl at Texas you got kicked out for not seeing it for the pledge of allegiance. I will say we dig in trouble if we can stamp the pledge of allegiance I remember some light. Com behavior disorder kids right who're trying to get in trouble anyway they couldn't. You know those kids who just tried to pocono are clearly is he in trouble I remember those kids not standing thrower. The pledge of allegiance and they all got troublesome one of them I remember got kicked out of class. Since the principal's office I don't know what happened to mend the time I'm thinking unless it happens you don't do with the teacher says but. This Texas principal kicked out this team for not seeing the pledge of allegiance is now looking at a lawsuit because there. And return he's gonna sue. When I was kid. We have a Jehovah's Witnesses and our classes. Before they know the pledge of allegiance and just went outside you know what around signed him. An imminent teacher you know I think in the beginning of the year is Eminem and from doing this. I know Republicans and I'm over witness I can do it. Right I was like. We have grown kindergarten now and I think about it she didn't celebrate Christmas tensions and the National Anthem during the fuzz religious she must emerge knows what mr. snow and Jimenez and around it was fun again that's right. Okay man named Sheila and any backlash always thought you were animated onside but I was unless you may have chosen to also like Alan anywhere around missile launcher. I was actually worked I remember after a couple weeks I thought cheers Todd knows like him an atheist and I also I was there and airline shot out. Shot. I am trying to show her some white leadership here boys. I shot we can't go along hallway originally and to have. I don't balance and Dana Joseph witness. You can data shows I did not a jehovah's witness Josh. They would do was she a practicing Joseph was ranch. She was awesome I guess it's nice he got the presence Ernie thanks you so it is yours what. So huge deal out to dinner and presents on Christmas birthday Valentine's Day or any thing. But then she was like but I understand that you're not jehovah's witness so I'll summary when you saw how do you Chris is just something that. Did you get your vote freedom. Now say hey and it's not for you though if you look to add on a vote out your window and Annika but she went to make Christmas presents on Christmas I expect nothing in return like you couldn't get her innocent right now they can't tell you wasn't like you know alleged arms is all don't get me anything it was like the looks seriously if you give me something now does that also mean he. You need a blood transfusion shooting giving you want you have to give her one. Yeah they got never came out yeah. I don't remember him. Thinking much about the pledge allegiance when I was little kid I was c.'s Julia told but I do remember in junior high thinking. This seems weird. This seems. Like something you see in those old black and white Communist videos just I thought to an adult choir we get a bunch of kids and I don't understand right and it at seven straight that's the bar around the time. I stopped going to church. Right he's a monster. That's why they need to start asking questions and doesn't why do we do this and why is everyone started this thing but their hand on our Zain. I pledge no age and run to the flag it was like a bunch of robots now there's we're. I don't. It seems a little on American. But are we doing so good. You gotta be careful you know you want to do better than McDonald's Russians right you gotta be careful of those who has come to succumb. Concourse on FaceBook. You talk about army lines senior what a horrible. Tests show that guy you want I mean what what what his statement which hopefully by now people seem quoting Jay-Z. Talking about how he grew up in a different error like everything is so completely tone deaf when you're that wealthy. We talked to someone who says. All right I see someone I mean a lawyer who says all right let me get a statement Oreo a lawyer and a reality PR person don't start quoting Jay-Z yeah okay. And some don't like crazy right dose or time how you grew up my you know 911 and on and problems are my rights rights. And for people who don't know Harvey Weinstein. You know one of the founders his brother of let your Mac straight wins in Brothers. Com. He's been accused by lots of who we haven't talked about it yet because there's just one of those things where it can happen over the weekend. And it seemed like announce a lot aids is so many people now would've come out against him. And I saw last night. West how strong join the mix she's accused him now and so has some. Oh man what is her name Brad Brad and Angelina Jolie. I saw she said something about it too and did you listen to the audio from that police sting. Where they recorded him you know there's so many stories are eerily similar about going up to Harvey's room. His hotel room. And he answers the door and a bathroom or something