The Church of Lazlo - 10.11.17 - Sports

Wednesday, October 11th


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My friend nick right how are you. A pellet now on the I don't have a lot of times today. Wanted to make sure called it art out of your back from. I don't leave the boring. What highway got every first part. And the first signs that the Obama was president we had a two hour what version of the church alive or. I don't know what I have been I know I mean I'm now I'm only up to the late. Or were talking about local. Sequence unit park Cartoon Network to a dark late so I'm really unpack. And so grow by our number one bill. Good a job where you're forced or units are. No libel and like you know what I ate I. Have no history. Childhood sexual views but it sure seemed like a lot of youthful. In might war be do we were we were bought your book ever name meanwhile it. I want. But no such artists are like get me on my car. I thought he just thought it was its core I will bet. That's gone or. And oh. Let that the post war life. You know there's something old that we never talked about but it's a local story and I wanted to get your opinion. And I just I just kept forgetting to bring up with the Terrelle Pryor thing that happened well over a week ago now. At arrowhead for people who didn't see the video which you know most people have seen it by now there is video Terrel Pryor. Walking out of arrowhead and you see him turn around and flip off some fans right. And that deal went viral because you could see it looks like he's an askew and for the people often. Humorous and widest Terrelle Pryor do that you know he needs to learn to just ignore people yelling at him. And hecklers as he's leaving the stadium so then once that went viral he came out later said no someone called me the inward. Now. This is my thing I do not want to be the guy says eating it called the inward amassing a meeting you called in court but. What I am saying is I go to a lot of chiefs games. And a lot of those guys who were at the chiefs games. A lot of the season ticket holders day have been a lot to choose games in the past. They are aware that about 80% of players on the field are black. I have never even in the large large groups of mixed company heard someone. Drop the N word not to mention I can't even imagine it's well I heard that one dominoes analyst Malcolm Wright. His when he gets drunk it's out of control us and but if someone were to so I'm just trying to imagine if I'm sitting in my seats and arrowhead. Even at someone for the other team and someone yelled the N word what the reaction would be from the people in that area. I feel like they would be. Incredibly upset but that person they will be yelling them down shouting them down people would talk about they would have said yeah I saw back I agree yeah Bagram. So you're back. I also don't want not believe and the I have no reason not to believe and what it will use that these. Today. We know when someone with Saul a plan like I think most who Buick went there unless he got all of what some type racial epithet there's no excuse for. I see you say that you don't have the doesn't have a reason but I just make the argument that. If that video you know the video went viral with him flipping off fans and cussing at them at those plans to set how high use not gone home if they always operable and he has to say. They put me up now you say that someone in the outfield. Yelled the N word that at a Red Sox game and I go of course that happened and so much apologized atom because. I believe them immediately the difference at the drop prior to it was a video came out first. And there was no mention or that until later. I don't know I know that but I will also say all of us. Oh where each whole alignment of these games has changed. And immediately started. Anders in I don't know have you been to achieve same post election yet I also elect there're some good old they'd keep. Line you know with the target thing work on record called dark liar or are we life yet but I do I understand you'll work than we like skip. So now you're actually up at the last game. I did see a guy in the parking lot he was yelling about you know. These guys need to stand up and respect the flag and I thought model lines are and he's he's literally saying these guys are idiots are idiotic. And this guy was super wasted any proceeded to get and is cards to kids and drive moments right. But we all get along this guy until he said that and everybody I was with just shut down so I think he knew all right I guess you guys must be some. Liberal crazy so I'm just gonna leave now. That did we chiefs game and I think most the cheeks and I've ever been to kill it and you can't go for the entire park lot else in the converter like line what that they'll be hit the guilty workers a lot of flags fly like. Because that part time I do wanna touch on this rat in this very interest in twelve payroll sports art. No problem why apple. Didn't practice yesterday sure all the whole anger or with both being culture or. Forty year old slumber there. You know of course to play this week in Britain a little bit more beat the Chad you like the board general alternate it is. Or how many games that's a win. You'd obtaining a million dollars. Are you who were in the quote. I don't live once he was lesson I think they had no wind and a governor to acquire it. You don't know what was it at a weapon is a Porsche. I mean honestly it in half the. No but look a lot. What injury was no pact cause me to overlook that you win anything under lock and an eleven its approach. But if there was an under strong you know we close call at the beginning. Of the year candidate. Please call as being not awesome until they are awesome. Looked at hyper. You do you know you guys keep my name in your brow court you are not all year. I heard you guys are that while all the popular. Just have a nice little scene shall little chuckle western Brooke what's great about the liberty you with terrible toll will. That actually is if you are able. Superficial layer of pairing like the analysis. He was terrible until you walk and actually there were part of the game is terrible. And being you what to switch it was great I'm on either switch civil war in more affordable body yours are. They got who has some other four year old quarterbacks that were that played at forty and played well there never ran a quarterback to starter he's been at or your golden coconut but he's a little when Merck. No they're gotten out of but that the best year old order was well. Our that your nose so but he started that your verdict. Your starters Orton was that bullets we because I UP I Aaron Rodgers too and you know it does he's getting older he still Lawson and he's 33. While you all together these right right the problem. But I do think forcing in a changing of the guard core position we get warned that in court now. All of these and it all the publications doing their like you know five weeks and in BP you know whose fitness. It's all outside at all about guys Alex Smith the guy that was awarded the caught before that your. What schools do for repeat had to talk everybody out of it I said what was the chiefs' record last year. So he didn't have a great or didn't have a great Joanna clout game in the they are more important that we are one game and allow apple want that change quarterbacks how mad or. I don't know that they are fighting it. It hired you know whining like. Or hurt their teacher is doing pretty good right now the giggles pass I said they're doing good now but it. I saw content we're talking about it hurt Duke University reporting New Orleans. It's jumpstart predictor form one and you're one loss to sit cheeks you're pretty good and tomorrow night we have the greatest. Now aren't opening night Thursday or organ back. Four and one Carolina and foreign want Philadelphia should be hurt by director looks well you just more. Nick right FS one C yeah. Tom Brady said and I'm good at not worried about it my shoulders final place Sunday yeah I imagine him right now and Fuzzy slippers with his feet up beaten some sort of I'm sure because he's got to say Daschle's tax Max practice all the time he's forty right I think I know the routes so they're like okay we'll just say initial urge you to practice.