The Church of Lazlo - 10.11.17 - Slimfast's Survey

Wednesday, October 11th


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On the how are you a great aerial. And land Powell Ryan knows no look over there. He's busy working I work hard. So it was something. So always forget considerable are over there are learning. There was a party earlier. May unite go to. Where there. Over in the break room. Why soldiers tyrant who. But it was a surprise some hoosiers showed up. I left vs Europe is. In business. Is critical Biersch month and some Kate. I think a beer or cake. And so I don't there. And others don't take there aren't good sized up a like Kate Snow like beer. The man had an ally able retiring. The memos to lower Thai government's business. Yeah that frees up some money ha yeah she go negotiate a in my right there all right. There are surely McEnroe plays whoever was as solid as you know we need cutbacks were let someone know lesser don't have as Burres who retired night no longer have to bail unlike a percentage. Yup. I guess embarrassment and on take. And beer there yet it was a big cake. Not that we'll try not bad. It was a bunt cake don't birthday cake Bert Bert take a look like birthday case now of brie appropriated birthday cake. To set retire on or something I don't know. But there is some people showed up to Tony Moore came more into who. You know people who are you retired. Leo. Yeah they showed up. Did you go to the parting. Charles Liu as a party in new invite me I didn't know that it was happening even though there are a lot of emails I've size Saudi nozzles I was like some really goes from. Until when I see something that says. Party for sound so I think they're gonna meet some or 5 o'clock or not invited. Right I don't know I still think that we are probably invited but I just walked through that Jordy is in the break room because I wanted to get a power bar or something and new others bunch of people on our side and described a couple others month. Cool they said hey stay. You know it's like when you find out your friends ever a party that you weren't really invited to and like oh hey I was like now like a steady steady descent taken beer I gotta go. My church so your mom. Yeah there's a lot of six. There reaches CNET there's so many chicks crazy legs and it means crazy party. Well all rejectionist retirement aren't I can imagine both. Both old and young children harm yup. Some for everyone. Did you. No why not make eye contact with the female she's moved on. Wrote electronic. But to take it solid chocolate and white cake nets player. I don't want that top part scrape the icing off and just put on the chocolate or. And I want that my part. Nina. Two left for him only light truck. And sanctioning some boulevard. OK I guess I'll do it. Not or. I'm sure why you wouldn't know it right here like our shoes match. I. Wonder that. You don't like the white Kate O. No one does when there's two cakes. And m.'s truck alarms widen the artillery and the like including get their daily log in hand. I don't know man like cage and I mean it's not like the difference between now Lott and chocolate ice cream and see my mind I think of it is a similar thing. I'm white cake just doesn't tastes like just tasteless used to playing playing K just to plain downside current. I like channels are in thank you sirens on. Are you guys ready. Are you ready for this yet you can get your peers tricks like take it your headphones. You know what else should elect do current. Oh my alarm went off it got the code word of word. It is first. Karr flew. Thousand dollars. Coca. Got it rose. RO SE. Rose has in random type of top of that rose. Here we go. This. Trying to get him. What does that look on your face right now. He's somewhat more disappointed. Those are some awesome just awesome indicated thighs and a PlayStation for Christmas and got a calculator. That's a look on his face isn't it thank you open up and I put a graphic calculator inside a PS four box but look that's a look at David what about your about. Well also the matter is an effort. I really like the survey. I think you'll too. Often the question is. What is something you'll never do again they called it the anti bucket list so something you'll never deal. Or never do again that I parted and either could be something you've never done and apparently not going to do for a good reason and Don Imus does and a loyal service that's on the list number ten get married could answer well look. I don't want to say that volunteer army dazzled the event if you would I see go to prison prison. That did not make mine are that's okay that's okay kinda in though and things I'll never do it early notice he cleared of the game is probably. Well that's that you look in his I was thinking a lot of people seem to say things that some people might want to do but gnome actually know. Most of these things a lot of these things are things. You would monitor. A lot of people have tried them before. One of the things you've done. Sort of we both. Get married was. The obvious one now the person who set it said he is married right now. Happily so but if it ever ends it is only get re mattered whose so that we talk more conservative guy and answer the question said marriage honey you know because he's so it. Russa he typed it out. You think you answered the question there's only one guy doesn't own one guy who also really does serve a little less sugar in people. A vote on the responses you and I let's listen laud. Because if so how did they get aggregate works you say something and if people like it they vote what you say up. That's how were they possess one guy that has as is going to be they didn't ask one guy's ass every 101 guy said I will never get remarried and people like that enough to voter up to the tenth most popular response. That counts as a survey I'm not sure true with me. I don't ask some people but I feel