and then ask for a massage which I'm thinking man this guy did that a lot. How often did that work right how many times the girls say okay. We give you massage and then just presenting himself. Like Gary answers nor in the bathroom BC. My neck Kurds rub my neck and they go on non owner of indignities as okay cheers Mike. My penis that's. That's your back up plan I don't know what it's like to be famous some NSF works for your powerful and rich and famous but now he's got all these different people who have who have accused him. Even says and in a statement about Irina was my wife semen his wife left him now says I'm disgusted metal thing. But two years before this all came this all stems from New York Times since June mussina Ben Affleck thing right which is something aptly put out this huge statement about. I thought sickened by this need to protect men and all botanists won the first response is Tim massage brother Don. Right well only other thing was rose. Look down on them she says it's week. That she told Ben Affleck will their daddy did that and then Ben Affleck response was god damn it I told to stop doing that. Well Matt Damon is now being accused of and any well I shin-soo he's been accused of Lotta people say he's been a little too quiet and some people are saying the Matt Damon knew things. Which I don't know if they can just be the Internet talking Brandon Harvey Weinstein. Stein and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon that's all gonna come on the lawn Charlotte comes out it doesn't mean he did goodwill hunting right. And then I you know I think my city and even friends forever I think about all the Clinton's you know movies you've known and it is he gonna get. Runs it's funeral and the IBM hardness perhaps didn't do. What he did but didn't stand up against him if they knew about it right not to mention the fact that. You know a lot of these people. May not only being aware of it but. Could have been behaving similarly made us imagine if you're around someone and you're not telling on them you see someone posted a clip. From 2013. Seth MacFarlane. Was announced seen the Oscar nominations. Oscar nominees you know before the Oscars they still do that. Televising during the day where they show who the nominees are run for caddie awards. And he was announcing the Oscars began the second 2013. For best supporting actress okay. So this is him going through all the people and kind of sketchy to the end apple unsigned solo on you gotta match and I am noon. You just completely ruin that computer nerd side OK so this is this is from 2013. Seth MacFarlane. Arena C nominees for. Best supporting actress for an Oscar ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. So these are. See if you can hear you say you ladies now have you read off all the nominees say you a congratulation you he's no longer have to pretend to be attracted Harvey Weinstein. This must have been. An unknown thing in Hollywood right. Seth MacFarlane is making that joke there's some uncomfortable chuckles and boom. How do you not say something amendment here's a picture you know I'm financials are such a weird to national picture on. One of Paltrow standing next. Cam after winning an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Right. And it's. You know Dave I somewhere he's articles that mentioned how often. Actresses and actors have accuser alleged that there is a lot of sexual assault and Hollywood how rampant it is. And think about all the women who said. Hollywood is filled with sexual predators it's a discussing plays producers are discussing but they never named names everyone is always anonymous Ryan it was the same thing when Corey Feldman came out and said. I was abused. On my best friend Corey came was raped. And they did that documentary which I think you can still watch for free online about on the you know childhood and or or child sex abuse in Hollywood and how they throw these parties released kids show up and these are producers and stuff just take advantage of these kids but again. No one is ever named no one ever says anyone's name it's always anonymous. So it turns out that two years before this New York Times expose a revealed all these decades of harassment allegations against Harvey. Mom there's this model amber. Gutierrez is there is just who claimed that he drove her breast. Ed but the 2015 criminal charge in the investigation had been dropped. So now there's a new report from The New Yorker where Weinstein is accused of raping three women among other sexual harassment allegations. Audio from the incident in question has been released from the very first time. You're a liar right did you listen to this NASA the NYPD set up this sting operation and Carvey once seen on tape admitting. To groping women's breasts so this is the wire this is audio from a liar she is wearing. Okay I'm news. There aren't enough muscle yeah Tylenol. Make sure. Okay. Coming down and one OK okay. Yeah tussling. Station's morning news in the world. It's. Again tomorrow. When your pension and provide medicine. You can hear how nervous she is Maria. Please know look and then she says you you grab memorizing is I'm used to that. Is your mother's time. He used to it she claims it during the meeting in his New York City office lysine Astor for breast for real and then lunged at her groping her breasts and attempting to put a hand up her skirt. Despite her protests insure Boston he offered her tickets to Finding Neverland. Minis these guys live in a completely different world. Hey if I even answered. The door to room service in a row. And I was accidentally exposing part of my. Privates I just think I'm going to jail. I just opened the door and a girl answered the door in my winners out I'm going to jail and I know how guy I mean what makes sure the defense team and does whatever it's gross it's breezy it's. It's totally bizarre it's four and two I only think guys try and pick up women. And that means we are also aware. Of and so are disgusting things men do rent one how hull. I guess I don't know maybe it's just a level of success or. Ego or whatever but I mean I wouldn't even attempt that that's what we heard trump say a huge grab my the policy matters and generals is another guy using that same obviously. One Republican one's a Democrat but of the same wall flu they think he just grabbed where are my heroes Sean starts just grab them pull men. I mean the story we're gonna do he asked me rub his neck put my hand on his neck I said no cynical spin is somewhat. That's your second move ashore an excellent present myself. Or is that just from a last ditch effort like well before you leave I. What he thinks. Come on. Dude. Plus sleaze ball. Down. And I again have to be careful. I'm not. Implying that you and I are not aware of like you said some of the really disturbing things guys do to pick up chicks. The story you read these books about college campuses in much frat guys do to attract. Yes I'm aware. And I'm disgusted that I find the whole new world I'm not saying it's any worse. And then some of these things were already aware of I get back. Or any better I'm just saying it's new to me. I didn't know that people acted like this that famous people acted like this I knew that they were accused of doing inappropriate things but the the praise it and just the actual. Manner. In which he went about trying to get these women to sleep with him. But it's unbelievable. It's not like saint he's a resident Bill Cosby right it's a lot of stories like them somehow we just I just in baton yeah. But I just drugged women I guess I thought they if you scroll saw another comedian and masturbating in front of people right you don't say his name right. You know that's gonna come out. So. If you. Go to dinner with the producer a year aspiring actress. And TC on you know. That is what I thought they meant when they say it's creepy these guys hit on you'd expect you sleep with them yeah you wanna be in a movie. That I thought I was more asking right I hate Sione go to dinner and like I don't go to dinner with his old. Rose dude run. You can't give me this park so I guess and go to dinner and many tries a guy like ulcers for coffee is no or yes. But I don't know it's easy Bragg June right at an easy answer the door romancing come on don't leave for the Israel aren't aren't. What is it. That's what you do. And and this is a gallon as I happened on Hollywood and this this will that's a thing these allegations go back for. Over thirty years right well over thirty years I mean Corey Feldman talking about a happened in eighty standing Corey and Jimmy Stewart don't you know right men who was aware of this stuff is just how things have always happened and Hollywood. Mikey set only people who run us there was just. The Annapolis China now come out and separate himself from Harvey right. Putting out this purely impossible Linux and Damon has this anything he's been a privilege and the other people Tarantino like you said Alexander loses access. Is based on. Are being right. At least to some extent. I don't think. But. We'll see what happens. I just assume there's a lot of very nurse people who have been very nervous for the last few days their friends and act guy. Who maybe not only Clooney yeah. Well Tony actually said something right I think he came on me dead in her husband never saw no it was indefensible modem policy. What about the guys only send you aren't saying anything yet. Who haven't made statements. Seeing. Yeah I'm just looking to see during these guys most of these guys are still silent. I mean that line similar sees Hollywood menstrual silently allegations as you continue to speak out. So again. Ladies I apologize for just. Everything everything. Just. Guys in general. Men. The stuff the president says that the people still voted form. Sumo informed on all women I know but not Alderman Toni and didn't both form and play amend involve forming. So just remember Latin. You do have allies. Even though sometimes it can feel like you know.