like it took a statistics course once I'm not sure of this incident that. Tornado on hourly things to won't do number nine. Was not wearing sun screen and NSA does sunburn yeah I was really and so on my list. It's deserved or not but of all the things you never wanna do let's include a very small thing but I can live without if I had to kids has to be on the having kids. Did not crack the top and really I now and I think a lot of people even people who change your mind later there's a lot of people don't say me ever having it go to high school. That made a list and did not make it's not to have to make a list. Alex at a party done it design called Barack Madras. Now the that was actually an interest in answer visible of course I would you go back but I guess may be close suck your teacher. Does that count going back. I do career day by you know those kids they need something positive. To the most your judgment your girlfriend so that. The teachers at the school that I didn't know what but no administrator no. The track coach. No but the other girl that was there for career day as a tattoo artist notebook but a they'll know I can make it was just choosing a team they're China so that was a student sued are you close to joining eighteen or age income and she has as I. Great place you guys who make (%expletive) she had coupons for free taco John's so congratulations assessment what was I supposed to do I go to talk and orange. Now we're sunscreen. I like this one. Argue with flatter thirst. Which turned into a thing about argue with anyone hoosiers are all marriage plot errors in the original Oslo while birthers which ice you you and I know flat earth there via churn. It's obviously BO OB but that. I don't think we argue with them. I just love those right now I think he knows that. We don't agree with him right I don't think you leave any conversation going those guys I got them. So my things my way he knows but we can all be friends and I think it's fascinating. That. He believes it. And now I'm absolutely everybody believes that I still think I was a little bit of a put on absolutely it's like you and the moon landing day I'm not positive or I don't believe him. What I do I can't be certain and you know OJ thing I can't be certain I don't fully loaded. Number seven me wrote a book if we get it means he didn't do it right about a dozen necessarily. I get it inside I didn't it didn't but if I didn't write as vision if I'd if I did but but I didn't. Number seven actually I did think about this I'm surprised you didn't mention. Drive drunk. Never tomorrow here or new learning piano that's a dumb thing to do don't do that. Andre especially rumor and outage. Have you seen like this that's stats on the number of do you lies how you are all drop like 93% have some of these summer over some of these municipalities were they say anyone who were out because you new season you know which I understand I'm torn on the whole thing like if these are guys have to sign up and get insurance I use each registered everything else is that your right. So those guys are following on this say knows a little ride share write things you know because I disagree like I'll. Well I don't want drive drunk and I don't drive drunk home than how I get my car of the mourners all plethora went on I don't have to worry about that you know as a who were wherever. Z trim were rum gone. The list I guess lift as a there. Yeah and you may need some owners had a couple of do you lies and now they have. They're driver's license and maybe they've learned something new to have him but. How many people that you you took those classes. Limit how many people to G your bottles glasses who on the first Eli something horrible happened and not only bad drive and again they're not. Then now getting to see his son Lee and I'm mojo or momentum for life thing and not worth don't do that do not. To number six. Shea Venus slash. Wax scene chest hair forgot China Mazar I just share. I've never done it I do get one shoulder hair right here and so I just pull it when I'm Sharon notice that there America would erosion is razor. Just drop go up. But as far as my weird Chester knows a lot like dole had hair. These measures of course should look like pubic hair. You know it's like long and fan which Gore's I I mean I think I do make it shorter because I only so long. It's a song yes Liza didn't believe that my Buick or does this is as tutors who broke just keeps growing. So I have to eventually cut it down just give to trim vehicle you have softball. No pulse. I thought that was a disease and if grass is doctor Q of supple. You might suffer from a but what's supple answer your real ugly with assured its equipment equipment equipment. I you have really sensitive notes. About let them play regular sex now but you do know I don't blame them now I'm trying to see what they do. I don't like people touching my nipple or ride giant belly button. Ever since I was a pointed out well put a lot of things about me and also conscious about the belly button was maybe today wants out. Tonight and that's day one man shot my my my shirt was off I don't know but. I just your last seen Jesus son but a quarter Amanda crew rolled corners and of course tied up your belly button so I don't know doctor. You should sue them. Outside the same person did you circumcision. Under the big belly button. And you have to clean you have to clean years are given out in front clip. Smoke on do you think your belly button. In this hour I think about that execute it entity now rubbing alcohol and Emily the united church what am I supposed to do I use duke can and so. Put on sparking hat. Crawler and are. They around that date so on look at Asian iron due to north ceaselessly and know you could even high stuff and you could put a finger in the yet and people track. Not a lot of number five unless this is an anti bucket list survey where things you'll never do or never do again. This person so this is suing people agreed that no one said the actual phrase that you use old pop the last lows phrase but this guy said. I will never again dated girls who cheated with me. Well thank you the issue will be different once were to gather up. We wishes on the right Leo. He armaments NF forever you leave them and I found an and that seems like it should be so remember that Islamic knowledge you've written on bathroom walls newly mom I have found them. You lead the way it's not an issue is shinning on someone else or chip to be when you. Well don't be shocked and vice Versa or if he was cheating on someone. Number four on the list right motorcycle without proper protection and saying guess is separate road rash or something's got to. Complain about it. This person said we'll never worked retail again. Number three which as everyone here worked retail and in the you have this in the service industry. I can you reach elegant. They said specifically because of things like Black Friday now like it's even worse than you you're working every holiday and I'm just not good when someone comes and says excuse me. Where are the ironing board covers my I'm work in the pharmacy wary asking where an iron or and I get angry and then. I'm a pretty good people are allies that. I like us are less sure someone is way across a story that means I I can stroll for thirty minutes doing nothing that would be nice in my particular retail is that eating get to leave until all of your merchandise from zone to put away so I couldn't leave those don't always and marshalls these people is keeping me there longer. The worst job as C. So I think Europe. Obviate that sounds terror or. Not they're on the wrong and it just sit there all day. Yes it got to count how many items. Three and mammoth three and unattractive their old all that stuff too. Those. Hangar where I mean just some born monotony you know. Men women always prisoner. No they don't. But so I have this series but. This in the fitting rooms asked people who work there is always a woman's fitting room and there's always urine on the floor I have no idea why. But I small bladders or something I don't know. There's always spew you're on the floor in the women's sitting on always. Am. I can't think of a single reason my that would happen might be case spot I was also. Eighteen before it got that job. At the average store cleaned bathrooms and realize that they have. Special trash cans in the women's restroom that to be cleaned and the wax paper Astor place I didn't know those existed the nose thing and had no idea until I was an adult. So maybe women view and it transient I don't know why you know trying to let go too tight or something. The top two things people said they will never do or never do again. Number two this guy's done it before is is my shooting it was by a fixer upper house by house design issues don't do that. Same thing goes for all all cars that are. Like I bought an old car when I was nineteen or something and it was in pretty good condition but. She's constantly something's going on and you tell yourself. There's a couple little issues here articles actual pay someone affect some solid to me go to pace Mo like. I'm gonna get that it's 35 years on you can't get that thing you know in nineteen make some customs and because your portions and none of that stuff ever gets fixed. Just know the type of person you are. Now if you are so person who goes on people on Sunday and loves hanging out there might have to redo your bathroom maybe you combine ethics process does not too amounts are presented yet there's an engineer he degrades Giovanni Nortek. I can't I don't think got to sort of negotiate a buyout also doesn't need all this. Stuff sex and then made about it. Like add stuff on is all that time and energy to make to not bring out one house up to code using Altima just how she bought more awesome. Yeah. If you can do that stuff work on the cool stuff. And the number one day and anti bucket list. Never you're never do again. Don't credit card debt. Snow on your outdoor about baton Barak. Because he can't get any credit cards idea however about those too much when Emma furniture which I guess you could say those things are gonna try to regards. Now when I was in the cape. Facilities rent on places I've never seen before collect renters paradise or something they are huge no no renders paradise huge they're the size of grocery stores they were enormous. Renters paradise where she'd been. Julio saying about that but but but but yeah but but but but but but but. Sunoco has definitely been spending most his life living in a renters but they're a suspect approached us. Do you have anything in your house now as for rent. Well what you're renting an evening announced. I mean everything. I mean really. You still have the computer go through. My TV's paid for. My car is paid for. On my thumbs on my bed and and all you're surrendering no I got my alma bad. And in my house Pelosi and copy two. And the. Zero regularly know lol on pay off road. It and campaign. I'm we ask India. Via in Renton I mean I own my chest and my Dresser. Root root his furniture. Open the laptop. Soon and as saying it I was like gosh your mom's. It's almost I don't know what day it is no way yes because when your car is also don't push across your mom's. Her obviously don't know. I pay a set amount every month I'm unsure what all goes through. But everything's gonna pay it off without like six months. And I'm living large boys. Trying to think of brewers counter. Brokered renters years. And with the song for snow come early interest paired us. As I walk I namely the doors of every state into. I realized that I wish I was that Rent A Center. Because I've been written in lease in so long netbook but even my mama thinks that my couch. Should be gone up until we have got an easy time at bat a.